39 Weeks: Pre Mom Syndrome

39 weeks (1)

During the second half of 38 weeks and now into 39, I feel like I’m experiencing PMS. Pre Mom Syndrome!

Hormonal surges, tiredness, acne, bloating, crampiness, insomnia, sweatiness/hotness, increased hunger.

Takes me right back to the first 2 weeks of being pregnant! Generally I’ve felt very neutral throughout these 9 months – nothing that reminded me of being a menstruating woman – but suddenly that has all changed. I kind of felt like once I got to 37 weeks things would plateau (no idea why I thought that!?), so it’s a bit of a surprise that I’m experiencing new symptoms and such drastic changes each week. One day I heard my intestines gurgle – near my heart!!! I guess they really are all the way up there. Pregnancy is not over yet! For the first time, walking isn’t really appealing. I feel much heavier and my legs are feeling the weight I’m carrying. They feel more swollen after I’ve been on them for a while. No longer do I want to do long morning walks and run around town on foot.

39 weeks (3)

I have felt pretty good about my appearance throughout my whole pregnancy – until now. The water weight and last few pounds have not been very flattering in recent photographs. I know it’s nothing to stress over – it is what it is at 39 weeks! But just being honest : )

39 weeks (2)

I’m trying to focus as much as possible on just resting. First because I want my brain to be calm and relaxed, letting the baby know I am ready when he is. And second because I want to be as rested as possible when I do go into labor.

[Pushin’ it all out!]

39 weeks (4)

6 days of insomnia left me exhausted and so resting felt like the natural thing to do anyways. I’ve taken quite a few 20 minute power naps in the afternoons that have given me the energy to get through the rest of the day. Thankfully sleeping has been going a little better – at least as I type this! I tried all of my insomnia tricks those 6 nights (more snacks, bathroom breaks, more AC) and I think it must have just been caused by hormones because I didn’t change a thing but was able to sleep again.

39 weeks (7)

I’ve been having on and off crampiness for a week or so now. And some on-and-off backaches. My period cramps were never sharp or painful in the past. I would describe them as a dull ache or tightening – almost like a magnet. They are unpleasant, but they aren’t painful. I have had a few moments this week of “was that a painful cramp!?” but it’s very hard for me to tell if it’s a cramp, a ligament stretching or if the baby is just shifting around in there. There isn’t much space and his little bones can hurt when he shifts sometimes! I can tell I’m having some Braxton Hicks contractions but only because I notice that the firmness of my uterus changes throughout the day with my hands – not because I can really feel them. And it’s hard to distinguish between a Braxton Hicks and the baby moving around and pushing out to make a firm spot. I am hoping this all means that I have minimal pain receptors in my uterus and will have a pain-free birth :mrgreen:

39 weeks (9)

I’ve been sitting in cobbler’s pose a lot, doing some giant pelvic loops on my exercise ball, getting some walking in, drinking raspberry tea, taking the primrose, and letting my mind relax. Mom is ready – wonder what baby is thinking!?

Overall, despite being more tired, I’m still feeling pretty good. I’m VERY excited about the weeks ahead and it’s been fun to joke around on the blog about him “coming any minute now!”, but I am still feeling very patient. In some ways I think I am in denial this is all going to happen for REAL soon. The comment “You won’t be pregnant forever” comes to mind though. Whether it’s tomorrow or a week and a half from now, I will be going into labor soon.

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64 thoughts on “39 Weeks: Pre Mom Syndrome”

  1. Baths are the best at this point in pregnancy! I was induced at over 41 weeks and that 41st week was the WORST. I had thought I had peaked at misery at 40 but not so, it got worse. My saving grace was bubble baths at least 3 times a day. It helps the sore hips and achy feet. Wishing you a healthy labor and delivery!

  2. I think you look wonderful Kath! Simply glowing at 39 weeks. Will continue to check regularly for updates, can’t wait to ‘meet’ your little man on the blog 🙂

  3. Your belly is still growing bigger! It seemed not so much during the last 2 weeks, but there is definitely a difference from last week.

    good trick — did you borrow some hiking pants from Matt?

    Hang in there, it can only be at most 2 1/2 weeks away 🙂

  4. I’m at 35 weeks and just starting to have some insomnia and frequent wake ups during the night, so I can empathize. Yoga is the only physical thing I feel like doing, even walking TO yoga makes me groan a bit! 🙂

    You look great! Hope he comes soon!

  5. I totally remember that feeling of excitement while thinking “regardless of when it happens I am going to have a baby SOON.” Also, I know it sounds corny (and cliche) but try not to wish away these last few days (I know its hard, I sure did it!) People tell you that your life is about to change forever and you can’t fully grasp just HOW much it is going to change, until your little one arrives. Of course I would not change anything and I am in LOVE with our new life, but it is definitely different. So all that to say. . . soak in these last few hours/days etc with Matt as a family of two!

