36 Weeks: Nesting–> Resting


Exciting times ahead! This is the first week – less than a month to go – where I feel like having a baby is no longer just an idea in the distant future but something real that is actually happening. Moreover, although I know the stats and research that say first-time moms generally go beyond the estimated due date, I can’t help but have a little bit of wonder if my water is going to break at ANY SECOND. Surprisingly, I have heard about 6 stories of 36-week births this week – even before I share my number of weeks with the person. I was talking to a mom in Motherhood Maternity about cleaning and nesting and she said she had a cleaning fest one day and her water broke – 36 weeks, 1 day – the next morning. So it CAN happen early (and sometimes happens even earlier) but I’m not counting on it quite yet.


Am I looking more low / round to you? Because I certainly feel like he has dropped!


The biggest reason I think so isn’t really the photo above, but the fact that I’ve been having tons of pressure down there. There have been times when I’m sitting on my exercise ball and I stand up and feel a HUGE amount of pressure. Other times I’ll be on a walk or doing housework and I’ll feel like his head is literally sitting and pressuring right on my cervix. Maybe he hasn’t officially dropped into a 0 station or anything because I don’t feel bowling-ball-between-the-legs, but I think something has happened. I wasn’t really having trouble breathing before, but my rib muscle pain has most definitely improved – so that’s another sign. I still have a spot there where the skin is kind of numb!


I haven’t really noticed it, but Matt says when we are out and about that people stare at me all.the.time. I guess a pregnant belly is fun to look at :mrgreen: He says he can’t believe how many people he catches looking – protective father <3


The baby’s movements have definitely slowed down. Not so much in frequency (they tell you that can be a bad sign) but just in his ability to move in there. I almost always can catch a few when I lie down and he loves to poke out his knees (or something!) when I go on a walk – usually in the first 10 minutes. I also feel big round bumps move around all the time. I’m guessing this is his bum and not his head, but I can’t be sure.

I’ve had a couple of contractions – Braxon-Hicks I’m guessing – that have actually been a little painful. Sitting has gotten a little harder and more uncomfortable (sitting cross-legged is my best position on the couch) and sometimes when I stand up from being seated everything seems to cramp up. I had to carry my bump up the stairs the other day until it relaxed!


I am slowing down – or rather I need to slow down – this last month. I’m still trying to do a lot in my days and I can just sense that it might be time to focus on resting as much as nesting. This will be easy to do since the house is in great shape, the nursery is complete, the hospital bags are packed, and we have all the gear we need for a newborn ready to go.

May it be tomorrow or 5 weeks from now – there is excitement in the air!




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72 thoughts on “36 Weeks: Nesting–> Resting”

  1. You definitely look more round in these latest pictures! In a good way, of course 😉 I am sure it must be weird to have people looking at you all the time–at least you’re not conscious of it, which probably helps. Maybe they recognize you?! 🙂

  2. Nesting and resting is a tricky balance these last few weeks! Since about the middle of 37 weeks, I realized that I can’t completely burn myself out like I was doing in the past, ya know, just keep fighting through it to be tough. Mainly due to the fact that I could go into labor at any time now- and I don’t want to be burnt out from pulling weeds all morning or something silly like that! ……I am on pins and needles right now because, like you said, my water could break at ANY MOMENT! Ahhhh!!

  3. Your baby bump definitely looks lower! The roundest part is further down your belly. Physical preparations are certainly seem to be happening…so cool isn’t it? Exciting times to come indeed!!!

  4. When I was pregnant, people stared all the time. I was really annoyed by it, but I guess people just naturally look at pregnant bellies. This is such a fun time, enjoy the next few weeks!!! Your belly does look bigger this week…baby growth spurt!

    I’m a first time mom and my water broke naturally at 38 weeks 5 days. So the whole 41.5 weeks for first time mom thing didn’t stand true for me either.

