33 Weeks: To Do List Update–Home Stretch

“Purchase and Install carseat” is the only thing left on my original list!!

Updates in purple.

Done and Done!

Complete a baby registry and figure out what I am going to buy sooner rather than later

Purchase and assemble crib and mattress [gah organic mattresses are expensive!!!]

Finish making nursery décor decisions

Buy dresser, side table and some kind of rocker/chair/glider and assemble

Paint closet and figure out closet system of organization

Re-do ceiling fan (Woo hoo – finished in this post!)

Hang curtains (Finished in this post!)

Attend childbirth class (Completed!)

Attend breastfeeding class and baby care basics class (One down, one to go – crossing this off!)

READ. (I only have one book left – Breastfeeding Made Simple – that I definitely want to read before so I’m in good shape to cross this off!

Hire doula (I’ve met with her too – really excited to work together!)

Write a birth plan (Wish list thoughts written down in this post)

Research baby health insurance (Have paperwork ready to go when he is born!)

Research cord banking (Decided to let the cord completely stop pulsing instead of banking)

Research vaccinations (Discussed with pediatrician)

Research local placenta encapsulation guru (Have someone on the books!)

Choose pediatrician (I have one picked and went to prenatal appt!)

Buy things for postpartum – like nursing bras, nursing pads or nursing tank tops (Done!)

Wash all new things (Diapers done! Bedding done. Swing + things done. Clothing waiting till after final shower)

Prepare cloth diaper system (Done!)

Take a nap (Nap tally: IIII)

To Do:

Purchase and Install car seat and have it inspected (Ordered this week!)

Nest the crib (put on sheets and things when I have them (But still needs a crib skirt!)

Put together stroller (buying one this week!)

Put together any gear that requires assembly (sleeper, swing, seats, pack n play etc) in preparation for baby arrival. At the very least, figure out how stuff works in advance. (Pretty much done – at least the stuff we have!)

Put all baby things like wipes, toiletries for baby and shampoos in a handy spot (Don’t have these yet)

Finish diaper changing station assembly (Don’t have this yet but am really excited for it!)

Pack a diaper bag ( <— not really necessary but I am too excited about this!)

Buy/figure out diaper container to put wet bag in (Just using a wet bag hanging for now)

Freeze some meals (Thinking about freezing some tomato sauce! I could use a few more suggestions for EASY things to make?)

Create contact list for baby’s arrival

Write post about baby’s name choice!

Buy gift for doula (Idea in mind – just need to purchase)

Go on a date (Could probably use another!)

Pack hospital bag (I think I’ll pack my bag when I return from my shower – my last overnight trip!)

So many big things done; so many little things to do!!



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Thank you, Thank you

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53 thoughts on “33 Weeks: To Do List Update–Home Stretch”

  1. In addition to the typical one dish/casserole meals that most new moms rely on out of the freezer, my mom and I made and froze twice baked potatoes which ended up being such a good idea. It was easy and made last minute dinner prep a breeze on several occasions. I also made a blueberry salad frozen in muffin tins for a sweet treat with lunch or dinner. In general, I really was glad to have individual serving size things for quick grabs. I think since you don’t have a large family if you made a lasagna or chicken dish, maybe freeze it in smaller portions so that you don’t have to eat on it for days once you pull it out.

  2. Bth times my sister in law has had a baby and when I had a baby we made ech other a few casseroles. We tried to make the dishes heavy with iron since there is a potential that you can lose some blood. We did a shrimp, spinach and whole grain rice casserole that was great. Iron from the spinach and the shrimp.

  3. My favorite easy freezer meals are soups! Bean, pea, chicken and rice, chili, etc.

    And oh – I sincerely hope you discussed vaccinations with a reputable “pedestrian”!

  4. Lasagne, Bolognaise Sauce, Curry Sauce or a Full Blown Curry, Bean Chili…start making double portions and freezing them now! 🙂 Make pizza dough and freeze balls of it… Salads and stir fries will be your best friend. Seen as you want to eat more tofu, tofu scramble is such a quick and easy meal or mock tuna or egg salad with tofu (recipes over on my recipage!)

  5. Pre-cook meats! Carnita’s, shredded chicken, etc. They are nice to thaw out and throw into a quick meal – taco’s, salad’s, pizza, etc. I’ve got individual servings ready to pull out of my freezer whenever I need them.

  6. Some things I froze before the babies came are chicken soup, low-fat shrimp chowder, pre-rolled chicken enchiladas and chili, although watch the spicy food and the beans! I found out very quickly while breastfeeding my babies that if I ate either of those things (especially at the beginning) I was in for a sleepless night!

  7. Rice and beans! Cook ’em in the slow cooker and freeze portions. Good to have the “basics” on hand, because then you can dress them up depending on your liking that day (burrito bowls, add to soup, use as a stir-fry base, mix with veg for some sort of grain salad, etc).

