5 Months Old

FIVE months old!!!!


And probably close to 20 pounds! He was 17 at 4 months and continues to ….feel heavier! He eats every 2.5 – 3 hours during the day and night – if he were sleeping most of the night that might be less.

Foodblog-3099 Foodblog-3107

I’m still amazed that not only did we create this little person, but I continue to be 100% responsible for his growth. But not for long: solid foods are just around the corner. I’m both nervous and totally excited! He seems more than ready. The high chair is definitely ready! My parents gave us the OXO Tot Sprout chair when Mazen was born, and so far we love it. Especially the design! The straps are also very easy to get him in and out of (unlike his car seat..)



Mazen’s hair color changes all the time. Sometimes it’s bright white blonde and other times it’s dark brown. Touches of red filter in as well! It just depends on how the sun is shining through. He’s probably doubled his hair volume this month too.


His latest trick: spitting out the letter B! He purses his lips and blows spit and goes “Buh buh buh.” Won’t be too long before he can say Buzz!


Month four was all about learning to use his hands. He reaches out for everything with precision now and has great aim. He knows how to turn the pages of a book and play a little piano. He recognizes my phone and wants to hold it. He grabs at food on plates. He loves to touch my face and he is obsessed with sweaters.


Speaking of sweaters, our little boy LOVES FABRIC! Anything cloth goes into his mouth, on his face. He loves to rub his hands on his sheet at naptime. {Don’t worry for safety – I was reading next to him here}


His favorite fabric is his shirt sleeve, which he can super soak in 1 minute flat if we don’t catch it in time.


He also loves to bounce!! His little legs are so strong, and he is happy in his bouncer for at least 30 minutes.  We are going to borrow a Jumparoo from a friend soon – can’t wait to have more entertaining spots in which to play.


We are still not sleeping. He goes down around 7 to 7:30 at night and sleeps for an hour. Nurses around 9 and 11, but sometimes just 10. Up around 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 for the day (not nursing every time; sometimes he just needs some soothing). It’s exhausting. Thanks to Matt for taking the first half of the nights, we are still somewhat sane. But I think we’re going to try some CIO sleep training at 6 months. He sleeps on his side now and sometimes rolls to his stomach, which worried me at first, but I feel comfortable with now given his roll ability.


Naps are going ok. I’ve gotten really good at getting him to sleep at exactly 2 hour wake time. He just doesn’t always stay asleep! We usually get at least 30 minutes, sometimes 40-50 and rarely 1.5 hours. Kipton got him to sleep for 2 hours when she babysat!


I know it’s cliché to say, but I can’t imagine my life without him. When we are apart, a piece of my brain is thinking about him. I don’t want to go back to my former life. Dinners out, traveling, “freedom” – they just don’t seem to be as fun. This guy is so much sweeter.


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  1. So stinkin’ cute!! I love the last thing you said….I don’t want to go back to my old life either. All the things that used to matter just don’t anymore. Isn’t it great!?!

  2. I am really loving these Month posts on Mazen. As a mom-to-be, I am really enjoying hearing how things are going. I also really appreciate hearing how all your baby gear is working out for you. Mazen looks so adorable in each photo–what a cutie! It took me a minute to figure out what CIO stood for–but then I got it. Cry It Out.

  3. That seems like a lot of feedings throughout the night. Is he eating meals or just having a snack to soothe himself back to sleep? He definitely weighs enough to go at least 6 hours without a feeding….I’m wondering if maybe some form of sleep training (not necessarily CIO) might be beneficial for you guys to guide Mazen to self-soothing and give you more time to rest. You must be exhausted! My daughter fed three nights a night until she was 5 months, then we moved down to 2 feedings, then 1 feeding by six months, and then at seven months she started sleeping through the night (mind you, she is a tiny gal–11 months old and just under 18 lbs.). It would just seem that he doesn’t necessarily need to eat during the night, but is used to it, and thinks he should wake up and continue the routine.

