36 Weeks: The Final Items

After my shower in Hillsborough, I returned home with a good idea of what we still needed to buy to prepare for the baby. I had been excited for this for a long time – I couldn’t wait for the relief to have everything we need in our house! That day has come, and we are all set. Here are the final items I bought to complete the nursery!


Diapers and wipes – for the first few weeks/month until we transition into cloth. I have 6 packs of diapers and about 4 big packs of wipes. The good news is if I need more they are easily found. I think these will get us through the toughest time no problem.


Two wet bags for our diaper bag and the basement


A handy OXO wipes container that takes both disposable and then cloth when we are ready


It opens with one hand and has a weigh to make pulling wipes out easier. Also keeps them moist with a tight seal.


The aden & anais blankets I have been drooling over all summer! I mostly just wanted the bees for Buzz : )


A second Halo Newborn Sleep Sack – I wanted a few kinds to test out


3 SummerMe Swaddlers – I hear these are great!


Could not resist these on sale when I was at Babies R Us – they look so American Apparel!


Lanolin and a handful of fleece waterproof pads. I had a mom friend recommend these to me. I had never heard of them, but they are great to put down during diaper changes both on your pretty changing pad or on the floor/couch/wherever you are. Cheap too! Can be also used under crib sheets or as burp clothes. They have tons of sizes.


Butt paste and 2 kinds of pacifiers


A large wet bag that now hangs on the side of our changing dresser


An inexpensive sound machine


Which is next to our monitor on this little yellow IKEA table. It never occurred to me that there would be CORDS running from the motion sensor on the Angelcare so I’d have to have the monitor close to the crib. Luckily this table has been floating around our house for months without a permanent position and it now has a purpose. Close by to turn both electronics off after a nap.


And here is dad-to-be securing the changing pad to the dresser and the dresser to the wall!


I’ll be doing a final nursery tour when we have the last 2 items in. I am waiting for 1 to arrive and 1 to be made!



New Additions

Pack n Play Options

Nesting –> Resting

Car Seat Installed


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  1. Fun, fun! LOVE those blankets! Btw, we have the angelcare monitor too and love it…I couldn’t tell your whole setup in the picture, but it looks like the piece you have on the table is the one that you tote around with you. The piece with the little antennae is hooked to the sensor pad (we keep ours on the floor next to he crib so that the cords can get tucked away). Enjoy your last few days/weeks of dreaming and may you have a lovely labor & delivery.

    1. The one on the table was the antennae one, which i wanted out so I could turn it on and off when I come to get him out of the crib? I do plan to secure the cords well underneath – scary to have them so close to crib

  2. You’ve been so lucky to receive so many great things as gifts. We still need cloth diapers, a stroller, a Beco, wet bags, baby monitor, bottles, and a breast pump. Not to mention other things like a thermometer, stroller adapter, and a swing. We have the most important pieces (carseat, crib, co-sleeper), but are still missing quite a bit. I’m getting antsy since I’m due next month and things aren’t complete. Thankfully we received a ton of disposables (because no one asked) to get us through the beginning weeks. I’m going to a baby swap sale tomorrow to see if I can score anything to fill in the gaps, especially diapers.

    1. The “stuff” really does add up. I found a few things from friends who were done with them – bought our swing that way and used Craigslist for a few things that I didn’t care so much about.

    2. Everyone I know received a pump through their insurance. Worth checking out because it was one of the most expensive things on the registry. I didn’t even have to do any work ahead of time…just brought my card down to the gift shop the day after I delievered and they scanned it and handed over a $300 pump. Doctors refer to breast milk as ‘medicine’ now–so they’ve been able to close the loophole.

  3. I’ve never seen those halo newborn sleepsacks! We used the SummerMe swaddlers a little bit, but most of the time I just wrapped her up in the aden & anais blankets! She broke the swaddle a long time ago, so those swaddlers were a waste of money for us since we mostly used the blankets.