    And you might want to drag the rice cooker out of hiding for some insta-breakfasts too!

    Last thought: Snacks! Stock up on lots and lots of of snack foods. Nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, LARA/protein bars, graham crackers, etc. Because when midnight feedings take place, you’ll be famished and be reaching for something that can be eaten quickly and in the middle of the night!

    1. this is so true! i thought my best friend was kidding when she told me to have a food stash for night feedings but she was right! nursing burns alot of calories!

  8. wow, you are so organized! i’m a teacher & i freeze lots of meals at the end of each summer so that i don’t have to really cook until october. some things that are usually in my freezer are red beans, black beans, shrimp/crawfish etouffee, homemade mac n cheese for a hearty side dish, crock pot pulled pork, sometimes i’ll bar b q chicken & freeze that too. i make large quantities of these & freeze them in meal size separate containers & it works really well for us & is a nice break when i start back to work.

  9. You might want to bring baby wipes to the hospital. You would think that the hospital would have baby wipes (and maybe yours does), but both of the hospitals where my four kids were born did not have baby wipes. They had cotton balls and these weird dry wipes that were a little like dryer sheets (but softer). Neither of those worked well on meconium. I was trying to change my new baby at 3am, exhausted from birth and struggling with inadequate supplies.

            1. Bring your own toilet paper for you though! You don’t want the scratchy industrial grade paper down there after pushing a baby out!

              1. My sister has an infant and a toddler. I remember her saying the same thing about baby wipes and toilet paper at the hospital!

  10. Thanks for the list update, it always is so helpful to see what someone else is doing! I usually see that I’m forgetting some things!
    I can’t believe that the huge list of “Things Baby H Needs” is getting crossed off…. I’m 35 weeks and in shock that it could seriously be any day—- or a while too. I’m just so excited that our little one is going to be here too (and nervous too, if I’m being totally honest.) 🙂

  11. Pesto is another great thing to freeze. It’s a nice change from tomato sauce. Beans, pre portioned cooked chicken…..

  12. Great work on the To Do List!! Mine is also coming along, but not quite as far since I”m only at 24 weeks…still have some time!!
    I did start doing some freezer meals though…ideas: Sheppard’s Pie, Chili, Meatloaf, Soups- I made Potato Soup so far. Going to make a few crockpot sauces in advance like Southern Pulled Pork/Beef (then I’ll just have to buy the roast and buns!), maybe a couple more soups, some sort of pasta casserole…
    Tomato sauce is a great idea though, adding it to the list!!

    1. keeping the worms contained, but we’re also going to be pretty mainstream so I don’t have too much to say

  13. Lasagna, chili, pioneer woman has some casseroles that freeze pretty well; even just a whole bunch of pre-made chicken breasts (some shredded) that can be used in easy throw together meals (sandwiches, tacos, soup add-ins).

  14. Isn’t it great to get stuff crossed off the list? I’m a list person, and I really felt ready for my little one to arrive once I had gone through my list.

    Yes, about the wipes – depends on the hospital, but ours had little gauze pads. They did not provide wipes because as they said “the concern that the wipe will irritate/cause an allergic reaction” – and if they had an allergic reaction to the wipes, it might be cause for the baby to stay in the hospital longer. I guess it was something they wanted you to discover (allergy) once you were checked out! We had to wet the pads with warm water to use them. Not nearly as good as the wipes, but I didn’t want to cause waves, so I dealt with it while I was there.

    Also, if there’s drawers in the bassinet or in the room with stuff – the little gauze pads, diapers, etc. – find out what you can take home with you. Hopefully your insurance is covering everything provided to you in your room, so it’s your stuff since you paid for it! Even though you’re going to cloth diaper, it’s never a bad idea to have some regular diapers on hand in a pinch. After a year, I still have a big stack of the gauze wipes and some plastic lined large pads. Figured I could use them for the boy, me, the hubby or one of the dogs or cats!

  15. http://mamaandbabylove.com has some great freezer crock pot cooking ideas!!

    How did you choose your car seat and stroller? There are so many to choose from and I can already see the husband and I may struggle in this department. Do you know of any reliable websites for reviews etc.? Thanks!

    1. I’ve just heard so many good things about the Chicco KeyFit 30 and the Bob Revolution that I chose them pretty quickly. A lot of the big baby sites do have “top carseats” and things – and I checked consumer reports (I have a subscription) and the Chicco was recommended

  16. You know, maybe I’m not in as bad shape as I thought I was!

    My shower is next week and I have a feeling I’ll wipe out a lot of checks then–both with gifts and knowing what I need to buy. We start our classes next week, too!

  17. Yes! You are ready!!!!! Just stock your pantry with the basics (grains, nuts, etc…) You will be surprised how much food you end up with when people bring things over. Surprisingly, getting to the grocery store was kind of a fun outing with a little sleeping baby and I found that I still wanted freshly prepared foods so I didn’t freeze a lot of stuff. But, I did drink fennel/fenugreek tea by the gallon…it boosts milk supply and is good for mom & babies digestion.

