7 Months

We are almost to 8 months and I feel like time is just slipping through my fingers!!


I look back at photos of Mazen when he was tiny (not that he was ever tinytiny!) and I really struggle to remember those days.


We have hit the stage where Mazen is learning new things every single day. He says “Mama” when he wants something and loves to babble “Dadadada” all day long while he’s playing. Karen and I got him to wave bye-bye yesterday! He seems to be mimicking us really well (not sure that he really understands anything that he does). We learned that if we made spitting noises at him he would laugh, so guess who now makes spitting noises all day long?


I feel that we are days away from real crawling. He can move 2-3 feel on his own (especially when motivated by a smart phone on the horizon!) but it’s more of an inchworm roll than a crawl. Just last week he started getting on his hands and knees and rocking, so I’m sure the real deal is not too far behind. I just bought a baby gate to get ready.



But until crawling actually happens, we’re in this lovely sweet spot where I can leave him with toys on the floor and he’ll play happily while I do a few chores.


Diaper changes now take place on the floor because they have become a huge wrestling match! All he wants to do is practice rolling over. Putting a diaper on a baby on his tummy is not easy.

We’ve started trying out baby sign language after we had a class with Baby Signs with Gillian. So far so good! Our most used signs are eat, more, mama, dada and sleep. It’s hard to sign to him when he’s in my arms, so nurse, nap and others are harder for me to remember to do. I really want to keep at it though!


He still loves to eat and is quite the foodie. He hasn’t tasted a food he hasn’t liked yet, including broccoli, green beans, spinach and even herring! We’ve gotten a lot more lax about introducing new foods, and I’ve given him tastes of everything from Great Harvest Bread to fish. (Tiny pinches since he can’t chew much yet). He seems to love it all. He does use his two little bottom teeth effectively though! Here’s a fun video that sums up 7 months quite well: chewing, babbling, and spitting!


Breastfeeding is still going well. Solid foods are a bit confusing because it’s hard to tell if he’s eating because he’s hungry or for the fun of it! He seems to want to eat whenever I do, so we’re doing 3 meals per day, although lunch is usually quite small compared to official breakfast and dinner meals. I’m trying my best to read his cues, and I’m hoping someday he’ll be able to sign back to me “more” and “all done” with confidence.

Maze-5441 Maze-151821

We are on a pretty awesome nap schedule at the moment. He sleeps for an hour and 15 minutes or so at 9am and 1pm and then 40 minutes to an hour at 5. Bedtime is at 8. This is the first time in almost 8 months that I’ve been able to predict my day by the clock. It kind of rocks.


He has just started to show signs of true understanding of things. When I close the curtains for a nap he squeaks out a little cry because he has learned to associate the darkness. When he grabbed my nose particularly hard and I said OUCH in a stern tone he cried thinking he had gotten in trouble. He knows to look for my cell phone on the nightstand during nursing sessions. And he laughs so hard when he hears me say “Gooooooood morrrrrning!!” when I come in his room everyday.


Some Stats

Weight: ~21 pounds!

Likes: Food, bath time, jumping, toys that light up, tags, zippers, earrings, mommy’s hair, his stroller, spitting, silly faces

Dislikes: Diaper changes, getting dressed, the sound of the curtains closing for naptime


His laughs are amazing. His thighs so incredibly juicy. I still miss him when he is asleep <3

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  1. So awesome to see these posts, he’s doing the exact same things as Clementine (she’s about a week older, I think). The diaper changes — ahhh!! I need to just start doing them on the floor, girlfriend keeps hitting her head on the wall when rolling over during them. And the baby chewing is the cutest thing ever. It’s funny how they know to do that, even without teeth! Clem is a champ at it, she’s up to 3 meals a day, too. Love these foodie babies!

  2. So crazy how fast he is coming into his own! This kid has the biggest little smile ever! Can’t wait to see how he’s looking after another 7 months.

  3. He is such a happy, fun baby. Love his smile. I miss Austin when he is asleep too. I sometimes go in and just look at him, so I completely understand that.