    1. I agree – I don’t think he “needs” it. I think he’s habitually eating. He does eat a full meal. It’s just hard to figure out a way to cut him back! I’m going to try the 1 minute less per night thing for a while.

      1. That’s a great idea. That’s essentially what we did and I found it “weaned’ her off of eating often in the night. Best of luck. He’s such an adorable boy, but I’m sure you are ready for some more sleep time 🙂

        1. For us, it was more of a one night, cold turkey cry it out that really helped around 4-5 mo. I would still nurse around 3 or 4 in the morning until about 9 months, but then I thought I’d try the same one-night method (because she was eating lots of food by then and a great weight). It worked! Another thing that I truly believed our daughter enjoyed as much as we did was her own space, so we stopped co-sleeping (even in the same room) around 4 months. I know every family is different, just some suggestions! Sleep is a beautiful thing 🙂

          1. Sleep train, sleep train, sleep train. Trust crying it out and ferburizing and go for it. You will be much happier in the long run, trust me! We started light sleep training at six weeks and full on at ten weeks and I’m SO glad. Read Caitin HTP’s sleep training posts, they are spot on, except I wouldn’t have waited as long as she did.

            1. And I totally agree with you about not wanting my old life. I can’t believe when some parents say they long for that “freedom.” Nope, this guy is like the best vacation I’ve ever been on times 100, and it’s everyday. Mama love is amazing.

  4. A lot of people think CIO is horrible–but it worked great for my first baby. I only had 2 nights of (very short) crying. Hoping it works for #2 when he’s old enough. Good luck!

    1. I agree, we did CIO and really only had 1 tough night (well a tough 15 minutes) and then after that he slept for 4 hours (he was less than 1 month old at the time). He then made a seamless transition to sleeping all night around 3 months old. I really think he just had to figure out that he could go back to sleep on his own.
      Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

  5. You should get him a taggie blanket or book. He would probably love the material and playing with all of the tags sewn on it. My daughter loved them!

    It’s tough when they aren’t good sleepers. I would probably try CIO, too. It may be tough at first but the rewards of him sleeping better may be worth it.

    My daughter was a tummy sleeper from day one. I didn’t fight that because then she never would have slept because she wasn’t where she wanted to be. I think Mazen will be fine if that’s the way he wants to sleep.

    He’s so adorable! I can see Matt in his face in some pictures and you in others. He’s definitely a combo of the both of you. 🙂

  6. I’ve so enjoyed your updates on Mazen as I have a four month old! It’s nice to remember what milestones I have to look forward to in the coming month. (we have a three year old too.) I’m sure you’ve gotten hundreds of book recommendations, but if you haven’t already, take a look at the 90 Minute Sleep Solution. It seriously changed our life with the second baby. Our first was a horrible napper, he would only sleep 30 mins all day long! We read this book with our second and she is napping so much better than he ever did. I know every baby is different, but its worth a try! Good luck with the sleeping. He’s a cutie!

    1. Is the premise of the book putting them down after 90 minutes? If so, I’ve tried that. Two hours seems to be our lucky time. But I’m sure the book has other good tips too

  7. I love these baby updates! I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my first, and we had our second ultrasound today! The tech told us she’s 90% sure its a girl 🙂 I appreciated your comment at the end about not really missing the freedom of being without a baby. I know I will love our little girl endlessly, but it has crossed my mind that I will miss out on some fun things from our “old life”. It’s good to know that being a mom is so much more fun anyway!!

  8. Love the photos! – he’s got amazing blue eyes! What camera and lenses do you use with him? I am considering upgrading lenses as mine doesn’t focus fast enough for my kiddo these days, and would love a recommendation.

  9. My baby girl is the same age and sleep is about the same for us. One thing that helps us is that I go to bed around 8pm (and hate it) and my husband feeds her a 4oz bottle at 11PM and that will usually keep her satisfied until 2-3AM (on a rare occasion she sleeps until 5AM…very rare), then I feed her at 5am and she’s up for the day around 6:45am. I’m hoping to cut out the 2am feeds at 6 months but right now it keeps my supply up and I don’t mind it too much.
    Her naps are also 30 mins which drives me crazy. I heard that at 6 months they start napping longer, fingers crossed.
    I don’t want to do sleep training if I can help it. I don’t believe in CIO and I don’t think it’s necessary.

