33 Weeks: The Little Turtle


As I’m now halfway through my 34th week (33 weeks down, working on 34), I can’t believe I only have about 6.5 weeks to go! I’m wondering if I should pack a hospital bag yet? It seems like a lot of time for a bag to sit, but then again the whole point in packing a bag ahead of time is to expect the unexpected. I do think it’s time to do the rest of the things on my to-do list – including biting the bullet and buying our stroller and carseat. I’ve had a lot of time to save for these two big purchases!


I have a little turtle in there now : ) He loves to poke out a limb, a knee, a foot, his butt just like a little turtle head would poke out. He moves it around for a little and then the second I say to a friend “Hey feel this!!” the turtle goes back inside his shell. Sometimes I don’t even feel it from the inside but I’ll put my hand on my stomach and will feel a little knob poking out!

Just after my doctor said “It is very unlikely that he will turn this late in the game” I actually felt like he did turn for a day. Not necessarily a complete 180*, but I felt the turtle pokes on my left side and things were totally different. But within 24 hours, he seemed to settle back into his usual position with most of the movements on the upper right.


Speaking of the upper right, my rib connection is KILLING me! My uterus sits right-side heavy and jabs up into my ribs all day long. This has been really irritating to the muscles (or whatever!) in that area. If I sit for too long it hurts, but if I stand for too long it pulls and hurts too. Really the only way for me to get relief is to lie on my left side and let everything sink to the left and away from the right. I’ve been trying to sleep on my left more, but sleeping is just so uncomfortable in general that it’s hard to do that.

I used to be able to sleep on 4 sides. Now I’m down to 1!! Last night I just could NOT get comfortable. But luckily I am still sleeping for most of the night and not having to get up to pee a ton.


My lower back has bothered me a little bit this week too. In general I did really well on my car trip – it didn’t hurt too much during. I sat on a towel to keep my hips higher than my knees and keep my pelvis tilted down. But I’m wondering if today’s back pain might be a delayed response to 6 hours in 24 hours.

Another ailment (gosh I’m full of complaints this week!) is that I feel like his head – or just his weight – is pushing on my bladder (and possibly my cervix?) more and more. It’s mostly noticeable when I start out on a walk – like I get a few big jabs downward of pressure before things kind of settle out. It’s not all that painful, but it’s not comfortable either.


But to end on a positive note, I’ve found that I love pregnancy more and more as time goes on. I just love being able to feel him and interact with him and have him feel big and strong inside of me. It’s sooo much better than those early weeks when I was sick and nervous and so far away from meeting him. Although I do have a list of physical complaints, all in all I’m still feeling good and don’t really have that “Get this baby out of me!” feeling yet. Perhaps that is around the corner, but I’m enjoying where I am right now.

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45 thoughts on “33 Weeks: The Little Turtle”

  1. I feel like I could have written this almost word for word this week! It’s so weird how what used to be kicks and punches are now more like rolls and flops. And seeing the alien like look of my belly with the small jabs. And yes, sometimes I feel it with my hand but not inside!! I think mine flipped for a day or so too. Lower left was getting all the thumps, now back to upper right. It’s like I’m out of rib space on that side! Is it just me or does it feel like the baby doubled in size this week?! I feel about the same, but I feel like s/he just got HUGE in there – no more room!! I still love all of it though, even the uncomfortable parts 🙂

  2. I’m 35 weeks today and definitely getting to the “get this baby out of me” point! I guess it’s just him getting bigger but I feel him more up in my ribs (I haven’t had this problem at all yet) and it’s just getting pretty uncomfortable. Still do love being pregnant though despite the few complaints.
    I started packing my bag and have just left it open to slowly work on. I put stuff in that I definitely won’t need from now until then (a pair of flip flops for the shower, breast pads/cream, a towel, nursing bras etc) and then I know I will have last minute things to throw in there like toiletries and stuff I’m still using. Makes me feel better that it’s started and if something did happen I could throw a few last things in and get going to the hospital!

    1. They go MORE up in the ribs!? Mine are going to bust open!!

      I also saved a few really special toiletries to pack in my back to make that first shower extra fun!

      1. yeah I thought I was getting lucky because I was carrying low but I think because they are getting to their full length and growing more they are just running out of room! Maybe your little guy is already up in your ribs as much as he’ll be!
        Ohh good idea. A few nice new toiletries would make first shower even better. That’s why I packed a big soft towel too because I heard the ones at the hospital leave something to be desired.

        1. I remember that first shower after Kath was born. I felt sooooooo skinny. Then a few days later, at home, I tried on a favorite red plaid kilt and it gapped open by about eight inches.

          1. I laughed out loud when I read this. I had my daughter, put my jeans on when I was in the hospital and they zipped and I was like YEAH!!! She was a big baby too. I think Kath is so precious looking. Her son is lucky to have her and Matt and the family. 🙂

  3. If you think he’s pressing on your bladder now just wait until he drops!!! I could have sworn that my son was going to just “fall out” for at least two weeks before he was born!! Lol!