  4. Kath – What are the crib bumpers you are using? I understand we are not supposed to use “traditional bumpers” so I love your option and would like to purchase them for our baby :). Thanks!!!

      1. we got those too, but opted out of the same style crib as yours because i didnt think they would fit, and when i asked you said you wouldn’t be using any! Good to know they work though!

        1. Sorry, I wasn’t thinking that far ahead! The directions had an option for cribs with wooden ends so I just followed those – you double wrap the sides.

          1. no need to apologize, we are happy with what we have, just good to know you can use it with that crib!

  5. Just curious on the daily schedule or routine. Like how often he’s nursing and when he’s getting his solids. And did he just fall into those times or how did that work out? My little guys is 5.5 months so I’m just curious in when that might happen for us.

  6. He is just getting cuter by the day!

    My daughter just turned 4 months, and I’ve been bookmarking all of your posts about Mazen so I can come back to them as Lily grows.

    A few questions:

    Does Mazen go down for naps by himself? I know you posted about sleep training a little while ago, but I’m wondering if he’s able to fall asleep on his own for naps, and if so how you went about encouraging that?

    Did you set his schedule, or did he naturally fall into it as he grew?

    As of now, Lily’s sleep pattern is still somewhat irregular, and I never know how long she’ll sleep for during naps. I either nurse or carry/rock her to sleep for naps and the only way she stays asleep for longer than 1/2 hour is if I hold her or lie next to her while she sleeps.

    1. He does go down by himself, although sometimes he still cries. Sleep training taught me that sometimes he just needs to fuss it out a little. And he pretty much fell into his own schedule – it’s still changing day by day. I never know how long he will sleep either, but I have a good estimate

  7. I love reading these updates as it gives me something to look forward to with Tucker (He’s about 5 weeks behind Mazen). Mazen is super adorable! Question: What are and where did you get the white crib bar covers? They look a lot more … sturdy… than the tie one that we have.

  8. Mazen is such a gorgeous baby!! I really enjoy your posts, especially your videos -I can’t help but smile!

  9. Great post! My daughter is a little over three months and I love reading your updates about Mazen so that I know what might be coming soon for us!

  10. We are having a baby boy (our first) in July and seeing these pics makes me so excited! I have loved following along on your journey!

  11. OH my gosh! I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now, ever since I stumbled across it looking for exciting ways to eat oatmeal 🙂 Mazen looks so unbelievably happy and healthy, these posts always bring such a smile to my face!! Wishing you and your family all the best, and looking forward to future updates!

  12. Hey Kath be careful about great harvest bread. No honey before age 1 due to risk of botulism – and cooking a food item containing honey does not reduce that risk. I believe there are some GH breads without honey, so that’s probably what you’re feeding him. I just want little Mazen to be safe!

  13. i got the same bumper, the same color too! 🙂 She likes playing with it before falling into sleep.

    time really flies!!! Any plan for a second baby?

    oh… one question. have you noticed Maze taking less milk now that he’s eating solids? how many times does he nurse now and before?

    1. Not in the near future…: )

      And I’m surprised how much he still does seem to need the milk with few signs of cutting back even right after a meal. Little guy just loves to eat!

  14. “Smartphone is the ultimate temptation” LOL that is so true! my daughter always goes for my phone too. Maze is the cutest. I’ve read your blog since you were about 7 months pregnant. My daughter was born couple weeks after yours, that’s a good thing.. I know what to expect ahead of time

  15. That crawling video totally reminded me of babysitting my niece when she was his age (she’s now almost 16). She was close too and totally obsessed with paper. I put a piece of paper just out of her reach and she kept going for it and after many attempts she started to crawl. My sister still doesn’t believe me-I should have videotaped it.

  16. Definitely keep up with the signing, it has been such a blessing for us! We didn’t start until my son was 13 months old and he picked it up pretty fast. He was a late talker so they helped ease his frustration so much. Maze is just getting cuter and cuter!

  17. AWESOME post!!! I had a baby about 3 months after you! Do you feel like you can’t remember the first 2 months because that is how I feel and it makes me so sad. I look at pictures and say to myself “Did she really look like that?” 🙂

      1. I was just coming to say the same thing. My husband will say something about that time and look at me like I’m crazy when I say I have no memory of it. At least it seems common and I guess it’s natural!