  10. Love this post – he is so adorable and looks so happy and healthy! My daughter is a week younger than M and I tried waiting to put her to bed a little later and it really worked. I now nurse her at 8:30 and put her right down after and she’ll go a lot longer without waking up.
    Also, have you tried overnight diapers? I know he’s wearing cloth diapers but maybe he’s waking because he can feel that he’s wet. Good luck!

    1. Yes, the Huggies Overnights are awesome. I do often change midway through the night because they just get so full. I’ve literally troubleshooted everything I can think of for the wake ups!

      1. I feel for you…my youngest is 2.5 years and she still wakes up 4,5, sometimes 6 times a night. It’s not to eat, it’s usually not to use the bathroom– she just doesn’t sleep well. I cannot imagine doing CIO, it would break my heart. I just tell myself there’s hope. My oldest is 12 years old and will sleep until noon on the weekends now! In any case, I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you to get some sleep. Mazen is adorable!

      2. There is actually a chapter in the Ferber book about how feeding/digesting all night can contribute to further wakings – worth a read, even if you don’t go for full “Ferberization”.

        1. We have a bunch of wake-ups too (4 months on Sunday). Most of the time replacing the pacifier will do the trick but I can’t figure out how to get her to go back to sleep on her own. When she wakes, most often her eyes are still closed, she just cries. If you find a trick please let us know. I’ll try anything!

  11. What a cutie! I love the updates, especially since he’s just about 2-3 weeks behind our little girl! My husband (against my wishes) opted to sleep train our girl a few weeks ago according to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and she was trained in all of a day or two. Now she can self-soothe and instead of having similar waking habits as Mazen, she now sleeps from 6:30 until about 4:30, wakes to nurse very briefly and is back down until we wake up her for the morning at 7:30. She is in such an incredible mood all the time and is hitting all the milestones so quickly now that she is so much more well rested. So, even though I didn’t want to try those methods, I am so grateful we did. I wish you luck in whichever methods you try!

  12. Hi Kath,

    I’m a long time reader and had a little boy a week after you… I just want to say I completely feel your pain with the sleep schedule … Ours is almost identical. What I wouldn’t give for a 5-6 hour stretch! I have been reading everything I can find on non-CIO but haven’t had a whole lot of luck yet. Hang in there, mama! Hope he gets better soon … He sure is cute!

  13. M sounds about as good of a sleeper as W. 🙁 They’re lucky they’re so cute, right?

    I really hope CIO works for you guys quickly! It sucks doing it but it does eventually work. W still isn’t the world’s best sleeper, but I’m pretty sure we’d still be up every 1-2 hours if we didn’t do CIO. Babies (and mommies + daddies) need sleep!

  14. Mazen’s sleep habits sound the same as my daughter’s at that age. It’s so hard and SO exhausting, I can completely relate!

    Hope you find something that works for you…I’m not going to spout off advice because nobody’s advice ever worked for my girl. It was more annoying to hear what other moms that I should do.

    The good news: She sleeps through the night now at 14 months! 🙂

  15. awwww what a lil’ cutie!!!

    I can completely relate with the constant overnight waking. Although I am pleased to report that FINALLY, at 10 months, she now sleeps through the night. I am sure you will hear of lots of people’s experiences and suggestions – but we found that her overnight sleeps only improved once I cut out the overnight feeds (something I wasn’t comfortable to do until she was a litttle bit older…)

  16. Ive been a long time reader but have never commented. I love reading about how mazen is doing! I have a 16 month old girl and it’s fun/interesting to think back to when she was his age. Oh the sleeping… Sorry it’s been rough. It was really hard for us too- we tried everything!! Everyone has ideas/opinions and there are millions of books and wow it was confusing to try to figure out what to do. So I just wanted to say good luck! We figured it out around 6 months (it was a rough!) but wow I am thankful every night that she sleeps now 🙂

  17. We’ve done the CIO with check-ins twice with success both times (once at 4 months when he was like 16 lbs) and again at 12 months. Our kiddo is always so much happier when sleeping long stretches! And SO ARE WE!! You will see a happier baby. A little bit of sadness is worth it for the ultimate benefit.