    1. Aww, when we stare it’s because we’re in AWE if how BEAUTIFUL you pregnant ladies look – and trying to imagine a whole human inside that bump! It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it? Just incredible 🙂

      Kath you look GORGEOUS! Your bump is very circular now. Follow that instinct to relax if that is what your body is telling you! xo

  5. I think you look awesome for being so pregnant! Some people look huge but you just look cute pregnant (although I’m sure you may not feel it all the time)! I hope I look like you whenever I have kids.

  6. I just had my baby a week and a half ago, and what you describe sounds a lot like what I was feeling pre-labor! That sensation of pressure just kept growing, and eventually became consistently painful, until one day I just had a feeling that something was happening. That’s when my water broke! I hope he stays put for a couple more weeks and gives you a chance to rest up and soak up the rest of your pregnancy. Is it sick that I miss being pregnant, now that it’s over?

      1. Yeah – that sounds like the end of pregnancy to me. I dropped approx. a week and a half before my baby was born. I actually never had that bowling ball between the legs feeling – just needed to pee ALL THE TIME. Definitely rest up – and I hope you’ve got a few more weeks of pregnancy so you can enjoy the time with the husband as a couple. We had a very early delivery, wouldn’t trade it for the world, but wish in a way I could’ve just laid on the couch with my feet up another few weeks. 🙂 Went from maternity leave and had only 3 days at home work-free until baby girl was born…Looking beautiful and glowing!

  7. Definitely rest. I worked up until the day I gave birth – didn’t want o waste maternity leave while still pregnant and wished I hadn’t. My water did break spontaneously at 38w6d, so early and sudden can happen. Good luck!

  8. You definitely look like the baby has dropped. I love how happy you look. You don’t look swollen at all and just radiate beauty and happiness.

    I was convinced as a first time mom I’d go to 41 weeks, so when my water broke at 39 weeks I didn’t think that was it. I also thought the contractions were prodromal labor. 😉 You will do amazing in labor, and I’m sure nursing and everything else will just come naturally.

  9. Definitely looks lower! I’m 20 weeks (!) and am just now starting to see the bump. I wanted to ask you how you’ve managed your weight gain. Not about the daily meals and nutrition b/c I see everything you eat, haha! But more on the unpictured snacks and desserts. I’ve always been thin and gaining weight is new for me…I’m not uncomfortable with it and it’s pretty liberating but I also don’t want to end up putting on 40+lbs. I don’t really eat much differently than I used to except I do have a scoop of ice cream pretty much every night. Seems like all the other pregnant bloggers I’ve seen out there in the past year got WAY bigger than you. I know a lot of it depends on personal factors and not just food but still. Not sure there’s much of a question in there, just looking for your input. Thanks and you look great!

    1. I’ve honestly just been eating when I’m hungry, which usually includes some kind of afternoon snack and the occasional evening snack. (Remember I was eating almonds at bedtime for a while to help me sleep too?) Food just hasn’t tasted as good to me since being pregnant, so sometimes I’ve had a hard time finishing my dinners, but then I will have something small – like cottage cheese and cereal or nuts before bed. And my stomach space definitely shrunk, but it seems to have recovered some now that he’s dropped. I haven’t worried about weight gain at all, but I also haven’t given myself “permission” to just eat junk food all the time. I’m kind of in the mindset that they body just knows what to do – and if you need to gain more it will make you hungrier one week and then less so the next.

      1. Ditto food not tasting as good. I used to love salads and now I can’t make it through more than a few bites. I’ve been sneaking spinach into any cooked meal I can to make up for it. So far ice cream has been my only vice and honestly it’s not tasting as good anymore either! Never knew that was possible before pregnancy, lol!

        1. Food didn’t taste as good when I was pregnant, but if I didn’t eat all the time, I felt like hell. I ended up gaining 35 plus pounds, and I’ve got a small frame. So don’t sweat it if you gain more weight than other women, if you eat healthy food when you’re hungry and do your best to stay as active as you can (within doctors’ orders), then your body will do what it needs to do to bake a healthy baby. I feel great about myself 4 months pp, am maybe 10 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight but it’ll come off one day when nursing ends .

