31 Weeks: ABsolutely Stretching


I definitely grew a lot this week!!!! And so did he!

My movements have changed and are now big and bold and broad! No more little jabs here or there, but I’ll put my hand on my stomach and feel a huge hard rock of a backside or the nice outline of what feels just like a chicken leg poking out! It’s easily felt from the outside too, so Matt and friends have felt them as well.


I always feel the leg(s) on my right side right under my ribs. There is a nice big bump that often appears up at the top and slightly to the right that I’m guessing is his butt. And I have been feeling hiccups way down south. The hippcups feel like thumps – almost like a really slow heartbeat – rhythmically pulsing over and over for a few minutes at a time. I’m feeling some right now! These all match his position at the ultrasound, so I’m guessing I’ve matched inside to outside pretty well. He doesn’t seem to change positions very much, and I rarely feel things on my left side. Loving these movements more than ever! 

Here is a nice diagram for you : )


I’m feeling really good overall. Something to bring up: ABS! This is one symptom of pregnancy I haven’t heard too many women talk about, but it is my current most uncomfortable one. My abs really feel like they are thinning out and ripping apart in there. I have no idea if this means my abs were once very strong or once very weak – either way I’d believe you. They are either weak and separate easily or strong and are having a hard time separating. They cramp up if I move the wrong way too fast or twist, they make me roll over a beached whale (sometimes having to sit up before I lie down again), and after a day/night of standing on my feet I feel them tugging from the top – like they’re a sack of potatoes that is too full that’s just going to rip open and spill out! I find myself massaging just under my ribs a lot, especially if I do a lot of walking or standing. And oh my gosh – sneezing is NOT FUN! Sometimes my lower abs ache near the base of my bump too. And of course I had that awful nerve pain related to the fascia as well.

Growing is not yet over!


I seem to have cured my hip aching by changing my sleep position. I was sleeping completely on my side – which meant pressure on the hip and glut that was taking all the weight all night. Even though I would flip back and forth, switching sides, it was too much direct pressure. I have now started sleeping partially on my back – with a pillow wedged under my back so I’m at an angle (and therefore not compressing the veins) and this position, while not the most comfortable overall, is working for the time being. It also means less rolling over, which is less strain on the abs!

Sleeping is going well. No other symptoms to report right now!

[Can you see the purple smudge on the side of my stomach? That’s a vein!]


Emotionally, I think I’m in a bit of denial. The closer my due date gets, the more I think (ironically) YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! And I’ve had my first ‘What did we get ourselves into’ moments. Of course I’m still totally excited, but the distant future has become the near future and I can feel the days counting down. I alternate between moments of pure excitement and pure nervousness – much like the feelings before I left for college or started a new job.

He’s a little firecracker waiting to pop! Happy 4th!





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29 thoughts on “31 Weeks: ABsolutely Stretching”

  1. Love reading your posts & about pregnancy. I am now 6weeks pregnant but have not been exercising for last 6 weeks (due to IVF) but plan to go back within the next week. Abs been a topic of conversation for me lately. How I’d u go doing weight classes etc? Seems like everything we do uses abs!!! Love to read a summary of your training whilst been pregnant. Been trying to walk but bores me which inturn frustrates me especially because I am used to high intensity training.

    Hope all goes well fr you both 🙂

    1. Well you are correct that we use them pretty much all day long, but I mostly have been avoiding direct ab work. I did planks a few more pilates/straight kinds of exercises through most of the second trimester, but now I’ve decided to exclude anything direct ab related since they seem to be going through so much right now. I haven’t done any crunches or sit-ups throughout pregnancy though

  2. Love your tummy diagrams…you crack me up! 🙂 Hang in there for just a few more weeks w/ the annoying aches and pains and periodic parenthood anxiety – as soon as you hold your bundle of joy for the first time, he’ll steal your heart and all of these pre-delivery symptoms will become a distant memory. So excited for you and Matt, Kath! 🙂

  3. You are a joy to “watch” through this exciting time! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy 4th to you and Matt, Karen and the little guy!

  4. If I had to guess I would say your ab pain means your abs are really tight and strong! If you had loose, weak abs I feel like they would stretch and separate more easily…but what do I know, I’ve never been pregnant 🙂 There has to be info about it somewhere, right? Either online or in books?