  4. After reading the other comments on this post, I have to say thank God that I carried low with my son! I’m worried about this pregnancy though because I seem to be carrying higher this time…and I have a phobia with her getting under my ribs (like when people hold in their breaths and stick their hands under their ribs-freaks me out!!!!!) lol!

  5. I am almost to the point of being nostalgic about being pregnant, but NOT the last 5 weeks. I still remember that “butt in the ribs feeling”
    I think it’s smart to have the car seat installed by 36 weeks. That way if you go early, no one has to worry about it! My SIL went into labor with her first two days after they installed the car seat,at 36 weeks exactly!

  6. I think when your doctor said it is unlikely he will turn this late in the game, it means your doc thinks the baby will stay head down. But, the baby can totally flip his butt and limbs around from side to side! Sometimes my babe hangs out on my left side for a few hours, then makes a massive roll over to the right side. Still head the whole time! 🙂

  7. Def pack your bag soon. Then you have time to add stuff that you’ll inevitably forget. A few things I packed that aren’t traditional: pillow from home (an extra so you won’t forget to grab it), ear plugs (I’m a light sleeper, and using the nursery is no good if hospital sounds keep you awake), boppy pillow for nursing, your own swaddle blankets (so the nurses can use those and show you their tricks), nursing bras and tanks, loose and comfy pants, and slippers. You wont need to pack any medications or diapers, since they will supply everything. Even lanolin!

  8. I really loved being pregnant, up until 38 weeks at least! I do kinda miss it still as it is such an amazing experience/feeling! Of course u wanna by your carseat brand new, but I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on craigslist for a gently used stroller! We bought our bob stroller for about half price and it was barely used!!

  9. It’s nice how positive you are about this. I was feeling good until around 36 weeks, and then I was most uncomfortable. I don’t think you need to pack a bag yet, but have a list (I’m sure you do). But do buy your car seat and stroller! Those are important ones!

  10. I can’t believe you STILL have 6.5 weeks to go! I feel like you’ve been pregnant forever! 🙂

    I was told to have everything ready by 36 weeks, and that’s my plan (I’m 23 weeks). That way, in case you go a little early or whatever, you’ve got everything lined up. Good luck to you!

  11. I’m 38 1/2 weeks today! I can’t believe it. I have been getting very similar rib pain-in my intercostal space on my right side. Sitting down irritates it. The only thing that provides relief is counter pressure, ice, and getting up. I’m off work now & I was hoping to rewatch Lost as I wait for baby. No can do! I can’t sit for longer than 15 minutes. On the plus side, my house just keeps getting cleaner and cleaner.

    Sleeping has become pretty much nonexistent this last week. I cannot turn my brain off! It totally sucks. I’m just not tired. I try to nap during the day but usually can’t fall asleep til about 4, which then screws up that night b/c it’s so close to bed time.

    I have really loved being pregnant. So much so that I’m sad to think I won’t be pregnant anymore. We want more kids, but obviously not yet! I’m really surprised by this feeling. I’m excited to actually meet my son, but am sad he won’t be inside me. It doesn’t make sense. I’m a bit nervous that this might be an early sign of postpartum depression. I just gotta keep thinking being a mommy & holding my son is what being pregnant is all about & think about all the milestones that we have to look forward together.

    We put on our calendar today that he has our permission to be born now. My doctor gave me the ok to try any natural induction methods we want to, so we’ll see how they go!

  12. 1. May be a long shot, but when I had what I thought was “rib pain” it turned out to be gallstones. My gastroenterologist seemed convinced that it was totally random, but maybe something to ask your dr about. Especially if you’re having any right shoulder pain.

    2. I made a list of things to pack in my bag and then packed after my water broke/waiting for labor to start. Usually with first babies you labor a long time so it’ll give you something to do while waiting to go to the hospital.

    1. I’m pretty sure this is a muscle pain and not an organ in pain because I can massage it out, but I’ll keep gallbladder in mind

      1. This might be a long shot, but try stretching your hip flexors really well. My left one had grown so tight that it was causing my rib cage to push forward and strained the fascia on the bottom/inside of my rib cage. It was the craziest illusive injury and took months to diagnose (one doc thought it was a pulled diaphragm, another a strained transverse muscle), but a PT finally diagnosed it and once I started doing deep stretches of the hip flexors it eased up immediately. Crazy how EVERYTHING is connected in the body.

  13. When you say that your rib connection is hurting, do you mean your intercostal muscles between your ribs? Have you noticed kicks and movements slow down the closer you get to your due date? Someone told me that the baby starts to run out of room and doesn’t kick as much at that point.

      1. I felt that sensation too, for the longest time, but it wasn’t til labor I realized those are mild contractions!

  14. Ahh “get this baby out of me” I remember that feeling. I had a medical situation (nothing serious) where I could legitimately expect my son to arrive early but he stayed put right up until his precise due date! And whenever I would jokingly say “OK, baby time’s up–you’re getting evicted!” I would feel a hard kick right up under ribs on the right side! LOL

  15. Are Pumpkin’s owners jealous that he/she shows you guys so much affection? She/He sure does seem to love you guys! (That’s sweet!)