    I had a hard time finding an inexpensive trash can that would work with the wet bags, I ended up purchasing one from target for $9.99 and it works great! I couldn’t get the lid to close all the way with some of the other ‘nicer’ trash cans we tried. Do you already have something?
    This is the one we bought—>


    I also bought a sound machine, but ended up taking it back because I downloaded an app that actually worked better. I don’t know if your sound machine automatically cuts off after a certain amount of time or not, but the one we bought wouldn’t run all night and Brantley would wake up once it cut off. The phone app would run all night! We only used it for a few weeks and now she sleeps through everything and anything! It’s hard to know what your baby will or won’t need until he arrives (Obviously!)
    I was surprised at what I thought was a MUST HAVE and barely used vs stuff that I didn’t think was that important and we are still using! I still LOVE our boppy pillow and we still use those fleece waterproof pads ALL the time.

    I LOVED setting up B’s nursery, SO FUN!!

      1. We have one of those, and got tired of it real quick 🙂

        It wasn’t very convenient to unzip and zip back up the diaper bag with baby in hand/during diaper changes everytime. Maybe it won’t be as inconvenient for you, but I ended up buying one of the pail liners that fit inside a trashcan, SO much more convenient! this is the one we bought and love it–> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005WWHTIC/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i01

        We still use the zip up bag for travel and as a back up, but I want to buy a second pail liner sometime soon.

          1. Just to add my two cents – we have the Planet Wise hanging wet bag with handles and zippers and we love it! I like that everything is contained. It is obviously a personal preference and you’ll figure it out once your system is rolling. I also added a bottle of hand sanitizer to our changing station for times when I needed it and couldn’t get to the sink right away. 🙂

        1. Don’t you need to take the diaper to the bathroom to rinse off first before putting it in the wet bag? For that reason I’m planning on just hanging my wet bag in the bathroom – but please correct me if I’ve got the wrong idea as this is all new to me.

  4. I love your nursery. It must feel great to have everything where it needs to be. I’m 31 weeks and am still in the process of getting everything ready. The big thing is I have to paint our dresser white. Once that is done I think I will feel better. Love all the stuff you got for the baby too!!

  5. You might want a pacifier clip or two. My baby is 4 weeks and has always enjoyed the pacifier; he’s more alert and wanting to be walked around and it’s annoying when he spits the pacifier and it goes flying! I just ordered some off Etsy yesterday.

    1. Yes – pacifier clips are a must! There are some with “universal” loops at the end – so you can attached different types of pacifiers. We also used them to attach toys to the car seat strap – so if he dropped them, they were still in reach!

      1. I wondered if they belonged to the “never tie the paci around your child’s neck” family, but I guess that warning is more for strings and not clips. I’ll get a few!

        1. The clips with ribbon, etc. are very short – maybe 6 inches. Just enough room to put in the baby’s mouth and attach to the car seat strap or clothing. No worries about even being close enough to get around baby’s neck.

        2. I got one by Booginhead, seems to be the most popular one on Amazon and comes in lots of cute prints. Seems high quality though I haven’t used it yet.

  6. I also found the Miracle Blanket to be really good. After a while my daughter was able to get out the velcro swaddlers no problem, but still needed to be swaddled at night to sleep. So we found the Miracle blanket and it really was a miracle. It’s all in the way the wrap works on it–they really cannot wiggle out! Just something to keep on the back burner if needed :). Also, another great thing to use as a diaper cream is Aquafor…LOVE the stuff. Clears up all redness that other creams just can’t seem to. AND it’s cloth diaper safe! We still have the first tub we ever bought of it that we’ve had for about a year so it lasts a long time!