    2. I spent my whole pregnancy being told how small I looked and how people couldn’t believe I was nine months along.. Its crazy how different every woman is. I gained 24 pounds and he had been low the entire time. And he was a pretty small baby, 6 pounds 1 ounces at birth.

      Healthy as anything though… he hasn’t lost any weight since birth and is up over a pound already 🙂 I think he likes it better out in the world.

  10. That’s funny that matt thinks people are staring… There are an abundance of pregnant women in Charlottesville! I’ve always thought there was something in the water! People are used to seeing pregnant women everywhere here!

    1. I’ve noticed that too. The only place with more pregnant woman than my prenatal yoga class is Fridays After Five!

  11. WOW you have a little bit of a bigger belly bump. Someone is packing on some healthy weight in there!!! I admit I always take a quick peak at pregnant women. Not in a creepy way or “wow she’s huge” way, but in that, “I can’t wait for that to happen to me” way. haha. Soon enough! Good luck in labor, you look amazing and so happy!

  12. You look great! Belly definitely looks lower.

    I think people naturally stare at pregnant bellies because even though it’s a natural bodily function it’s still a miracle. It’s also a symbol of hope to people; a new baby signals that the world isn’t so bad after all.

    It does sound like things are moving along… esp. with the slowed weight gain. So time to go to movies, go on dates, and enjoy before 2 becomes 3.

  13. You sound very optimistic you will go early. Let me tell you though that psychologically you may want to prepare for going late. I am at 41 weeks today and these past few weeks have been agonizing torture. I wish I had just told myself I was due two weeks past my “due date”, since in essence all the due date is, is an exact mid-point between 38 and 42 weeks. The baby can come any time in that four week window but once you have your mind set on a due date you can’t help but feel awful every day that passes after it. It’s exciting and hopefully you won’t have to go through this, but it’s normal and shouldn’t be such a bad thing. Waiting sucks though!!

    1. I know, I know! I’m mentally prepared either way – but you gotta be just as prepared for early as late, right? It happens both ways.

  14. You look especially great in that 36 week outfit – love the shirt! I think the bump definitely looks different this week….so close to baby time! 😀

  15. I’m one of the 36-weekers and I’m telling you, get some rest and cook that baby longer! This may be TMI, but my husband and I fooled around two nights before, I took a three-mile walk the day before, and spent most days running around (I was still teaching the Friday before I went into labor on Sunday) and bam, water broke out of the blue. I was having Braxton-Hicks, but baby hadn’t dropped, so who knows if it was something I did, or was going to happen anyway. They predicted our baby girl was 6 lbs. and when I delivered she was just 5 lbs. Life with a preemie can be difficult (was for us) in terms of her eating abilities (she never latched) and sleeping (at five months she just now wakes up only once in the night). The longer you and baby are one, the healthier and happier you’ll all be! Best of luck–can’t wait to hear your birth story 🙂

  16. very exciting time for you guys! your nesting stories have been cracking me up. i have to say though that i think they’ve been a good influence on me, as i’ve been doing quite a bit of tidying the house before i go back to work in a week (teacher). i think it’s so neat that you have so much written documentation of your pregnancy – will be fun to look at one day with you little one!

  17. It’s so exciting that you are getting so close. At the point you’re at in your pregnancy (our first baby was born 12 weeks ago), I remember being obsessed with him “dropping”. He never really dropped too much, but he decided to come a week early. Water broke at midnight during a thunderstorm and he was born 10 hours later. Everyone warned me he would be late, since this was our first, but I think it is good to be prepared at this point, for him to come anytime!!

  18. It’s definitely hard to describe the aches and pains to someone who hasn’t been through it – especially since it can be different for everyone. I remember getting up from my chair at work and having these crazy cramps and pressure that would subside once I walked around for a few minutes. And I agree with one of the previous posters – the last few weeks can be miserable. Once I hit 37 weeks, I said a prayer every day and kept telling the baby – it’s ok if you want to come anytime! He arrived at 3 am on his due date!

