37 Weeks: Snapshots


My mom keeps telling me “Sweetie you need a pretty nightgown for the hospital to wear as your first moments as a mother!” And I keep telling her that I don’t wear nightgowns! I wear tanks and PJ bottoms at home, and would probably just wear the hospital gown until I could put on a tank and PJs/yoga pants at the hospital too.

But on a recent visit to the mall, I stopped in to look at nightgowns anyways at Belk. They were all so expensive!! And many were frumpy or just not the right kind of support on top for a hospital room with visitors. I didn’t want to pay $50 for a shirtdress. The ones at Motherhood were nice, but a little too skimpy as well for my comfort.

And then I found the above robe by Nautica! Modern and pretty – and something I will definitely use again. A little expensive, but also 30% off! I like that it has two ties to keep it secure, and I think with a nursing cami underneath and either just underwear or the matching super big, dark colored, loose bottoms it will be a comfortable, warm and stylish nightgown alternative. I can see myself wearing this around the house in the first few weeks as well!


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  1. I had a hard time with this too. But! I was finally convinced I should take at least one night gown after reading several blog posts about how much easier they are in the first 24 hours. No matter what type of birth you have, medical personnel will be checking to see how things are healing, for bleeding etc. I went to target, bought the nightgown option that didn’t make feel like my mother, and ended up using it. With my sleep nursing bra, it was perfectly modest enough for visitors. Speaking of, I’m glad I had my sleep bra on, as my sons pediatrician was in our room just minutes after I woke up that first morning doing her rounds!

  2. Looks great! You’ll definitely get use out of it. The robe is nice for late night feedings too, cozy and easy access!!

  3. This sounds like an exact conversation I had with my mother. Too funny! She bought me a nightgown (which I brought to the hospital but honestly never wore). I brought yoga pants, tank tops and nursing camis. I had a c-section and was able to wear that as soon as I was able to get up and take a shower….probably 18 hours post delivery. The nurses and doctors could check my incision and bleeding fine.

    You want to wear what you’re comfortable in. Honestly, you will feel like a new woman after you get a shower and put on “regular” clothes!

  4. That gown will serve you well – loose but can be secured and you can nurse easily with it and yes, sometimes a tiny bit of a splurge is well worth it (or a big splurge, too – depending on said item).

    I love how your mom looks out for you & calls you sweetie 🙂

    1. i’ve always wondered what the correct usage was! so i guess the word “anyways” should not be used at all. good to know!

      1. Seriously….this is what you have time to do? correct someone on their grammar…..wow I wish i had that much time on my hands! Kath….I love your grammar…you rock!!!!!

  5. My mom said the same thing?!? Must be a generational thing. I’m with Jennifer – yoga pants and tanks as soon as I could. I had a sweater that zipped up the front. You will live in zip ups – with a cami underneath. Easy access – and covers you up with lots of guests who will be visiting at hospital and at home too. Do you have a baby book? I took mine with and the nurses did hand prints and footprints for me in the book as they were doing it for the birth record. I was happy someone shared this tip with me. Good luck!!!

  6. I agree with the above comments to bring at least one, maybe 2 nightgowns — in the unlikely event that something happens that you have to have a c-section, you will not want ANYTHING around your waist near the incision. I was a scheduled C, the hosp gives you these mesh sort of boy-shorts that you think are totally crazy until you try to put something else on and realize that everything else, including your big/maternity underwear, hurts. I took home like 7 of those mesh underwear pants and wore them for about 3 weeks.

    I had had surgery previously and knew I was a scheduled C from the start — several doctors agreed that any real labor would have been dangerous for both my daughter and me. I actually had started labor on the morning of my C, so I got to feel a little something, but it only felt like cramps I normally got during my period — an odd feeling after not having one for so long :).

    Hoping you will post about your labor experience when you feel up to it, I have so enjoyed BabyKerf! It’s like reliving my pregnancy all over again, which I hope to do at some point!

    1. I <3 those mesh panties and I had a vaginal birth! They fit the ginormous pad, amazing ice pack thingy and stretch over the post baby bump haha. They wouldn't give us more then 2 pairs at my hospital, so sad!

      1. I couldn’t use them. I rocked the Depends like an 80 yea old incontinent lady. Pads and mesh undies were just too shifty for me. I couldn’t do the ice packs either, I think I was afraid of getting frostbit eon my crotch. I sat on a heating pad a lot though.

      2. Ladies, I’m 45 years old and just had a hysterectomy this week. They gave me the mesh panties and boy did it bring back memories!
        PS-I had the same nightgown convo with my mom 24 years ago. I guess some things never change. 🙁

  7. I think you’ll definitely appreciate the robe! My friend wore the regular hospital gown and felt a little too “exposed” because the entire back is open, top to bottom, and she also felt pretty sterile in it. This will be sooo much cozier, I’m sure 🙂

  8. I haven’t been able to find a robe that isn’t silk and something that will work for the moments after birth…… Plus, I just keep hearing how messy it is (which I’m sure it can’t be a clean natural process- hello, it’s birth). I bet you’ll love that robe- it is super cute! 🙂

  9. Dude! You need to discover TJMaxx. They had almost that identical robe there yesterday, by Nautica, for $14.99. Screw the mall, haha.