  7. great wet bag and that it hangs – you will love that and very good research on the wipe warmer (It’s like you’ve done this before – must be all that advice you receive or research!) but that one looks perfect and Butt Paste, loved it. However, it has something in it that’s not good for CDs but when we needed something for disposables, that one was great. Ended up using a homemade cream for our CDs that I used to buy by the ton from an Etsy shop. If you need info, LMK. I will try to remember her name! I;m sure you’re read it already but conventional creams tend to denature the cloth and break it down OR don’t come clean fully in the wash.

    1. The wipe holder doesn’t warm – but that’s OK because I’ve heard to get ’em used to room temp : )

      And didn’t know about the Butt Paste and CDs!! Guess I’ll just use it until we graduate to them later. Thanks.

      1. Coconut oil is also good for diaper rash, and safe for cloth diaper use. I’ve never used it, as Anderson only gets diaper rash in disposables, but I figured I would use that, instead of having to buy ANOTHER type of cream!

      2. We bought a tube of California baby for diaper cream w/ the cloth diapers (found it at target)… We had one minor rash issue when we were transitioning from disposbale to cloth, and the California baby seemed to work well. So far we haven’t had any further issues with diaper rash now that we are 100% cloth!! Woohoo! Hope that continues…

  8. Looks like you’re well covered with all the stuff! The wipe holder is great – I haven’t seen that before.

    LOVE the Aden & Anais blankets – there are so many great uses. Once our guy grew out of the swaddlers (he was too long and his arms stuck out like flippers by his side), we used them – they are awesome.

  9. Hi Kath. These posts are so helpful for another pregnant mama-to-be. Quick question for you, well mostly Matt… We bought the same dresser at Ikea. How did you decide to secure the change table to it? I don’t really want to drill holes in the top. What worked for you? Also, thank you so much for the tip about the monitor. I would have never thought of that either! It will definitely influence how we set up the room.

    1. We drilled all the holes in the back. The changing pad had tabs that were long enough so they could reach the back and still move a little bit for changing the cover and things. And we secured the dresser to the wall through the back as well. And by we I mean Matt 🙂

      1. Ah… your dresser is meant for a changing pad?

        Mine isn’t, and I’d hate to put holes in an antique…. any ideas how to get around this?

  10. I have my shower today and can’t wait to see everyone- I feel like I’ve been so busy that I’ve been in hiding getting ready for school and a long term sub. No one knows what the bump or I look like anymore…… Plus, it will be such a relief to be able to get the final things that I need!! I’m going shopping tomorrow or Sunday to finalize everything!
    You’re so ready, Kath! 🙂 (I have the same wet bag- the black one! It’s so cute!)

  11. Hi Kath, We loved the Miracle Blanket swaddle ($$$) and the SwaddleMe that you have. The SwaddleMe doesn’t hold the arms very well and, when our son turned into a houdini, that was a problem. I made a “double swaddle” using a basic flannel receiving blanket, folded into a triangle, to pin down his arms (like the miracle blanket) and then popped him into a SwaddleMe. Baby burrito! Bonus: keeps baby warm cozy. I couldn’t find one right away, but there are plenty of videos of this method.

    I continue to drool over your cute baby stuff and nursery!

      1. I never could understand how people’s kids got out of the SwaddleMe blankets at a young age. My baby boy was 9 lbs 1 oz at birth and extremely strong, still is – we just swaddled him REALLY tightly and he didn’t start breaking out of it until he was around 3.5 months. I think parents are afraid to swaddle tightly enough when using the SwaddleMe. Use some muscle and that baby won’t break out until he’s quite big!

  12. One recommendation I have:

    The little girl I nanny for has that baby monitor. It’s fantastic! But I would move the sound machine to the opposite side of the room so that it’s not “setting off” the monitor the whole time. You don’t want to hear the noise machine instead of the baby! The monitor’s pretty sensitive and will pick up that noise. It gets annoying after a while! You may want to do a test run with them both on (w/o the motion sensing pad) to see how they work together! You’ll see what I mean 🙂

  13. Just a thought on the sound machine. We have them and have used them for both kids. If you have the sound machine right next to the monitor, it will keep you from hearing the baby – all you will hear is the sound machine. We found we could hear the babies best if we put the sound machine on the other side of the crib. It still did the job as well for the babies, but the crib blocked a lot of the noise from our monitor. We could hear every little baby sound if we wanted to.