  6. As far as weight goes…be prepared…I weighed more the day I came home from the hospital than I did the day before I delivered. My daughter was 7lbs…so surely I should have been down atleast 7. Nope. It goes away eventually but it wasn’t as immediate as I thought.

    1. I’m sure a lot of that was water weight – I hear it takes a good week just to lose the “hospital” weight. Esp. since I’ll have to have an IV for the antibiotics

      1. You won’t have to have IV fluids with the antibiotic. The antibiotic itself is only 50 or 100 ml (in the fluid it is diluted in). I lost tons of water weight while still in the hospital… Constantly sweating and peeing so much! Not sure how it will be for a non sweating person like you. 😉

      2. I was so surprised with the water weight afterwards! I did not get one single stretch mark with my pregnancy until a day or so after my daughter was born. They weren’t too bad and you can’t even see them now, but they were right on the outside of my hips and HURT; I could actually feel the skin stretching! Nothing you can really do for that though I guess.

  7. Kath, you are amazing! I am impressed by your activity level throughout the pregnancy. As a mother of three grown children, I still remember the last few days of each pregnancy before their birth. You look great and have so much to look forward to!

        1. We certainly joke about it on L&D. As the number of “takers” rises, the stats change, but it’s always fun to joke about either way. I agree with Sara… a yummy treat. It’s starting to become a C’ville “thing.” P.S. You look fabulously wonderful. Enjoy these days!

  8. You look great, and I can’t believe how SMALL you still look! Seriously, if I saw you on the street I would think you were closer to 30 weeks pregnant than 40 weeks.
    And oh, man, YES the pregnancy symptoms just keep intensifying as you get closer and closer to delivering! I was in a lot of pain by the end, my hips were killing me, and the insomnia was awful (of course, in retrospect, I was still getting a TON of sleep in comparison to now, ha ha!).
    One thing I found that helped in the last few weeks was to start to think of 42 weeks as being my due date, and anything before that was “early.” My baby was 6 days overdue, which is actually “early” considering the average delivery date is 41 weeks and one day! The shift in mindset really helped me a lot, especially since you can have very painful BH contractions for weeks and weeks, and I lost my mucus plus about a week before my baby was born, so that isn’t even always a sign of impending labor. But once you have the baby all the anxiety and worry about when they will come will be completely forgotten! I remember focusing on the pregnancy so much at the time, but now that whole 9 months seemed like a non-event, nothing at all, because, really, in comparison to the whole rest of your life as a mother, it’s just a small blip in time!

  9. One thing I recommend is taking off your wedding ring, because once they hook you up to the iv, you’re going to be so much more bloated. It will be really uncomfortable, and might take a week or so to get it back on. The water weight really creeps up on you the last couple weeks!

  10. You are doing so great. I can only hope that I have as much patience and grace as you have had throughout your pregnancy in the future. This blog has been wonderful for me and I won’t even be trying to have kids for at least 2 more years! I definitely will be referring back to this once the time comes. It’s a mash between pregnancy “girl talk” and medical/well being advice and at the same time you catch us with an emotional connection. I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for, but i feel like if i were to read this during my own pregnancy I would feel like I have a good friend there rooting for me. By keeping up with BERF recently (and I just started to read a couple months ago….and read a handful of posts from earlier days) I feel like I have a good friend who is about to have a baby. You have capture our hearts in this blog and I thank you for such compelling writing and emotion on your half…and for sharing the details of your personal experience.

  11. when the heck did your belly get so big?! it seems like he grew so much in the past week or 2! do the docs have an idea of how big he is now?

    1. No estimates. I think it’s pretty normal for the belly to continue to grow. Sounds you like expected the same plateau I did : )

  12. yea i heard that they grow about a half a pound a week in the end. that is a ton! so i guess i knew it would get bigger 🙂 you were just on the smaller side to begin with, but me thinks not so much anymore! you look great-you’re having a baby any day and that belly should be large and in charge!!!

  13. I felt exactly like you did with my second baby–not sure if I was having a contraction or not w/ different pains as I got closer to delivery. (W/ my first one, my water broke before any contractions happened at all, so there was no guessing there). I just wanted to tell you now that I’ve been through it, you will definitely KNOW when they are real contractions. Not b/c they are so ungodly painful, but just b/c they start following a pattern or rhythm even in the beginning when they are far apart. Also, it feels like a deliberate sensation, like your body is signaling to you. Not like a random pain. You are so in tune w/ your body that I bet you’ll recognize it right away.