  18. Mazen is so handsome!! Love seeing him grow up. We decided to CIO with our son at six months after we saw the pediatrician and he encouraged us to do it. I am SO glad we did! Colton has slept through the night ever since and I wish we had started a little earlier, honestly. I really thought I was going to lose my mind getting up every hour with him. The pediatrician assured us he did not need that milk and it was simply the four month sleep regression. Babies have to learn to self soothe and if mommies keep going in and offering milk, they will take it! I wish you the best of luck and hopefully the sleep training will not be difficult 🙂

  19. “but I continue to be 100% responsible for his growth.” <– around the 4-5 mos old mark, that becomes even more astounding, doesn't it. Like, wow, my body is sustaining me AND a 20+ lb whole other human. You really can't believe it til you're toting that 20 lb other human around. One of those things that as a mother, when it dawns on you, it's pretty amazing! I remember those thoughts well.

    And the last pic of him is just priceless!

  20. Mazen is just sooooo stinking cute!!!!!!!!! I LOVE seeing pictures of him! Our little man is due in just 5 weeks! Yikes!

  21. i guess we all have our ups and downs, my 4 month old has been seeping 8 hours a night since 6 weeks, but is a very difficult breastfeeder..still! take the good with the bad i suppose. good luck with his sleep training! i heard oatmeal and quinoa help with milk production..do you think it has helpled give you such a great supply or just coincidence? i know you eat alot of both 🙂

  22. He is just the cutest with those rosy cheeks! I really sympathize with the sleep situation. My guy is still a few weeks behind Mazen. Does he self-soothe for naps or do you nurse him to sleep? I think either way is perfectly healthy depending on your comfort level and priorities, but nighttime sleep did not improve for us until we had established a solid nap time routine that included diaper change and wind-down time after he ate. I know you’ve said you’ve tried everything and I’ll be curious to see how it goes and what you decide to do to reduce the overnight wakings. If I was still up every 2-3 hours at night at this point I would be so busted up. Hang in there!

    1. We have a great nap routine. Story, dim room, paci, snuggles right at 2 hours wake time. He goes down really well (just doesn’t always stay asleep). He goes to sleep pretty well in general – he just wakes up! Which is why I’m a little surprised. This could all be paci dependency though.

      1. So what you’re telling me is I should be glad my kid won’t take a paci?? I have tried and tried but I guess it’s a double-edged sword! Anyway good luck with the sleep training – hope it comes together soon. 🙂

        1. If the paci is falling out and that is causing him to wake it could definitely be time to wean off that! I believe Dr. Karp has info on weaning of that. Thankfully my lo never took a paci. She’s been a fairly good napper and sleeper minus the normal regressions and teething.

          1. Yes, especially if he is falling asleep with the paci in his mouth. Then, when he wakes up without it, he’s like, “Hey, what the heck?!”.

            My son never took a paci either… I used to wish he would, but now its just one less thing to worry about. It seems there’s something every parent has to wean them from though… for us it was the special rock/bounce it took to get him drowsy. I did a form of pick up/put down, and whew, my back thanks me 🙂

    2. At some point, we ended up putting like 8 paci’s in the bed with our kids. This way if it fell out it was easy for them to reach around and find a new one. Which kind does he use?

