36 Weeks: New Additions

New additions for the new addition!! From family, friends, Etsy and Amazon : ) I wish I could showcase every single gift we have received and every single item I have purchased, but here are snapshots of the range of baby items we have accumulated…

A Duke bib and socks from Matt’s grandmother Bonnie – Go Blue Devils!


Board books of all kinds!


A modern Boppy Cover I bought from Kidzcraftz on Etsy!


Bison Booties!!!! A gift from the Etsy store owner, Erica, who is a BERF reader


Beach toys for next summer (and the bath until then!) plus soft blocks and a hilarious ball from mom’s friends Judy and Susan! They have started the toy storage under the stairs : )



A baby monitor from Kirst!


Our awesome Skip Hop diaper bag from Karen!


I already put a few things inside : )


Carousel Designs changing pad (on the L.A. Baby pad that I bought), plus a funky inexpensive lamp from Target and a catch-all container Alex and Eric gave us at our Cville shower from NikJDesigns on Etsy. Can’t believe how well it matches the changing pad!


This adorable outfit from Baby Olivia


Fun toys that light up and sing!


Chevron bibs and burp cloths from my sister from the Posh Pea Boutique and handmade ones by my friend Tiffany!


And so many cute outfits for 3-6 months that need sorting and folding! You will see these all in time : )


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64 thoughts on “36 Weeks: New Additions”

  1. You will love the monitor – the pad that senses movement is so great. I was so nervous to move our guy from the bassinet to his room – all the way at the end of the hall – but this monitor made the transition much easier.

    He did set it off one night – he had hiccups – so his breathing was a little erratic, but I was happy that it worked!

  2. Oh Lord, that baby monitor– I hate to say this, but it became the bane of our existence. The sensor pad would have false alarms every night, which was REALLY scary– we’d go running into the nursery, terrified that she’d stopped breathing, and there she would be, just sleeping peacefully. Maybe you’ll have better luck with it. And we do like the actual monitor– we just don’t use the sensor pad anymore!

    CUTE booties…

    1. I was about to post the same thing!!! We hated the Angel Care monitor for the same reason. It was nice for a couple of months until our son started moving in the crib, but then the false alarms were so annoying. We bought a Summer video monitor and loved it. One we have one with two cameras since we have two kids now and it is awesome.

        1. Wow. At first I took this as just reed the manual, not red. I was all like “meow”, but then I re-read it thought there was no way you could’ve meant it that way… Ha.

          1. Oh gosh no…. read = past tense. As in i read it last night and was wondering about false alarms too and how common they were and how sensitive the pad is! Sorry for the miscommunication!

            1. We have that baby monitor and love it, but agree that it can be very temperamental. With some trial and error, we got it to work and plan to use it for our next child as well. Here are some things we figured out:

              – You definitely need to put the cardboard or plank underneath and calibrate the sensitivity.
              – We have the two-pad unit and it took some playing around (and a few false alarms at 2am) to figure out the right placement for them relative to our son’s sleeping positions, but eventually we got them positioned so that there were no more false alarms.
              – The receiver and transmitter cannot be on in the same vicinity; otherwise, there’s shrill feedback (and that will wake the baby).
              – One great feature is that you can turn the sound feature on without having the movement monitored (great if baby’s napping in a swing, or if he/she is older and no longer needs the movement monitor). However, if you switch between the two features, you have a limited amount of time to do it before the monitor alarm goes off. Just keep that in mind. 🙂
              – If you go to baby’s room in the middle of the night to nurse or cuddle him back to sleep, be sure to turn the monitor off when you pick him up! Otherwise, the alarm will go off and baby won’t be so sleepy anymore.

              I know this sounds like a lot to remember, but once you play around with it and get a system down, it’s pretty easy and definitely worth it for the peace of mind. Enjoy! 🙂

          1. Yikes. Hopefully it will do its job in the early days. (I’m bitter you have to buy plywood – should have come in the box!!)

      1. We had the exact same issues. Worked pretty well for a while (before she could roll), but once she became mobile, we had false alarms nearly every other night. We had the plywood under the sensor and everything. We just bought a Summer Infant video monitor yesterday to use instead and I’m so glad. Once they start moving around, it’s nice to see what they’re doing!

