39 Weeks: Thought Dump

-One unexpected con of having a big bump: I can’t get close enough to the countertops in the kitchen to reach the second shelf in our cabinets!! Sucking in doesn’t really help much.


-Matt recently brought up the fact that we are about to have new names: mom and dad! The discussion turned into: did we want to call each other mommy and daddy, mama and pops, mommy swammy (Karen’s nickname for herself when Matt was little!)? Matt said he used to call his parents mommy and daddy until late elementary school when he realized it was uncool and switched to mom and dad. My mom says I’ve called them mom and dad forever! I have a feeling we’ll be mom and dad folks, but we’ll have to see how it turns out.

-Amazon Prime, I love you SO MUCH.

-I doubt anything major will shift out of alignment in my pelvis if I sit on the couch moderately, but I’ve been warned against slouching into it for long periods of time on a daily, regular basis – makes it harder for baby to get into a good position. Hard surfaces, good posture and exercise balls are recommended instead. I’m excited to spend those hours on the couch after he is here!

-Also, I can’t WAIT to lie on my back again! It’s painful now to my sacrum and causes me to feel woozy after a few minutes.

-I am SO TIRED of my four pairs of maternity shorts. I’d buy more but…what’s the point!? I’m too close to the end. I have a feeling whenever I’m back to a somewhat normal size I’m going to want to go on a big shopping spree. Someone remind me not to spend my life savings on new clothes if you see any warning signs!

16 weeks (4)

-Doing baby laundry is fun. Now at least!


-Pregnancy is kind of like planning a wedding. In the beginning, you are SO EXCITED about all the possibilities, planning and research to do. You are consumed with it. And then when the event is over, you are so relieved. After my wedding I had “I’m so glad that’s over!” thoughts, and as I sit here at 39 weeks I’m thinking the same. Hearing someone is in their teen weeks pregnant exhausts me. I definitely want to go through pregnancy again, but I think I need a few years to recharge first!

-My mom was born 10 days early. I was 3 days early. My sister was 4 days early. I have spent more time than I care to share googling “is gestation length hereditary?”


-Similarly, no amount of googling is going to give me the answer to the above question. [Full moon = my due date!]

-At this stage of the game, every time you go to the bathroom you look down to see if there is “any news.” It’s kind of like waiting for your period to come. #TMI

-FINALLY – at 39 weeks – I can see the bottom of my endless innie belly button!! It doesn’t know what to think about the sunshine!

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51 thoughts on “39 Weeks: Thought Dump”

  1. My husband and I had a discussion recently about what we called our parents when we were little. I think we were both the same as Matt; they were mommy and daddy until we got to be a little older and it was not longer cool to call your parents that!

  2. Aw – you are so close! I always wondered if being pregnant was comparable to getting married. I’m getting married in about 11 days and I totally am going to feel a sense of “relief” when it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited and have enjoyed every step of the way, but it’s a lot of work and time (and money) and I just can’t wait to be husband and wife. I imagine it’s the same when pregnant – the only problem is that you don’t have a specific day to look forward to! That would be the thing that would drive me crazy…the unknown 🙂 Very exciting though. All the best to you Kath!

  3. Hey Kath, congrats on being so close! Your comment about being sick of your maternity clothes reminded me of some advice a friend gave me when I was pregnant last summer… Sadly, you may be in maternity clothes for awhile (I wore mine for months postpartum still…) and it may be nice to have a couple of things you’re not totally sick of. I bought a couple of maternity dresses and a new pair of maternity yoga pants right at the end, and it helped me get through he last few weeks of pregnancy (induced at 42 weeks) and it was nice to have a couple of new things to wear in the early weeks. Take care!

  4. I remember googling that exact phrase a week before my due date. It didn’t work. 🙂 Either way, your baby will be here SOON now – that’s good news!

  5. The “TMI” thought made me laugh – when my best friend was pregnant and getting close to her due date, she said she did the same thing. That might have been because I texted/called her nearly every day (she lived 3,000 miles away at the time) and asked “Is the baby here yet? What about now? Is she here now?”

  6. Well at least you got mileage out of those 4 pairs of maternity shorts 🙂 As you said, what’s the point of buying more at like 34 weeks. But by 39+ weeks, yeah, you’re ready for a little change…ha!

  7. Ha…I am obsessed with the full moon theory. In the end, the full moon was Aug. 2nd, and I went into (very early) labor a day later, at 39 weeks and 1 day. Baby arrived 48 hours later. So I don’t know if there’s anything to it but people kept telling me that as a first time mother I would be up to 2 weeks late…so…I think the moon played a part.

  8. There was a supermoon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermoon) the week before I was due with my daughter, and I was SURE it was going to pull me out of the hellish, extended pre-labor contraction fest in which I’d been existing. It didn’t happen!

