33 Weeks: Snapshots

Our toy baskets are filling up!!


We received some really fun things as gifts – including this yellow vintagey basket from our friend Chris!


And this antique one my mom gave me filled with stuffed animals


I tried to put these two in to play but they jumped right back out! “We are not stuffed!” they squealed.


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12 thoughts on “33 Weeks: Snapshots”

  1. Glad the bears are standing up for themselves! (Although I hope they will be nice to all the new animals who have been and will be coming into the household.)

  2. CUTE baskets!!

    One of Lila’s favorite toys has been Freddy the Lamaze Firefly– he has black and white wings on one side, and colored/mirrored wings on the other. She zoomed in on those black and white wings at just a few days old– she loved them!! And now she loves the other side. Anyway– I’d highly recommend Freddy if you happen upon him somewhere 🙂

  3. SO CUTE!! Isn’t it fun how exciting all of these little things are like getting toys? I got my first diaper yesterday and it made me happy for hours:)

  4. So cute. We almost share the same due date and I just found out that we also share some nursery accessories. We really enjoy reading KERF and BERF.

  5. LOVE the rug – it’s a very interesting combo of stripes and zig-zags. I never much cared for the color gray, but you may have won me over!

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