  3. Can I ask where you found your changing pad? I’m starting to look now but am not due till Nov. Such cute things in the baby’s room!

  4. We have that monitor for our almost 2 year and LOVE it – the best part about it is that it only “turns on” when there is noise (ie the baby crying) so you arent listening to a sound machine over the monitor all night long. We are expecting our second child in February and will be purchasing another one for this baby. Great monitor!

  5. Get a multi use waterproof pad for the top of your changing pad. Then when diaper changes get a little messy you only have to change the waterproof pad and not the changing pad cover. They are super cheap and come in packs of two. We have four and that has served us nicely.

  6. Just a personal thought about the motion monitor: I researched monitors forever and thought I wanted the motion/video/sound monitor, the whole she-bang! But then a friend of ours gave us just the video/sound, no motion and I’m SO glad! First, brantley didn’t sleep in her crib for the 1st 3months (she slept in her rock n play by our bed, which is great for reflux during the 1st several weeks). She now sleeps in her crib (starting around 15wks) but now she is able to roll on her tummy and scoot around, so that motion sensor would be going off ALL the time for nothing. We still use our video/sound monitor all the time, I just think it would be really scary to Have the motion sensor go off and then not be able to see your little one… personally, I would go with a video/sound monitor bc the motion sensor won’t be useful very long 🙂

      1. I think, it would go off then, when the baby moves too much, because he/she would no longer be on the pad? I don’t know. I don’t have this monitor, or any monitor, as our nursery is 5 feet from our master.

        1. Ohhhhh I see. I wonder how absorbant it would be? I guess if baby was at one end of crib and asleep it might not pick it up if the sensor pad was in the middle? I guess we’ll have to see. In the manual they did have two pads in one picture, but I doubt we’d buy another. I also don’t know if we will use just the one, but we’ll see.

          1. I wonder how it would work if baby rolls on to his/her side? just wondering bc Brantley sleeps on her side a good bit and has for awhile now, even though I lay her on her back. She is so wiggly sometimes– I can lay her down on one side of the crib and she manages to wiggle all the way to the opposite side/corner. Hopefully it will work great, just my thoughts! There is So much to research and so many decisions to make!! None are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just takes some trial and error sometimes to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. We keep all our receipts just in case 🙂

            1. Yep. I kind of wish we had a video one too. If worst comes to worst I’ll just take away the motion thing and use it as a good audio monitor

          2. Well, Anderson has been in his crib since six weeks. He pretty reliably didn’t move that much until about 12 weeks. Today he woke up rotated 45 degrees! So…the sensor is probably really useful if you are putting a tiny baby in the crib.

            1. That is making more sense now. I wondered how well it could detect breathing in the first place! It has such great reviews on Amazon though

          3. We love our angelcare monitor. We did have our first false alarm last night, though…or rather this morning @ 5 am. Baby had woken up and moved to the edge of the crib so he was completely off the pad. If that starts happening every night we will have to retink using it, but I’m glad to know the pad is sensitive and works!

            1. The monitor shouldn’t go off if baby rolls onto his/her side.

              Our son rotated and wiggled a lot as he got older. Once we figured out the right placement for the sensor pads to basically “cover” the whole crib, we didn’t get false alarms.

              I can definitely see how people would get a lot of false alarms with one sensor pad, but with two, you shouldn’t get too many false alarms once you figure out the right position for them.

              1. Oh, one more thing – we took the movement sensor out when our son was about eight months old and have just used the sound monitor since. At that point, the risk of his grabbing the wires leading out of the sensor pads was greater than the risk of SIDS.

            2. I loved that at first too…until it started happening several times a night (and giving me a heart attack each time). I would go in and reposition my son and then he would roll back off of the sensor pad, setting the alarm off.

              Like other said, the monitor itself without the sensor is great but I LOVE the video monitor. So fun to see what they’re up to in there. Otherwise you have no idea (and yes, I realize that you don’t HAVE to know what your baby is doing in their crib but it is helpful to learn their sleep patterns and just plain fun).

  7. I planned on blogging my pregnancy last year, but ended up so stinking sick I just didn’t have the energy/drive/will. I am enjoying reading your blog, because it brings back the happy anticipatory memories I had with both of my pregnancies, minus the feeling sick!
    Thank you for sharing, it has been fun to read. 🙂
    I just LOVE the grey, by the way.

