5 Weeks: Adjusting To Pregnancy

Starting at the first moments of week 5, I’m beginning to feel a little bit of nausea. I don’t feel like I’m going to throw up – it’s more like a churning in my stomach that comes and goes. Definitely feels a bit like a hangover! I first noticed it on our last day in Jamaica. This day was also full of travel, so it was hard to tell if it was just stale airplane air that was making my stomach fizzy. But I wonder if it is the beginning of morning sickness tip-toeing in.

The rest of the week the nausea is here and there. I put a box of saltines in my cart at the grocery store on Sunday and they have come in handy twice already. What is it about those wonderful buttery crackers that makes sickness subside!? I really could eat sleeve after sleeve. But they aren’t the most natural food on the earth, so I try to stop at 10 or so. Also enjoyed this week was my first taste of mac and cheese!!


I also had a craving for popcorn but after eating half a bag of it burned, almost threw up out of grossness.


A funny thing that happened this week occurred while I was washing an exterior window of my house. All of a sudden I was eating dill in my mind. No so much a juicy dill pickle, but the dried herb. I could almost taste it! This totally caught me by surprise, so I doubt it was my mind trying to be pregnant. There must be something in dill that women need! But you know, ice cream and pizza have sounded soooo good to me all week too! Satisfied both cravings at once on Friday!

IMG_4268Blog IMG_4273Blog

The worst moment of the week was when we had leftover lentil soup for dinner [ugh, I can barely stand to type this!]. The soup just never appealed to me, but for the sake of hunger and not wanting to change dinner plans, I ate it. Going down, it was fine, but afterwards, something about those gingered, coriander, garlicky lentils continues to haunt me. I felt nauseous for the rest of the evening, and when I woke up the next morning it was still there. Even accidentally looking at my blog post from that dinner brought it back on strong. I think it was the spices I used more than the lentils themselves, but no more lentils please!



I’m definitely taking it easier with my workouts, although in a dose of warm weather I did go on an excellent run. I ran a 3 mile loop (which felt like a lot) and then ran another 2 to the hospital to pick up Karen in her car from a small procedure. Those last 2 miles did leave me wishing them over, but energy wise, I felt good. I’ve also lightened my weights quite a bit in Body Pump – mostly on squats and back, which are the ones I feel use more of the lower body. Triceps – give ‘em a hard workout any day!

Despite the burst of warm weather, I’m finding I’m cold all the time this week! Cooking in my down coat:



I did have a little bit of brown spotting in the middle of this week. It is ALWAYS scary to see this, but its color and Caitlin’s reassurance that she experienced the same thing and her doctor said it was normal, plus my reading on the topic that so long as it’s not red and heavy, it is very normal gave me a small piece of mind. It was gone in 24 hours and I was very relieved.

Perhaps me snacking on crackers was a hint in this post?


Another hint? Cereal for breakfast in wintertime, twice in one week!?


What I could eat more of? Ground beef! Can’t get enough.


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  1. It’s funny how some things gross you out, isn’t it?! For me, it was zucchini. The worst part was that I was in Sardinia for those first few months of nausea and ALL we ate was the zucchini from in-laws garden!! I’ve never looked at zucchini the same wy again! Lol!

  2. This was the week that I started to wonder if something was up…while reading your food blog posts. Only because it was such a switch for you, and because I craved all those same foods at the start. Two things I still crave? Cereal and beef. I haven’t has this much cereal ever. My desire for it is strong in my 3rd tri…its the only snack I want.

  3. Totally craved cold cereal and beef during early pregnancy (and still do!). B/c of this everyone “guessed” we were having a boy. Nope… 100% girl. 🙂

    I love that you have this online journal. I have been blogging about pregnancy every 4 weeks but it is so neat that you will be able to show your little one all of these posts someday!

  4. Love these posts Kath! I’m so interested in following your journey, as I hope to go that route in the next year or so myself. Would you consider adding an “Originally wriiten on X date” to the top of these posts? As a long time reader of KERF, I find myself trying to flip back and forth to peice together your time line. (Are any of your other readers that weird?) Again, LOVE what you’re writing!