    1. Yes I was just thinking this. We have monitor one one side of crib, sound machine on other, with both out of baby’s reach. If you have them near each other all you will hear on the parent end of the monitor is the white noise unless your baby is really screaming.

  14. Just some more advice from another new mom. I ended up having m baby via c section at 41 wks 3 days and he was 8lbs 11oz and 21 inches. Needless to say he wasn’t in newborn diapers or clothes very long. I wish I had more 0-3 clothes and size 1 diapers ready. Also it is great you are so prepared but my # 1 piece of advice is that when you are sleep deprived, most planning goes out the window. So, don’t beat yourself up if things do no go according to plan, accept help and sleep whenever you can. Good luck! It’s truly a miracle!

  15. You might want to get extra wipes. I find I used double the amount I thought I would even when my guy was a newborn. 🙂

    Second the love for the Aden and Anais blankets. They are big but not bulky and are great to use over a stroller when the car seat shade doesn’t block enough of the sun.

    For pacifiers my hospital had mini versions of the soothies. I didn’t like the large ones at all and he had trouble holding them in on his own. I was down to just 2 of them and wanted to be sure I could stash a few in my diaper bag in case they were needed so I ordered more from this site.


    They’re good because I found you couldn’t clip the ones from the hospital or the larger soothies.

    They also come in vanilla flavor (???) which I found odd and didn’t think that was at all necessary.

    He’s anti-pacifier now but they were great while it lasted!

  16. OXO makes the best stuff! I don’t have kids so I don’t have the wipe box, but I’m addicted to their kitchen & house wares 🙂 Oh, and the striped Carter’s onesies are so cute!

  17. Ahh, brings back memories! I can’t even count how many times I organized (and re-organized!) all the baby stuff before my son was born!!! Btw, Boudreaux’s is the best 😉

  18. Kath…
    You’re having a bbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

    even in the 3rd tri, it still hasnt hit me yet. You are so close!

  19. I would probably wait on the paci clip to make sure your baby actually takes one. Ryder doesn’t even like them although both girls do. And…I am glad we resisted the urge to buy a ton of newborn/0-3 clothes since he has had so many growth spurts we haven’t got to use all of the clothes. Love the chevron!

  20. Oh so exciting to buy those final things! I remember I couldn’t wait until the shower was done and I could go out to check off the last things we needed/wanted!

    RE: SwaddleMe… we loved them! My girl used to get her arms out every now and again until we learned we weren’t putting the on tightly enough. Once we tightened up she was snug and comfy and it really helped her early sleeping. She started busting out again around 4/5 months and after using the double-wrapping method mentioned by a PP we realized it was happenning because she was ready to start sleeping without the swaddle.

    RE: Aden & Anais… I always thought these were the most beautiful blankets but was unsure if they’d work well enough to justify the cost. I’ve been so tempted to buy them even now “just in case I have another baby soon” 😉 Will be anxious to hear how they work for you.

    RE: Paci clips. I think whether you need them depends on how your family uses the paci. Our girl only started accepting one when she was about 6 months old and we discourage daytime use and try to keep it only for naps and nighttime sleep. As a result, we never needed clips. Our friends whose girl uses a paci all day as she desires does find the clips very handy though, so it might depend on your family’s paci usage style.

    RE: Butt paste. I thought I’d use cloth and didn’t (long story). Was terrified this would mean my girl would have terrible diaper rash from the disposables. She never did and we never had to think about diaper cream, until she started teething her eye teeth around 10 months. When she’s in certain teething phases we have to change her diaper immediately after a BM, and even still it seems so acidic that it burns her butt instantly… oh, the things I never knew to expect! Luckily, diaper cream soothes it almost instantly and brings her skin back to a healthy, happy pink within hours. I haven’t been able to find a more natural alternative that works as well, but I do use the “Natural” Butt Paste brand that you purchased and it works well.

