38 Weeks: Snapshots

Chillin’ in the downstairs fridge, ready for D-Day


Before + After :mrgreen:


Hard to believe it’s almost been 9 months since this beer last got attention!*


*I feel the need to note that I’m not planning to booze it up as soon as the baby comes out! I’m sure that will be the last thing on my mind. Just saying that it will be fun to drink this ceremoniously at some point after he’s born since it was how I told Matt I was pregnant – in lieu of a champagne toast!


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31 thoughts on “38 Weeks: Snapshots”

  1. I feel so badly that you have to disclaimer the hell out of your thoughts…….I admire your tenacity in keeping this blog going until your baby is born…despite having to walk on eggshells. My guess is that beer is going to taste really good!

  2. That was my first beer too. My baby girl was born last Friday and my dad sells his produce at a farmers market on tuesday so we walked to the market to show her off and grabbed a beer at an outdoor patio. It was heavenly.

  3. So fun!! I will warn you that my experience has been that most women who drink anything other than water in labor usually don’t want anything to do with it after the birth–sometimes for years! My sister in law drank grape Gatorade about 10 years ago in labor and said she still can’t drink it to this very day! LOL That’s why it’s a good thing you’re saving the beer until AFTER he comes out–how sad would it be if you never wanted a beer again??? (JK of course!)

  4. I had grand plans for a celebratory drink post-delivery too… until I found out that you shouldn’t combine alcohol and breastfeeding! Given that I was feeding my babies around the clock for the first 6 months, I rarely (and unpredictably) had enough time between feeds to have a drink. After that, the urge had gone, so I really didn’t drink during my 6+ years of pregnancy and breastfeeding!
    Good luck though, and if you get a break (or a perfectly routined baby) ENJOY!!

  5. Eh, I have been having a glass of wine a night, usually right after he’s been fed. My doula and my doctor didn’t see any reason for concern with that. Do what feels right, I am sure you are not going to go on a bender! That first celebratory drink was wonderful!

  6. This is super cute. I expect I’d want a celebratory drink, too! 9 months of waiting calls for some serious celebration! Also, I loved the beer presentation to Matt to give the news. Best of luck with the waiting game ahead!!

  7. You may have discussed this already, but doesn’t having an occasional beer increase your milk supply?

    I am 30 weeks with my second daughter, and didn’t touch beer or wine when I was nursing my first daughter for two years. My Doctor informed me a glass of either per day is fine. I wish I would have known that the last time around!!

    Good luck with everything! I am hoping my daughter will come early (Halloween!) and we can celebrate with a delicious Pumpkin beer.

    1. There are other ways to increase your milk supply. Just staying well hydrated is a great start! You’ve just got to weigh up the risks of alcohol on your baby vs the benefits. Given the recommendations here, I chose not to. That doesn’t mean you have to make the same choices!

  8. I think the beer is the perfect way to celebrate! My celebration treat is an amazing deli sandwich from this awesome deli by my mom’s house. My friend was instructed to bring it to the hospital when she visits. =)

  9. I don’t remember how long I waited before drinking after birth. Two weeks, I think. I don’t pump and dump, as my LC said that is unncessary.
    BUT, I did just drink a beer that my husband bought for me two days before we found out we were having a baby. A Rogue Shakespeare Outmeal Stout. It was delish.

  10. Love the disclaimer! My hubby’s planning on brewing something for me to taste in the hospital – and while I love most of his home brews, some just aren’t right… Maybe I’ll ask him to bring one home brew and one Stone Brewery Cali Belgique, just in case… (Feeling a bit nostalgic this weekend – it’s the first Stone Brew Fest that we’ve missed since moving to Cali. Missing it for a good cause, of course, but still…)

  11. what are the benefits to drinking the coconut water during labor? and how is the taste? i have heard of coconut milk, but never water.. just curious!

    1. It’s a natural sports drink and good source of electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium). Nature’s Gatorade : )

  12. Perhaps it’s because I don’t live in the US, but here, it’s recommended that you don’t drink at all while you are breastfeeding. They question whether it could be a contributing factor to SIDS. That wasn’t a risk I was prepared to take!

    I’m not saying this to pass judgement – it’s just the recommendations in my country. It’s up to you (the “global” you, not just Kath) to decide what is right for you and your baby 🙂

      1. Good to know!! I think what I really need to do is find some of these cool “craft” beers … I’m guessing they taste better than some of the big name domestics 😉

        1. WORLDS better!!! You should go to a beer tasting and find the styles you like. I would recommend starting with anything malty, Belgian, barleywines (my favs!) and stay away from IPAs, bitters, and pale ales, which tend to be more of an acquired taste.

  13. Cute post! Be careful w/that 120 Minute- that’s some strong stuff girl!! You prob. know that already 🙂 Good luck!

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