40 Weeks: Over The Hill

Lordy, lordy, the baby’s 40!

[Writing this on Labor Day!]


I am totally surprised and totally not surprised at all to be here. We all know first time moms often go over. It’s just weird that it’s September and I’m still just chugging along!! I feel like my due date was a big event that has now passed. I survived 40 weeks of pregnancy. Only thing is: I’m still pregnant and we don’t have a baby yet! Of the four women in my yoga class who were the same week as me, I’m the only one who didn’t go early. The others went at 37.5, 39 and 39.5 weeks. Guess I have to pull up the average! The only real reason going over has been a bummer is because our families were all planning to visit this week and since he’s not here yet, everyone is just on standby.


Overall, I’m feeling pretty patient. In fact, I think I’m less on edge than I was before 40 weeks. As a planner, coming early would have been a big surprise. But it’s not a surprise if he comes now – we are 100% ready. Matt was hoping he’d come on his due date because he had the whole weekend off from work. But maybe the baby wanted us to spend one last weekend together before he bursts into the world?

[Edited to add: Tuesday I was not feeling as patient! But then I cheered up : ) ]


Over the past week, I’ve noticed a huge increase in the following:

-Popping pelvis and back when I roll over at night. The first time this happened it freaked me out – I really thought I had cracked something in the baby because the pop was SO LOUD yet it didn’t hurt me at all. I waited with my breath held until he moved again. If I’m not gentle with my nightime rollovers, I can pop 3-4 things in a row. Again, not painful, just scary-weird. Everyone has told me it’s just my pelvis expanding, for which I am thankful. Make room!

-Braxton Hicks contractions. If you told me I was in early labor, I would believe you. That’s how much the ache down below accompanied by a firm-all-over stomach contractions have increased. And if you told me “giiiiirl just you wait until you have your first real contraction – this is nothing!” I’d believe you equally! I’ve read that real contractions come from the back to the front, wrap around you and are somewhat uncomfortable. These are not really painful up top, but they can be down low in the neck of the pear (if my uterus is still an upside-down pear). I’m feeling tons more pressure down there and ache, crampiness and some lower back aches too. Enough that I feel real labor is looming!

-Headbutting. Or at least that’s what I think it is. Sometime at 40 weeks, 2 days I think he dropped a bit more – perhaps on our long walk. All night I was having pains way down in my pelvis. They occur with baby movement, so I don’t think they are period cramps or early labor – I think he is just stuck down there and trying to wiggle is head (or something!) loose! It’s been quite painful at times. Enough to take my breath away.

-SIDE PAIN. My gosh, every night this hurts so badly – from my IT band all the way up my hips to my lower back. It’s worse than some headaches I’ve had in my life – a throbbing ache. And after rolling over, it takes a while for the throbbing to stop. I really wish I could sleep on a magic carpet suspended in the air!

-I’ve started waddling when I get up from being seated. Not because I have to but because it feels good.

-My whole face is breaking out! Hoping this means hormonal surge…

Symptoms that have decreased:

    • Insomnia, sort of
    • Rib pain – much much better
    • Hunger is on and off, but mostly just back to normal
    • Swelling is better
    • Fatigue is mostly gone – I feel pretty normal again, although life is calmed down too


Every day is different than the last – new symptoms appear and others disappear. I really feel like I’m getting close though! Luckily, other than sleeping, I’m not all that uncomfortable. I’m very excited to meet him, but at the same time, I feel like I’m more focused on the present than the future now. I still can’t believe we’re going to have a baby any day! It’s hard to imagine labor because I just don’t know how mine will be. I tend to think of it as this really gradual onset – regular contractions for hours, then painful regular contractions for days, then a baby days after that. I forget that there is also a chance it could go very quickly! In fact, it’s very likely that it will all happen from start to finish in less than a day. I said to Matt when we woke up on Monday: “Isn’t it weird that we could be sleeping in the hospital tonight?”