    You look fabulous!

    1. This is different – more like a muscle cramp and less like a sharp cramp (that I have associated with round ligaments). Also much higher!

  5. I say, deal with the pains now gracefully because they lack of sleep once the baby is born is much worse…and lasts much longer! lol! As for the hiccups, my son had the hiccups throughout my entire pregnancy…and it continued on for a while after he was born! I loved feeling them though! Get as much rest as you can during these last weeks and try not to stress too much about parenthood…there’s really not much you can do about it until the baby arrives (and trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to worry then!) 😉

    1. Totally! I hear women all the time talk about how uncomfortable they get at the end and that “they just want this baby out” (believe me, I had a huge baby so I understand that) – BUT – no matter how uncomfortable you get, it’s still 100x easier than carrying for a newborn! Newborns want food, need changing, and sometimes just cry because they are in this crazy new place they don’t understand. In the womb: childcare is 100% taken care of!:)

      And on top of that, it’s not like your body zips back into feeling great the second baby comes out. You still deal with pain for a few days/weeks amongst all the above care AND lack of sleep. So in these last few weeks, try very hard to not wish away the time. Trust me, as uncomfortable as you can get, life is at it’s easiest right now.

      (of course, I love my boys and have loved everyday with them, but man, they are a lot of work!)

  6. cute belly! I think my little man is in the exact same position because I feel all the same things and have for awhile..I hope that means it’s his fav position and he’s going to stay that way 🙂
    I am also feeling the same about the end being so close! I switch from nervous and OMG to yay! and so excited haha It’s almost surreal that pregnancy is going to end and I’m going to have a baby but of course I know it will!

  7. The anxiety has gotten a pretty good hold on me- realizing that it is so soon. It’s not a bad thing but I think it is a tad scary because I do realize what we’ve gotten ourselves into- we both have tons of baby & kid experience so we know how the show works. It is just so overwhelming to think of all the changes that are going to be happening- we will never be just ‘us’- the two of us again. It’s weird to think of— and amazing! 🙂

  8. You look so great (but I say that every week, haha) and I’d bet your abs hurt because they’re tight… Hopefully that means they’ll just snap right back into place once the little guy arrives 😉 Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

  9. Kath you look like a beautiful mama superhero in the pic with your hands on your hips. You look like you feel like it too. Happy 4th!

  10. Your life is about to change, you just can’t fully plan for it til you’re in it! You’ve done every.possible.thing a woman can do beforehand to get prepared on every level with all your research and things you’ve done from home organization to the nursery to reading, but now, you just have to wait and let peanut arrive and then go from there!

  11. I have been feeling a lot of movement 🙂

    The cutest thing… This past two weeks or so, when I read a bedtime story to our 4 year-old daughter each night, the baby starts moving around, and our daughter can feel his little movements against her back while I am holding her. She laughs everytime he starts moving, which is so sweet 🙂

    On another note, my lower back has been really bothering me. I turned in my sleep the other night, and somehow I must have turned really hard and cracked my lower back. It cracked so loud that it woke me up. I was able to go back to sleep, but have been having discomfort since that happened.


  12. You look great! My last baby was born at 30 weeks. It always seems a bit surreal to me to see pregnant mommas past that… knowing how that little one truly looks in there. Her fingers were the size of matchsticks, and my husband’s wedding ring could fit all the way up her leg to the top.

    Enjoy and gestate!

  13. I remember that nervousness, but you will be shocked by how soon it seems that your little guy has always been here and that you have always been a family of 3. You will be ready when the time comes and you will feel so empowered when you meet every challenge that comes your way! You look great. Hope you continue to sleep and feel well.

  14. ahhh the joys of being petite! I felt that same tearing feeling….make sure you get a binder once you give birth. It will help your tummy heal up right. Mine…did not and now I have diastasis recti bah!

  15. If you are not on a cal/mag supplement, it would definitely be something to consider. It is suggested to take before bed (to help relax the muscles) and in liquid form (absorbed into your blood stream faster). It should help with the stomach cramping/hip issues. My midwife stresses Cal/Mag a lot and by the last trimester she has all of her patients on it, but check with your doc just to be safe.

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