32 Weeks: Lumpy + Bumpy

32 weeks-21

It’s getting closer and closer and closer….!!!

32 weeks-16

What I am loving about my bump this week is that it is full of lumps! I guess because there is less space in there and because the babe is growing big that his limbs, butt and body make shapes on the outside all the time now. They aren’t so obvious that you can see the imprint of a leg or foot, but you can most definitely feel them – hard little knobs. Nearly all the lumps are on my upper right side, just under my ribs. So I’m assuming I’m feeling lots of legs, knees and butts. My favorite one to feel is a pointy knee! I’m surprised my uterus can stretch that much to feel them so clearly. I have tried to feel his little head down there, but I think it’s buried deep inside. I’m still feeling hiccups waaaay down in the deep depths of my body.

32 weeks-10

Matt and I have started called him “The Gloop” because of the noise Matt makes to animate his shifts in position. “Gloooooop” – imagine a noise you’d make to imitate swimming through jello!

My body seems to change minute by minute. One minute I feel small and firm and then next minute I feel huge and….like I’ve gained a lot of weight. Same with photos! Sometimes I feel like I look the same with a basketball strapped on, and other times I feel like you can see this pregnancy on every inch of my body. I actually feel some of my best when I’m at the gym – and some of my worst when I’m dressed up (I think dresses are the least becoming clothing right now). I’m definitely getting excited mentally about returning to my healthy body (version 2.0 at least). While I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed this whole year so far, I really do miss my old life at times – getting up at 7 to run, long bike rides with Matt, wine tastings…

Basketball belly!

32 weeks-12

Feeling really good physically!! Back is OK, sleeping is good. Even last week’s heat wave didn’t bother me too much. People keep asking me if it’s been a lot worse because I am pregnant and my response is that unless my stomach is attracting the sunshine more than usual, I’m about as hot as I would have been before! That and I get sweat rings on my belly button now : ) [Omg, you STILL can’t see the bottom of my belly button! It’s come out nearly an inch circumference and the bottom is still no where to be found!]

32 weeks-15

I will say I’ve noticed a difference in my intestines….slowing down. But that’s all the details I’m going to share : ) Just something to note since I haven’t had any difference from pre-pregnancy until now. I’m guessing things are just running out of space. My abs still hurt : (

I have started to waddle just a bit at times – like when I’m just getting up and walking away. Getting up from a cushy sofa is hard (because of no ab strength!) and getting up from the floor takes me longer than it used to, but all in all, feeling good! No trouble breathing, eating, heartburn, etc. I’m feeling pretty lucky.

32 weeks-17

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55 thoughts on “32 Weeks: Lumpy + Bumpy”

  1. I had the same problem with my intestines too 🙂 I took colace, which also helped after delivery when it was really painful if things weren’t moving easily.

  2. The intestines do a crazy thing during pregnancy. Mine “slowed down” quite a bit and then the week or so before I delivered they starting “speeding up” big time. I’m sure you get my drift. 🙂 I hear that is normal as your body is prepping for labor and delivery. You are getting SO close!!

  3. It’s so crazy to me that you can feel “hiccups.” I mean it makes sense when you think about it, but it’s totally one of those things I don’t think I would ever expect and therefore it would totally catch me off guard the first time.

  4. No heartburn??? I envy you.

    Slow intestines get me every time I’m pregnant. What are you taking/eating to get them moving?

    My belly button is much like yours … a bottomless pit.

  5. Oh my gosh, I completely agree about the dresses! They were my favorite earlier in pregnancy when I had the tiny adorable bump, I felt like it just emphasized it perfectly. NOW, though, I feel like they hang straight down from my belly and make me look like a tent! Which is unfortunate, because I have about a million adorable maternity dresses! But I’m going to suck it up and just wear them through the rest of summer, flattering or not. No point in buying more side-ruched tops (so much more flattering!) with only 7 weeks to go. Plus it’s nice to have some breeze in the Texas heat 🙂

    Also, when do you take your prenatals? With the extra iron in them, I find if I take them before bed it doesn’t have as big of an impact on my intestines as when I take them in the morning!