Foodblog-4923 Foodblog-4925

At the doctor’s yesterday, was still 1cm, a little more effaced (50%) and he had moved to a –1 station – progress! He also passed his non-stress test with flying colors. Friday we’ll go in for an ultrasound to look at the placenta and fluid levels and do another non-stress test. If those look good, I’ll probably go back Monday or Tuesday for a membrane sweep and if that doesn’t work – induction likely next Wednesday.

Here’s to hoping I don’t write a 41 week post!


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62 thoughts on “40 Weeks: Over The Hill”

  1. I’m surprised you wouldn’t do a membrane sweep. I guess I found it to be less invasive and it wasn’t painful – literally the practitioner rubs a finger between your bag of water and the wall of your uterus. I chose to have a membrane sweep at 37 weeks (I was all ready 3cm dilated so I didn’t think it was too big of a deal) , 38 weeks (I think I was 4cm by then) , and I had our first baby at 38.5 weeks. Some people think it does nothing but I thought of it as that extra something to help kick start things. Maybe consider talking to your doc and see if they’ll do one? I would try that first any day over a pitocin induction.

    Overall, I think being past 40 weeks must be hard emotionally but in the big picture, it’s just not that big of a deal. I know you’re anxious to meet your new person but what’s a few more days? As a mom of a 15 month old (and one more in a few weeks!), the idea of just my husband and I seems so foreign – shoot, alone time also seems strange! Everyone will tell you to enjoy it, sleep, etc. while you can and it’s true! I think the only thing I would recommend is going to see a movie – if you can physically!

      1. Yes! I’m totally surprised you’re so on board with induction! To me, it just seems REALLY unnatural. Like, chemically forcing a baby out? Before inductions, babies came whenever they were ready!

        1. I’m not on board with it at all, but the risks to baby’s health go up dramatically after 42 weeks (evidence-based) and I’m not willing to put my baby at risk for major health complications.

          1. Hey girl, you look gorgeous. Good for you for trying to plan any scenario. Question: I thought induction was the Dr. breaking your water for you. What is this chemical talk?

        2. That wasn’t very nice! I think Kath is doing a great job of doing all she can to hang in there! At some point if the baby isn’t coming, induction might be necessary!

    1. I found it to be VERY painful so I guess it differs from person to person. But yes, would try it before induction, which is why I did it.

      1. Membrane sweep is REALLY painful IF your cervix is still really high. Most of those who say it doesn’t hurt-their cervix is probably really thin and low. Or they have a really high pain tolerance. My description of membrane sweep-being punched in the vagina.

        Yes, inducing is a chemical way of starting labor-but some people don’t go into labor on their own. I didn’t, nor did my body respond to the pitocin. My uterus stopped contracting at one point when the pitocin was lowered. Maybe I didn’t have any of those hormone receptors on my uterus? I ended up with a c-section after 36 hours of labor and a 10 and a half pound baby. There is something to be said for listening to your body. If I had attempted to deliver vaginally, he would have gotten stuck in my pelvis or he would have broken it.

      2. I had it done and it was just an ouchy second or two. But in my case, it did nothing but bring on false labor. I had my son 6 days afterward, five days after his due date.

  2. I just wanted to say hang in there. I went 42 weeks 2 days with mine that was born in May and he turned out just fine. They still had to induce (I guess the little guy just really liked it in there!), but I was able to have a natural delivery despite the induction. It all worked out fine. I know it’s hard to get through these past few days but you can do it. Hang in there!

  3. 40 weeks – so exciting!! You look great Kath, healthy, fit and strong- ready to rock your delivery!! Keep staying positive (as best you can- you’re 40 wks, so some “down moments” are certainly understandable) and when the contractions/heavy labour starts – my best advice is to Stay Focused. Focus on your intentions, draw strength from Matt and something that worked for me- talk to your baby. Let him know that you’re working WITH him and that the two of you are in this together and that everything is going to be ok. I remember my Mom telling me “think of the baby- if you think you’re scared/tired/hurting, think of how that little tiny baby feels” – I loved this advice. “Stay strong for the baby” became my mantra. 🙂
    All of your readers are so excited for you and sending you good thoughts! xo

