34 Weeks: Seasons Change

Whenever I tell people that my due date is August 31, they always comment on being pregnant in the summer. “Oh you must be soooo hot!!” My response is always that I’m actually really thankful for the timing of this pregnancy – I actually couldn’t have asked for more perfect seasons of change!! Of course we can’t really just decide when to conceive, but reflecting on the seasons, I’m very thankful for how my timing worked out.


I found out I was pregnant on December 19 – just before Christmas. It made for a really exciting holiday! Thankfully morning sickness had yet to appear, and although I was off the alcohol at parties, it was very fun to tell our families as part of their Christmas presents. And then of course we took a fabulous vacation to Jamaica – a babymoon of sorts, although we hadn’t planned it that way!

Then morning sickness set in and I spent the rest of the first trimester feeling terrible and eating cheese and popsicles:

[10 weeks!]

2012-02-08 20.42.06Blog

In the winter, all you want to do is lie on the couch anyways, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much. I was able to bundle up in my winter coat and go for walks (and a few runs!). Comfort foods were “in season.” Everyone was wearing bulky winter clothes so any first trimester bloat was well hidden under sweaters and coats. My pants, coats and tops still fit, and I just had to buy a few pairs of maternity jeans towards the end.


Then like magic, spring arrived and my morning sickness melted away with the frost! I felt better and the world was feeling better too. I no longer wanted to sit on the couch – I couldn’t wait to get outside and breathe in the fresh air! I was ready to eat asparagus and greens again and sit on the porch to work with the birds chirping.

2012-03-13 13.04.02Blog

The wonderful springtime cheer matched my mood, and I was so thankful that the first trimester and winter were both over. I often called them “the dark ages” because I felt like I could sum up the entire winter with eating dinners on the couch, in the dark, watching LOST and feeling pretty terrible. Spring was a new beginning!


Following a great spring was an even better summer. I was feeling great and starting to really feel pregnant. My maternity wardrobe consisted of a dozen Old Navy tank tops and 4 pairs of shorts that I wore over and over. Luckily summer clothes are cheap! I could also wear dresses now – which I didn’t really even need in maternity (I only bought a few to get me through the third trimester). We went on vacations – like to the beach – and I was in the sweet spot of the second trimester where I was feeling good but not too pregnant to travel. I even traveled across the country – to Seattle and back!


Being pregnant in the summer hasn’t been that bad – I sweat just about the same amount as I did before! Sometimes it’s just more noticeable than others : )

2012-06-21 09.32.34

And Fall!

I really can’t think of a better time to have a newborn!! I am due August 31 – and September is usually the break in heat for us. Temps drop back down to the mid 80s and fall creeps in. Give me a few weeks of recovery and I bet we’ll have our first crisp days just when I’m ready to start walking with the baby. We’ve had some truly gorgeous Septembers the past few years, and October is even nicer – perfect for walks! Baby wearing won’t be like carrying around a personal heater as it is in the summer – we can keep each other warm in fall temperatures! Fall is my favorite season, so I’m hoping that the excitement of having a baby during my favorite time of year will make this one extra special – especially since my 30th birthday is just around the corner : ) We have a few months to adjust before the frigid winter temps and sickness season begin, and a few months to prepare and practice for the holiday season and traveling.

2012-04-25 10.37.54Blog

And there’s one last really, really good reason I am excited to have a baby right before fall begins: PUMPKIN BEER SEASON!!



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62 thoughts on “34 Weeks: Seasons Change”

  1. I’m with you on the pumpkin beer season! I was nursing last fall and my choice was not to really drink while nursing, so I can’t wait for it this fall! 🙂

  2. Not to mention in summer you can wear flip flops all the time because your feet are swollen. Those are cheap to buy as opposed to real shoes for fall/winter. How are your feet/ankles holding up? Any swelling? Mine have been off and on since the beginning of the month and definitely the past couple of days. I’m 33 weeks today and have noticed a lot of changes in just the past week- my belly feels heavier, she’s moving a ton more, and bending is definitely uncomfortable…which I’m acutely aware of each time I bend down to clean up after our new puppy!

