32 Weeks: The Princess And The Pillows

32 weeks

I am sleeping so much better this week – and for a surprising reason. I bought a snoogle pillow as soon as sleeping on my stomach seemed a bit awkward. If you haven’t seen one of these before….it’s a big curved body pillow that can be molded into different shapes for a variety of comfortable positions.

32 weeks-3

The only problem is – I found the top curve to be way too hard and high to be my neck pillow. So I basically unravel it every night, place my down pillow in the spot to keep the snoogle away, and then enjoy a straight body pillow with a curved bottom.

32 weeks-4

I actually really like the bottom curve (so I’m still glad I bought this guy) because I can pull it up between my legs. I’ve never needed a pillow between my legs before, but something about having a bump makes it necessary.

32 weeks-5

Flipped the other way = back prop

32 weeks-6

As I mentioned last week, rolling over had gotten really hard and I was having lots of hip fatigue in the mornings. The snoogle stays on one side of the bed and I don’t flip with it. Maybe it was the heat or the fact that I am bigger now or just the need for a change, but one night I just decided to banish the giant pillow and sleep with more space.

I’ve realized that I can sleep sort of on my stomach – with my knee propped up for space – pretty well. It’s almost like I was afraid to try this when my bump was growing but now that it’s bigger I can tell it’s ok pressure-wise? If I lie on my right side though, I get kicks to the bed! It’s cute : )

32 weeks-7

I’ve noticed at my massage appointments that having a pillow from my knee down to my angle is really awesome, so I invited a regular down pillow in for that purpose.

32 weeks-9

I also have this tiny throw pillow that I wedge behind my back that keeps me from falling backwards. See it in the back – bright yellow!

32 weeks-8

This pillow change has been good! My abs feel better (could be a coincidence?) and I’m sleeping so much more soundly than I was a week ago (also could be a coincidence). BUT I’m going to assume the pillows are to thank – and I’ll keep using the new system until things change for the worse.

Sweet dreams!

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43 thoughts on “32 Weeks: The Princess And The Pillows”

  1. I’m a few weeks behind you in my pregnancy and found your blog through a rabbit-hole search type of thing (first go to this blog and they linked here and then that one linked there and oh wait–a pregnancy blog–I should read that! and viola!). I do the knee-prop-wedge thing. As I laid awake this morning because my child only likes to kick at 4 am, I spent my time analyzing the angle of my knee prop/incline (I’m a math teacher). Glad to know that I am not the only one who still sleeps on (the side) of my stomach. (And a 30 degree angle was my ideal).

  2. I’m finding that I am always switching up the pillow arrangement. In my 30 weeks of pregnancy so far I’ve used my snoogle twice. I really don’t like it. I’ve tried and tried and I always end up throwing it from the bed and reverting back to standard pillows. I think I’ve spent more on pillows than maternity clothes during pregnancy!

  3. When I tried to use the Snoogle for my first pregnancy, I referred to it as “the seahorse that gooses me all night.” It didn’t work for me. For my 2nd pregnancy, I just gave up and slept in the guest room every night with a wall of pillows in front of and behind me.

  4. sleeping with the snoogle between my knees was the only way I could rest easy while in the 3rd tri. It’s awesome!

    1. I saw it in the Bradley book! I was like “I’ve been sleeping like that for years” 🙂 Except I think I do the wrong thing with my under arm

  5. Haha! I sleep like that (your new position) all the time and I’m not even pregnant. I love the nest of pillows supporting my neck, back and knees. I also hug a fluffy fourth pillow close to my chest.

  6. I definately switch between the snoogle pillow and a mix of regular pillows from week to week…just depends what’s working at a specific time!
    I do struggle sometimes on what to do with the ‘under’ arm though as sometimes I wake up to it being asleep/tingly….?!

  7. I used to sleep like that when I was pregnant, but I also tucked a flat-ish pillow between my belly and the bed to give my spine some support. I found that position to be so comfortable that I still do it – and my youngest is 5!

  8. i used a snoogle almost my entire pregnancy and it was amazing- my husband is glad that our little one has finally arrived though because now there is now need for the pillow to hog our bed.

  9. I had the same pillow arrangement for my entire pregnancy. I was very comfortable and found after Sloane was born I still needed all those pillows. It was nice to be able to banish them from the bed one by one until I was comfortable again without them.

  10. I slept with a straight body pillow, and a pillow behind my back until about 31 weeks, when my 10 dollar body pillow just wasnt firm enough anymore. I bought the pregnancy pillow from babiesrus, that didn’t have the extra curve for the head, it was chepear, and I’m really particular about the pillows under my head (residual pain from a severe car accident 10 years ago). I did flip with the pillow though, which made my husband hate it even more!

  11. Do you know any stores (online or real-live ones) that sell that pillow? I’m not pregnant, but I have a chronic low back condition that requires me to sleep with a pillow in-between my legs. I’ve never found a pillow that a) was comfortable all the time or b) didn’t flatten out after, say, 2 months of use.

    1. They sell it in Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby….also any of the Motherhood, Destination Maternity, or Pea in the Pod type stores.

  12. I was in a car accident when I was pregnant with my son (not too serious) and my chiropracter told me to sleep with a pillow between my legs. It kept my spine in alignment or something. Verrry comfortable. In fact I think I could use a snoogie myself even though I’m not pregnant. 🙂

  13. Is there room for Matt with all those pillows?! Hahaha, we have a queen bed and I just can’t imagine having enough space for all that. Of course, we also add a dog under the covers and things get a little crowded 🙂

      1. Or you could say “cozy” 🙂 What a nice guy you’ve got for a hubby!

        I have a feeling my husband wouldn’t object to a lot of pillows either. In fact, I’ll bet he’d hijack the snoogle if I wasn’t careful!

  14. you can get the same effect with just a lot of pillows for those who aren’t willing to shell out the money….

  15. I’ve slept with a body pillow (down, not the snoogle) for almost my whole life. My parents bought me a large pillow that looked like a doll when I was tiny and I slept with it since toddlerhood – on side with it between my knees. When I got older I moved on to a real body pillow, and can’t sleep without one.

    The hardest thing for me sleeping while pregnant was that I had to sleep on my left side instead of my right. I am deaf in my left ear, so I am used to utter silence when I am sleeping. But sleeping on my left side, I can hear the little noises of the house and it was horrible.

  16. I loooooved my Snoogle – then again I always sleep with a body pillow. My husband was less than thrilled about the snoogle 😉 I, too, needed another pillow for my head.

  17. When I brought Snoogle to bed, I turned to Tyler and said “Bye! See you in 6 months!” …and it really did become my temporary husband 🙂

  18. I sleep with 5 pillows on any normal day…yep, 3 to put my head on (set up specific way) then one between knees & other behind back…poor hubby…lol! 8weeks pregnant now but been sleeping this way all my life!

  19. Laying on your side (turned almost on your stomach) is also great for optimal fetal positioning for labor since it’s still a forward-leaning position instead of neutral (on your side) or bad (on your back with feet propped up). So see, your instincts are telling you where to put yourself 😉

  20. They make a pillo that looks like a candy cane, called a snoozer. I couldn’t have anything but my own pillow at the top either! Loved it!

  21. The pillow between the legs is so unexpectedly COMFY! Glad you’ve found the sweet spot (for now?!).

    Unrelated, but I can’t take my eyes off that yellow and gray pillowcase. Is it part of a set? It’s gorgeous!

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