4 Weeks: Baby’s First International Trip

This week the baby and I traveled out of the country! We swam in a pirate’s cave together and snorkeled with schools of fish. We’re in JAMAICA!!! Other than horribly painful breasts and a few twinges here and there, I’m feeling really great. Energy is good – swimming in the ocean is fun!

IMG_3628 IMG_9142

Matt and I are eating well.

IMG_3770 IMG_3791

We’ve been discussing the science of pregnancy quite a bit, as both of us are science nerds and it seems for the time being we prefer to talk about placentas and hormones over nursery colors or names 🙂 Matt has been so sweet to me all week – I think he’s really starting to imagine the tiny baby growing inside as his future child. He’s started putting his hand on my stomach when we fall asleep <3


I read A Panic Free Pregnancy on the plane and at the resort. Great book! It really helped me sort through the wives’ tales and research to collect my thoughts. As a result, I avoided the hot tubs all week except for putting my feet and legs in a few times 🙁 I also drank about dozen different virgin drinks, although I had a few sips of Matt’s to taste and felt OK with that.

Dr. Broder feels very strongly that women should be as active as they feel comfortable during pregnancy (after all, our ancestors might have had to run from tigers and their babies survived or we wouldn’t be here!). Last week I felt like my normal exercises were too much, but since I’m feeling so good this week I’ve added workouts back. I went for two (very short) runs on the jogging track, took a spin class, did a lifting routine and lots of walks. It feels really good to be active again! I’m definitely working out at a lower intensity – even when I run. Something deep inside of me (the baby, perhaps!?) just feels nervous about getting that out-of-breath-dripping-in-sweet feeling I used to love. My runs have probably decreased to 9-9:30 minute miles and anything that involves too much shaking is out of the question. But sweating again and doing more than just walking felt really really good.


Matt and I have been sleeping 9-10 hours a night. I have no idea if this is pregnancy related or if we’re both just in vacation mode, but I rarely sleep more than 8.5, so I’m going to assume this is pregnancy! All I can say is that I feel well rested and not too fatigued. Unless you count going to bed at 9:30 as fatigue!


Did you notice my Lemon Drop martini (lemon juice, simple syrup, lime and a sugar rim?), or my Pina Colada, my Minty Mojito (seltzer, mint, lime) or the Sunset Martini (pineapple, cherry, lemon)?

IMG_3834 IMG_3511

I never knew virgin drinks could be so good! It is a little sad having to say no to the wine, the Red Stripe and the hundreds of mixed drinks people around me are sipping. But on the bright side, I felt great every morning and have avoided headaches and hangovers. And it is fun to tell people we were expecting – even though saying I was 4.5 weeks along was a little embarrassing.

I didn’t take any 4/5 week photos, but luckily I was in my suit all week! So I’ll let these count –


Not much of a bump yet 😉


Did you notice this blog comment in response to this photo:

“There must be a Great Harvest bun in the oven because you are glowing”



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  1. I’m really enjoying these BERF posts, makes us get all exited for what’s to come. She was right! You were glowing, guess she was the only one who could pin point what it was 🙂

  2. Hi Kath – can I ask what you mean by “anything that involves too much shaking is out of the question”? Is that because it doesn’t feel comfortable or because you aren’t supposed to shake? I do crossfit, which has us doing things like jumping on boxes, burpees, etc. Would this prevent me from getting pregnant? Or would it not allow the baby to “stick” if I were pregnant (i.e. before I had a positive pregnancy test)? I have done a lot of googling to see what type of exercise PREVENTS pregnancy and can’t come up with much (unless you are too underweight). Obviously I would scale back heavy exercise if I were indeed pregnant, but do I need to completely cut out my crossfit while trying to conceive?

    sorry for all the questions, but this is just so helpful!

    1. Crossfit is fine while you are trying to conceive…unless your doctor tells you otherwise. I do a crossfit style workout with kettlebells and was actively doing it through conception…no modifications. Once I was pregnant I started modifying immediately…mostly because I was suffering from morning sickness. There is a blog out there about pregnancy and crossfit…Crossfit mama or something like that. They have a WOD and modifications for each trimester.

