38 Weeks: To Do List

I should have written this post 2 weeks ago, because that’s how long we’ve been ready!!!

See the full to-do list here.

And here are just the final items – all now complete!

Foodblog-2791 Foodblog-2863

To Do:

Purchase and Install car seat and have it inspected (Done – see this post!)

Nest the crib (Mattress pads and sheets washed and on. Monitor ready.)

Put together stroller (Bugaboo all ready to go with newly purchased car seat adapter)

Put together any gear that requires assembly (All ready to go)

Put all baby things like wipes, toiletries for baby and shampoos in a handy spot (Wheee!)

Finish diaper changing station assembly (Ready for poop!)

Pack a diaper bag (Ready for hospital)

Buy/figure out diaper container to put wet bag in (Here and hung)

Freeze some meals (Tomato sauce canned and freezer stocked with tons of quick meal items)

Create contact list for baby’s arrival (Done – have a Gmail group for updates and arrival emails)

Buy gift for doula (Ready)

Go on a date (Check + Check!)

Pack hospital bag (All set!)

Schedule newborn photographer (New to the list, but done!)


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25 thoughts on “38 Weeks: To Do List”

  1. Glad to see you have everything ready!

    I now exactly how you must be feeling. My first daughter was born at 36 weeks so my doctor gave me the “any day now” at the 36 week mark. Oddly enough, my little one was born on July 5th, 2012 (her due date)! I was sooo anxious those four weeks! The “any day now” suspense is a killer!

  2. You are so prepared. I have three kids and I never once packed my hospital bag until I woke up in the middle of the night in labor. I could never figure out how to pack stuff when some of it I used every day. It has become some what of a family joke at this point. Each time I’d tell my husband I hadn’t packed anything, he’d say “did you not know this was coming?” And then my one of my parents would end up going back to our house to grab things after we arrived at the hospital. And each kid was late so I didn’t even have the early baby excuse. Oh well. Good luck!!!

  3. I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but a nice idea is to take a little treat (like maybe some bakery bread…:) for the nurses on l+d and postpartum. Nurses work so hard and are amazing!

    1. Agreed! I work in the ER and frequently there is no time to eat! Sometimes treats and gifts patients bring us are all I have to keep me going.
      Plus it never hurts to get in good with the nurses 😉

      1. I did the same…my mom is a nurse and had suggested. I took a basket of fruit and see’s candies! with a small bag of see’s for myself 🙂
        you could easily bring in something from the bakery – they will love you.

  4. Wow – you are so prepared! I am not even close to all of that and I am 38 weeks too. I do have the car seat installed and the diapers, clothes, and sheets washed. That’s about it though. I am still working on my hospital bag… And we have no food! I am gonna try and get a bit more organized but I have a bad feeling that we will just be an unorganized mess! And I think I am finally becoming ok with that.

    What did you get your doula? We are having a doula and I was trying to think of some good ideas. Not really sure (aside from food), what to get them!

  5. That’s awesome! Way to be all ready…in more ways than one.

    I remember the excitement and anticipation the last few weeks before delivery. Such a fun time…even though you are probably soooo ready! And I’ve told you before, but it’s worth mentioning again. TYLENOL PM. Do whatever you can to get good sleep, because just like any athletic event, you want to be as well-rested as possible! I know it’s hard at 8+ months preggo to get quality sleep, but really those hours of sleep are worth any effort. I’m glad you got such good sleep last night!

  6. Impressed….AGAIN!! Kath do you use any organising tools online or manual? Would love to know what’s behind your success secret 🙂

    Also toootally off topic, what’s your take on green tea supplements (in capsules form)?

  7. I have to say this makes me a little jealous. My now 8 month old arrive at 35 weeks and many of these were things on my checklist that didn’t get checked off. Thanks to my mother in law and our friends we managed to be in pretty good shape when we all came home two days later. Enjoy these last days it will be wonderful when your little guy arrives but it’s true, it won’t ever be the same. And I’d squeeze in another date night if he lets you 😉

      1. No hurries, take your time. Just very excited to take a peek at the overall finished look. But yay I did have a peek at it in the ‘snapshots’ post. Can’t wait to see a sweet little handsome hunk in it soooon.:-)

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