  4. The late night/early morning of my due date, I started having contractions. They were even timeable and after 2 hours they disappeared. This happened Friday/Sat. Sat/Sun and Sun/Mon ugh, still no baby. Monday I started materinity leave and declared I was going to enjoy my last day to get out on my own without worry about child care. I went to the chiro, got a mani/pedi, ate lunch out, shopped for crafts and finished up with yoga class. Finally, Tuesday I woke up and realized I had slept more than ever, had one contraction which I didn’t pay attention to, had a good cry and an hour later my water broke! I spent the morning moving around and gardening, the afternoon relaxing, and went to the birth center about 5:30. The baby was here at 8:14, about 12 hours after my water broke. Awesome labor and delivery.

    The point of my rambling: those contractions are doing something and babies are born on their birth date, not due date. So good that you enjoyed your weekend with just you and Matt. My husband and I did the same the weekend of our due date.

    Also, my contractions did not wrap around my back at first. They just felt like really intense period cramps until my contractions got to active labor and my contactions were about 4 minutes apart.

  5. Hi Kath,

    I’m an American living in London and my due date is just one week after yours! Unfortunately, as of last week, my baby still wasn’t engaged at all but I go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if there has been any progress.

    Anyway, just wanted to pass along some info from my yoga teacher – she is a strong advocate of natural birth – and she highly recommends having a sweep. She actually encourages women to have it done at their 40 week appointment because she said it sometimes takes a few days to get things going and sometimes you need more than one. So, her suggestion would be to get one done this friday if you can, and then again on monday, as you plan to, so that way you have two chances for naturally inducing before wednesday’s deadline.

    Just thought I’d share, I know you have read a bunch on pregnancy and labor and delivery and am sure you are making informed decisions, just wanted you to have another opinion from across the pond!

    It does sound like your body is making progress towards birth though so hopefully all will kick into gear soon!

  6. You look super great! I know how it is, the emotional roller coasting as each day goes by without going into labor. I wrote a 41 week post with my first and was one day away from writing one with my second but they both came out as big healthy boys, guess I they just wanted to grow a little more!

  7. I hear you! I’m eight days past my due date as of this morning… I had a non-stress test yesterday, too, and will go in for the ultrasound on Thursday if our little guy hasn’t arrived. We will have to induce on Monday or Tuesday if he doesn’t come on his own, so I am reallllly hoping things get to moving sooner than later.

    Regarding the “headbutting” type of pain– my midwife said that there are lots of nerve endings in the pelvis and the feeling is just the baby’s head moving across those nerves. No need to worry about him actually ramming his head against your cervix. 😉

  8. you look great for being so far along – no stretch marks, lucky!

    small note, instead of hoping to not write a 41 week post, i think it would be better to say something along the lines of “here’s hoping he comes out health and alive whenever he is ready”, you know what i mean?

      1. I bet you’re hating the comments today. When I was 5 days overdue with my son, I wanted to punch any and everyone with an opinion. 🙂

  9. You’ll do great, Kath! I am so excited for you all to meet your little one! …….As for the wondering about the contractions thing- if they start getting regular then they are real contractions (not saying HARD contractions but real contractions) Just keep track of them on one of the apps if you think they may be regular. The app I used was SUPER helpful! 🙂
    I had real contractions from about 8am-6pm ranging from 2 minutes to 4 minutes apart– the hospital wasn’t going to admit me but made me stay since I have an hour and a half drive to the hospital….. 7:00 came and brought HARD contractions and by 9:43 I had my blessing on my skin to love on! The hard part can come fast and go kind of quickly!

  10. Here’s the thing to remember….you will have a baby eventually, so relax and let nature take its course. My second child was a little over a week overdue. Babies come when they are ready, not when you expect or want them to come.

  11. Hang in there Kath. It’s not easy being patient, but the long nine months are over and the good news is that no matter what, within a week or so you’ll have a son! 🙂

  12. It’s honestly almost weird how cute and normal you look! Someone so pregnant should look exhausted and puffy and everything, but you just look like a very healthy pregnant woman.