      1. I was just going to leave a comment about ankles! I am due just a few days before you, and all of a sudden my feet look like marshmallows! But I agree that being pregnant in this timeframe has been wonderful….I remember being nauseated in the winter, and the cold air when I’d walk my dog was so refreshing. And dresses, tank tops, and flip flops all the way since March – you can’t beat that! Also really looking forward to fall walks with the baby. Good luck with your pregnancy Kath – can’t wait to hear how things go in the next month. 🙂

  3. I 100% agree on the season timing! People always ask me about how terrible it must be to be pregnant in the summer but it’s not really any worse! I have air conditioning in my house, car and all stores are air conditioned so it’s not like I HAVE to be out in the heat if I don’t want to. I’m not hugely swollen or anything, my baby will have a FUN summer birthday and I’m also looking forward to cool temps in Fall to get out with baby and a few months later Baby’s First Christmas (I love fall and Christmas!!) so honestly it’s perfect.

  4. Okay … I’m at work, I clicked on the link where you tell your family about your pregnancy, and I literally just burst into tears. LOL! Your excitement in those posts is palpable!!

    I love that sling thing. I imagine it will be nice for you and the baby to have him attached to you while having free arms to blog or pick veggies from your garden or do other things 🙂

  5. Great recap of your pregnancy. I had Lula at the end of September and I was so grateful that most of the heat was gone by the time we were ready to go for walks, run errands, etc. I would much rather be pregnant and dealing with the heat than dealing with a newborn in the heat and worrying about hot cars, etc.

  6. I’m due on Christmas day and am finding the timing so far to be a little weird! I’m 18 weeks now and just in between bloat and bump. Skimpy summer clothes aren’t looking right and I’m not quite ready for maternity either. We also just moved to Wilmington (yay NC!) but bathing suits, suntanning, and being out in the sun all day are the last thing on my mind. I’m also having a hard time walking my dogs and getting outside exercise in this crazy heat. On the other hand I think it will be nice to have the baby in the dead of winter and not feel guilty about hibernating all of January! And by next summer the baby will be around 6-9mos which will be a fun time for first beach experiences. A summer b-day is more fun for older kids and parties though…how do you plan a b-day party around Christmas?!

    1. Awww, a Christmas baby! My mom was born on Christmas day and I was born Dec 23! My mom knew what it was like growing up for people to gloss over/forget her birthday, so she made sure my birthdays were extra special! We had a small family celebration every year as a kid on the 23, but I had my party either 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the holidays so that all of my friends could come. There was nothing more depressing than the one year we tried to have my party on the weekend before Christmas, and only 3 of the 17 friends came! Another idea, two years in a row we celebrated my 1/2 bday (June 23) with a huge pool party! It was a blast and everyone came. Best of luck to you and your Christmas baby! 🙂

      Oh, one last thing- one of the sweetest thing my mom always tells people when they find out I was born near Christmas is, “She was the best Christmas present I ever got!”

    2. Kristi, welcome to Wilmington! It’s hot as blazes right now, isn’t it?! The heat doesn’t really go away until November 🙂 Craziness!

      I had a friend whose birthday was December 29th and he hated it. Just a tip–He always received birthday presents wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. I made sure to give him presents in birthday paper-it surprisingly made his day.

      1. Hi Kristi,

        Think of this baby as your Christmas miracle! My birthday is the 1st of December 4 days or up to a 1 week after Thanksgiving and 24 days till Christmas. I think of it as a month of great food and great family and friend parties. My parents always made my birthday very special. And you never know you might have that baby early like my mom did with me. I was suppose to be born on the 20th! Best wishes for a healthy baby.

        Kath: Another great post. A lemon-aid cheer from Loveland Colorado to you in Cville Virginia. Looking forward to seeing the lat month of your pregnancy.

  7. I agree!!! I’ve been pregnant in the summer all three times (25 weeks right now) and I don’t think it’s too terrible either. Of course, I live with the AC on …
    I love Fall/Winter babies because they’re the seasons for cuddling and relaxing.
    ENJOY your Fall baby 🙂

  8. My kids were born July 4 (fun birthday) and Feb. 21 so I never really was hugely pregnant for an entire summer, but I do love your post and it gets me so excited for you!