      1. Thanks, Allison. I am more worried about the “jumping” types of exercises… which I am wondering if Kath alluded to in her post with “shaking”. I know it isn’t good to do these when you are pregnant, but I am thinking about conception and how that type of exercise affects your ability to conceive. I mean, do I really have to stop this form of exercise every month in the *hopes* that I may be implanting? And then be upset every month that I didn’t conceive? And I can’t really say to the instructor – “I am not going to do these burpees or box jumps because I am trying to conceive” …yeah that would be a bit awkward..

        1. Haha, that would be awkward. I just know that I did burpees, box jumps, and jumping jacks all while I was in that “two week wait” before finding out I was pregnant (my pregnancy was a surprise), but I did find out at 10 days past ovulation, because I chart my cycles. So it was pretty early. I think there are some women who “take it easy” while they are waiting between ovulation and a positive test, and I think it usually has to do with previous miscarriage. Again, since I wasn’t in that boat, and hadn’t talked to my doctor about it, I don’t know what is reccomended by the medical community, I can only speak from my personal experience. My doctor told me to continue on with my exercise as normal, but not setting out for any PR’s or anything, and if anything felt uncomfortable to stop.

          1. Dr James Clapp writes a good book about excercise and pregnancy. Basically if you’re active ahead of time, you can keep at it without much change. I ran 22 miles while 3 weeks pregnant (unknowingly) and wondered why I was so tired. I was able to stay pretty active througout- ran for 7 months and swam and hiked the last couple. My 17 month old was and is healthy– I think people still overreact in terms of activity level and pregnancy- but it is up the individual person to listen to their own body. For me it was essential I stay active as thats when I felt the best.

    2. Lisa,
      I haven’t heard any reason not to exercise as you normally would. Panic Free Pregnancy said you can do whatever you want.

      But in my case, I just didn’t WANT to shake my uterus. It felt really fragile during this time so it made me feel uncomfortable. I also didn’t want to push myself to be breathing really hard. It just didn’t feel right. You’ll just have to wait and see how you feel

  3. I seriously love all these posts. I truly believe that some people can just tell when other people are pregnant. I didn’t have that feeling with you, but when my sister got pregnant, I had no clue. One night, I had a dream about her and she was pregnant – I posted on her facebook wall the next morning that “I had a dream you were pregnant last night”. She called me within two minutes and I asked her if she was calling me to let me know she was pregnant. Between sobs (ha!), she told me she had found out only two days before and hadn’t told anyone but her husband yet. CREEEEPPPPYYYYY!!!! Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’d like to think I have a sixth sense. 😉

  4. Kath, love the posts and the fact that you knew it but didn’t tell everyone, but were still pre-writing or keeping track of things…because it’s fun to go back in time mentally through your posts now with the knowledge that wow, on your trip you were pregnant…and laying in that raft, you have cut up abs! There is no way in a million years I’d have ever guessed you were preggers…if anything, the standing up pic of you in your swimsuit, I remember when you posted bikini shots I thought to myself, wow, Kath looks great and so fit! (A fit pregnant lady…never would have guessed!) 🙂

  5. When I viewed the photos in your blog post regarding your vacation, I too noticed that you were glowing-off-the-screen! I just thought that was attributed to simply being on vacation in Jamaica! But, you were indeed very glow-y!

  6. You’ll notice your pace will change from time to time with running during pregnancy. Early on, I actually got really conservative and scared of running and getting out of breath. Then I mellowed after running my half marathon. I wasn’t doing speed sessions, but my body somehow adjusted. Then later . . . I was running WAY slow and felt like it was really difficult. But staying active during my pregnancy — especially with the running — helped me bounce back so fast. You’re going to do great!

    1. With the exception of this vacation and a few days when I was really sick, I’ve gotten in almost an hour of exercise a day and it really does help me feel great. I’m getting some cravings to run, but I’m almost scared to since it’s been soooo long since I really ran! For the most part walking and body pump are my main exercises, but I would like to try running a few more times

  7. To be honest, I totally stalked these photos of you to see if there was any news you might be PG 😉 And I saw the drinks and thought you weren’t. Sneaky Kath!

    I went to mexico shortly after I found out I was PG the first time (~6 weeks, just in time for morning sickness!) so I can relate to how you can feel a tad left out not getting to sit in that hot tub or worrying a ton about what you ingest, or getting too much sun ect. But wasn’t it great to sleep???? It sounds like you had a blast at any rate!

  8. I was wondering how you felt about going away knowing a miscarriage was still possible. I’ll admit I know zilch about miscarriages, but don’t women sometimes need medical attention?

