39 Weeks: Snapshots

Nursery Progress Through 9 Months









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Matt’s birthday present to the baby – a hand-painted bike canvas!! I found a few on Etsy and nearly bought one when I realized I could make one myself that would be more special and a lot less expensive. But then I realized that Matt is SO much more artistic than I am and asked him if he would like to take on the project. We bought a 20×20 canvas at Michael’s for $14 and used our leftover bathroom paint for the backdrop. Some white acrylic paint, bowls for wheel tracing and a steady hand turned out into a really fun nursery addition! We might paint his name under the bike when he’s here : )


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47 thoughts on “39 Weeks: Snapshots”

  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing. You may want to lower the book racks as the baby gets a bit older so he can access the books himself. Same with some of the artwork–more at his eye level so he can really appreciate/notice them. Good luck! Hoping for labor and/or a baby on the 26th!

  2. love the nursery! the bike print looks fantastic and would be so cute with his name printed underneath 🙂

  3. Oh, I love, love, love the painting. Beautiful job, Matt! Also love the cute Etsy bike pillow (!).

    Now, where have to decided to hang the Adam & Eve painting?

  4. My sister put Pooh Bear decals on the nursery wall right by the crib. The cutest thing happened when her son got a little older. In the morning after he woke up he would sit or stand in his crib and talk (mostly gibberish) to the decals while he waited for someone to come get him. As his abilities developed you could tell that he was telling them stories (perhaps about his dreams?) He would make elaborate hand/arm gestures and say things like “aan POW!!!” throwing his arms up.

    He’s 4 now and they live in a different home, so no more Pooh decals. We joke that my sister was just trying to decorate a nursery one day while she was pregnant and she ended up giving her son his first little friends.

      1. We had a mirror in our son’s room that he could see himself from his crib. We would hear him talking when he was supposed to be napping. When we could crack open the door we would see him talking to himself in the mirror. So funny!

  5. You guys are ready!

    I love the bike print. Matt did a great job! Definitely add the baby’s name once he is here. 🙂

  6. I love how the bike print turned out! I don’t have a steady enough hand to attempt something like that, haha. I am also loving the chevron boppy cover. I am going to attempt to sew my own with some leftover chevron material…hopefully it works out.

  7. It looks so amazing, Kath! Great work! Absolutely love how all of the pieces are so different yet work so well together. A sweet little baby boy will complete it for sure!

  8. I love what you’ve done with the nursery. I know you thought about painting the walls early on, but I think the green works and that it was the right decision to leave it. So cute. Matt did a great job with the canvas also — can’t believe his hand is that steady!

    I check the blog every day hoping he’s here!

  9. Love the nursery, especially the bike painting! I would hang the beautiful bunting flags in more of a single line, I think they look a bit like a big, scary mouth!! Or maybe it’s just me??

  10. Thank you so much for posting the picture with all the boxes everywhere / craziness. I feel so much better about my nursery with all the stuff all over the place! You’re giving me some hope – it looks great!

  11. LOVE, Love, love the canvas! So Matt and Kath! You guys are so talented. Cannot wait to hear you introduce your little guy.

  12. Cute! Reminds me of getting ready for my baby boy….who is now 12 and almost as tall as me! Sigh. Loved the whole process of getting ready or baby. Will let you know how I am on the process of getting ready for teenager!

  13. I LOVE that bicycle painting, very cool! Matt did a great job, it’s great when you can create something your own, such a personal touch.
    The nursery looks great and I love the addition of a twin bed, I’m sure it will come in handy!
    So excited for you!!

  14. I love those bookshelves! What a neat idea to display the books, rather than having them on a regular shelf only to have the title showing. I will have to hit up Ikea soon!

    Great job on the bicycle..smart thinking to do it yourselves! 🙂

  15. You have left me blushing- my toddler’s room (which she is going to share with her soon to be baby brother) is still pretty much undecorated. I have no eye for detail 🙁 I love that Adam and Eve print- do you mind sharing where you bought it?

  16. I can’t believe your grandmother painted that Adam & Eve pic! So awesome. And wow girly you are about ready to pop! I was surprised when I saw your pic on katheats. I’m always amazed at how pregnant bellies go from “yeah she looks kinda pregnant” to “boing!!!” overnight! LOL

  17. Very cute nursery Kath! I had a suggestion that might be helpful for later. If you removed the twin bed and just had the mattress on the floor that would give you + baby more floor space for when he started crawling around (and no fear of him falling off the bed if he ever happened to be up there with you) and would still leave the sleeping space for you.

    I’m impressed with Matt’s artistic skills!

  18. Love the bike picture! Also, I was wondering where you got that white rocking chair? I love those but dont know where to get one!

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