  23. CIO worked like a charm for us. We trained Penny at just under 6 months old. We did the 5, 10 15 minute method: get her drowsy after her bedtime routine, put her down awake, let her cry for 5 minutes then check on her and soothe her for one minute, but do not pick her up. Then cry for 10, check for one minute, then 15 minutes, 15, 15, etc. The first night it took her 45 minutes from down time to sleep time. Next night, 20 minutes. After about a week she was going to sleep without crying at all and now falls asleep in less than 5 minutes. It is life changing, really. The first couple of nights were hard but when you see the progress it gets easier and easier. And she is also much happier. We can tell now that she wasn’t getting enough sleep. Good luck! It’s tough but the results are so worth it! 🙂

  24. He is so cute, but you must be exhausted! Betcha can’t do the CIO! And I won’t blame you a bit. Personally, I think it’s sad.

      1. I think it’s sad to bet against Kath’s success at getting her baby to sleep longer periods. CIO is not a bad way to help your child sleep, it just isn’t. If you have a system you believe in, you can do it and it’ll be worth the rest you’ll both get in the end.

      2. It is sad and it’s really hard, but it’s the right thing to do. Look at it as the first really hard “parenting” thing you have to do for his well being. That’s what our pediatrician said and it really helped put it in perspective for us.

        1. Yes, at least give him some time to figure things out, whether that means crying or not. He needs to learn how to put himself back to sleep!

        2. I think other Moms need to be careful when giving advice. There is no one RIGHT thing to do. To say This Is The Right Thing To Do is misleading, because CIO very well might not be the right thing to do for Kath’s family. Not all babies need it or respond to it. Every baby is different.

              1. You can do it! Make sure he’s full, clean and warm and put him down. Then go to the other end of the house and read your book. When he cries you’ll know he’s perfectly fine just used to you coming to get h when he cries. It isn’t sad-crying is what he’s used to doing. And of course your heart will break but he will soothe himself back to sleep. By night 3 he will go right down! Give it a whirl and if it works-fabulous! If it doesn’t then you try something else. Letting him cry won’t scar either of you! Good luck 🙂

  25. My son is also 5 months old. He sleeps through the night most nights but occasionally will do the up every 1.5 hours thing. It’s really hard! It sounds like he’s just developed a habit of eating all the time. I agree that night weaning (1 minute less each night/each feed) would probably be helpful. Nancy Holtzman/Isis Parenting has a great webinar about night weaning. It worked for us. He still gets up at 5am on the dot for a feed but then goes back to sleep for another hour (or two, if I let him sleep in bed with me…bad habit, I know, but I work and need my sleep!) I also think an early bed time helps if he isn’t napping well. We now put our baby down at 6:45 or as soon as we are getting sleepy cues at night.

  26. I’m a first time mom a 6.5 month old son and all I can say is good luck in whatever you decide to do.

    I think the most important thing is to follow your heart; trust your gut and trust your baby. If CIO doesn’t feel right to you, and you feel horrible and guilty as you do it, I believe babies will pick up on that and you shouldn’t do it. It doesn’t feel right to my heart as of yet, and so I don’t do it. I know I couldn’t listen to my baby cry for an hour even with checks.. and inconsistency is terrible for babies. 🙂 So for now I consistently pick him up when he cries, lol.

    I know that many families have had good luck with it. My son isn’t up and down like Mazen but he doesn’t sleep through the night either, and perhaps if I let him cry he would. I just am not there yet. Even though the sleep sounds lovely, ha.

    I truly wish you peace in whatever decision you make. Its not an easy one and only you can make it. <3

  27. You might see a difference in his ability to sleep longer at night once you start the solid foods. When I used to nanny overnight the baby would wake up 3 times a night and I’d have to feed him. Once his parents started him on solid foods, he went down to one wake up around 11 or midnight and then woke for up good again around 5am. I obviously wasn’t a full time parent, but on the days where I stayed overnight, I can tell you it was glorious.

  28. This sounds just like my 14 week old. This past week I have not even been getting the first sleep to be the 3 hs it used to be (now 2)! Slowly dying, as my husband has been overseas for almost all of the past 5 weeks and it’s me 24-7. So good that Matt can do half night – sure makes a difference! I can’t figure out why my boy wakes up, either…

    Mine started sleeping on his side a few weeks ago. I was nervous at first as well and kept rolling him back on his back, but I guess it is o.k.? I’m just ‘rolling’ with it now! 😉

  29. He’s such a cutie.

    We did the Ferber method (Book is called Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems) exactly when Clara turned 6 months and it worked amazingly well. After one week she was able to self soothe and put herself to sleep when she has spontaneous wakings at night. We small progress after each night and no crying hardly at all after one week. Good luck. Our Clara was much like Mazen – up all night long night after night after night!