  6. I think you still look fantastic! I am so jealous that you aren’t feeling any warmer in temperature. I had my daughter mid-Aug and had major hot flashes in the heat outside. As someone else mentioned, a few weeks before I had my daughter, my intestines sped up prepping for labor and delivery. I don’t know if that will be a welcome change or not for you! 🙂

    I know you miss your old life and I’m sure you’ve been told this a million times already, but life doesn’t ever really go back to the same. I had heard that, but totally wasn’t prepared for how much my body would still feel different after having my daughter! It really took me almost 6 months until I felt much more normal (part of that is when my daughter started sleeping through the night!). I wish someone had told me that beforehand (though I probably wouldn’t have listened!).

  7. You and your bump are so adorable! I have no desire to have kids but your blog is so much fun to read, I learn a lot!

    1. Same! I figure even if I don’t go through the process, it’s all good to know for when others I know do!

  8. You look great Kath!! I’m 10 weeks behind you and also have that feeling where sometimes the belly is all that’s different- round and hard, and other times I’m like…WOW, I am huuuuge!! But, embracing every minute of it!
    I’ve also been lucky with no trouble sleeping (not even waking to pee!!), no heartburn and not a ton of back pain (I think due to my regular chiro adjustments maybe)
    This blog has been one of the greatest parts of my pregnancy 🙂

  9. I’m getting so excited for you! You’ll always miss certain things about your pre-pregnancy and pre-child life (especially the freedom and spontaneity types of things), BUT you’ll also realize how freaking awesome it is to be a mom and your life (2.0) will be so wonderful and fulfilling.

  10. You look FANTASTIC! You don’t look huge at all and you really have a glow in all of those pictures. 🙂

    He’ll be here soon!!!!

  11. I ate about 5 prunes a day while pregnant for the last 10 weeks or so (and postpartum). It really helped!

  12. I don’t think it is possible to see the imprint of a foot from the outside….isn’t there too much between? Or maybe it was just impossible for me due to the extra padding I started with!

    1. I don’t know if you could count 5 toes, but I’ve heard of women saying they could tell foot from knee based on shape. There is a cool image on the internet, but of course it could be photoshopped

      1. I think I could tell the difference in anatomy (based on my assumption of the babies position) but I couldn’t ever SEE it. I know the image you are talking about, as cool as it is, I think it’s photoshopped. But, when you are pregnant, the image certainly is a striking reminder of the fact that there is a little life in there, just waiting to come out and change your life forever!

  13. My daughter had the hiccups when she was in utero. Funny little tickling movements. She had them a lot after birth too.

  14. I went to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia, and one of the most fascinating things to see was the size of a woman’s uterus! It is SO SMALL. I just stared in awe thinking “How can that stretch THAT much and hold a baby?” WOW!

    1. Rock n Play in the beginning and hopefully crib sooner rather than later. Our nursery and master are about 10 feet apart, so I think it will be close enough to transition soon. I’m probably going to sleep in the nursery in the twin for a while – assuming that bed is comfortable enough!

      1. Some advice about the rock and play – vary where you put him down to sleep so he gets used to a flat surface. My little one LOVED the snugness of the rnp and we have had a very difficult time transitioning to crib. I wish I had never started using it.

      1. I think you look glowy and healthy and perfectly pregnant! Why two shirts though? I think you explained it once but I can’t recall the rationale and it seems to be so “hot-making” at this time of year.

  15. Not related to the topic…. I’m 11 weeks and just had my first bout with insomnia last night! I was thinking about getting a body pillow. Would you still recommend the one you purchased? You look great btw!

    1. Haha – I am doing a post on this TOMORROW!! Stay tuned! (The short answer is…I don’t know : ) It kind of depends on how thick you like your pillows, but I might buy just a regular body pillow if I were you )

  16. My belly button was cavernous too until the last couple of weeks. Maybe it will still pop! You never know! Enjoy these next couple of months! It will go by so fast!