    It’s great that you’re ready to go with the hospital bag – we still ran around the house for an hour after we got the go ahead to go into the hospital – we were so excited! With my next one, I will definitely hop in the shower before we head to the hospital – our hospital showers were tiny with no water pressure.

  19. Wow, you look great! I think you’ve dropped a bit, for sure!
    I hope that you do make it to your due date, or close to it, because my little boy was born at 36.5 weeks and there were a lot of issues that can arise with a “late term preemie” that I was TOTALLY unprepared for (and most doctors don’t even address!), even though he didn’t need any NICU time or anything. There is a much lower chance at successful breastfeeding when your baby is even a few weeks early – we tried and tried, and I tried to pump and supplement for two months, but sadly breastfeeding didn’t work out for us because he was early.
    I really hope you make it to 40 weeks!!!!!

    1. Yes to this. We were only 34.5 weeks, and so I say great job for making it to 36.5. It is really true that bfing was hard, sounds like you did your best, pumping is NO JOKE. Hope your baby’s doing well now (ours is just fine).

  20. I might be the lone one here saying that I’m not so sure you’ve dropped yet! I’m 37 + 5 days pregnant and I SWORE last week that I had dropped – felt like it, pictures looked like it, etc, and I got to my doctor appointment and was like, “Look, I’ve dropped!” and my doc was like, “Mmm…not quite yet!” She said it usually happens around 38 weeks. But that’s just a general estimation, just like saying you’ll deliver near your due date. Your belly will start measuring a little smaller also, I think. Either way, I’m with you, I’ve been hoping she comes earlier but I know that its very best for her to cook as long as possible!

    1. Yeah, my doctor didn’t seem to think I had either. I was at a -2 station – I guess 0 station means officially dropped? But the signs are sure heading in that direction

      1. At that appointment (I was 36+6) I was at a -1 station. Which is funny because I found out the next day that my baby is breech, so I’m wondering if it’s her butt descending into the birth canal…0 station is when the baby’s head is engaged in the pelvis, so that sounds right.

        1. Oh dear – I hope my doctor could tell the diff! I know it’s really hard to do! I think he is head down because I feel knees/feet up on the upper right still, but who knows!

          1. Yeah, I never felt feet up in my ribs, which should’ve tipped me off! I felt a big hard bump at the top of my belly and I just figured it was her butt. When my dr couldn’t feel the suture lines of the baby’s skull when she did the internal exam (which makes me thankful that I had this done so I wouldn’t have to be in labor finding out she was breech!) she sent me for an u/s to confirm position. I have another u/s tomorrow to find out if she’s turned or not…but I’m still feeling the big hard bump at the top so I’m guessing not.

            1. I do have a hard bump at the top too, but the legs are all on the right upper (sometimes left) and I never get kicks down low. Good luck to you!

  21. The bump def. looks different!

    By 37 weeks my goal was to not get too hungry, tired or stressed.. knowing labor could happen any day.
    So just my luck: I had a terrible toothache, couldn’t eat much, didn’t sleep all night, and at 3 in the morning my water began to break. 🙂 And oddly enough, I had seen the doctor THAT morning and she said I wasn’t progressed at all. I had to laugh at the fates since I had taken such good care of myself everyday in anticipation of being well fed/rested for labor and the one day I couldn’t it happened! .. I wouldn’t change it though… my son was born about 22 hours later ON his due date, July 19th 🙂 A prompt little fellow. <3

  22. P.S., have you noticed when you get a new car you see that car same car everywhere? During my pregnancy my husband commented that he saw pregnant gals everywhere… and he hadn’t really noticed them before.

    He also has a theory that Spring/Summer is prime baby-time since people spend all winter bored and not getting out as much… 😉 But maybe that’s just here in Oregon where it rains all winter long. 😀

  23. Yup you want to keep that little guy in there as close to your due date as possible. I know at this point most people are ready to get on with it already, but it’s beneficial to keep them in a little longer than 36 weeks. In a few weeks you’ll be holding your baby, and this time right now will seem like ages ago!