  18. This is my first time posting but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your pregnancy experience. I’m probably about a year away before trying to conceive and part of me wishes there will be a blog out like this when I too am pregnant to read and see how others are doing… maybe you’ll be ready for baby two by then? 😉
    I’m really looking forward to reading about your birthing story and how motherhood treats you. You look radiant, btw!
    Thanks again!

  19. You wouldn’t believe how passionate I am about wipes. I am always looking for cheap generics. But with wipes the cheap generics are horrible, tear, don’t do the job, and you use more of them than one good one. Get the “good” ones. You’ll soon find a brand you like.

  20. Get the aluminum throw-away containers to freeze casserole-type meals. After baby arrives all you have to do is pop it in the oven…no mess and no cleanup! Whatever you can simplify after baby’s arrival, do it. Let others help you. Hold your baby, nurse, sleep. Enjoy. 🙂

  21. I just stumbled upon your blog. 🙂

    Totally a list person. I just wanted to tell you, that you may want to install the base of your carseat but don’t drive around with the actual carseat in the car until you’re brining home the baby. On the slim chance you get into an accident, you’d have to buy a whole new carseat. That would be a bummer!

    Also, make sure you keep the receipts for the nursing bras you bought. There is no telling how big you’re boobs are going to be when your milk comes in. I went from an A to a C while pregnant but when my milk came in I was almost a DD.

      1. That’s great advice! I know in California by law if you are in a car accident your insurance is required to replace the car seat regardless of the amount of damage to your car.

  22. I like to marinate flank steak (or london broil) and freeze them. Thaw in the frig for just a day or two and you are ready for the BBQ. Can also pre-marinate and freeze chicken. I am so much more likely to use and defrost frozen chicken if it is already prepped and ready to go in the marinade. I also like to make extra pulled pork and freeze it. Makes excellent pork tacos plus a million other things! Good luck!!

  23. I have five kiddos, and breastfed them all. One of the things that I loved to eat in the early days of breastfeeding was homemade chicken noodle soup (with very little salt). I was always parched and though I drank a lot of water, eating something with a broth was very satisfying. It’s easy to freeze before hand and it tastes so good! I also ate lots of Lara bars.

  24. In addition to soups, meatballs in tomato sauce and a few casseroles (assembled but not yet cooked, I hate reheating casseroles), I froze a bunch of homemade muffins, waffles and pancakes. I needed a lot of snacks and healthy muffins were perfect for one hand eating. I would also think more about freezing lunches than dinners. It was sort of nice to have hubby watch the baby while I had some “me” time to cook at night, but I didn’t have the luxury of an extra pair of hands during the day. And your hubby can cook too if you really wanted something nice for dinner. I like soups for lunch and made some quick bean burritos or rice and beans with premade beans.

    1. Thankfully I have an unlimited supply of bread + muffins at my fingertips – but great advice on the baked goods for snacks!

  25. Soup is on of my favorite things to freeze and eat later (Giada DeLaurentiis has a particularly delicious minestrone recipe that I like to do this with). Enchiladas also freeze well and are a nice deviation from more traditional (pasta and rice based) casseroles. Also maybe stock up on smoothie supplies?

  26. Be sure to get yourself a few essentials before baby comes. This way your husband doesn’t have to run to the store to find them & you just can’t have enough (pads, nursing pads, cream, stool softener and the kind that helps you go as well) and make sure you have some good nursing bra’s and comfy cloths to wear when you get home. I also brought a robe to the hospital (among a million other things to wear) and LOVED having it. I had a white one that was easy to bleach after. (i just had baby 6 weeks ago so this is all pretty fresh in my head). Good luck! It all goes by SO fast so enjoy it all!

  27. Hope you hang on for a few more weeks, and keep well.
    Put an old folded up towel on top of a plastic garbage bag on the car seat, you DO NOT want amniotic fluid leaking on your upholstery, and you never know when it will happen.
    Well done with your list, it is good to be organised.

  28. I know that when we had our first child, friend’s of our’s brought over delicious lasagna that they make in advance & freeze — it was sooo good! They made them in little disposable pans, and popped them in the freezer. When it is time to eat them, you pop them in the oven, and VOILA 🙂


  29. Pre-made meals were wonderful! Definitely stock your freezer and have snacks on hand at all times.

    Something I didn’t know I would need was the biggest overnight pads you can find in the store. I thought post-delivery bleeding would be like a period (and I had no idea how long it lasted). Not quite. The hospital will give you some but you’ll still need at least a package of the phone book sized ones. Sorry! 🙂 Other things that I needed for *me* (since we usually only think about what the baby needs were a stool softener and Advil (which is what my docs recommended for pain relief). I think I took it for 1-2 days and the stool softener for a about a week maybe (probably mostly out of fear of needing to push).

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