  10. My mom is always trying to get me to buy a nightgown too. I wonder if it’s a generational thing. I like to wear t-shirts and pajama pants!

  11. That reminds me of what my mom said when I was pregnant with my son. Except, it wasn’t about a nightgown, it was about body powder. Random, huh? She said one of her favorite gifts someone gave her when she was in the hospital with me was a “lovely powder set.” she loved that gift because it made HER feel good. I was all like, “ok, Mom, no one really uses body powder anymore, thanks.” in a really sarcastic way 🙂
    However, for a teacger appreciation gift one of my students had given me a travel-sized Bath & Body Works set of Coconut Lime Verbena in a cute little bag, so I threw it in my hospital bag. I ended up with a csection and couldn’t shower until the second day at the hospital. I felt so gross and icky, and let me tell you, that shower with the B&BW Coconut stuff was the best shower of my life! My mom was SO right! And this time around (repeat csection with my 2nd on 9/7) I am stocking up on Coconut Lime Verbena body wash and lotion because I just love it now and it reminds me of those first few special days with my son in the hospital. Mom DOES know best!

  12. If you do end up just wearing the hospital gowns, be aware there is a separate gown for breastfeeding. I wasn’t offered one til the end of the second day. While it wasn’t a miracle or must have, it was certainly easier than trying to unsnap (often violently – not good!) the regular gown every 3 hours!

    Also my hospital offered a photography company to come in and take pictures of your baby in your room. I had brought a nursing dress that ended up looking fancy and my hubby remembered to bring me a necklace, so in the pictures I actually look put together!

    1. Oh man, you are lucky you were unsnapping the gown every three hours, my first night in the hospital (when I still had on the gown, my son was born via c-section at 6pm) I feel like all I did was nurse! But, I don’t remember what I was doing with the gown, in regards to have it unsnaped permanently or what! I couldn’t get of bed, until the next morning, so the open back wasn’t a problem. I think I just left it unhooked, and put on my sleep/nurse bra.

  13. Love the robe! As someone else said, they will be checking your pretty frequently so anything on bottom might be difficult after delivery. If you end up with a hospital gown on, wear two to avoid the lovely open back. Wear one like normal, don’t tie it, and put the other one backwards, opening to the front, works great! You are getting so close!!

  14. I wore the hospital gown while I was in the hospital – not to be blunt, but things will get messy, and you don’t want to ruin something you bought just so you can look cute. Our hospital even gave me disposable underwear – again, I didn’t worry about ruining my own stuff.

    I did however, bring a robe like the one you bought. I felt more covered when people came to visit.

    The hospital gowns I wore had snaps at the shoulders for nursing – which were great. I just couldn’t figure out how to re-snap them once I was done!

    I did buy a nightgown for home – I usually wear a t-shirt and pants, but I got a gown that had lots of buttons, so I could just unbutton to nurse. The first few days, it was really nice to have. I bought a larger size, so I can wear it with my next pregnancy.

  15. I had absolutely no shame post-delivery – which included just untying my hospital gown and bf-ing as I was stitched up, but I could not have worn pants. I was so so so sore from pushing and a long labor (23 hours from water breaking to delivery) and I could not have worn pants – there is no way I would have been able to deal with the giant pad and the ice packs without having total freedom down there. Just something to think about – but maybe buy a cheap one at Target or Marshall’s and just bring it with you just in case. Keep the tags on in case you decide to return it!

    1. I totally agree. I just wore the hospital gown and it got disgusting, but I didn’t care, and it was easy for medical professionals to check on my stitches every hour as it seemed they were doing, and to untie to nurse every two hours, as it seemed my baby was doing.

  16. I went with a robe and pajama pants as well. It worked well for me, but I ended up with a Csection, so I don’t know personally how it would work with a natural birth. My sister-in-law had a natural delivery and she used a robe too, but I think just went without pants?

    Once I got to start nursing the robe was super convenient for that!

  17. I bought baggy black pants for post delivery hospital stay, I also bought disposable underwear. Both lifesavers, I bought yoga pants but I in no way wanted snug pants on after a vaginal birth. Plus the tight yoga ants would have exposed my huge pad, disposable undies and Ice pack thingy as a bulge to guests haha. To with dark pj pants and I’ll be comfy!

    This post and comments are reminding me of our hospital stay 5 months ago when I had my little girl, it was such a special time for us as a family! 🙂 all you have to do is snuggle and feed ur new favorite person! Enjoy!