  14. Glad that you’ve been just trying to rest and lay lower and be more chill after your bout with insomia. I remember feeling so emotional at the end. PMS is a perfect analogy. I think it just means you’re super close 🙂

  15. You look great!

    I gained a lot of water weight at the end and cried in the doctor’s office one day about my weight (I was like 39 weeks pregnant, and starting to get really emotional.) The doctor told me not to worry that it would be gone soon. I lost about 20 pounds by my 2-week check-up. I’m sure it will come off quickly for you! But seriously, you look really awesome.

  16. You’re sooo close! I’m 35W4D and I can feel that pregnancy symptoms have been intensifying. Like you, I didn’t have any BHs… maybe once, not sure. But I did have several times mild period like cramp… did you? or do you? how often do you have them? I wonder what’s the reason for that.

    do you go to the doc every week now? how’s the pelvic exam to check for dilatation? I’ll have my first one next week and I’m kind of nervous if it’s going to be painful.

    1. No, I haven’t really had any bad cramps at all – maybe 1 or 2 but not until 39 weeks.

      Yes, weekly appointments and the pelvic doesn’t hurt me at all.

  17. So I was due two weeks after you (I think?) but my little man decided to come out at 35.5 weeks! He’s had a little bit of a rough start since he’s a preemie (two extra weeks in the hospital!) but overall he is doing great. He was almost 7 lbs and 19″, so a good size to be so early. I wanted to comment because he was my first baby, and as I got closer to my due date, I can’t lie that I was getting a little anxious – just because I didn’t know what to expect. But labor and delivery was SO MUCH better than I thought it would be! I drove myself to the hospital (after being checked at the doctor – I didn’t know for sure but my water had broken at home) and when I arrived I was already 4cm – had no idea! Just felt a few small cramps but nothing major at all. Two hours later, I was at 8cm – again, the contractions weren’t fun, but NOTHING as bad as I had heard/feared…I just focused on getting through each one. About half an hour later, I was at 10cm and ready to push. I only pushed 28 minutes. I know I was “lucky” with an easy labor, but I also think that I was so freaked out about labor (because of what I had heard from others), that when the actual event was happening, I was sort of like “this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be”…so maybe that helped me?! I hope you have a great experience….and as cheesy/cliche as it sounds, being a mom has the been more fulfilling and awesome than I could have ever imagined. Get ready for a love that you never knew existed!

  18. so excited for when you go into labor! I think you look great still.
    I hated the swelling at the end and my hands, feet and face looked huge to me! I was down 30lbs by 9 days pp and it felt so good to not feel so round!! lol I gained 50lbs though so in a few weeks when I get back to exercise I’ll worry about the rest then…enjoying my baby now and just eating healthier!

  19. Kath,
    You look darling! As a 45 year old mom of two teenage girls, I surprise myself that I am actually a tiny bit envious of you.
    One of the reasons is that I just had a hysterectomy two weeks ago, so my child bearing years really are over. Even though I’ve known that for awhile, it’s still so final. Another reason is that you are so cute and adorable pregnant, while I gained 45 to 50 lbs during my first pregnancy and just loathed a lot of the experience. I never worked out and ate just about everything in sight! I laugh at it now, but really wasn’t a super happy camper at the time. My last reason is that you have been able to document this whole pregnancy through words and pictures. I can barely remember the experience and there are maybe a total of 5 photos of me pregnant through two pregnancies. (Chalk that up to having to use real film to take pictures and me being self conscious of the weight gain.) Anyhow, what a blessing for you and your baby (and for others who get to learn from your experience) for you to have blogged this journey.
    Anyhow, this is long but I am so excited for you and Matt. What I do remember without photos or words to look at is the feel and the smell of that newborn baby. The joy of holding them in your arms and realizing that you created this amazing little person can hardly be expressed.
    Can’t wait to hear your good news any day now!

  20. You do not look bloaty or water-weighty at all! I bet you FEEL that way more than LOOK that way. This final countdown is very hard mentally–at least for me it was. I had a lot of problems being sociable and nice in the last week–hormones, disrupted sleep, difficulty in just moving around, etc. I opted out of my nephew’s birthday party when I was 5 days past due because I honestly wasn’t fit to be around other people, let alone a party atmosphere.
    To me, you look like you’ve dropped in just this very last set of pics. Others say they saw it before, but i didn’t. Now I do. My vote is for a 9/1/12 baby.

