35 Weeks: No Sides Left


IT’S AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-ish weeks to go!


I’ve been waiting….a long time….to be able to write that. This may not even be the month in which my baby is born, BUT the final 31-day countdown has begun!


I think the baby actually flipped horizontally this week – hopefully not vertically! Friends have told me that if he did a full head to toe turn I probably would have felt it at this point, and my doctor said that’s very unlikely. Plus I didn’t really feel anything that felt like a head up top. Maybe he went transverse for a day? But what I think happened was that he flipped over to mirror his usual position – because all of a sudden I felt feet on the left! It was really weird and different. A day later, he seems to be back in his old spot. So curious what he’s doing in there!


I know babies can drop at any time between 30 and 41 weeks – sometimes not until during delivery. But our childbirth class said it’s common around 36 weeks, which I am rapidly approaching… My rib pain is slightly better, and I have been feeling what I would call and ache down there at times. Perhaps he’s just getting really big and heavy! Or maybe making a slow decent into the pelvis.


How about visually? Any different? Doesn’t look like it to me…

34-weeks-(6) 35-weeks

I still have moments when I forget that I am pregnant. When the baby is still and I’m not looking down, I feel pretty normal! But then there are other moments when I think that I am so ready to get over these aches and pains.

Sleeping is my biggest complaint. Generally I’m pretty good during the day – so long as my rib muscle pain is not flaring up! But at night is when it all sets in.

A normal person has a minimum of four sides to sleep on: right, left, stomach, back.

I am down to…zero. I’ve been trying to sleep at angles to create a new side!

Obviously sleeping on my stomach is out of the question. Lying on my back makes me feel woozy (due to the vena cava compression I think – also not good for baby). My right side brings too much gravity pressure on my rib muscles, and my left side now has a sore hip/glute from not enough variation! I spend most of the night testing out both the right and left sides to see which one hurts the worst.

Luckily though, this is mostly a problem in the early morning – I generally am still sleeping through the night, and for that I am very thankful. I did have one night when I had been on my feet all evening and my rib pain was getting to be just too much – I couldn’t get any relief and couldn’t sleep. But luckily that seemed to get better when the baby did his flip flop and has been OK since.


We were showered with love and gifts this past weekend and are so thankful for those who were there to celebrate! I am putting the finishing touches on my to-do list this week – and it feel so good!!



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46 thoughts on “35 Weeks: No Sides Left”

  1. I had to sleep in a recliner for my last month. My sin was 21 3/4 inches and almost 9 pounds. I slept so Good because I was almost at a jack knife angle and cradling him. Yes that was a big baby. And even bigger boy always off the growth chart. He’s now 6’5″ and 235.

  2. yay August! I am full term today so that’s exciting! My worst symptom is carpal tunnel in my hands/wrists from the swelling 🙁 It is keeping me up some nights but so far still comfy for finding a side to sleep on (even though I do toss and turn some nights as well) I think issues with sleeping are just inevitable at this point lol

  3. I’ve found laying on the Snoogle with my back on the full side and the bottom pulled up really far and between my legs, allllmost on my back helps the side pain. You’re kind of at a 45 degree angle that way, takes pressure off the sore hip! And if you lay facing the long side you can allllmost sleep on your stomach. Not quite, but you can get your upper body face down and rest your belly in the space between the pillow and the bed!

    1. That’s the effect I’ve gotten with a smaller pillow wedged behind my back – but even the 45* angle side gets sore!

  4. Looking great, Momma! I’ was definitely in the same exact position as you with the sleeping! I’m just about 37 weeks (Oh my gosh, I can finally say, “I’m due this month!) and I lost all sides of sleeping, including the left side, just because it was the only side that was working and I over-used it. I’ve actually been sleeping in the beautiful (and awesome) rocker/glider/recliner we got for the baby’s room since about week 30 and it has been wonderful. Though, I do kind of miss sleeping next to my husband.

      1. Not sure if it’s all recliners or just some styles, but I think spending lots of time on cushy recliners, couches, etc. is not recommended for good fetal positioning (?). Trust me, I’ve been there with the uncomfortable and unable to sleep much toward the end, so either way it’s a compromise, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

        Despite being very active throughout my pregnancy, I think I spent too much time sitting in the car (which I had to do for my job).

  5. I bet you can’t wait to touch those little feet. 🙂

    How exciting that he could be here this month! I’m sure he’s shifting around in there to get ready to finally meet you.

  6. i too have excruciating rib pain at night. my midwife suspects a pulled muscle. i am 35 weeks today and found that if i really want a decent night sleep i need to sleep semi reclinded on our couch, it really helps the rib pain..i miss my bed and husband but worth the sleep! hooray for 5ish weeks to go!

      1. Have you tried prenatal massage? The pain from my expanding rib cage was really relieved by some massage therapy. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was sleeping like a baby – and by that I mean, up at all hours, with my butt in the air (knees and pillows supporting bump, head down, butt up).

