35 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

Baby eats (1)

It will be a long time before he’s ready to eat out of his new fancy china from our friend (and Karen’s friend)Tracy, but they are ready when he is!

Baby eats (2)

"The House That Jack Built” by Mother Goose

Baby eats (4)


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12 thoughts on “35 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots”

  1. Oh my goodness….those are adorable!! I’ve never seen anything like that. What a lucky boy! 🙂

  2. Those are adorable!! I could use dishes and plates like that for pics for my blog…I’ll have to do some looking around! 😉

  3. Love the china! And let him use it. I have darling Beatrix Potter bowls I was so afraid would get broken, that I never used them. Silly.

  4. I have my baby set. tip: Buy a cute, very soft carpet for under the high chair. It can be an remnant. Visit a store that sells just carpet for a better selection.
    Buy a suction cup for the plates. Just glue it on. Works great and keeps baby from picking up plates to play with.

    This is going to sound insane, but set the bears up with baby’s high chair, If he deliberately throws food on the floor pinch off a tiny piece of food and give it to the bears. Cheerfully point out how much Churton loved it.

    A. This will give him an activity to do while he is soooooooo bored!!!!! Whine!!!!!!! Suggest he cook in his play kitchen and prepare a tea party for the bears (priceless video too !)
    B. Point out the bears never throw anything.
    C. NEVER try a new dish out on glass plates. ( I know duh right?)

    Kath I live only a 2 hour drive away and if you want I will e mail you with my text number. I was the LAST one to have a baby in our hs/college group and I picked up tips from friends. I would be glad to help you with a tips I thought of or my engineering friends came up with!!!!

    You DO know I am sure that febrile seizures will give you instant gray hair and are totally normall and harmless I am sure.

    Oh–one day he will climb out of his crib so pile a lot of pillows around his crib when he starts pulling up!!’

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