    (That sounded really negative, don’t get me wrong, I am REALLY excited for you, but also curious since I’m planning a vacation soon and might be in a similar situation.)

    1. Yeah, my mom was nervous. I felt like it was early enough that I would hopefully just have had a really heavy period. I did take some strong medicine – Aleeve – and pads along, just in case. I’m not sure how I would have felt if our trip was scheduled at 9-11 weeks. I think that’s when medical attention is more serious if you need it.

        1. I probably mentioned it to Kath so much that she thought I was being overly negative. I’ve just had lots of friends and daughters of friends miscarry (and myself too), so I did worry some.

  9. That’s awesome that you got some bikini photos at the beginning of your pregnancy! And I love all the virgin cocktails – you totally had me fooled 🙂 I can’t believe how pretty the Sunset Martini is. That’s amazing a reader guessed so early on – you must have been bowled over when you read that comment!

  10. This vacation looks wonderful!
    I am in T1 of pregnancy and have had to go from 6-8x of exercise each week to 4-5x.
    I’m planning to run a half marathon on March 11th and a 5k a couple weeks later… slow and steady though! No racing for me!

    My biggest issue is the fatigue. I’ve had fatigue like no other.

    How far along are you now? Is the morning sickness still around?

    1. Nearly 14 weeks and it’s still there (in the evenings) but getting better. I skipped my medicine yesterday and it was worse, so I took it today. I’m totally fine when I take it.

  11. Hey Kath – I subscribe to your blogs by email, and lately I’ve been getting two copies of the KERF email each day. I am wondering if one of them is supposed to be from Baby KERF instead, as I haven’t received any Baby ones, but clearly you’ve been posting. Has anyone else mentioned this?

        1. You were right!! I was looking at the RSS only. I never changed the email when I opened the site. It should be fixed now!

  12. Kath,

    I am really enjoying reading these posts on BERF! I hate to say it…but I enjoy reading them even more than KERF because I am so looking forward to having a little one in the future. Probably 2 years away for me. I especially enjoyed reading about the planning you did to conceive–I plan on doing the exact same thing because I don’t embark on any adventure with out a PLAN.

    Congrats to you and Matt.

  13. You will be desperately wanting that body back by the end! I can’t wait to start shrinking. I feel like a whale. Just keep exercising however you can and you’ll feel good. I know you will. I also cut out all rigorous exercise in the beginning, it just didn’t feel right! And for the Crossfit questions above, I quit at about 6 weeks.

    1. This study that Shu Box shared pretty much sums up my thoughts. I don’t think I’d be bold enough to have one drink a day, but it made me much less scared of sips and now that I’m in the second tri, I feel that tiny glasses are ok every now and then:


      You also have to think to Europe and the other countries in the world who drink moderately throughout. The real risk is binge drinking.

      1. Hi Kath, to be honest, I do not see any “moderate” drinking throughout pregnancy in my surroundings (I’m living in Germany and really LOVE your blogs – we are trying to get pregnant, too, so I am very excited on each new post here!) and as I am starting to become a naturopathic doctor, I really do not share that “no risk”-thinking in taking a few sips now and then. Of course, this is your decision – and I am just sharing my thoughts – but as I have been working with (mentally disabled) people in Estonia that have mothers who were drinking throughout pregnancy, I am very aware of such studies as you shared. But you seem to be a person who knows what is good for the own body, and I am sure that this is the best thing to deal with all of that. All the best for you three ( : !

        1. I grew up in the UK for half of the time and my three sister in laws were pregnant in Europe/Asia. They all drank a glass or two of wine most days (with food) through their pregnancies…maybe less so in the first trimester before their initial ultrasounds (all 7 pregnancies resulting in babies healthy and thriving.) It’s not like they went out of their ways to drink, but they drank in moderation when they wanted to with a meal and didn’t really fret over it. I know that’s really anecdotal evidence, and no American doctor will condone it on the record, but it made sense to me. That said, the puritanical American in me has been far more cautious. I had one mimosa on Xmas day and a beer in the Caribbean to date. Maybe I will relax a bit more about it come the third trimester.

  14. I actually prefer virgin drinks because I have an aversion to the smell of alcohol. I always pretend alcoholic drinks taste like virgin drinks when I see pics of them.