  7. Ahhhh! It’s AUGUST!!! Wow, we are getting SO close!
    I swear, I feel our little one drop every day- and then it will go back up some (two slides down, one slide up kind of thing) ….It does look like he dropped some! 🙂 WOW! So happy for you and your growing family, Kath! YAY!

  8. I thought I was going to have a July baby. I am now 40 weeks 4 days. Still nothing! Lots of false labor and I’m even 3 cm dilated, 75% effaced, and he’s dropped to a -2. But no baby! So frustrating. The aches and pains have definitely gotten more intense this week. I have found that sleeping on a pillow under my hip once my left and right sides are a no go works to give me an extra hour or so in the morning. Good luck!

  9. What you said about wondering what he’s doing in there reminded me of a truly fascinating documentary. If you haven’t already seen it, you should watch “in the womb” from national geographic (it’s available on Netflix, though not as watch instantly). It’s truly amazing the things that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy and labor. I’m not a mother and don’t plan to be anytime soon, but it was so interesting. I can only imagine how much more interesting it would be with a baby inside!

  10. This is SO exciting!!! The end-game is near – blink and you’re going to have a baby in your arms! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m with Helen, maybe just try the sitting up thing in a comfortable chair that offers support – or you on a comfortable couch with your legs curled up beside you and you leaning against the armrest. Not super comfy but I had to do that with my back surgery and it was somewhat helpful when you need some extra shut-eye!

  11. Yes, definitely, sleep in a recliner! That’s what I did for my final two weeks of pregnancy (COMPLETELY solved my hip/back pain), and to be honest, that’s where I got most of my sleep for the first few months postpartum! Recliners (esp. rocking recliners) are the single best thing a pregnant lady or new mom could have. And they are a godsend if you have a baby that will only sleep on top of you for the first few weeks (or if they have reflux, or when they are sick and congested and need to sleep on an incline).

    And I actually felt worse after the baby dropped, because I didn’t have any rib pain when she was up high, but after she dropped she was right on top of my bladder, and I had to go to the bathroom once an hour all night long. But it was good practice for the sleep deprivation that was to come! 🙂

  12. So exciting as it gets closer! My due date was August 23rd (last year) and I delivered on the 16th at 39 weeks. It’s been the best year!

    You could try sleeping on your back at an angle and prop your upper body up – that seemed to help me some nights.

  13. Kath, is it my computer, or is something strange about your 35 week picture in the comparison with 34? It looks all pixelated or smudged or something! It looks fine in the row above that.

  14. Kathy, can I just tell you how much I look forward to reading your blogs. I am 20 weeks with our first little one (a boy) and reading your blog at times had not only informed me, but kept me sane. Especially in the beggining when no one knew and I felt so isolated and a bit scared; your blog made me feel normal when I didn’t feel it normal. The first trimester for me was pretty hellish ( to put it frankly) but my second has been so much better. I still have my moments of feeling SUPER uncomfortable and anxious, but the joyful moments are so much more. Thank you again for your dedication to your blog and your fans, can’t wait to see him and hear all about the birth.
    -a really big fan in Northern California =)

    1. I found two. Thanks for the head’s up. Anyone, feel free to email me if you find any major ones – I always appreciate an alert, as I inevitably miss them all the time.

  15. I was born on August 31st and I flipped the day before my mom went into labor and they had to do an emergency c-section, but my mom said she could definitely feel me flip!

  16. Never been pregnant, so grain of salt and all…..I’ve had hundreds of pregnant women at my massage spa swear by the pregnancy wedge when they can’t get comfortable in bed.

    We get them at bannertherapy.com -the 12″ Bed Wedge

  17. Drake was transverse until 38w5d. I had that horrible rib pain but mine was his head pushing REALLY hard. They wanted to manually turn him on Monday and the Saturday before I had a super weird sensation….went to L&D….he turned!!! I hadn’t felt that during the whole pregnancy and it was quite different from what I had been experiencing. Bottomline, you would know if he stayed transverse! Happy August!

  18. I’m at 33 weeks and a couple of days ago the baby felt really heavy lower down in my abdomen. Sure enough, it had dropped and we got to see it on ultrasound. I’m managing to sleep with all right with the help of many pillows but during the day I am so hot. It’s like I have my own heater inside. (I guess I do.)

    1. Fun! Must have been cool to see it live. I have another apt. on Monday, so I’m going to ask him to feel around again and see if he can locate the head anywhere

  19. I saw some of the other comments about sleeping in a sort of sitting up position.. in a recliner, etc.. and I have to add my vote for that. During my last pregnancy, I slept so much better when I would prop myself up on our cushy couch. Eventually I went into the guest room and laid on our tempurpedic mattress (we had gotten a king sized regular mattress in our room and moved the tempurpedic to the guest room), which was super comfy for me and must have just been the extra firmness and support I needed. I ended up sleeping there for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. I still remember waking up there the last morning, when I was feeling the early stages of labor. I hope you find some comfort too! I know they often say that the discomfort you have during the last few weeks are to prepare you for the sleeplessness of having a newborn.. rest up! 🙂

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