6 Months


Six months old and growing too fast!! I feel like we’re hitting that age where they just learn and learn at lightening speed.


New developments include…

Sitting! Mazen is able to sit without support for long periods of time now, but we like to keep pillows around him because he still falls over on occasion. Timmmmm-ber! But this new skill has been incredible for playtime!


Eating! You probably noticed we have started solids : ) Just before his 6 month birthday (we couldn’t wait another day – the boy was hangry!) He loves to eat real food, and I have a post coming up on this soon : )


Homph gomph gomph!


Sleeping! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) We sleep trained and it worked beautifully. We went from wake-ups every 1-2 hours, pacifier obsession, sleeping in the nursery and one night feeding to completely sleeping through the night 10-11 hour stretches. No paci. No nursing. Sleeping in the same bed as my husband. It has been amazing, and the whole process was much easier than I could have ever dreamed.


Baby boy is in the 90th percentile for weight and height. His dad comes from lots of tall genes over 6 feet so we think that has something to do with it. Also lots of yummy milk! He is mostly in 6-12 month clothes, but has outgrown some of them depending on brand. Can’t wait for spring wardrobe!


Favorite toys:

The curtains in his nursery. He loves to wave them all around!


Zippers. He studies them and wiggles them gently.


Mommy’s hair and earrings. Watch out!


The tags on his soft toys.

His laptop. He’s thinking about starting a blog.


Sophie the Giraffe. Anything he can chew. All of his soft fruits + veggies.


Teething is just around the corner! His little teeth are visible under there.


Happy Half Birthday Mazen!

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  1. The concentration on his eating face in the second picture is hilarious!

    One thing you haven’t addressed much is Mazen’s temperment and how it has evolved. He obviously looks very happy but I’m curious what his little personality is like!

    And I’m DYING to know the nitty gritty of your sleep training! I have a pretty good night sleeper and a great napper but we do rely on nursing, paci, and some early AM co-sleeping to maximize sleep. Baby boy has also never slept in his crib due to reflux issues that are getting better with age. He’s just now 4 months but I know 6 months will be here in no time!! I know it can be controversial but I do hope you’ll share details. Mazen sounds like a poster child for sleep training!

          1. Us too! We’re in the exact same boat. Had a perfect sleeper until the 4-month sleep regression hit. Will try anything to be sane again…

  2. He is just adorable!!! I love the chubbiness of him and his smile just lights up the room. 🙂

    How were you so successful with the sleeping through the night? Wow! That happened so fast, too. I remember not too long ago that you were going to start trying the sleep training. That’s great that it has worked out so well for you.

    In no time, he’ll be on the move. 🙂

  3. Mazen is such a cutie!! Would you do a post on what you did for sleep training? My baby boy is just over 7 months and we are really struggling. He’s up 3-4 times a night still. Sounds like whatever you did worked pretty quickly!! Would love to hear more about it. 🙂

  4. Hi!
    I found your blog when I was around 15 weeks pregnant and have been hooked since! I have a little man, Callum, who is a month behind Mazen. It’s exciting to see the developments that I’ll encounter next. You’re wee man is so sweet! I’m looking forward to reading your post on solids because my monkey hasn’t liked any of his veggies yet (carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash). I would also love to hear about what you did for sleep training. I used to have a great night sleeper (from six old). Naps are another story, however! We moved Callum into his own room for nighttime at 5 months (about 2 weeks ago) and now he’s up frequently during the night. Not for too long but enough to make me go in to see him! I love your blog and look forward to each post!

  5. So glad you guys sleep trained! I felt tired just thinking about how often you were waking up with him…I’m sure he’s better for it too. He’s adorable, Kath!

  6. Wow, 6 months already?! So exciting. Can’t wait to read more about sleep training and starting solids. My baby boy is due in May but I like bookmarking things for future reference early 😉

  7. What a sweetheart ! I am so happy every time I read about Mazen’s progress. Happy Half Birthday, little guy !

  8. I’m in the middle of reading “Bringing up Bebe,” by an American woman raising her baby in France. Super interesting thoughts on the French approach to raising kids and sleep training. I recommend it, if you haven’t read it already. I’ll be looking for your post on sleep training too…..as I’m pregnant now, definitely interested in various strategies.

  9. I had a feeling most of the comments were going to be asking the details of the sleep training. You can tell how obsessed with baby sleep a lot of people are (myself, included!).