    You were glowing! How did we all not know? I had a feeling, though!!

  15. Gah, I love this blog so much. It makes me want a baby now, though, which isn’t good:)
    I definitely have the pregnancy alert thing – I knew my best friend was pregnant instantly, as well as one of my co-workers. I attribute this more to my own nosiness more than anything else. I’m thinking about transitioning to natural birth control (charting, etc.), but I’m nervous about going off the pill. I LIKE that it regulates my hormones for me.


  16. Eh, workout wise, you’re still pretty hard core. I also backed off the very aerobic stuff (rowing machine, running) as it just didn’t feel 100% right. But I’ve enjoyed weights, yoga, and walking. I think you just do your best. I am all for not treating pregnancy as an illness, but I also kind of feel like, hey, time to give myself a little break, for, you know, growing a person.

  17. Amazing! You did a great job fooling everyone except for that glow. 🙂 Here I thought you were having all of those drinks and never thought of them being virgin. That is so sweet about Matt putting his hand on your tummy. You both are going to make fantastic parents! 🙂

  18. Although a tad off topic, may I ask about your trip to Jamaica?! I’m going in a little over a month and would love to hear 1) where you stayed, and 2) if you have any must-do recommendations! Thanks in advance!

  19. As a long time reader of KERF, I am so incredibly happy for you both and I am loving the new blog. As a woman in her late 20s who is thinking about having kids herself in the next few years, its refreshing to be reading about not just the “fluffy” bits of pregnancy (which can be fun too), but to also hear about all your thoughts, fears and the science behind it. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with all your readers.

    1. I’m truly sorry about it. It’s part of the package from my sponsor, so I didn’t choose it necessarily. If you go to the bottom left and hit close, it should be gone for the next hour you spend on the site and won’t be in your way

    1. That is a wonderful collection of research – very straight forward and honest. As a lover of beer and wine, I’m so glad I can enjoy little bits.

  20. Hi there! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog, and I’m 10 weeks pregnant myself now. I got so excited (as in a blog stalker sort of way) when I read the title of this post, because at 4 weeks we went on a trip to the French Alps with my parents to ski.
    I was super careful, but my mom was really worried all the time 🙂 I was in my ski clothes all week though, so my “pre-belly picture” is me in the ski resort, in the middle of a snow storm, holding my jackets/fleece/etc up to bare my belly for the camera. So funny 🙂
    It’s a good thing ski days only last until 4pm, because then I could sleep from 4-6 and then go to bed at 10pm every night. I was exhausted!

  21. I think I would feel the same way about my running intensity when the day comes when I’m pregnant.

    I was just thinking….I really need to get it out of my system now, the running till I’m red in the face and dripping in sweat workouts.

    Your pictures from Jamaica has me considering that location for our next vacation. We’ve been to many tropical locations (we got married in Puerto Vallarta, honeymooned in the Philippines and visited Hawaii many many times but never been to Jamaica). I have assumptions about Jamaica from pictures and stories and your posts have changed my mind about it. I just wanted to tell you that your recaps have been really great. I need to bookmark those posts and save it for the future.

  22. I totally agree on staying active during pregnancies! I continued to run 4-6 miles during the first trimester and a half and then things just got…tiring 🙂 I did continue to walk 2-4 miles every day though until the day I gave birth.

  23. Hi Kath!

    I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that your in-depth posts about your journey from conception and beyond has been a life saver for me as my husband and I have been trying the past few months. I just got my first BFP two days ago and am so ecstatic! It was 10 DPO and the line was very faint so my husband was unsure what that meant. I brought up your post comparing your 10 DPO, 12 DPO, and 14 DPO to show the different line darkness and then he got really excited as well (he is a very visual person)! I just had a quick question for you because I am pretty sure that we conceived the day that I ovulated which was November 2, so by that calculation I am only 2 weeks. But if I go with the first day of my last period I am 5 weeks (my cycle was still recovering from being on the pill for so many years). What date did you go by when you were doing your week by week posts? Is it just personal preference? I am finding it all a bit confusing.

    Thank you so much for your help and for being so thorough and honest in your posts, they are truly very helpful 🙂

    1. I went by my ovulation day (which I knew) but you still want to add 2 weeks to that to standardize it – so you’d be 4 weeks. Your doctor will be able to help you do the math for your due date, and ultrasounds will further confirm the due date (or due week really!)

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