8 New Tricks For 8 Months

Mazen turned 8 months old on May 7 (which means he’s nearly 9 months old!!!) All of a sudden he just seemed to learn all these amazing new tricks:


1) Rocking on all fours and sitting up from all fours. Two things we never thought would happen given his hatred for tummy time!


2) Early stages of crawling. He’s not “blazing across the carpet crawling,” but he can move on all fours. 


And climb on everything low to the ground.


And roll everywhere!

Babyblog-5954 Babyblog-5953Babyblog-5970

3) And STANDING! Ahhh this caught me off guard the first time I saw it on the monitor. How the heck did he do that!?


4) Tugging my shirt to nurse. The first time he did this I was in awe: he was communicating! He doesn’t do it all the time, but sometimes he’ll climb up on me and put his face into my chest and I know what he’s after.


5) Giving kisses. If I am holding him and say “Gimmeakiss!” he turns his mouth to my cheek and leans in. So sweet. This might be the first time he’s shown that he understands words. That and the time I said “I am going to change your diaper” and he burst into tears ; )


6) Feeding himself. Despite loving to chew on things, he didn’t really know to put food into his mouth. He could pinch bites and wave them around, but they went no where near the mouth. One day I just forced his hand in there to show him (sort of against his resistance) and that was all it took. The next day it was Cheerio after Cheerio to the mouth and now we’ve been practicing with other fun finger foods and even a small banana.


7) Dropping his 5pm nap. I had a feeling he could go without it, although he still fell asleep whenever we put him down for one. But I shifted he’s mid-day nap back a little and bedtime up to 7:30 (from 8:30) and now we have two naps – at 9 and 2ish – that each last 1-1.5 hours.


8) Wrestling matches for diaper changes. Around the time that he started to want to crawl he decided he HATED diaper changes. Ugh – what a struggle!! Stinky little bean.


Still no upper teeth!


Newborn \\ Now


26 thoughts on “8 New Tricks For 8 Months”

  1. What a little sweetheart and growing so beautifully. Handsome little guy too!!
    Must be all the love from his devoted mom and dad!

  2. I wonder what it is about babies that makes them hate diaper change. I feel like I would love to get the heavy damp diaper off me ASAP!

  3. When I went in to get Lucy from her crib this morning, she was kneeling and holding onto the crib railing. It’s time to lower the mattress AGAIN. I just did that two weeks ago! Crazy kiddo wants to pull up on everything, stand, and let go with one hand. She’ll be 8 months this Saturday. So much fun!

    Well, the new habit of biting mommy while nursing is not so much fun. I yelp to let her know it hurts and tell her no, but she just smiles like it’s hilarious. 🙁

    I love seeing what Mazen is learning because I get to see what’s just around the corner for me.

  4. Selfishly, I am so glad you are just a couple of months ahead of us, because it’s like looking into a crystal ball! Audrey now sleeps with her knees tucked under her as if she’s going to crawl into her dreams, but she doesn’t seem to be able to get up on all fours when she’s awake. She’s super communicative now with funny noises and pulling on my shirt, and it’s amazing to see her recognize me and my husband — watching her face light up when we get her from her crib or from daycare just melts me.

  5. At what age did you establish a “bed time” and what time was it? I have a 6.5 week old and am looking for suggestions 🙂

    1. I don’t want to sound like I know everything, but I worried so much about sleep and bedtime and I would tell you just to not worry about any of it until 6 months. Our bedtimes, naps, nights, everything were so unpredictable until after we sleep trained. Then we chose a bedtime based on wake time from his last nap, and that’s been working really well. With 3 naps a day it’s 8:30 and with just 2 it’s 7:30.

    2. We started putting our daughter to “bed” at about 8 weeks I think. We wanted some of our evenings back, and it was obvious that she needed sleep as she was so overtired in the evenings and just spent the whole time screaming. We often had to go back to settle her again, but it eventually worked for us and she got the hang of things. A good, consistent bedtime routine helped (bath, feed, swaddle/into grobag, story, bed). One thing we’ve always done is separate feeding and sleep – so she doesn’t feed to sleep at bedtime (middle of the night is another thing!).

      At the end of the day, however, every baby is different, and every parent is different. You have to do what works for you and your baby and often there’s a bit of trial and error till you find out what that is. Good luck!

  6. Mazes is about 5-6 weeks older than my Archie and I love seeing what Mazen is doing compared to my guy. So fun seeing babies grow up and discover the world. Archie is a crawling man as of last week so I keep joking with people and my husband that we “thought” we were busy before boy were we wrong. 🙂

  7. Yay! Happy almost 9 months Mazen!! Such a cutie 🙂 My LO is just 3 days older and I seriously feel like I could have written this post. It’s amazing what you can witness while watching the monitor, lol!! This month seems like milestone month for mine and yours. Soooo exciting. I love reading these posts!!. ~Leslie

  8. So sweet! It’s amazing how much they can do by the time they’re this age. Just wait for his birthday, by that point he’ll be doing something new every day!!
    Love the side by side comparison of him 🙂

  9. OMG! He is just too cute! I hope you have started the child proofing as soon he will be into everything. Wish you lived closer so we could see him more often.

  10. Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing!

    I am soooo looking forward to that 6-12 month stage when my daughter’s personality will come out and she’s not quite old enough to walk all over the house!

  11. Hang on because it’s about to get crazy!!!! My little one was 9 months yesterday and in the course of about 10 days he went from very slow crawling to speed crawling, standing up wherever he could to cruising!!! He’s my fourth (first boy) and so much busier and faster than any of the others! I think he will definitely be walking by 10 months. I’m not ready!!!!

  12. Yeah, you definitely want to be dropping the mattress in your crib, I have a drop-sided cot and my seven month old dived out of it tonight when I forgot to lift the side! No lasting damage done other than my wee girl getting a fright but it definitely wasn’t my best moment as a Mum…

  13. A gorgeous man! It’s so lovely seeing him grow and develop (and also a useful heads-up as to what my little lady will do in a few months’ time!)

    Can I ask a question – are you happy with how you’ve weaned him? Do you think you should have done more baby-led weaning and fewer purees or do you think what you’ve done has worked the best for you? Am just genuinely curious, my daughter is coming up to being weaned and I’m just canvassing opinions etc!

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