    My mom delivered both my brother and I two weeks early, but I went past my due date with my singleton. (Well, and had a premature delivery of twins… but that’s a whole ‘nother ball game!) We all look for signs that the end is near, don’t we? Ha!

    I loved this tool when I was close to delivery:


    You enter your due date, and it calculates your probability of going into labor today.

  9. I went into labor on a full moon night (ten days late), and my doula had another client – due three and a half weeks after me – who went into labor the same night! The nurses said it’s always crazy on nights with a full moon. Regardless, my mantra when I got close to the end was, “She will come when she’s ready!” Good luck, Kath!

  10. This is so true “-At this stage of the game, every time you go to the bathroom you look down to see if there is “any news.” It’s kind of like waiting for your period to come. #TMI” and then eventually you’ll have news and then a baby!

  11. I don’t think there is a single women who has been or is currently pregnant that didn’t keep looking for changes in the bathroom. I did it all the time towards the end – “is this discharge different, is that the mucus plug I’ve heard/read about, etc.” A large portion of my family are in the medical field and they also talk about how the full moon increases hospital arrivals of all kinds. Maybe you’ll go in late Thurday and deliver first thing on Friday?

  12. I had my second baby girl on this August’s first full moon. I ended up laboring in triage until pushing because I couldn’t get a delivery room – the place was the fullest they’d seen all summer, they said! (My labors are fast, and I go way inside myself, so where I labored didn’t mean anything to me). During this entire pregnancy, I’d had full moon imagery, and had even drawn one on my birth inspiration board. Full moons are all about intuition – listen to yours!

  13. Kath, you should put a little caption on that photo that you are at 16 weeks in the photo. I looked at it and I was like AHHH!!! WHY IS HER STOMACH SO TINY TODAY!?! Then I hovered over it and saw 16 weeks. 🙂

  14. Oh my goodness. I totally remember the anticipation of 38+ weeks–plus, also being pretty miserable. And every time I heard about someone less pregnant than me I just thought, “Thank God I’m almost done!” Hahah. Now I’m 7w3d pregnant and…well….there’s a long way to go!

    Hope you can find some comfort in these last hours/days/weeks!

  15. Kath, what’s the proper position to sit then? I’m having so much pain/discomfort in my lower back, I just don’t know how to sit anymore.

    1. Just good posture, square hips. I guess if you slouch too much it makes it hard for baby’s head to engage. Like I said, it’s not like women don’t slouch all the time and then deliver just fine, but it just helps – with the back pain too.

  16. i kinda find it creepy when moms call their husbands “daddy”. My boyfriend’s mom calls his dad daddy and it just rubs me the wrong way. lol, i know, get my mind out of the gutter!! 🙂

  17. I was due on a full moon and convinced that I’d go into labor. Sadly, my baby had other plans and I was induced a week later. I sure hope its true for you!!

  18. This post was hilarious. And I think Karen sounds like the coolest, quirkiest, most fun mom and mother in law!

    P.s. My husband thinks I am such a weirdo for being on blog baby watch. I am just so excited for you!

  19. Ha- this post made me laugh! I have to say, nature is amazing at making all the tough parts of pregnancy and labor just blur in your mind. I have already forgotten almost everything and my daughter’s 1! As for the full moon, I went into labor on the full moon, but it was also stormy. The nurses said they have seen nothing that would tell them the full moon really does anything, but that change in barometric pressure DOES if the woman is ready for labor. So, maybe wish for some storms instead? 🙂

  20. I can relate to pretty much everything you’ve just said. Although we’re nowhere near as organized as you are. We’re still awaiting the arrival of our nursery furniture…lucky for us the in-laws own a small chain of baby stores out east (is Kentucky considered east or south?….We’re in New Mexico so it’s all pretty much east to us). We just learned that we need to upgrade our detergent for the cloth diapers, so that’s on the list (as well as the cloth diapers themselves). And don’t get me started on painting… We have 6 six weeks…. both my brother and I were 2 weeks early, so if that is hereditary, then we only have a month… to get the rest sorted.

  21. I love logging on every morning to see if your little man has arrived yet! You are so close. Even I am excited way out in California. I’ve noticed I have a hard time bending over into the washing machine (we have a top loader) and even reaching the dishes at the bottom of our deep kitchen sink. That darn belly gets in the way!

  22. Seriously, thank God for Amazon Prime. Our UPS man is getting a big tip this Christmas!

    Also, just a tip: if you go out to eat now, request a table, not a booth. My belly didn’t fit when we went out to dinner this weekend. Awkward.