  17. Can’t believe someone has a deeper button than me! I’m 16 weeks and noticed my belly button getting shallower before I even had much bumpage. So weird!

  18. You look great. I had my “baby” almost 15 years ago. 🙂 The healthy lifestyle I practice today would have definitely helped!

  19. I kind of want to say that I hate you for not having issues… but I can’t say that because it isn’t true. I’m actually glad you’re not dealing with it, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I’m due two weeks before you and I am pretty uncomfortable. I’ve had heartburn and constipation issues the whole pregnancy, both of which were completely new to me prior to this. Ugh…

  20. just a question on bump size. what did your doctor say this most recent time when you went in? did he/she comment on the size of your belly, or does every woman’s bump vary so much the doctor just doesnt really notice? i have two friends who are pregnant now (due 3 weeks apart) and one is a tiny lady but with the largest bump i have ever seen! and the other (who is due earlier) has a belly kinda like yours-obviously pregnant but not huge. it will be very interesting to see the sizes of the babies. i remember thinking that caitlin htp was going to have a 9lb baby because she was so big and Henry is a little bitty baby (handsome one at that). so i guess i don’t really have a question, just random rambling musings!

    1. Well I measured right at 32 weeks, so I guess I’m normal! I’m still puzzled with the way I’m carrying – he seems to be embedded inside me more than poking out, but I guess all of the different shapes even out with measuring tape

    2. I actually asked my doctor this while I was pregnant, because I had SO much back pain and my bump seriously looked like an egg – I thought my baby was lying on his back, toes to my spine, reclining like he was sunning. He said everyone cares differently – posture, uterus shape and tilt, the positions we sleep/sit in and what the baby prefers. As long as you measure fine (I did) its ok.

  21. lol. I did not intend to insinuate that you are abnormal (what the heck is normal anyways?!?) I just find pregnancy so so interesting. I am not planning a pregnancy soon but I just love babies and think pregnancy in general is amazing, unbelievable, and fascinating and cannot wait for my turn. I just wonder what makes a woman carry so differently and then have the same sized babies! And what makes a tiny woman carry such a big baby (my sister is 120 lbs soaking wet and had a 10lber!)? Interesting stuff and no matter if you believe in God or what, someone out there is creating something pretty amazing. eek you are so close and hopefully you will deliver right on time because that day=the best (aka my bday!)

    1. It’s strange for sure! I always assumed all women carried pretty similarly – and it’s not until going through it that I realize how untrue that is!

  22. I’m a long-time reader of your blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. I love the way you’re covering your pregnancy so far and putting it all out there. I have a 17 month old daughter, and I remember saying the same thing about “missing my old life” when I was pregnant. I’m sure you’ve heard this a ton already, but your life will never be the same. Newborns sleep pretty much anywhere you take them, so I didn’t see this at first. We went out to dinner with friends at 8, went to friends’ houses in the evening, etc, but then around 4-6 months, babies became so much more aware and need a lot of consistency. Now we have a 6:30 p.m. bedtime that grounds us every night like clockwork, and naps have to happen at home. Life will be different. You can definitely include the baby in almost everything you do, but it takes some patience and planning to figure it all out. Best wishes in the last weeks of your pregnancy!

  23. Don’t be afraid to take the colace the last two weeks of pregnancy. Your doctor will likely prescribe it immediately after birth and in the weeks after.
    The best way I can describe it: it’s like your body forgets how to poop.
    Yep. I said it! 🙂

  24. For what it is worth, I’ve been having success sitting upright and Indian Style when I first get up (success with intestines). (I’ve got about 3-4 days to go! :),) I love that you are blogging your pregnancy. I don’t think I would have ever considered a body pillow, because it is an investment you are just taking a plunge into, but with you reviewing it or sharing your experiences (in general) it really helps the pregncany walk!

  25. You should try magnesium glycinate to help with the bowel movements. Take 100-400mg before bed. Works every time and safe in pregnancy 🙂

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