32 Weeks: Mr. Personality


Our baby has not even come into the world yet, but we are already obsessively proud parents.

You know – those parents who are like “Baby just raised his arm! He’s so cute!” “Baby just burped! So cute!” I’m not being mean – babies are super duper cute doing everything they do! And our child is no exception:

He moves from one side of my stomach to another – he’s saying hi!

He kicks violently – he’s mad!

My stomach growls – he’s hungry!

A foot pokes out – he wants to play!

No movement – he’s taking a nap!

Sudden movement – he’s up from his nap to play!

He talks to us in a cute voice: Matt pokes him and he says “Stop it Daddy!” or it’s beyond dinnertime and he squeals “I’mmmm hungry!!!”).

From the outside, Matt and I have given him so much personality. We are already doing crazy parent things : ) I imagine it will only get worse when he’s here. But really, would you expect any less from a family who brings Bears to life?! (FYI, the Bears and the Baby have the same voice…)

Here’s a video clip – the best I’ve gotten so far because he does his best playing at nighttime when it’s too dark to film – of some afternoon playtime. A hard bone is right under my fingers!

[Of course he’s probably thinking “Stop poking me!!!” but I assume he’s playing back : ) ]

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39 thoughts on “32 Weeks: Mr. Personality”

  1. it’s so crazy how much my stomach used to contort when the baby moved around in there, especially toward the end. The other thing that we used to do is that Jon would place his ear on my stomach and actually hear the baby’s heartbeat

  2. I literally just squealed. How adorable is that, he’s totally playing with you?! Interesting there is some ‘give’ to your belly – for some reason I thought pregnant women’s bellies would be rock hard, haha

    1. They are at times – but lying on my side makes it easy to relax my abs and make it more squishable – I can feel him better! This video is also about 3 weeks old : )

    2. As soon as the Braxton Hicks contractions start, the tummy DEFINITELY gets rock hard! And the further along you go the harder and more uncomfortable it can get! I am 39 weeks today and its like having a round brick hanging low sometimes 🙂

  3. Wow…he was playing with you. 🙂

    I miss that feeling.

    He has no idea what wonderful parents he has waiting for him. 🙂

  4. haha! so funny but we totally do the same thing 🙂 my favorite is when my hubby says bye to her in the morning, he will get down and talk to my belly and all of a sudden she wakes up and moves around! its too cute!

  5. My best friend is 34 weeks and we spent all last night “playing” with her future son as well. Seeing her belly move was so exciting, I burst into tears! Love little miracles
    How exciting!!! What a fabulous time in your lives.. you and Matt deserve all the best in life!

  6. WOW!! That’s incredible:) It brought tears to my eyes, so beautiful to see (also because i’m several weeks pregnant and so sensitive LOL)

    I love following your blog, learning so much.
    thank you

  7. Awww! Of course I love having my little guy here, but pregnancy is just such an amazing time, knowing there’s a little human being inside your belly, growing and doing all sorts of things. Seeing that totally makes me miss being pregnant!

  8. That was the sweetest video ever! It made me cry! I always wanted a houseful of kiddos, but was only able to have one. And that one is turning 30 this year! :'(

    I absolutely love the way you’re documenting your pregnancy. What a beautiful gift to your little guy!! He will treasure it forever!

  9. Aw! He is totally playing with you and showing you so much love!!!!! 🙂
    I do the same thing and my husband is always telling me ‘you’re poking at the little one!’ and the husband just doesn’t get that I’m playing with our little one!

  10. Love the video! Each time I try to record my little one moving she stops, and then as soon as I stop recording she starts up again. We’ve had 4 anatomy scans because she won’t cooperate. I’m thinking my little girl is a tad camera shy, haha. She’ll have to get over it with a blogger mama 😉

    1. My guy likes to move at night, which is terrible for cameras. I’m hoping I can get another good video soon!

  11. Awwwww! So sweet 🙂 Did you get a new dslr that has video capability or do you shoot video with something else? I remember you saying you wanted to get a new one 😉

  12. Wow that gave me chills

    Totally random question but I know you do a lot of research. I had negative pregnancy tests 8,9,10 dpo so ended up drinking a lot for a friends wedding the past two days and now have a positive test 11 dpo and feel terrible. The tests said accurate 6 days before a missed period so I thought I was in the clear. Is it true the baby doesn’t feed off you this early???

    1. Well I’m not a doctor, but considering you probably JUST implanted, I doubt any of that got to the baby. Most women would never know they were pregnant at 11 dpo and considering 50% of pregnancies are unplanned, I’m guessing a huge percentage of women are still drinking at that point. Of course it’s wise to stop as soon as you know, but I would not be worried.

  13. Watching that awesome video made me miss being pregnant! I loved the bumps and wiggles and kicks.
    Time to start thinking about another baby?
    Maybe not quite yet….

  14. Boy does that bring it all back. Theres no other feeling like your baby moving inside you ,is there?

  15. So cute! Makes me want to have another…My husband used to talk to our daughter in a fake English, Australian, Southern or Russian accent, it was hilarious.

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