    1. Hey Kate – glad they are helpful! The date of posting is at the top of the post, and I’m hoping the “5 weeks” in the header tells you exactly where in my pregnancy it was. Is that helpful enough?

      1. sure! i guess I was thinking that you had written them as they were happening, and just now publishing…. as in: “Week 5: Originall written on Jan 1”.

  5. I always seemed to give into cravings while pregnant because i often feel like its your bodys way of getting nutrients its deficient in. Maybe you are needing more iron so your body is craving ground beef. Our bodies really are amazing that way!

  6. I remember those feelings so well. I also remember how every time I went to the bathroom for my entire pregnancy, I would check to make sure that there was nothing there. You’re right though – it’s normal to have some blood there and based on what your doctor said, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.

    I also remember the morning sickness. I think mine started around week eight and lasted until week 16. Good times. 🙂 Hang in there – it does get better!

  7. The leftover lentil soup and burnt popcorn would do my in normally, but pregnant, well…I couldn’t hang with that either!

    I love the “going back in time” nature to these posts b/c I can compare it to what I remember reading on your site a month or so ago and connect all the dots from this perspective.

  8. Hi Kath! I’m new-ish to KERF and BERF and I really love reading your blogs. My husband and I are still in the first year of marriage but talking about trying to have a baby in the next year or so. This baby blog is so helpful – especially since I am just starting to think about all this. It can certainly feel overwhelming! Please continue to pass on your experiences and any resources that worked for you!

    And of course – congratulations!

  9. Lol at the recall of your lentil dinner. I remember when I was in the throes of morning sickness we drove by a restaurant called Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet. The WORD “supreme” made me gag and dry heave so suddenly I almost pulled over on the highway. My husband was shocked & completely confused. I still see the sign and shudder at “Supreme Buffet”. It just sounds nasty!

  10. I love all these clues to your pregnancy that I totally and completely missed!

    I would make The. Worst. Detective. Ever. I should stick to my day job. haha

  11. With my first pregnancy (at 16), at about three months in, I woke up with blood everywhere and panicked thinking “miscarriage!”… but after a quick doctor visit to make sure everything was okay, she told me that lots of women continue to have periods a few months in. I didn’t experience any with my second pregnancy (at 18), but I did with my third (at 29). Try not to worry *too* much at the sight of blood, it’s probably just your uterus getting in prime condition.

  12. It’s amazing how much our bodies change during pregnancy. It’s almost like you are a completely different person with all of your likes/dislikes.

    I love the arrows you’ve added to the blog that switch back and forth between the two. Pretty cool! 🙂

  13. We had such similar cravings. I had a popcorn kick too. Cheddar from a popcorn store. That was about Weeks 12-20. Yum. And I had a weird aversion to some first tri foods that I just couldn’t look at after those weeks. I deleted the pictures from my hard drive. Also, Larabars this whole time have sounded so unappetizing but I used to like them.

  14. Your lentil soup experience made me giggle – I’m not pregnant but had an awful lentil moment awhile ago and the thought of them STILL makes me gag, so I can only imagine how gross when pregnant! When I’m sick, Saltines are the most delicious food. When I’m pregnant, it will be helpful to remind myself that even Kath didn’t eat kale during morning sickness and cut myself some slack. 🙂

  15. I am so glad to know that someone else was super cold in pregnancy! I felt like I was the *only* one. And I wasn’t just cold… I was FREEZING!!!!! It seemed to coincide w/ the bad nausea. I am 24 weeks and it is *just* starting to get better as I don’t have to wrap myself in blankets 24/7.

  16. With my first pregnancy, I ate saltines all the time in my first trimester. I could barely stomach much else. with my second pregnancy, the first time I felt nauseous,my husband ran out and got me some saltines and just the sight of them made me feel sicker. I put that box high up on a shelf and didn’t touch them once!