  23. We are Mommy and Daddy. And we have been since we got our first dog together. Yep, totally “those people.” Sometimes I refer to myself as Mama, when talking to Anderson. Like if he’s crying, I say “Mama’s here.”
    I called my parents Mommy and Daddy for a long time too, and to this day, still call them that when I am feeling particularly strong emotions about something. I also call my mom Marmee (from Little Women). Also, apparently when I was about two I went through a phase where I called my mom “Mother.” Can you imagine? My mom says it made her feel ancient!

  24. I’m surprised, because you seem like such a classic Southern Belle, that you don’t call your parents Mama and Daddy!

  25. I was two weeks late and my daughter was born 3 1/2 weeks early, to my surprise! She would have been earlier but I thought my water breaking was her on my bladder. I cleaned up the bathroom floor and went back to bed. Two nights later I started having contractions and when we went to the hospital and the nurses asked me when my water had broke I put two and two together. So just remember when your water breaks, it may just be a tiny bit of fluid! You are on the home stretch! How exciting! I was so excited to have my daughter out of me and not be pregnant any longer, but once I had her (super easy delivery without any meds) I really missed being pregnant! Now I get so happy for new moms about to experience the best day of their life! If I could relive that day over and over again I would, even with the pain of childbirth!

  26. Amazon Mom + Amazon Prime = How I buy everything!!! EVERYTHING, except food (and even where I buy some food that is not carried locally).

  27. I work at the hospital, and I can confirm that on full moons, we have WAY more labours than any other night. I have no idea why…. old wives tale, maybe – but it happens all the time!

  28. I have to say something kind of personal but I thought I would share, I recently had a miscarriage at 7 weeks my life went from my dreams coming true too my worst nightmares turning into reality. That was 3 weeks ago today and after it happened i seriously had this fear that I would not be able to carry on reading and enjoying your blog posts because of jealousy and the fact that I kind of developed this hate for women who are pregnant and women who just had babies. Not their fault at all but your the only person I can look at and see you about to give birth and i still feel excited/ happy for you! I wish you all the best when the time comes and I can’t wait to know this little guys name and see what he looks like!

    1. I’m so sorry Ashton….I can’t imagine. It brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for your comment though, and best of luck.

  29. Kath, I just realized that you never mentioned buying a breastpum. I know you’re planning to breastfeed, just wonder if you also to plan to pump to let Matt to feed the baby, or to pump to increase milk supply.

    1. I was torn between manual and electric so I’m waiting until after, with the possibility of renting one. I feel like there are so many things to buy and plan for that pumping is just not something I want to think about now, but maybe 1 month in when we could introduce a bottle we might consider doing that.

      1. I breastfed all of my children – a total of 6 years all up! I bought a breastpump and some bottles with my first and it was my single biggest waste of money! I tried pumping and it was so much more time consuming than just feeding my baby (and finding time to express in the early days is so hard anyway!), then when we tried to give him the expressed milk, he refused! Wasted time, effort and money! I decided just to embrace the time I had with him as a baby and breastfed exclusively from then on. Dads don’t need bottles to help them bond – there are plenty of other great moments for them (bath time is a good one for dads). Do what works, but having other people feed my baby was over-rated for me! I enjoyed breastfeeding, so there was no need for anything else!

  30. Not much is harder than waiting through those last couple weeks of pregnancy. I recall being irrationally upset with my friends who had their babies at 38 or 39 weeks, as my first baby came five days late (I’m embarrassed I felt that way now!). Everyone tells you to focus on something else, but, the truth is, there is just no avoiding that a woman is going to be 100% focused on the birth of her child as her due date approaches (and/or passes!). Hang in there. Baby will be here soon, but you are currently going through an experience shared by pretty much all women who get this far along in their pregnancies. The one piece of advice I’m glad I took after my due date passed with no baby? Go to a movie! That’s one thing you absolutely won’t be doing for a good long while after the baby is here. As for people who tell you to enjoy every last bit of sleep you can get right now? That’s hog wash. A 39+ week pregnant woman’s body is not going to allow her to get a great night’s sleep, and she shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or bad for it. Good luck to you; you are truly in the home stretch!

  31. My dad and his brothers and sisters always called their parents mommy and daddy. I never think about it until I’m with him and his siblings at the same time (every few years) and they talk about them (they’ve both passed away) and for some reason my brother and I find it soooo awkward. Something about grown men and women, especially our own father, saying “mommy” and “daddy” makes us so uncomfortable!! It should definitely not be allowed in adulthood haha.

  32. I know this means nothing at this point, but hang in there, you are so close!

    I discovered what I thought was a birthmark when I saw the bottom of my belly button in those final weeks, Dan said it was a scar from my umbilical cord, interesting guess from the hubby. 😉

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