  30. I have a small piece of unsolicited advice: limit the time in the jumparoos (and exersaucers) as much as you can. I’m a physical therapist who specialize in pediatrics and my recommendation to parents is 20 minutes a day max and I know it’s hard because it’s so convenient to keep them contained and happy when you really need to do something and are home alone (I have a 9 month old, seriously, I get it), but the jumparoos aren’t so great for hip development and tend to be a cause of toe walking later in life. Not the end of the world, but something to consider, at least.

    Good luck with the sleep training. CIO didn’t work for us, but setting up a good bedtime routine and getting naps consistent and longer has reduced our wake ups considerably.

    1. Yah, this is why I didn’t bother with a jumperoo/bouncer. My pediatrician told me the same thing, and it seemed like a waste of money for 20 minutes a day. She likes to stand while holding onto me, so we do that often, but obviously only for a minute or two each time.

  31. Hi Kath,
    My 8 month old has been sleep through the night (12 uninterrupted hours), for the past 3 weeks. It is glorious. I followed the book ‘sleep easy solution’, which I would highly recommend. It addresses how to deal with night feeds in a way that other CIO method books don’t. Also, the authors deal with the topic in an empathetic, accessible way. It took 2 nights to work, and we’ve never looked back.

  32. Wow! Blows my mind that he already weighs 20lbs! My little girl is almost 20 months now and only weighs 22.5lbs. Amazing how different they all are, isn’t it? I’m 18 weeks pregnant with number two now and can’t wait to see how different or simialr this new little person will be to my daughter. Such a wonderful and amazing thing… being a mom and getting to watch these new little people arrive and grow in the world.

  33. Kath, are you still sleeping in his room? I wonder if he knows you are there and so when he wakes, he is stimulated by knowing you are there.

  34. My son had similar sleeping patterns at that age. I wish I would have started some type of sleep training around 6 months. Instead, we ended up having a very hard time doing it at 9 months because I was desperate to get more sleep (he didn’t sleep through the night until he was 10 months old!). Every baby is different but I wanted to wish you good luck!

  35. oh, didn’t know about the toe walking relation to the bouncer but my little guy loved his bouncer and he was quite the toe walker at first.. still is at 19 months when he’s barefoot.. however, its not a big deal and putting him in shoes pretty much fixed it.

    Everyone has an opinion on CIO… but I say go for it. It saved us. All of us. We did it at 6 months too because he just wasnt ready until then.. and I think waiting any later can make it harder. All the pick up put down methods only pissed him off so we went with the extinction method and he’s been putting himself to sleep ever since. It is hard to listen to the crying but if you stick with it and are consistent-it pays off. good luck!

  36. I’ve never commented before, but I love reading your blog! I just had to put my two cents in, because your little guy sounds just like my two little guys. They both were sleeping terribly at the 5 month mark, and like yours, we big and active. At our doctors recommendation, we introduced solids earlier than we had planned, and voila! Big, long stretches of sleep! Obviously, every baby is different, but our guys just seemed to need something more substantial in their tummies, to keep them going at night. The best routine turned out to be some “real” food about an hour before bed, and then the regular bedtime feeding. It might be worth a shot before you try CIO……..