  17. I must be impatient. Let’s get these posts coming a little faster! I’m ready to be in real time again 😉

  18. You’ll laugh. My only craving during my 1st pregnancy (Jake is 21 now) was oatmeal which I had never eaten in my whole life. Just a little brown sugar on it. I swear, for both my children, there were no other cravings. No morning sickness but did I eat. 165 lbs the week before my son was born (I am 5’4″ 120 tops), Needless to say, 6 lbs. 7 oz. later, I realized it was not baby weight. ha ha. It was gone shortly after. Enjoy the foods you love!

  19. Love the new blog. I’m not preggers; however, that mac and cheese looks AMAZING!!!!!! I can’t wait for you to share with us!

  20. Craving meat, eh? I’m already putting in a guess for boy 🙂 With both of my boys, I couldn’t get enough meat and I’m not a big meat eater. With my daughter, it was more salads with lots of olives. It’s been fun reading your pregnancy posts especially the one about telling your family. That’s the best part!

  21. So this lentil soup story cracks me up because something similar happened to me really early in my pregnancy. My husband boiled some lentils for us to use in a couple of recipes, and he overcooked them and they ended up looking really gross. Just the idea of them just grossed me out so so much, that when I thought about these lentils I would start dry heaving. I couldn’t eat lentils again until I was about 25 weeks pregnant. When you posted this lentil soup picture on your regular blog and you kind of mentioned that you didn’t like it, I actually started dry heaving again! hahaha!

  22. Just getting caught up with KERF & BERF after my trip to Maui…
    Found out on Friday upon our return that I am preggers too!! I’m in my 5th week (I think…)!! So exciting!

  23. OMG!! lol i have been craving oranges with icee’s and macaroni and cheese hahaha so your first post made me laugh.lemons sound tasty too, lol. i have been on a steady diet of saltines too though.. thats all i seem to be able to keep down. Im not sure if im pregnant or not, but i swear i am! Tea (which i love) doesnt seem as great to me now, and tomatoes (which i also love) just the thought of them makes me sick! and other foods i love….chili, chicken alfredo, bacon cheeseburgers, ALL sound super gross to me! its incredible haha if i am in fact preggers, i would be around 5 weeks as of today (according to pregnancy calendar online) and i have been super clumsy! but my due date….is december 21st 🙁 thats the predicted day of “the end of the world” haha so that may be sucky lol we will see!!

  24. I found out I am pregnant two weeks ago and am SO glad your posts go back to right around when I found out (4.5 weeks!) I enjoy checking your posts by week to see if the symptoms I have relate to yours (i.e. the nausea starting to creep in–I’m almost at six weeks now.) Anyway, just wanted to say thanks 🙂 It’s reassuring when you have a weird side effect to be able to check your blog and other blogs! I’m working a long event for the next 10 days and the nausea is starting to kick in. NOT fun when you have to work long, wonky hours away from home 🙁 So far crackers are my friend. My boss and co-workers do not know I’m pregnant (and I don’t want to tell them yet) so I’m trying to keep the nausea at bay as best as possible.

  25. I give you huge credit for recording all your progress. I was so sick I couldn’t even think about it. I remember the cracker days and no more spicy food. For ladies who don’t have lovely blogs like yours to record their memories, I just came across this awesome new book called “The Wonder Within You” by Carey Wickersham. It’s an awesome combination of week-to-week pregnancy information, what’s going on with the baby, “Did you know?” plus health advice like this about what to eat, cravings, nutrition, etc, BUT also with awesome 3D/4D pictures and videos you can link or QR with your phone to and see what your baby looks like at each week stage. I wonder if the baby gives a thumbs-up in the videos after you eat the right yummy treat. Even better than the typical week-to-week books, and so personal! It’s got mom stories and even a journal/note section to write your personal memories and letters to your baby. The pregnancy information is as up-to-date as it gets and it’s such a great keepsake. I want to get one for everybody I know who is expecting! Check it out…TheWonderWithinYou.com.

  26. Long time reader here….I am so excited to read these posts again…PREGNANT!!! I just found out 2 days ago!! 🙂 Just started week 5 🙂

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