    About the pumpkin beer- It is sort of a joke in our home as a friend of mine said each fall she treats herself to her own six pack of pumpkin beer. I liked the idea and bought one and no one we offered it to liked it (people would take a sip and couldn’t even finish). We ended up with 2 that sat in our fridge for over a year, I think. The joke is that, that beer was all we had to offer when my dear sister in law’s parents came to visit from Australia and her sweet dad politely drank them, although he’d never even heard of pumpkin beer, and said “it wasn’t too bad.”

    Sorry for that long story, but could you recommend a few brands to try this fall? Thanks!

  9. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, sigh. What a great time to have a new little baby to take on breezy, crispy-leafed walks. And pumpkin EVERYTHING. nomnomnom.

  10. I agree with the timing of the pregnancy- I am WAY stressed about the baby being due on the first day of school- as I’m a teacher but I am glad that I’ll have the (hopefully) cooler weather to take walks with our new little blessing. It has been nice to have the summer to prepare for things! Gosh we are getting sooooo close (LESS than four weeks till my due date! Ahhhh!)

  11. I had a September baby and I completely agree with your assessment here! I’m cold blooded by nature and I was never too hot during our Colorado summer. It was perfect weather for a maxi dress and flip flops!

    Another bonus is the first year of baby’s life. You’re able to have some nice walks in the fall, then during the winter you’re not trying to keep a newborn out of the sun and staying home isn’t such a sacrifice as it is during summer when everyone else is out. Then spring comes & your baby is more sociable with a predictable schedule. I love having a late summer/fall baby!

  12. I totally agree. I had my third trimester in the summer with my first son and loved it. I wasn’t overly hot even though it was a crazy hot year, I never bought any maternity clothes (just wore summer dresses!).

    My due date was just in the beginning of September and even though he came really late (8 days!) The weather was perfect for walking when I was ready (about two weeks after birth) and it was nice to not miss out on anything while i was tied to the couch nursing during those first six months.

    My second came just a few weeks ago at the end of May and I can truly appreciate the timing of my first as I have hot flashes while nursing the little guy in this heat haha. Also, we can’t barely walk at all since the heat is unbearable for the little guy.

  13. fall is such an awesome season. i liked the way you showcased your pregnancy through the seasons. that’s an interesting perspective on things as we try to decide when to start “trying”!

  14. I love your outlook Kath! I’m currently 12 weeks, and OK with that since I’m feeling pretty terrible during a time of year when it’s too hot to do anything anyway! But I’m excited for 2nd tri during the fall and don’t think being big will be too bad during the holidays. Then baby will be here just in time for spring weather to kick in, and I can’t wait for walks and sitting outside on the porch.

  15. I think I’m drawn to your blog because I think we’d really get along in real life. ha ha! I couldn’t agree more. Three of my four babies were late summer/early Fall babies yes, yes yes. Morning sickness in winter is much better than in summer (that was hard!). I love being big pregnant in the summer where you can live in tank tops and skirts and flip flops. And Fall is a beautiful time to have a newborn!

  16. I had a late November baby, and if I have another baby I’m going to try for a summer or early fall birthday. I was super hormonal and sad (baby blues, not PPD) the first few weeks of my girl’s life. The early sunset (4ish pm!!!!) combined with cold temps made that feeling so much worse. I kept saying how I wished I had a summer baby…the sunshine and warmth would have been enough to cheer me up most days I think!

  17. i am exactly 1 week behind you to the day! your comment about winter being spent eating dinners on the couch watching LOST in the dark made me laugh out loud..i spent my winter the same way! seems like i watched the entire season and when i finished it my morning sickness seemed to go away too. both of my pregnancies have been summer (daughter sept 13th, new one due sept 5th) and i couldnt be happier about it! summer seems to go the quickest too so that helps! good luck 🙂

  18. I don’t have air conditioning because I live in the mountains, but I have been hot! So much hotter than normal. Still, I love being big & pregnant in the summer because swimming is just delicious and I can wear minimal clothing. I think it would be difficult to be having morning sickness in the heat, and also being surrounded by all the wonderful summer produce and not wanting to eat it would make me sad.

  19. I actually think it’s a great time of year to have a baby, too. It’s not the holidays, it’s not too cold, it’s still light enough out but not super bright summer nights that stay light til 9pm – Mother Nature was on your side with your timing 🙂

  20. I don’t think the summer heat has been as awful as people make it out to be–I was able to stay in regular clothes until spring, and then switched to big, loose dresses and it’s been nice and easy. The only thing that stinks is the heat gives me Braxton-Hicks contractions–when I leave my air conditioned office to go out in the 106 degree swamp, I always get them. Boo.