  18. i’m cracking up right now because as i’m watching Mazen’s videos, my 7 mo old is talking back to him! We are on the cusp of crawling as well!

  19. I love that picture of Mazen looking at you over his shoulder – looks like he is up to no good 😉 He is beyond precious!!

  20. Having a bit of a schedule back to your day totally does rock!! My almost 2 year old has been in a sweet spot schedule for a few months now with lunch between 11:15 and 11:45 and then a big afternoon nap starting between 12:30 and 1. I am such a sucker for a schedule! Love having a feeling of what the flow of my day will be like and when I can squeeze in some of my to-do’s.

    And I laughed about your cons because I still have essentially the same ones 🙂 My muffin still hates diaper changes and getting dressed. I’m hoping we’ll be done with the diapers soon so we won’t have to struggle with a flopping, poopy toddler much longer.

    And yeah… the months and years are just flying by. I feel like I’m often just catching up to who she is and she’s already moving on to a new self — new challenges, new laughs and delightss, new skills she’s mastering. It’s like I’m in a movie and keep wishing I could pause it to savor a moment, but the heroin just keeps tumbling along whether I can keep up or not.

  21. My friend calls that the “potted plant” stage. It is the best! Lasted for 2 months for me and I was thrilled. Mazen is adorable and I don’t say that about just any baby! Enjoy this good nap phase because, as you know, it will likely be over in the blink of an eye 🙂

  22. Wow, he is the cutest little baby boy ever! 🙂 He is obviously flourishing! Well done Mama!! 🙂

    Also, i love your positive attitude towards motherhood, sure it isn’t always easy, but so many wonderful moments every single day…

  23. You may want to lower your crib mattress soon. We were told that once they can sit independently you should lower the mattress to the lowest level for safety. My son learned to crawl and the very next day pulled to stand. Just thought I’d pass that along!

    1. We just did! He couldn’t sit from lying but he could pull up if we put him in there sitting so it was time

  24. He is so cute! I love how he chews with his mouth closed already and would love to hear his laugh.

  25. Have you seen the xylophone free app? It is awesome and such a motivator for crawling. Clara LOVES it.

    At 8 months (if I remember correctly) we were on just about the same nap schedule. Isn’t it amazing???

  26. You are going to thank yourself later (or you probably are already) for posting these updates! I am SO happy I decided to keep a journal to “document” my son’s first year (I now have one for my daughter so I am also documenting my son’s second year as well!). I have so many friends who (after having asked them) couldn’t remember exact milestone moments or even the “little things” and I decided that I was NOT going to be one of those moms! ONE friend mentioned how she knew a lady who had written her children a letter on EVERY birthday and then gave them the box of letters on their 18th birthday…I’m intending on doing that too! 😉

  27. I’m sitting in my office just smiling at how unbelievably cute Mazen is!
    I know you mentioned this in past posts when you were pregnant – but what books did you read/are you reading when you were pregnant about nap schedule, feeding, breastfeeding – all that. Basically where did you learn what you know…

    1. Here’s a post I did on books 🙂 But after the fact I can tell you that blogs and my mom friends have been much more helpful than books. The books create an unrealistic dream situation and real moms will tell you what really works!

  28. Mazen is such a cute little guy! I can’t believe how big he is getting. We are just a few weeks behind you and our little guy is loving solids. I know a few posts ago you mentioned giving him eggs. Our pediatrician said we could start on eggs too, but I realized that the “old” way was to only serve the yolk. Is that what you are serving or do you give him the whole egg? Does he like to eat them since you are going more of the pureed route? I’m also wanting to try and introduce Quiona or some type of grain I’m just not sure how that would blend up in the food processor. Would love a food update 🙂

    1. I gave him whole scrambled – so a little yolk + white. I think you could also give quinoa as is? It’s small enough. Just depends on how your LO does with the texture I think

  29. I have the same whale onesie for my son (who will be born soon, I’m currently 39+ weeks!) So cute to see the whale onesie in action 🙂

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