  37. Kath, I wanted to comment since my son’s sleeping habits were so similar to Mazen’s. He was up 3-4 times a night, up until 8 months old. I didn’t mind doing CIO when I first put him down for ghe night, but it was too hard for me to let him cry in the middle of the night. I continued to get up and typically nursed him through the night, even though I knew he probably wasn’t hungry. Finally at 7 months he dropped down to twice a night wake ups and then down to just once a few weeks later. I finally felt comfortable letting him cry through that one nightly wake up, and he started sleeping through the night after just 2 nights of crying it out. For us, I think it had a ton to do with solids. Once I was able to start feeding him more food, he just naturally started sleeping better. Who knows! I’m hoping that some good nights of rest are in your near future. I feel like a different person now that I’m actually getting sleep 🙂

  38. We have a TON of wake-ups too. Evan goes to sleep in his crib around 8pm and then habitually wakes up at 11pm or 12pm. Then we bring him into our bed and he sleeps with us until the morning (4:30pm). During that time with us he wakes up all the time and wants to eat. He’s pretty tiny (only 13lbs at 5 months but 26 inches) so I’m hesitant to stop feeding him at night. However, I NEED my sleep because I am back to work full time and taking classes two nights an evening and would like to feel a awake once in a while. My friend recommended the SleepEasy method and I am thinking about trying it this weekend. I am not sure it will work but I also feel like Evan needs to sleep more at night too – it can’t be good for him to wake up all the time either. He’s almost 5.5 months, so I figure he’s old enough to try some sort of sleep-training. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  39. Mazen is so adorable. I’m sorry he is waking up so much. If you haven’t read it already, the Ferber book at a section about weaning off nighttime feedings before you try CIO if I remember correctly. You can’t really do a full CIO if they are hungry in the middle of the night. I think is a combination of stretching out the time befween feedings longer and giving less each time over a period of time. Once they get more calories during the day they will be ready for CIO.

    Also, I did CIO for both of my kids to get rid of the paci. That is what was waking them up during the night, and there is advice in the Ferber book about getting rid of the paci too. My daughter starting sleeping 12 hrs straight after CIO. My son did not respond to it as well. He learned to fall asleep by himself at bedtime and took better naps, but if he woke during the night he would cry forever until he was brought into our bed. He eventually did sleep through the night when he got a little older.

  40. I know you’ve gotten a ton of advice/recommendations on sleep training methods, but I tell all new moms about Good Night, Sleep Tight by Kim West, aka The Sleep Lady. (I may have mentioned it in another comment so sorry for the repeat if so). I read all the major sleep books (No Cry, Weisbluth, Ferber, Baby Whisperer, etc.–I have a little library). This is the book I found most accessible and perhaps not coincidentally then, the method that worked for us. I think it’s all about finding the method that works for your family. Good luck!

  41. Mazen’s sleep schedule sounds so much like my daughter’s. I think she’s just a couple days before or after him (born 9/11). We just made peace with giving CIO a shot. I wish you good luck! Please let us know how you do it and how it goes if you can!

  42. Hi,

    I have a baby who was born i think a day after yours.. Granted my son always slept well he goes to sleep around 7 and wakes up the next morning at 7, Do you feed yours food yet? We started oatmeal at 16 weeks and now he eats at least 3 times a day (fruit/veggie/oatmeal) I feel like yours is maybe just hungry?

    Just a thought!

    1. Lucky you!! He might be hungry, but it seems to just be wakeups because he doesn’t eat everytime. But I’m hopeful solids will help!

      1. I also started giving an extra bottle instead of nighttime nursing and found he could eat more without falling asleep if it was a bottle and not boob. So now he drinks an 8 ounz bottle after his bath and pajamas and sleeps straight through. Good luck 🙂

  43. I typed in “car seat” on your search to see which convertible car seat you have and this post came up. It’s so fitting! My baby is 4.5 months old and not a great sleeper. She sounds exactly like Mazen! She wakes up at 30 minutes like clockwork….can’t sleep past that first sleep cycle. I rarely get more than 1-2 hours of consecutive sleep a night. It isn’t that she’s hungry (my big girl is almost 20lbs), I think it’s habit and/or lack of ability. I know you wrote a recent post about Mazen being a good sleeper and how you’d toss all the books out. What changed for you/Maze? Did you do CIO? I’m starting to lose my mind without sleep. Not to mention, I feel sick a lot as a result of pure exhaustion. Thanks, Kath!

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