  10. I CANNOT wait for the sleep training post. I have an almost 5 month old, and I am dying over here.

  11. Mazen’s pictures are always cute, but those eating pictures take it to a new level of adorableness. My husband and I are planning to delay solids till maybe 8 months, but if our son makes faces like that, I’m not sure I will be able to resist feeding him.

    1. We would put him between our legs to play and he just got better sitting without falling so then we moved on to pillows

  12. one more thing. I’m soooo glad that M is 2.5 weeks ahead of my baby girl, so you’re like my leader for the their small developments! 🙂

  13. Such a sweet boy, he looks so adorable. Is he co-sleeping with Matt? “… to completely sleeping through the night 10-11 hour stretches. No paci. No nursing. Sleeping in the same bed as my husband.” I will look forward to reading your sleep training post, because I’m not sure how this works… Thanks!

  14. Oh,I see, it was the sentence structure that confused me, you skipped the personal pronouns which made me misunderstand. Mazen is not sleeping with Matt, you meant baby in his own room and Mom and Dad together in their room. Sorry about that, it was hard to get the gist of it. Thanks!

  15. Wow you’ll have to share your secrets for the sleep training! 10-11 hours is awesome! Wait until he starts moving about for playtime…such a good age, they’re personalities really come through. Do you mind me asking are you still breast feeding and have you thought about what milk you’ll transition to when the time comes?

      1. I’m glad that breastfeeding is going well. I’m still nursing my 15 month old and it’s just wonderful. It gets easier and more fun the older they get!

        If you’re looking for a grass-fed cow’s milk you should look into Homestead Creamery (if you haven’t already). I’m in Central VA and that’s what we use for our daughter. They are fairly local (the farm is in Burnt Chimney, VA) and their dairy cows are antibiotic and hormone-free as well as grass-fed. And I love that all their milk is in the old-fashion glass bottles! (Not to mention the fact that they also have the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever eaten.) 🙂

          1. Cool! Our daughter loves it, too. 🙂 And have you tried their black raspberry ice cream? Hands down the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

  16. Wow! Cute pics! 6 months seems like such a fun age…he can sit up and play, but you don’t need to chase him all over the house yet. Glad to hear your night times are going better…I know you had mentioned the sleep training before on the blog and got some mixed reactions…I would LOVE to see a post on how you implemented it.

  17. The eating real food photos made me laugh out loud. Looking fwd to the sleeping post too- my four month old needs help and I go back to work on Mon. Fun!

  18. Please, please post the sleep training post this week :-). We are sleep training this weekend (our little guy is same age as yours). He gets up every 3 hours for a paci. Sometimes every 2. He ends up in bed with us A LOT because it’s the only way we can get any sleep. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

    1. You need to sleep train now : ) It took a little crying, but it went SO much better than I ever would have thought.

      1. Also: how often are you feeding solids? I can’t seem to get a solid (ha!) answer on how often to do it…I have the wholesome baby food book and she seems to indicate 3 meals a day but that seems like too much at this stage. We are doing oatmeal in the morning and a mid-day veggie with oatmeal.

        1. We’re doing twice a day until 8-9 months when I think the 3 meals a day sets in. I do oatmeal + fruit or sweet potato/butternut squash in the AM and then something veggie/peas more dinner-y in the PM.

  19. Oh my gosh is M cute! He’s got the sweetest pudgy pink cheeks & the photos of him eating are hilarious. Congrats on the sleep…ha!

  20. Yay for sleeping babies!!! We did the Ferber method of sleep training with our daughter at age 6 months and it worked so well. A little crying, yes, but it was not that bad. And just think how much better quality of sleep Mazen is getting now that he is getting 10+ hrs of consolidated sleep!!! Great for his little growing brain! Congrats!!

    1. I haven’t been commenting on any of the sleep training talk here because we’re a firmly devoted co-sleeping breastfeeding-on-demand family 🙂 but I do want to point out that there’s no proven scientific research that shows that brain development in infants is affected by “sleeping through the night” at a very young age.

      Obviously the decision to sleep train is a very personal one, but of the peer-reviewed studies that has been done on infant and child sleep (there is very little actual, real scientific research on the subject) there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence that sleep training has any health benefits for the baby (nor is there any evidence that sleep training is harmful). There are very, very few babies that have actual, serious, sleep-related disorders that affect their health. Sleep training is done for the parents (not saying that it’s a bad thing, if you can’t function, then you aren’t the best parent you can be!).