  13. Lots of sex + membrane sweep will go a long way towards getting things moving (and FAR preferable to a chemical induction). Just some food for thought,

    P.S. If you are Kath’s mom/dad/inlaws etc, stop reading now…….I *personally* found that sex plus some um…extra rounds….of stimulation…that result in a, uh, crescendo of sorts…ahem…causes the uterus to contract, and really got my lackluster contractions going. Bonus was that I could do that by myself if necessary…sorry TMI, TMI, I know, but it works!

  14. You seem so calm and prepared! Your attitude of preparedness but adaptability is what will make a good birth experience no matter what happens. Good luck!

  15. Depending on how comfortable you are, sex can help move things along. Seriously. Every friend I know that went past their due date, starting having a lot and a few days later, baby was there. 🙂

  16. If I had your personal e-mail I’d e-mail this to you off the blog so as not to draw any attention to anything negative that people say bc in some ways such negativity doesn’t even warrant a second glance…I cannot believe how people talk to you. It is a real shame, and their loss in terms of understanding how a blog works and why we are free to choose who to read, and move on if it isn’t a match for learning and community. You’re such a great example for all of us who support and connect with you. I really am sorry that people feel (though I guess it is their right, and then yours to delete the comment) that they are doing something beneficial for the world by criticizing you in ANY way shape or form, particularly at 40+ weeks pregnant. A blogger I love (FeedingTheSoil) says she will not just “read” a blog, but rather she will only read it if she then takes the messages to heart and learns from the blog how to live more of a bold, vibrant, healthful (you get the idea) life from reading about other’s honest experiences in their own lives. You really DO that for so many readers! You’re a brave, brave woman to be putting all of this out here and it helps and comforts those of us who read and learn by example, chatting, reading, etc. I am proud that you are still sticking to your beliefs and wants while over-due. I am also shocked (okay, and maybe a little envious) with how great you look (does that sound too vain of me) which I know is besides the point. I looked like an elephant – it really wasn’t just in my head. And I am petite, too. Anyway…I keep checking back here for updates. Sending positive vibes for you, Matt and the baby. Can’t wait for the big reveal.

    1. I totally agree!! You are so awesome and amazing, Kath, for putting this blog out here for all of us to read! THANK YOU!! 🙂
      Good luck, best wishes! I’m so excited and happy for you & Matt!

  17. “I’ve read that real contractions come from the back to the front, wrap around you and are somewhat uncomfortable.”

    Unless you have back labor~! Besides the non painful Braxton Hicks I never had any pain in the front… (Until, as I always feel the need to say, I reached 9 cm and Transition and EVERYTHING hurt, lol.)

    Good luck, Kath!

    1. Agree…I had back labor and it just felt like constant tightness and the worst pain everrrr. I don’t wish back labor on anyone! But thankfully I had a super fast labor and didn’t have drugs just because it was so fast. Had it been any longer I would have given in for sure. Good luck, hoping for a fast and non-back labor!

  18. You are awesome! With my first and second (now hoping for a third!), I had to be induced after 40 weeks, and both births were just wonderful. I did them unmedicated (except for the pitocin), and really enjoyed the process. I just kept moving until it was time to push. I wish you so much fun, laughter, and have enjoyed reading BabyKerf over the months. After finding kerf years ago, I have been inspired to treat myself more kindly with regards to feeding myself, and now, my children.
    Please reconsider blogging after you are settled in with the new baby.
    God speed, great luck, and have fun!


  19. I think you look so gorgeous. Pregnancy really looks great on you! I’ve been reading your posts since my friend told me about you in April and I’ve learned so much. My husband and I are trying for a baby now and I would have never thought to look for and and learn about alot of info if you hadnt posted about it, so thank you!

  20. The day I went into labor I ate spicy food, did a ton of hip circles on the birtthing ball, walked six miles, ate pineapple, had sex (and an orgasm!), and ate spicy green chile. Haha, I tried it all and my water broke right after I crawled into bed. 40+ weeks agrees with you. You look terrific! Can’t wait for baby news!