  21. You look wonderful!

    I remember having some similar feelings before my son was born. I knew labor was imminent and I knew he had to come out at some point, but when active labor hit I was still shocked it was really happening! Actually the whole labor experience seemed surreal for a long time…one day he was hanging out in the womb and the next day he was here, then it felt like he was never not here with us. It’s such an amazing experience and I wish you a speedy and as painless a labor as possible! ; )

  22. I think your decision to post weekly photos of your bump is a great one – it’s very cool to see the progression of Baby KERF from week to week. It also reminds me just how amazing the female body is, to be able to grow and stretch to accommodate a little person in there!

  23. Someone told me that if I took stairs two at a time it would help open up my pelvis, etc… it didn’t. But I had WAY too much amniotic fluid, so she was just floating, and not exerting any pressure at all on my cervix. Another person told me to walk along curbs, one side up, one down, same principle.
    Btw, since I had too much amniotic fluid, my stomach measured 47 cm’s at 35 weeks. I was HUGE! ENORMOUS!
    If you want to see:) This pic doesn’t do it justice, though, cause I am clothed.

  24. Congratulations! It seems as if you have reached the last week of pregnantisms and everything you are going through seems “normal” (at least to me).
    I felt like I was counting the minutes the last week and went nearly nuts running around getting the little things and big things in place. All that running around made me tired (and if you ask Bobby I was slightly more irritable.
    The day I went into labor I had gone to my OB appt and scheduled a 41 week induction. I went to the mall and walked a couple of laps, picked up some ice cream and can home exhausted.
    One nap later and my water broke and the rest was history!
    Go for a (short) walk. Get some ice cream. Take a nice nap.

  25. Ahhh! I am so excited for you! You are almost there…but then what am I going to do for the 8 weeks I have left before I deliver. I look forward to your blog each day of my own pregnancy and I feel like you will never have your baby, until I have mine! 😉 Of course this is ridiculous but it just hit me that you will be gone soon and I will be on my own with less reading material! :'( Do you plan on taking some time away from the blog before you post birth story, updates, etc?

  26. That’s funny, because I am going through the same thing! I am 38.5 weeks and feel like my newest symptom is hot flashes. I will be sitting in my office and nothing will have changed except that I start to get really, really hot. And then sweaty. And then really uncomfortable. It’s weird because I am ALWAYS cold so don’t even really know what to do when I get hot. It’s the craziest thing. I feel like I’m going through menopause! It is not fun.

    I also feel some sharp pains every once in a while. I think the baby is getting a tad cramped and so when he moves around he pokes a nerve in my back or something. It’s not horrible, but it’s still a weird feeling. Definitely not a cramp. And my Braxton Hicks are out of control. My stomach constantly feels like a bowling ball. When I go to the doctor’s they always have to wait for the right moment when my uterus relaxes to measure and feel the baby.

    And I am hoping for a lack of pain receptors in my uterus too…that would be nice. 🙂

  27. I think you look great! The baby will be here before you know it and pregnancy will seem like it was ages ago 🙂

  28. I can completely understand how you must be feeling – even on a non-pregnant person, an extra bit of bloating can make you feel really unattractive. BUT, you are still looking amazing! Definitely not any extra weight anyone else notices – you’re one of the lucky ones who just look like they’re “all baby.” 🙂

  29. I think that you are being too critical about your appearance! You look perfectly normal! I know you are used to your smaller body, but if I saw you out, I woudn’t think “whoa, she’s huge!”

    So close! I’m excited for you! You make me excited about my own pregnancy (hopefully will begin trying next year).

  30. Good luck with the waiting game Kath!

    I’ve been following but only commented once before. My due date is 9 days after yours and I’ve enjoyed reading about your thoughts and feelings during pregnancy (especially since it appears I’m your polar opposite – I’m a little miss wing-it and only started getting organised in the last few weeks, so your blog has been a useful resource!)

    I hope you have the birth that you’ve been looking forward to (and am looking forward to reading your birth story)

  31. Your feelings re. your baby poundage are entirely normal, but truly, dear Kath, you have worn this pregnancy remarkably well, especially given your naturally petite stature. Be proud of how you’ve managed to stay so strong, fit and active – firing on all cyclinders per ususal – throughout your pregnancy. That ‘charging through’ attitude shows just what an awesome mama you will be to your newborn son.

  32. Eee! I’m on vacation but had to check in to see if the little pea has arrived yet – you look FABULOUS! And just about ready to go! I can’t believe the change from last week! 🙂 And I don’t notice any water weight at all – you look awesome, blossom!!

    (ps sorry I’m still using the “formerly” on my old email address – still don’t have a new email! eep)

  33. Even though I already read this post, it’s fun rereading your weekly updates again whenever I reach that milestone. I’ve been having crazy insomnia, increased hunger, acne, etc so I’m relieved to know that it’s not just me & that someone else went through it as well. 🙂

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