  24. You and my older sister are exactly the same number of weeks along. That’s crazy! She is also having a boy, and apparently he is pretty big already so they expect her to have him next week. Anything is possible. 🙂

    Congratulations, btw!

  25. Looks lower to me! That being said I dropped at 30 weeks and Baby girl did not come until 41, but I am sure yours will not wait that long. Just read your nesting post from last week about the spray painting and had to say I think you did all the right things! I asked my OB about painting because I really wanted to paint the nursery myself and she told me that is was fine, just to open the windows and take breaks. I think some people just like to judge. Enjoy the next few weeks!

  26. I definitely think you have dropped! I have also been feeling more pressure down there but like you said, not as bad as a bowling ball between my legs or anything, but it feels like he is sitting right on my cervix! I’m 38 weeks today and even though I know the statistics of being overdue for first babies as well I have the same feeling whenever I’m out “what if my water broke RIGHT NOW?” lol
    I’ve heard a ton of stories lately too especially on my FB due date board of tons of people going early with first time babies too so you really never know!
    I thought my house was in good shape but I seem to keep finding stuff to do/organize/clean/set up before the baby gets here and once I get going I just can’t stop! I think I still rest quite a bit too though 🙂 You look great!!

  27. wow, you look way different this week!! so excited for your little boy to arrive 🙂
    I have to say I always stare at pregnant women as well- but just because I am so fascinated by it and cannot wait to be pregnant myself one day! (I always try to smile and make a compliment, so that I don´t come across as a freak for staring at bellies :D)

  28. Oh….I can feel your excitement!! Is your Mom or Larbs planning on joining you and Matt for the birth?

    You look beautiful.

  29. Oooh you are on the final stretch now! Way cool! Can’t wait to see the results of all your nesting! Already you have accomplished so much I can’t begin to imagine what else you might have up your sleeve. Hopefully lots of naps…

  30. TOTALLY looks like you’ve dropped and are rounder in the belly!! Still so petite (though you may not feel that way). Works for ya!

  31. You have dropped! Funny story…My dad used to work on a dairy farm in northern California and said they have more calves born during a full moon. So when I was close to being due with my son he warned me in the morning that they had several calves born and that I would probably go into labor within the next few days….that night I went into labor at 37 weeks not having dropped too much. Same thing with my second son, during a full moon not having dropped much either. Coincidence, maybe.

  32. I totally remember that feeling of when the baby drops and the pressure sensation increases quite a bit! Do take these last few weeks to rest and just enjoy your family of two. While I LOVE being a mom and wouldn’t trade my job for anything, I don’t think I quite realized how much harder it is to actually rest and have down time.

  33. Yes, drop-age for sure! When my little guy started to drop that is when I really began to connect with labor and delivery concepts, especially from Ina’s book. I began to think about the visuals Ina provided ona daily basis, my body was doing what it was built to do, a flower opening petal by petal, and as contractions began (I was in early labor for a week) I thought of the waves and what it meant to ride them.

    So excited for you and Matt!

  34. I think people stare because pregnancy really IS a miracle in every phase and they’re intrigued by it. Getting pregnant alone is a miracle. I’m honestly surprised the world is so populated. My best friend is an LPN and we were discussing how fascinating the human body is in respect to women, pregnancy, birth, just all of it. It’s crazy what the body is capable of!

    You are looking absolutely fabulous and stunning in your last weeks, by the way. I’m so excited for you and love your attitude during the whole thing. I think you’ve definitely dropped quite a bit since last week judging by the photos!

    I thought I had something else to say on a different topic, but I guess not 😛

    As always, I look forward to reading more posts!

  35. My coworker went three weeks early with her first baby, but I had another friend who went nearly three weeks past her due date and had to have a C-section because the baby was so big. Funny how different pregnancy is for each woman.

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