  8. Love the chevron pad cover! My cousin’s wife registered for all the grey & white polka dot bedding from that same website 🙂

  9. So….I would be interested to see what you think about your diaper bag, once you get it “fully loaded.” I bought a petunia pickle bottom off of craigslist, when I was 15 weeks pregnant. I love the way it looks, but don’t find it to be very big, and I don’t even take that much stuff with me yet! No bottles, no formula, no snacks. Just the basics, and I feel like it’s too small! I also cloth diaper, and have looked at this bag.

  10. Everything is so lovely and organized. Jealous!!
    I got my husband a Skip Hop diaper bag and something fancy and stylish for myself. A year into our parenting endeavor, I never grab anything but the Skip Hop–it’s perfect and everything just fits really well. You’ll love using it!
    We don’t use a monitor because I didn’t want to hear the grunting/re-positioning/baby noises all night long. For such little things, babies sure are noisy sleepers!. When the baby needs you, you’ll know! I know the Angel Care serves a different purpose, but I also think that it can breed a bit of paranoia. Newborns frequently have erratic breathing. Of course, I also use a bumper, put my baby to sleep on his tummy when he was little, and let him sleep with a lovey, so I’m probably not the best spokesperson for monitors 🙂
    I love reading about your pregnancy and plans. So fun and so exciting!

  11. So many cute and useful things! I love going in the nursery now and just looking at everything since I have it all put away and organized!

  12. LOVE LOVE my angelcare monitor!! I was able to but my baby in her crib and own room at 6 weeks which led to her sleeping through the night a week later (since we werent waking each other up with every movement and whimper). I stopped using it when she became mobile because it would go off since she jams herself into the corner of her crib to sleep. But I use it still when she is sick (or after I give her a new allergenic food I turn it back on to be safe). Perfect for this super cautious mom!
    Some doctors consider 36 weeks full term, yay!

    1. Glad to hear it – and thanks for the clarification about our questions on baby moving to the end of the crib

  13. It was one of my scariest nights when that damn monitor went off when my son was a couple of months old. It went off a couple of times after that, and even though you know it’s “most likely” false alarm, it is always scary. If I had another child, I wouldn’t be using it. A video monitor however, is AWESOME!!!

  14. Those booties are adorable!! I can’t wait to organize everything before the new addition arrives…and this time it’s a girl! I’m only 6 months and I’m already organizing everything in my head!! 😉

  15. Such awesome gifts!! You’re going to love the monitor..we have the same one, and we love having the motion sensor on it. It gives such a peace of mind.

    I love watching A Baby Story too..I cry every time the baby is born! 🙂

  16. My baby is 6 months old and has been sleeping in her crib for the last 1.5 months. We haven’t had any problems with our Angelcare monitor. The only time it’s gone off is when I picked up the baby and started feeding her and forgot to turn off the sensor. That’s my biggest annoyance with the monitor.

    I love the chevron!

  17. Hey kath, i noticed you bought some nursing tanks from motherhood. i am curious how well these hold up. I am a very large chested girl and just automatically assumed they would not work for me (since normal built in bra tank dont work when i’m not pregnant). do you think they’ll work for you?

    Also how do you know what to pack? my maternity wardrobe doesnt seem big enough to pack away outfitts for a few weeks.

    1. I normally would never go braless, but I will wear these mostly at home that way. I’m sure ill wear a nursing bra too in public.

  18. Your sister has great taste – love the bibs and burp cloths! I’m a sucker for all things chevron 😉 And I LOVE reading the comments – we registered for the same Angel Care monitor, but with the video, so now I know what to do about false sensitivity alarms. Perfect!

  19. Katherine…i hate to be old fashioned but i read the comments about the baby monitor issues. Monitors are truly a mixed blessing. They should never replace checking on baby and mother’s intuition etc. They are good occasionally. You need your sleep too and the monitors can really make you nervous and interrupt sleep because you have to get up and check. Of course I am all about baby sleeping with parents so…….that is my solution! 🙂

  20. I’m chiming in to add that if there is any way you can return the angelcare monitor and get a video monitor, I would highly recommend it. I love having the video feature so we can see what is going on. We have a summer infant one and it is great.

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