35 Weeks: Wet Nipples

[And I don’t mean mine!!!!!]

I mean the ones that came with my BreastFlow bottle set :mrgreen:


I washed all of the new bottles last week and found a spot in our kitchen to put them.

I considered relocating a lot of our barwear, but I decided that up high was not an ideal place to reach for a bottle if I have a baby on my hip. If I’m reaching for a wine glass, I’m probably hands free!


So I started looking low – and decided this “catch anything” drawer didn’t really need to be full.


I moved our baking basket to the pantry – how often do I bake anyways!?


And in its place, added a basket with our most used kitchen tools (grater, funnels, rolling pin, food scale) I put the Cuisinart attachments down in the basement with the appliance and moved the knife sharpener to the top shelf (since only Matt uses it anyways).


In a very short time – I had an empty drawer!


And inside went the nipples (in an IKEA pop-up box), the lids (in the basket) and the bottles.

I really have no idea how much I will use bottles. I guess my goal now is to pump a little bit for babysitters/nights out after the first month, but as we all know, you just never know. I wanted to have a stock of bottles ready just in case I have to rent an electric pump and do it a lot or if we have to supplement with formula for whatever reason.

I imagine in time this drawer will fill will sippy cups and baby things – and perhaps some plastic kitchen toys that can be his “mom’s cooking dinner” play toys!


In other nesting news, I completely organized the tool area!! Because the baby is going to care how neat our tools are Winking smile


Really though, what I have learned about nesting is that it’s not so much about preparing the house for the baby (although parts of the instinct definitely are) but the whole “organize every drawer and clean the baseboards” craving is manifesting in my brain as “I MIGHT NEVER GET A CHANCE TO DO THIS AGAIN!” Better organize the tools now because my life is about to change.

I bought 6 of my favorite $6 bins at Target (in a fun color!) and sorted our supplies by topic: Lightbulbs, Cords, Paint Supplies, Batteries + Tape


Plus the drill, Nuts and Bolts and one to grow into!


Our most used tools are in a tool box that is within easy reach for measuring tape, hammer, duct tape, etc.


Matt was VERY pleased with the transformation.

Now if only his nesting instinct would kick in on his brew shelves… I have offered a handful of times to buy big baskets and more to make them look neater and help him sort it out. He has yet to take me up on that offer Winking smile




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46 thoughts on “35 Weeks: Wet Nipples”

  1. Everything looks absolutely fantastic!! When Kaci and I moved from OR to Knoxville this last April, we had so much fun (not kidding) with organizing our belongings. Everything now has its own place, and it feels really clean to us. 🙂 You have such a knack for organizing and creating a beautiful home, and I really enjoy learning new “tricks” from you. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Oh…I wish I had a piece of your organizational skills and love in me. I HATE doing this stuff. Nesting to me is baking some apple bread and settling in under a puff!

  3. Nice work. When I was pregnant with my third I completely emptied the garage, sprayed and scrubbed it down, and then reloaded it. In my defense, we had found mice!

  4. Love the tool storage! I need to do the same with ours. We moved into a new house in December and the tools have yet to be systematically sorted and stored. I shold also show you photos of our basement brewery, which looks like twice the amount of gear that you guys have. My brewer husband keeps expanding capacity so we have graduated sizes of all the kettles, mash tuns, etc. that he’s grown out of! I did get him an orange plastic Home Depot tool box to keep all his litttle brewing thingys like air locks, special wrenches, thermometers, and little vials of secret ingredients. Also, you guys should consider adding a hop vine to your garden. We started one this year (bought at Original Gravity in Richmond) and it is covered in big hop cones.

    1. Don’t tell Matt he needs different sizes of everything 😉 He tried growing hops at our old house without luck, but maybe the conditions here would be more favorable!

  5. We LOVE BreastFlow bottles – we had to supplement with my son starting around 2 months because he was growing faster than I was producing! He went back and forth between these bottles and nursing without a hitch.

    The organizing looks great – it’s so nice when everything has a place. Especially when it’s the middle of the night and your eyes don’t want to open to search for something!

  6. I wish my kitchen was as organized as yours. We are currently dealing with overflow of bottles, sippy cups and snack containers. I have no idea what to move where in order to make more room.

  7. I went nuts with nesting too. To this day, I still don’t know if was a hormonal preg thing, or like you, I wondered when I’d have the chance again.

  8. You are so funny, Kath. I totally used you as inspiration and did the whole basket/shelving thing in the washroom in my new place!

  9. Awww bottles. I need to post on our bottle adventures this week. I never registered for, or researched bottles for breastfeeding babies, as all of my mom friends told me “you never know what bottle your baby will take!” etc. I received several types of bottles and pacifiers as gifts. Anderson will ONLY take Mam pacifiers (when he takes on, which is almost never), but he has taken playtex and dr. Browns bottles, until this week, when he refused the bottle from my mom for four hours. I immediately went and bought Mam bottles, and he latched on them. I guess I have Mam shaped nipples! You just never know what a baby will prefer. Good luck!

  10. I not sure if anyone recommended the breast flow bottles to you but they are excellent. Apparently they best mimic the breast. All of the pieces are annoying but it is worth it.

