39 Weeks: Grown Up Nesting

The baby’s space is nested. The house is organized. But there were more things I knew I should clear from the calendar when I had time to do them: all the boring grown-up stuff lurking in the early fall. I wanted to have as much of these things complete before the baby came so I can devote all of my time to him and not worry about running a household. The only drawback: lots of costs + fees to pay!

-Paid estimated taxes in advance. They were due right after his birth!

Grown (2)

-Met with our lawyer and completed wills, guardianship docs, advanced medical directives and power of attorneys. This cost $550 total but we should be set for many, many years.

-Renewed my passport which was set to expire in September. I had to go to CVS and get a photo taken, mail in my old passport with a form, write a check for $110 and send it all secured mail at the post office. Not a fun afternoon, but now it’s done!

-I originally scheduled a dentist appointment for late September thinking I should wait until after he was born so I could have x-rays. Instead, I rescheduled the appt. for before – just to get my teeth checked and cleaned – x-rays can wait. I knew there was no way I would want to go to the dentist after he was here!

-Virginia requires car inspections every year, and ours were up for renewal in September. I took both cars to be inspected early and got both oils changed as well. We’re set for 6 months!


-I paid a few bills in advance and made sure we had money transferred from savings to pay our insurance/hospital bills all ready to go. I also have nearly all of our bills – mortgage, water + electricity, insurances and more – all set up for auto draft so the only one I have to think about every month is our credit card bill.

-Since we moved last September, lots of house-related things came due around this time. Our cars are parked on the street and require permits, so I renewed those and put the decals on the cars already.

-More car stuff!! August is time to renew registration on both cars, so we got that process taken care of. And our annual car insurance payment – also due in September and paid.

Grown (1)

-I’m starting a new long-term freelance job very soon and had a pile of paperwork for that as well. All set to go!

-Bought Karen a birthday gift!

-I went ahead and requested the form to add baby to our health insurance so all we have to do is fill it out and send it in upon his arrival.

SO much paperwork – but now it’s all behind us and we can focus on baby!

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48 thoughts on “39 Weeks: Grown Up Nesting”

  1. This is a wonderful idea. I also tried to do as much of this sort of thing before both of my kids were born as possible. Plus deep-cleaning the house and freezing some meals! It was hard to do while 39 weeks pregnant, but so worth it. No one wants to clean with a newborn.

  2. Dude. Being a grown up wouldn’t be half bad if it weren’t for all the PAPERWORK, ammiright? LOL ugh i feel so woefully undisciplined reading your list. 🙂

  3. Wow…you are so totally organized! My husband is the same way about everything. I’m completely opposite so I guess that’s why we work so well together. 🙂

    Is Matt an organizer/planner type person?

    I can’t wait to hear all about your new freelance project coming up. 🙂

  4. Wow you’ve got a lot accomplished! I enjoy crossing things off my to-do list but I don’t have a blog to post it all and admire it all in one place!

  5. Yet again – super on top of things! I can’t believe how prepared you are! Maybe I am still in denial… I was excited that I got my diapers washed and organized and the baby’s room semi set-up. The most far ahead thing I’ve done is booked his baptism, but only because my mom is coming to town the end of the month and really wanted to be here for the baptism. I am actually pretending that my life will continue normally after the baby comes and that I’ll have so much more free time since I won’t have to work (I am sure this will prove to be a fallacy). I registered for Chem 101 which starts tonight, want to get my nursing school applications in, plan on studying for GREs (again, since I got a previous Masters 8 years ago), and take care of newborn baby. We’ll see how many of those things I can accomplish!

  6. I had X-rays done at the dentist about two weeks or so ago, even though I am pregnant. The dentist required a letter from my OB stating that it was okay to have the X-rays done. So, I went ahead & had the X-rays done so I do not have to worry about them after the baby arrives.


  7. Wow! Impressive! Im still trying to figure out when Im going to take a shower ; )

    Well done you! Isn’t it incredible, that nesting instinct? My house was never as clean or organized as it was when I was waiting on baby!

  8. you are amazing! you would be the best executive/personal assistant EVER! but it seems like the whole blogging/freelancing thing is going pretty well 😉

  9. Maybe you already have this, but don’t forget Life Insurance! Of course, you dont want anything to happen to either of you, or both of you, but you’ll want to have that “financial security” for either you, matt, or the baby should the worst happen.

  10. Very smart of you to take care of all of this! The only time in my life when I made a late credit-card payment was after my daughter was born. It’s like you don’t even see the paperwork in the early months.