  16. I would pack the bag. My baby arrived at 35weeks and 5 days…you never know what they have planned! I had my bag, baby bag and husbands bag packed but the carseat was still in the box – we made due and just threw the box in the car on the way to the hospital. If he is that early he may stay longer than you at the hospital – which gave us time to catch-up on things we hadn’t done yet.

  17. Can I just say how great you look? You so totally have that pregnant, content glow about you in these pictures.

    And I remember that uncomfortable rib feeling completely. It only got worse until my girl arrived at 35 weeks, so I can only imagine what 40 weeks would feel like!

    In a completely unrelated question… I’ve been a KERF/BERF reader for a while mostly because I like to cook and eat (mostly, though not obsessively) healthy foods, and I find some great inspiration on your website for new food combinations to try as well as inspiration to make something healthy when it seems I’m surrounded by the bad stuff. Ever since my baby arrived a year ago I’ve found I have little to no time to cook and it’s so much harder than before to have healthy, affordable food ready for my family’s meals. But of course, I also feel like it’s more important than ever now that she’s eating real food right along with my husband and I. I’m pretty good at keeping some basics like frozen organic veggies and leftovers on hand to heat and eat quickly when needed, but that gets old quickly and I’m having a hard time finding good online resources for day-in-day-out meal ideas that are healthy and feed the whole family without having separate meals for the little one.

    So, all that is just to ask whether you intend to keep KERF or BERF going after the baby shows up with posts on what you and he are both eating? (Given that it’ll be a little while before he’s chowing down with his own two hands). My 2 cents are that you’d be offering a super resource to busy, trying-to-eat-healthy, moms of little ones if you did!

    1. I hope to keep KERF going for sure – although I’m sure it will feel different and my meals will change. I’m not sure I’ll show baby’s every meal like I do mine, but I will certainly share bits and pieces of it as he grows

  18. Yes, I’d recommend to pack your bag!
    I was planning to do it after I my last day at work, but never had a chance, because the day after I finished working (at 37 weeks) we were sent for an ultrasound to check on my son’s size and they kept us right there, to induce (he was only 4lbs!).
    It would have been great to have extra clothes (for me) and clothes for our son (the nursery donated some), and other things like shampoo (also for me, haha) swaddling blankets, etc. ready. Instead, we were waiting for my husband to go home and come back with some of the stuff.
    You are so close now!!! Exciting!

  19. I sure hope that our lil’ guy is turned in the right position until it is time for him to come out! I will probably know tomorrow which way he is positioned when I go to my doctor’s appointment.

    I am not sleeping well at all. My stomach is HUGE compared to your’s, & it is harder and harder to
    roll over. So, I am usually uncomfortable in bed most nights.


  20. Please PLEASE go ahead and pack your bag!!! You can put in the clothes/robe whatnot and then make a list of things to add and keep it in the bag – that way should things happen fast (as they did with #1 for me) I packed the bag by the list in about 5 minutes. Likewise, with #2 I had a few hours of laboring at home and packed the final items leisurely – deciding on some new items and taking out others. It is so surreal when it happens that it is hard to completely tap into the logical side of your brain.

    and get that car seat!! There are usually car seat certified nurses who can help install it at the hospital before you leave or you can look it up and make an appt before baby boy arrives to have it installed.

    Anyway – I am so happy for you, this is such an awesome time, kicks, poor sleep and all!! I am glad you are enjoying it!!!

  21. You make me want to have a baby and get a cat!!!
    Even though I am way past the falling pregnant age I can remember it well (my youngest baby Kendal is 22). Your mentioned once Matt had a spinal fusion, I’ve had 3 and one was an anterior entry so I have a caesarean type scar. The pressure that I felt down there on the scar in the last few weeks was terrible, made even short distance walking very difficult. It felt like the baby was going to burst it’s way through the scar at any time (a type of stinging sensation). It made me wonder do women that have ceasarean’s have this type of problem with subsequent pregnancies?

    1. I had a cesarean section with my first child, and my Dr. told me that each subsequent pregnancy stretches the scar and scar tissue out. I am currently 23 weeks along with my second child, and he is advising me to have another cesarean. According to him, there is a risk that during labor your scar can split open and the baby will come out into your stomach. This is dangerous for the baby, and if it is not removed through surgery fast enough there can be permanent brain damage. This is also dangerous for the mother because your uterus ruptures, meaning you have to have an emergency hysterectomy. My Dr. encourages women to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) if you are going to have more than two children. Just my two cents. 🙂

  22. Haha Pumpkin 🙂
    I feel exactly the same symptoms right now. The pressure on the bladder (maybe cervix?) when I’m walking, pain in the upper right ribs that is difficult to counteract, the issue with sleeping because I can only sleep on one side…Me too! I try not to complain too often because I don’t want anyone to think I’m not enjoying my pregnancy. I absolutely love growing this little girl and feeling her twist and turn all day long, but it is really a relief to read your posts and hear that some of the more uncomfortable or less pleasant parts of pregnancy are not just me!

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