  11. Love those Target bins!! I need to get some for our laundry room!

    I registered for a variety of bottles (Dr. Brown, tommy Tippee, Medela, etc) and so far we have ONLY needed to use the Medela. We never had any trouble getting Miss B to take a bottle, she liked the Medela, so that is what we went with! She takes 2-3 bottles/day at day care and I hand wash them as soon as I get home (Don’t want to put them in the dish washer with other plates/bowls, etc that might still have food bits on them. And there isn’t enough to wash by themselves) and then I nurse her for the rest of her feedings. I also use the Medela micro-steam bags every now and then (mostly for breast pump parts and to do the initial sanitizing of any new bottles/baby products). They are pretty cheap (~5 bucks for a pack of twenty) and I am still on the first bag (You can reuse each bag up to 20 times!)

    I would receommend asking your OB/GYN at every visit for free samples of formula ‘just in case’. There are lots of freebies/coupons you can get by signing up online as well. Luckily, we never needed any of the formula, but I had a pretty BIG stash of Enfamil formula, just in case. Plus the Enfamil packs came with little 2.5ounce breastmilk storage bottles (Which I use ALL the time) and Vitamin D supplement samples. So those gift sets aren’t JUST for formula feeding!!

  12. My daughter would happily take any bottle when she was a baby. We ended up only buying the Gerber bottles, which cost about $1 each. So glad I didn’t invest in any expensive ones! And don’t worry too much about not having any time to do these things. Your life will change, but you will still have plenty of time to do the things you need to do!

  13. Wow… I didn’t think your nest could get any MORE organized, but you are smokin’! I’m so inspired and I love your Target bins. My most compulsive nesting moment… happened with both boys… was scrubbing down the doors, door handles and frames in the ENTIRE house. OH… and weeding all the garden beds. I think we need more kids, the house needs some work! 🙂

  14. I have 2 of those fabric drawers in our nursery! They’re so vibrant and perfect for storage!! One holds our son’s toys and the other holds our carriers (baby bjorn, moby wrap and accessories–I.e. fleece liner, etc.) Such a great investment and I love that they slide out (I have them on a bookcase in our nursery and they’re a perfect way to store things, simplify a space, AND keep them away from itty bitty fingers 🙂

  15. You need a P-Touch label Maker! I bought one and I have had the most fun organizing now. I bought the one that makes the indoor/outdoor labels because I needed to organize the camper. My husband said he is afraid to sit in one place too long when I have it out for fear he will get a label. I label jars even if you can see that it’s almonds. I am obsessed!

      1. I suppose I love them because I use them on jars and things that have to be washed and these can be washed. And of course out in the camper they last forever.

  16. Check with your insurance company because some companies cover a breast pump. You’ll have to get a prescription for it written from your OB or a nurse at the hospital. If you’ve met your deductible, then it’s covered 100%.

  17. Wow! Kath, you are so organized! Can you come fix my house up??

    P.S. I just saw the obnoxious comments on yesterday’s post. I am so sorry you had to deal with that! I don’t know how you can gracefully handle so much petty criticism. It’s truly inspiring 🙂

  18. I almost skimmed over the Rogue box in your last shot of Matt’s brewing corner but then realized “Rogue…on the east coast?!?” So awesome!!

  19. Kath: I cannot believe yesterday’s responses from your readers. I think it comes from their own insecurities. I am a developmental pediatrician, I see many things every day at work and have been in the field for more than 10 years now. Your baby will be perfectly fine.

  20. Man you can come organize my house! Although I hate clutter as well but instead of awesome organizing I am just a huge minimalist. If I havent used it in a couple months I trash it! I had a nice organized baby bottle cabinet too, and neither of my babies would take a bottle. I may not even bother getting bottles out next time around!

    1. jeez some of those comments were rough yesterday, i jsut read through them after seeing vickys comment on this post. I wonder how many of those women had a sip of caffeine, injested splenda or aspartame, ate a bite of deli meat, etc while pregnant. Its funny how people choose what rules they WANT to follow and all of a sudden those become the most important…

      1. When I was pregnant I personally didn’t change the cat litter in our house(not that I minded handing over that task) however, I would not judge someone who continued to change their cat litter pregnant(obviously with gloves). Anyone who is a reader of Kath knows she is a well educated woman who researches (esp on this topic) and I honestly would not think twice about any decision she would make for her baby.
        Great job on the organizing! My children are 4 and 5 and I could still stand to do some “nesting projects”. 😉

  21. I’m loving teal and green this summer. I made some new pillows for my living room and totally changed the motif to incorporate those colors.

    Your house is looking awesome! 🙂

  22. Oh man, tackling the kitchen is tough. Nice work making the extra space. I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around where I can stash things. My moms pottery on our open shelves is currently making my kitchen the most un-baby friendly place in our house!
    Also, I’m so sorry about yesterdays comments! That was heated and hairy scary. I think you took all precautions necessary. I wound up sanding, priming, and painting a bookshelf indoors and planned to write a tutorial post on how to attack laminated particle board, but I’m a little afraid to now!

  23. I agree with the nesting theory!!! It’s not all about “baby stuff”. I want to clean and organize everything because of the same thought “I might never have the chance to do this again!” also it’s just a nice feeling that everything is cleaned and organized and you know you won’t have anything on your plate for awhile other than cuddling (and taking care of!) baby!! 🙂

  24. Organizing suggestion for your drawer…a small plastic covered container for cleaned pacifiers, bottle parts, spoons (eventully), etc. We had labeled CLEAN and DIRTY bins and it kept my OCD in check by knowing everyone else knew what was clean/dirty and keeps the clean items really clean.

  25. Breastflow bottles are the ONLY bottles my daughter would take. Best of luck with your drug-free delivery and breastfeeding. Both are 100% worth all the hard work. Please let me know if you have ANY breastfeeding issues or questions. My mother is a Lactation Consultant.

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