  21. I just want to say I feel you on the IT band pain! Its awful. A couple years ago, it was so tight, that I slipped, fell, and the IT band pulled on my pelvis so hard it broke the bone – avulsion fracture of the pubic ramus. Wheelchairs are never fun. I now torture myself with a foam roller to make sure it is stretched out. It hurts like heck to do, but afterwards I am so much looser.

  22. All the very best of luck! You must be bubbling with excitement 🙂

    Enjoy your baby time….I have to say I’m wondering if you might be in hospital now, since this post says it was written on labor day 😀

    Lots of positive energy headed your way.

  23. Your lucky you didn’t get any stretch marks! Do you have a cream that you would recommend? Also once your baby boy is born will you be continuing with postpartum posts?

  24. How exciting!! He will be here before you know it. I hope you have an easy delivery.
    I had my first one at 38 weeks, and as the Dr. said my delivery went “by the book”, water broke, contractions started an hour later, and had him 13 hours after water broke.

    My second pregnancy, I had twins, and I went into labor on my own at 36 weeks, which the Dr told me to keep them in at least 36 weeks 🙂 if I could. I had a bad lower back pain for a few days, my mom and I dropped off my 2 yr old and babysitters house, and we were going to go see a movie, well instead she drove into my Drs office parking lot and said “Im not delivering babies at the movies”, she insisted I see my Dr. So I did, they checked me and I was dilated to a 4 almost 5, had no contraction, except my lower back pain. Needless to say they sent me over to labor and delivery.

    That’s just to show you that each pregnancy is different. Good Luck to you and I can’t wait to hear all about it. I hope it’s “by the book”

  25. Seriously come out baby!! I get all excited every-time i see a post on Kerf! I hope he comes soon 🙂 I’m itching too know his name. And Kath you now for sure look pregnant from the front hahah no hiding that now at all. You look great. I have my fingers crossed for you that you have a very smooth birthing experience!

  26. Have you considered nipple stimulation yet? My mid-wife highly recommended it. If you have already purchased a breast pump, you can actually use that. One of my friends who was 8 days overdue (!) used the breast pump for 10 minutes and went into labor later that day. Good luck to you!

  27. You look amazing! I went to 41 weeks with both of mine and was induced (at my doc’s suggestion) b/c I had not progressed AT ALL! I had always dreamed of that water breaking moment so it was kind of weird to not have it. Everyone was telling me to relax and enjoy the extra time but I could NOT do it! I felt so ready and (with my first) I thought the due date actually meant something :). I look forward to hearing your birth story b/c it will be YOURS and it will be special!
    Much Love!

  28. Yay acupuncture. I went into labor 2 days before my 42 wk induction date, and less than 48 hrs after getting acupuncture. Fyi, there will be absolutely no mistaking when you are actually in labor 🙂 You won’t wonder, “is this it?”. You will know what I mean very soon 🙂

  29. I feel like the last kid picked in dodge ball!! LOL 🙂 In other words….

    I am not a mother or expectant mother (yet), readng this blog, so I dont have any firsthand experience, knowledge, or advice 🙂 But dont mind me wanting in on all the fun 😀

    What I do have is a complete fascination with watching Baby Story, I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant, and the desire to read the baby blogs of women whose blogs I read before baby 🙂 Naturally…..

    As a reader, it’s like I know you, but Ive never met you personally 🙂 All I have is what Ive read for the last couple of years and so naturally as the bloggers life changes, you follow them down that road of change 🙂 You cheer them on, feel compassion when there is a bad day or time in life, celebrate their celebrations in some ways, and even live vicariously though them when they are on vacation! Sound creepy? Good 🙂 Just kidding 🙂 But in all seriousness, I cant get over how much anticipation I have for Baby Berf 🙂 Wishing you well!!!!! 😀

    So, while Im not a mother or expectant mother reading Berf, Im just a follower, a reader, and you are like someone I know who is having a baby! 🙂 I would find it really hard just to read Kerf and not read berf! lol 🙂 Im sure there are others like me here. Not mothers yet but definitley part of the cheer squad! 😀

    So, tomorrow, I will prompty read breakfast posts as I eat my breakfast most likely. Wishing you the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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