  21. LOVE the aden & anais blankets! I bought them for my baby also and I think I may buy another pack. Great choice. Love all the chevron stuff!

  22. Try the Miracle Blanket swaddle. It 100% trumps any other kind. Our 11 day old wouldn’t sleep the first night because her arms can’t coming undone in the Halo’s. We tried this night 2 and she’s been sleeping like a champ (knock on wood). You can get them at Babies R Us.
    Also, I love the seventh generation philosophy, but hate the diapers. The band is so hard to unstick and wrap around. Anyone have all natural diaper recommendations?

  23. I had twins so maybe this only applies when you have two babies to change in the middle of the night when you are most tired, but I really really loved the zippered sleepers. SO much easier to zip than to try to match up snaps when you can barely keep your eyes open.

  24. i just love baby stuff!! in fact, seeing your aden & anais blankets made me want to order some. my son is 23 months old and i have no use for them right now but i still want some, lol! my favorite thing of all the things you posted is that wipe holder. i didn’t know they made anything like that…it would work so much better than using dry cloth wipes and a spray bottle. definitely looking into getting one. can’t wait to see the final 2 items!

  25. I am so glad you posted your baby bounty in preparation for the big arrival. I just had shower #1 last week and getting ready for shower #2 tomorrow. I still wonder if we have everything we need. Luckily I have seasoned veterans-SIL and MIL who have really come through with the Costco sized box of 248 new born diapers and 248 #1 diapers. I do plan to transition to G-diapers after we get through all the disposable diapers we recieved. They are so cute. I thought you may have recieved those as well. Not quite clothe but flushable.

  26. This is not totally related but if you are in nesting mode with nothing left to do, you could make a nursing cover. I made one this afternoon and it literally took about 30 minutes and requires no real sewing skills, just access to a machine. I used this free pattern but I actually lined mine and added a pocket for a pacifier. Super fun and satisfying. Let me know if you do it! Also, I found a really cute gray chevron print at JoAnn with a blue/green/gray contrasting material – totally your style 🙂


  27. Looks like you are set to go! The A&A swaddle blankets are seriously the best ever! We got two packs (8 blankets I think) and we use them all the time! If you received several different kinds of pacifiers, I would suggest not opening all of them prior to your little guy arriving. Clara def has a preference for which pacifiers she will take/not take and since I opened multiple packs prior to birth, I am stuck with the ones she doesn’t like and can’t make a return. Just my suggestion!

    Love the nursery!

  28. Oh fun times!!!! Get all the things off the list and some more if possible, before the baby comes. Not that you don’t have time at all once he’s here, infact, you’ll tons of free time in the initial months (0-4) when all the baby does is eat, poop and sleep, LOL!! But my point is, just enjoy the baby and take rest in that period. Just soak in each and every moment of that precious period. You might have more kids later but first is different and always special. Just imagine when you have your second everything might still be the same except that you already have a toddler to deal with. So for now it’s just you two and the baby. Don’t let other things/chores come in between. You are doing a grrreat job crossing as many things as possible from the lists and keep up with it. Baby KERF is sooo lucky to be coming into that house and that beautfiul parents. Can’t wait to meet him!

  29. The large wet bag you were referring to above… Do you know if they have such a thing for someone who is going to use disposable diapers? If so, what would it be called? We used a great metal trash can for our first child, but I would rather have something like a wet bag to put the disposable diapers in.


  30. Have you liked the cheap sound machine? I’m due next month and am wondering if it’s been good for white noise. Amazon reviews are mixed, but some of them weren’t using for baby so perhaps more picky. Thanks!

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