  11. My husband and I are lawyers and have two kids and still don’t have our wills put together. We did our own guardianship and medical directives, but still need to do the will. I’m surprised it was only $550, that is almost what I charge per hour.

    1. I was thinking the same thing as far as cost– you got a steal Kath! Your organizational skills are inspiring.

  12. As the official bill-payer/ phone call-maker in my marriage, I can only imagine how fun that’s going to be come mid October. I also manage my parents’ finances, too, and know that I’ll still be that person after our lil’ man is here. Your post has reminded me that I need to call our insurance brokers (for both life and health) soon. We’re still not 100% on guardianship… how did you guys make your decision?

  13. Great job! You’re really on top of things! I was wondering if you’d done a post about unexpected changes that came with pregnancy — I haven’t seen anything like it on Baby KERF, I don’t think. You sometimes hear about feet changing sizes, hair texture changing, and even stuff like skin texture and changes in facial features! Have you experienced anything like that?

    1. Hmmmm I really haven’t! My feet might be slightly bigger, but I haven’t really been wearing my heels so much 🙂 Hair and skin seem the same to me, although I do get told I’m glowing a lot. Pretty much everything physical I have written about in my weekly bump updates.

  14. This is INCREDIBLE!!! I have had three children and NEVER figured out to get all of this type of stuff done ahead of time!!! I’m SO jealous you’ve been so thorough and can do nothing but sit and enjoy the wonderful bundle. It’s tough adjusting but now that’s all you have to do. If I have anymore children this will be one of my number one priorities!! You are an amazing mother!! I’m so excited to see your little one soon=D

  15. Have your dr.’s given you any ideas about when they think you will have the baby?? You are one week ahead of me so every morning I hope I log on and hear that you’re in labor!!
    I only have two weeks to go and am thinking it could be any day now. 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, but I’m just feeling so anxious. Are you feeling this way too?

    1. No word! Despite the internal checks (no progress beyond 1cm and 20% effaced for me), my doctor said today that I could go into labor tonight or many nights from now. There’s just no way to know!

      I’m actually feeling pretty patient. If anything, I’m a little stressed about my workload right now. I have a big film project to do tomorrow. I think I’ll finally relax a little on Wednesday when my to-do list SHOULD be empty!

  16. Last night when your post was a bit later than usual (I think? it might have just been me) I was like, “KATH IS IN LABOR!!!” I am constantly waiting for you to go MIA so I can be excited for you!

  17. Your organizational habits are inspiring. You would be a great manager. I wish I were more like this. How much of your daily life would you estimate you spend on scheduling, planning, and organizing your life? (To-do lists, making appointments, updating the calendar, etc). You seem to squeeze so much into your time. I need to do SO.MUCH.BETTER. but I’m easily overwhelmed. Also a perfectionist, so I get really bogged down with details. I don’t even know what the first baby step would be to becoming super organized!

    1. Not that much on a daily basis just planning. I just have my systems down so I know where to find things and where to remind me of things. For example, I had in my calendar for Sept 1: Pay estimated taxes, car registrations, car inspections, auto insurance, etc.. So i knew they were all coming and could look ahead and act on them. I would have forgotten about them a year later if they hadn’t been in my calender! Everything is Google too so I get email reminders for important things.

      1. I love Google calendar, especially on my droid. It makes it so I can easily see my hubby’s work calendar, and I color code our events. REALLY has helped me tremendously with calendar organization. Now if I could only get the rest of my life organized.

  18. Wow, what an impressive accomplished list. I need to get on the wills/guardianship boat soon. And harp on the hubs to finish the life insurance process for himself. I did call about the affordable care act and having my breast pump covered today, but I think I need to take your list and get on top of things!

    1. What did they say about the pump? I haven’t called yet, but it’s not a huge priority for me since I work from home (if I need one temp. I can rent)

      1. I have Group Health Options, and I have to wait until she’s born and then my midwife will need to submit a request. At that point it’s covered in full for the electric one, but not manual, which is fine by me! I asked specifically about Madela, but the girl wasn’t sure about the different brands. So I guess I’ll just have to hope on that. I’m not going back to work for 4 months, and it will be mornings only, so I’m not sure if I’ll need to pump at work, but having a stash on reserve for the hubs to use will be nice. Some insurance companies wait for coverage until the plan renews, I’m really glad mine doesn’t.

  19. Wow! You are so organized and on top of things! I bet it feels amazing to have everything checked off of your list. Sounds like you are more than ready for the arrival of your little one!

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