  18. That next morning, it felt so good to get a shower and put something new on that made me feel cute and refreshed. Glad you found something you like! Don’t forget slippers too 🙂

  19. I invested in a couple pairs of nursing pjs for both pregnancies. I had an emergency C-sec and a planned one. I found some nice ones at motherhood.com. They were great for the hospital (ugh to those nursing gowns from the hospital) and I got lots of use out of them at home as well!

  20. The nice thing about comfy pants and shirt is the ease of nursing and looseness around the belly. Plus, I get what you are saying about what you are used to being what you want to wear. You need to be super comfortable after that widda babe comes! 🙂

  21. Kath, its darling!!!!! And you will love putting it on after the baby is born. Its so nice to feel pretty after giving birth and then having dealing with what comes afterwards. If you feel good, you look good- you mom is absolutely right. And I love that little number! Great purchase!!

  22. I wore a nursing tank and pjs pants when I had my first. After I was stitched up there was nothing done to me that necessitated me having to take off my pants either. They’ll come in and ask you how your bleeding is and then beat the crap out of your lower abdomen to check your uterus, but that should be about it.

  23. Kath! Don’t usually comment but this was too funny. Im pretty sure you guys have Netflix ? I started watching Jim Gaffigan: Mr Universe and immediately thought ‘oh my gosh this is exactly like the ridiculous comments on kath’s blog about her birth plan!’ his opening couple of minutes are about people’s reaction to his wife having 4 home births with a midwife. If you have A couple minted you should watch the opening it pokes good fun at people’s reaction 🙂

  24. I bought a robe from target and practically lived in it for the first few weeks, and while at the hospital. I also really liked targets nursing tanks and I would wear one of those, some undies, and the robe all day long! I wanted a cute night gown, but they were SO expensive, and once I got to the hospital, all I wanted to wear was their gowns anyways bc I didn’t want any of my ‘nice’ stuff getting messed up.

  25. I just am back to reading my blogs. Not as frequently though. My son, Calrb, was born August 6. An hour and a half before are scheduled induction! He was 41 weeks and 2 days. My due date was July 28.

    Some things I learned through the process (my opinion!)
    RE: labor
    – natural induction techniques are wives tales. They’re worth trying I guess except castor oil! I wish I could take that decision back!
    – be open to the advice of your nurse. A game plan is good, but things change. Those contractions really hurt. I didn’t want an epidural but I changed my mind and I loved my birthing experience because of it. I wasn’t pushed by my nurse at all though.
    – use the jacuzzi if it’s available. It got my from early labor to active labor in less than 45 minutes. It was amazing. Has to be used before meds.
    – say thank you to the nurses. DH and I even brought them a box of chocolates.
    – I hated the hospital gown. I felt it was too big and itchy. I labored in yoga pants and a sports bra til the fun part at which point I just got rid of the pants. You don’t care about modesty at that point. This allowed me to have immediate skin to skin with Caleb.
    – I ended up using a nursing sleep bra and a blanket in bed at the beginning. So the bathrobe would be good to go to the bathroom. I wanted to maximize skin to skin time which meant having as little amount of clothes as possible. I switched to nightgowns on day 2. I too had that discussion with my mom. Im happy I picked them up. I got a black and a grey one at Motherhood maternity- cotton, big straps, cross over front, modest.

    RE: baby
    – bring baby nail files. Caleb’s nails were so long bc he was late! The nails peel right off but a fie is nice to get them smooth. It’s not recommended to cut them.
    – bring a variety of snacks. For labor and post care. SF lifesavers were awesome during my labor. I got nauseous and they helped with that.
    – get Carter’s button up tshirts for baby. Because you’re having a summer baby too, the cord stump can get too moist. The tshirts are awesome bc they allow air to get to the stump and they are button up so you don’t have to put it over his head. Awesome.
    – bring your breast feeding pillow. Make sure to have lanolin for your nipples.
    – have different size pads. The hospital has gigantic ones but my bleeding wasn’t so bad by late in the second day.

    And now that I wrote a novel… Enjoy your last month of pregnancy!

  26. I’m a shorts and t-shirt gal also. With my first, I had some issues and was flat in bed for over 24 hours. I used the hospital gowns for most of that stay. But was given/purchased a couple of nursing pj’s. Loved them. Second baby 20 months later, found me wearing them the day after delivery in the hospital. It was nice to have on when visitors came by. I could easily slip the bottoms off for checking. I passed them on to a relative. Who used them through 3 babes.

  27. I also bought yoga pants and a tank top to wear at the hospital, but ended up wearing the hospital gown during my entire stay. As someone mentioned previously things get messy and having the nurse check you every few hours it was much easier to be in the gown and I didn’t care if it got blood on it! A robe is an excellent investment for the hospital, though — I wore it the entire stay and still wear it two months later!

  28. I am totally with you about the nightgown situation buuuttttt….you will need one in the hospital. The hospital gowns are not the greatest not to mention they have so many damn strings!! AND the robe is a must in the hospital. I used it a lot when I got home too because it was just so nice to be able to tie (and hide) the post baby stomach/boobs!! LOL!!! Congrats! xoxo

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