      Two interesting articles about the studies done on infant and child sleep:

  21. Those eating pictures are great!! He is so cute and growing up so fast! His cheeks are adorable!

  22. Those eating pics are adorable!! I have a 3 month old that watches us eat intently and I can’t wait to see him experience real food. I think he’ll look a lot like Mazen! Also, his belt is adorable!

  23. ok Kath, I know you said you have a post coming soon on Sleep training, so I will be patient. But did you read a book on it or can you recommend a book to use. I am curious if it will help C and her mom and dad. And me too, with her napping during the day. She is over a year old, but adjusted age is 10 months, and she still wakes up several times at night crying, and needs someone to help her go back to sleep and give her her pacifier. At naps too. Mazen is so cute and getting so big. They do grow so fast, just wait you thought the first few months were fun, they only get better from here on out. Especially becuase they can do more, you can start to see them learning what you are teaching them, and they are generally a lot more active. Looking forward to your next post

    1. We used the Ferber method. I think he has a book (actually I think I have it on my Kindle). But my post should be helpful too!

  24. Just want to say, thrilled to hear sleep training was successful and that you are sleeping!! Isn’t it AMAZING to be well-rested again? Congratulations.

  25. I love reading your BERF posts because Mazen is about 9 weeks ahead of our little guy. We’re anxious to sleep train too – hopefully it will go as well as it did for you!

  26. I have heard of him before well I have heard of the method just never knew there was an actual book about it. I will have to read it and then share it with C’s mom. How did Mazen do for this, and did it take him a while to catch on? Babies are really smart, and I know that they catch on really quick. They also learn really fast that if they cry, and you come running they have gotten what they wanted. So I am sure this method is a great one.

  27. Things change so much from one generation to the next. It’s fun to read about babies adventures now that my children have children. I have a picture of my oldest son at seven months sitting in his high chair eating mac and cheese and green beans with his fingers.We started cereal at 2 weeks so by the time he was 6 months he was eating everything. I think whole cow’s milk at 3 months. People gasp at that now but it was Doctor’s order and he is a healthy middle age man now. So this is why I am so intrigued by what we do now. I had a lot of learning to re-do when I babysat the grandbabies!

  28. That child of your is just darling. His reaction to “solid” foods is very similar to my five month old. Once he had a taste, he had the, “get that spoon in my mouth!” attitude.

  29. Hey Kath, Have you given him the tag blanket to play with? If he’s into tags, he must be at the right age! Mazen is so cute, can’t wait to see you all again!

  30. Can’t wait for both the baby food and sleep training post! My daughter is two and a half months, so I’ve loved following your adventures with Mazen and seeing what’s to come for us!

  31. Hi Kath! Love your blog and this is the first time I’m writing in with a comment. I’m a new mom to a nearly six-week-old baby boy and am curious to know what you did as far as sleep training! I know there’s a HUGE different between six weeks old and six months old but it’s never too early to start! Been reading lots of books on the subject and am just curious to see if you followed anything in particular or just did it on your own. 10-11 hours is amazing and I hope to get there as well! You should definitely write a future post on it. Thanks!!

    1. Be sure to ask your ped! Many think there actually is a time that is too early to start! Mine rec’d 4mos for cry it out!!!! Now that my son is 4mos I can see he still needs extra soothing. 6mos seems more realistic at this point. Hang in there!

      1. Thanks!! Will talk to my pediatrician to see if he recommends anything. I guess at this point we’re just lucky to get a few hours in a row!

  32. With my first (my easy-going baby) it only took one night to take the paci away at 5 months and then he slept through the night (while breastfeeding). The other two were NOT receptive to any kind of sleep training or even the crib for that matter. I co-slept out of sheer exhaustion.
    So for those who are wondering how she did it that fast…it really depends on the baby and their personality/disposition.

  33. My daughter is only a few days younger than Mazen and we sleep trained about a month ago with great results as well. Congartulations on getting sleep! i know you’ll post about sleep and solids when you’re ready, but my question is where did you get your guidelines for what foods to introduce and when?

      1. LOVE that site! great advice, great recipes and even awesome charts for when they start more solids and what to give when. Brilliant site!

  34. He is so flippin’ cute!!! And you think he’s learning at an alarming rate now, you haven’t seen anything yet! I love the pictures of him sitting! And such a healthy little boy! I love babies like that – my daughter stayed in the 95th percentile for her whole first year, and her pedi said I must’ve made butter since she was so chunky! 🙂


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