31 Weeks: Not The Patient

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This past week Matt and I went for our first pediatrician visit! At your advice, I called the office of the practice we are planning to use and sure enough they offered a complimentary prenatal meet-n-greet visit. When I scheduled the appointment, I was surprised to find out that we were going to see one of our friends!! She went to UVA and joined the practice last year. It made me all the more comfortable to see a friendly face. It might seem like a concern to have a young pediatrician, but I actually think that is a good thing since the research is always changing and I would assume younger doctors would be more familiar with modern practices (I think that is definitely true of nutrition). But the benefit of this practice is that there are young and older doctors, so if there is ever a concern or something unusual, there are multiple brains and perspectives to consult.

It was strange for both of us that we were in a doctor’s office but neither of us were patients! A first for sure! Matt enjoyed the waiting room reading!

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I have asked around to my mom friends and there were two offices we were considering based on their recommendations. This practice had a sick and well waiting room, plus a separate one for teens. It has evening and weekend appointments and is open 365 days a year. We learned there is also a lactation consultant I can easily see, which is a big plus. I also really like that it’s a group of doctors – they all have different interests and specializations (from sports medicine to allergies) so we are less likely to be referred out if we need more care in special fields.

But I think the biggest plus of all is the location – walking distance from our house. Very convenient for baby wearing, stroller walking or even late-night visits. [You all know how much I hate to drive…]

We had a nice chat with our doctor about the different visits and appointments surrounding birth and the first month, and I asked a few questions about standard procedures and things.

You never know when it comes to the health of your child, but I am glad to know we have a good practice nearby picked out. Another check off the list!

[Is anyone else freaked out by that scary mole looking animal wearing a hat in the pocket!?]

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32 thoughts on “31 Weeks: Not The Patient”

  1. I think that’s the Cat in the Hat from a movie! Very creepy.

    That’s great it’s within walking distance, but if your baby is sick enough to need a doctor in the middle of the night, my guess is you’ll be driving!

    1. Exactly. Taking a leisurely walk to a well baby visit is all well and good…. But I highly doubt you will be walking a sick child anywhere. Depending on their malady. At least… I would hope not.

      1. Seriously, I would be moving my car 1 block. I’m sure most practices have parking lots that are farther distances.

    2. I walk absolutely everywhere so that doesn’t sound strange to me at all. Honestly, putting the kid in the car seat, buckling everything up and backing out of the driveway would probably take as much time as carrying the baby a block!

      1. I think it’s interesting how different all of our experiences are. Out west, unless you live in a large city (or incredibly small I suppose) most people would have to drive or take some sort of transportation to the doctor. Of course, that is a generalization, but I have never lived closer than 2 miles to my doctors office, and that is currently. Obviously, I”m not carrying the baby, or making a sick 5 year old walk to the doctor.

        I would love to live in a more walkable town.

  2. Kath – think you need to do some kiddie book research! Thats Dr Seuss’ cat in the hat!! Am loving hearing about your pregnancy – hopefully I’ll remember all the good info when its my turn.

  3. Being within walking distance will be AWESOME. Wearing the baby is much easier than dealing the car seat and driving (and stroller IMO). The physicians I know are really good at keeping up with modern practices, so I’m not sure it’s really fair to assume that younger doctors are more familiar. But I would never be concerned about her age. Is the practice open to alternate vaccination schedules? I just do the CDC/Doctor recommended vaccination schedule, but my friend who does the alternate schedule drives about 45 minutes to a pediatrician that is willing to do that. I’m always curious about it and wonder if it’s more acceptable in certain areas (thus easier to find a pediatrician).

  4. I think it is great it is within walking distance! Plenty of people in places all over the US walk their babies (and themselves) to doctor’s appointments. Well or sick. Walking a short distance is certainly preferable to needing to take public transportation (or pay for a taxi) when child is sick, no? Close proximity sounds like a terrific feature, along with all the other pluses listed about this clinic.

      1. No kidding – would probably be even more of a hassle to get the little one settled and strapped into their carseat than it would be to hop over on foot! 🙂

  5. haha…yes, that is a freaky looking mole in the hat.

    You definitely live in the IDEAL area. I just envy you for having the ability to walk almost any place you need to go. Awesome!!!

    The separate sick and well rooms are a must especially in the beginning when he’s so young.

  6. We just picked out our pediatrician at our last doctor’s appointment, with the doctor’s help. It seems like it should be a good fit- even though I haven’t gotten to meet them yet. The sick/well waiting room differences is AWESOME! I hate going into a sick environment when you’re healthy.

  7. Well, I think you’d be just fine walking a sick kid to the doctor. But most of your first-year visits will be well-baby checks anyway. I’ve taken my daughter to plenty of sick appointments, too, but she very rarely has been so sick she couldn’t be held (or worn) to walk a block.

    So glad you visited the peds office before giving birth. Our daughter was born with slight complications (meconium, fever, abx, etc.) nothing major but we saw the ped way more than the OB in the hospital. It was nice to have met him beforehand and not feel like we were talking to a stranger.

  8. That’s so great that the office is in walking distance! When I was growing up my pediatrician was a 45 minute drive (yikes!). It’s really nice that they let you come in to meet the doctor before giving birth! Definitely provides reassurance before walking in there with a newborn!

  9. Thats amazing that it is open 365 days a year. My pedi’s office is open evenings and Saturdays until noon, but my kids ONLY get sick around 3 pm on Saturdays. Without fail.

  10. This is a big deal – seriously! Glad you checked this off the list. The issue of proximity, especially the first 6 to 12 months, right there…very wise choice!!! Sooo much of a time and sanity saver to be so close!

  11. we have been in walking distance (maybe 2 blocks?) of our 2.5 year old’s pediatrician since she was born and it is awesome! less stressful…easy to head back out for a walk afterwards…etc.

  12. That’s our practice as well, although we tend to go to the north office, which is five minutes from our house. The additional office hours really are a plus when you have a sick baby at 9 pm or on a weekend! We’re moving into the adolescent medicine phase of parenthood, and really appreciate the dedicated space and staff.

  13. I wish we had the opportunity to interview doctors around here. Although our healthcare is free we get absolutely NO SAY at all as to whether we keep a doctor or not. There’s such a shortage that those who are lucky enough to find a doctor keep them!

  14. I’m so jealous of all your “within walking distance” stuff! I literally drive everywhere, even two seconds down the road because this city just isn’t pedestrian friendly. Sad times, indeed!

  15. Our ped’s office is only a mile from our house. Trust me — you will be SO HAPPY it’s close. There were so many times in the beginning where I was getting around late (and I’m always early/on time) and thankfully it was just a short jaunt. 🙂 Awesome. So happy fory ou!

  16. haha that mole is really scary! Especially for a pediatricians office. And I totally love younger pediatricians. We are seen in a military hospital so our doctors move all the time. I loved our last one who was about 30. SO smart and up to date on research. Our current one is about 30 years older and we don’t like her at all. We are searching for a new one.

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