    I am also excited that I don’t have to endure a booze-free Christmas or football season!

    1. Cuteness. I’ve been debating throw pillows. We have a lot to buy, so I don’t want to spend the money on something some superfluous but they really do make a room!

  21. It’s amazing how quickly things change! You look great (even with the sweaty belly button).
    It looks like you do an amazing job of getting the right nutrients. Is there a plan that you go by to make sure that you get enough protein and such?

    1. Not really – I just try to include whole grains, protein and fats in every meal – along with fruits and/or veggies

  22. I love it! I think that we can all justify why we got pregnant at just the right time. I found out that I was pregnant 2 weeks before Mother’s Day (due January 15th), which made Mother’s Day and Father’s Day very happy for both of us. I did not have nausea, but I was hungry, so I was able to partake in all of the Memorial Day and 4th of July BBQs. I am excited to be able to spend my third trimester doing my most favorite thing – relaxing on the sofa and watching football. Then, I get to bundle up and snuggle with baby after the New Year – a great way to start 2012. I just hope that baby does not take up too much space to interfere with my Thanksgiving and Christmas meals – two of my favs of the year.

  23. Congrats Kath! It’s been fun to relive my pregnant days (my boys are now 3 and 4) through BERF. Here’s to a great delivery and a healthy mama and baby!

  24. I had an early October baby and at first I had wanted a summer baby, but I loved having a fall baby for all the reasons you described! And he is way more fun to have in the summertime now at 9 months than he would have been as a newborn. I loved having last summer as “just the 2 of us” and this summer has been even better now that we are 3!

    The baby wrap you are wearing looks super comfy, what kind is it?

  25. Girl, I couldn’t agree with you more!! Being due August 28, I get the SAME comments!! Especially since we have had a ridiculously hot summer! But to be honest, I am loving it – going to the pool has been the best!! Good luck in your next few weeks!! It’s been so fun reading all of your updates!

  26. I couldn’t agree more. Here it is, nearing the end of July and I’m totally craving fall foods and flavors. Last fall was my first back in the US after being in Korea for two years, and those flavors (especially pumpkin) were such a treat and nice “welcome home.”

  27. Amen to the pumpkin ale! I had a November baby and had my husband stock pile pumpkin ales in our cellar until my interest in beer returned. Ironically, it took almost 6 weeks for beer to sound good to me and even then it made me a little gaggy. It was odd since craft beer was such a favorite prior to pregnancy.

  28. I had my first in septmeber and my second in august and i agree its perfect. Another good reason to add to your list is that you have the baby at the beginning of fall so jeans and sweatshirts are back in to hide the baby weight before it comes off. And it gives you like 9 whole months to get back in shape for skimpier summer clothes/binikis! Its also not too hot but not too cold to have a newborn out and about. The only “problem” is the school cutoff dates are septmber 1st and we are battling that now with my oldest starting preschool.

  29. I was born on 31st August, and in addition to your comments about it feeling being a great time of year to have a baby, I would like to say that it’s a lovely time of year to celebrate a birthday, too! 😀

  30. Great post…I’m due in Feb (summer in oz). I am quite comfortable at the moment, rug up, hide any weight gain since not much exercise in the last 3months (due to ivf) but now just feeling like I am getting back into it & loving it. Winter usually is my favorite month but I am actually looking forward to being in full bloom in summer. I have been so lucky, no pregnancy symptoms at all which I am so so grateful for.

  31. You do realize that you can’t drink if you intend to breastfeed? I think you need to include this in your post so as not to misinform others.

  32. I love fall, too! There are so many beautiful reasons to love fall! Every season has something good about them, but there is something about fall that is wonderful — the beautiful foliage; the crisp air; football season; etc.!

    What a great year for you! … A great business up and running; a milestone birthday; and best of all, a baby 🙂 … Reasons to have a BIG smile on your face everyday!


  33. I’ve always thought it would be tough being pregnant right in the dead of summer, but I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it! The belly button sweat mark is too funny—wish I had an excuse for my embarrassing sweat rings. 😉

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