9.5 Months

Mazen is 40 weeks old today! Obviously I am biased, but he just gets cuter everyday! Like everyone predicted, he is learning by leaps and bounds and impresses me everyday with his understanding and communication.


He understands things like “Give a kiss” and “Come over here” and thanks to some bootcamp training at the beach from Grammie Buzz, he can wave hi and bye-bye. He waves at himself in the mirror now whenever he passes by! I am amazed that he understands “No!” (Or at least my tone) and knows to look for Da-da in the garden every night at bedtime. (I nurse, Matt weeds). He recognizes himself in mirrors and videos. And he has also started to dance a little to music – so cute! We are working on teaching him to clap and learning some of his body parts.

He is pulling up on everything imaginable and getting really good at it. There have been less head bonks and tumbles this week than ever before.


He crawls fast now and long gone are the days where I could leave him playing in the middle of the rug and trust that he wouldn’t move until I got back. Now I have to keep the eye in the back of my head on him at all times. Babyproofing has gone well so far.


He loves to point and touch fingers ET-style, has a hilarious laugh when he sees an animal or one of his family members, and this windowsill is his favorite spot in the house:



He still loves food and his favorite food still seems to be avocado. We’re doing more finger foods than purees these days including little bits of salmon, chicken, beans, cooked veggies, banana, shredded cheese, berries and more.



He was hesitant about his visit to the chilly ocean, but he LOVES the pool! We joined one nearby for the summer, and I carry him in and he swims around in my arms, kicking his feet and splashing with his hands. And amazingly, he leaves his sun hat ON!


We like our new Foonf car seat a lot. I can’t say it has done any magic – on our car trips we still get tears at times – but he’s much less hot and seems to have a lot more fun playing from his upright angle. He loves to play with the remote control KK got him!



Weight 22 pounds, 14 ounces at his 9 month checkup (91 percentile)

Height 28.5 inches (50 percentile – taking after his mom!)

Likes: Pulling up, crawling, peek-a-boo, finger painting with his food, stories in laps, his remote control

Dislikes: Diaper changes, baths in the big tub, sippy cups

Nicknames: Bean, Beansie, Stinky Bean, Cutie, Pumpkin

Teeth: Just the bottom two, but those uppers are sure causing trouble!

Words: Mama when he wants something, Dada at playtimes

Nursing: 6 times a day. AM, before & after morning nap, before & after afternoon nap, PM.

Meals: 3 a day whenever mom eats

Sleep: 7:30pm – 6:30am with an occasional peep during a rollover, but overall sleeping great

Naps: 9am & 2pm for 1.5 hours each


He’s the best!


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  1. My daughter is almost eight weeks and I am jealous of all of the sleep he is getting in one shot overnight! What a good sleeper!

      1. My daughter is the same age as M and they’ve hit the same exact milestones with each other. I feel like I’m reading about my own child here lol.. PS. At 8 weeks sleep was pretty bad but now sleeps 7:30pm to 6:30am woohoo!

      1. How do you embed your Vine videos into the blog? I have never had luck in doing so.
        And Mazen is such a cutie pie. My daughter is 11 months old and like Mazen smiles. All. The. Time. He looks like one happy kiddo 🙂

        1. I find them on Twitter ( can’t figure out how to find them on Vine yet!?) and then you click Embed, copy the text and paste into blog program

  2. It seems like yesterday that I was following along your pregnancy journey. 🙂

    We have that crazy ball in the second to last pic. Love it!

    1. Mazen won’t either, but for some reason this iPlay hat with the stretchy band inside works. When he gets in the pool he forgets it’s there.

  3. He is adorable, Kath – thanks for sharing this update! I think he looks a lot like you, especially in the picture where Matt is holding him in his sailor suit. Also, that sailor suit and straw hat are the most adorable things – I can’t even stand it!

  4. We’ve just started solids and I’m still figuring out the timing of nursing and offering food. Am I reading correcty that Mazen is still nursing every 2 hrs? Solids are fun but I also don’t want to mess up supply/nursing and it seems like baby could stretch feedings a bit. So far solids have been a little more complicated than I thought!

    1. Not every 2, no, but I do half a feeding before and after naps (otherwise he is cranky) and then 3-4 hours between those and AM/PM

      1. Hi Kath!
        Do you think those half feedings are more for nutrition or for soothing (Mazen’s and/or yours:))? Or a little of each? In my experience, babies sometimes use nursing as a pacifier of sorts even when they aren’t necessarily hungry. It’s good for them to learn other means of self-soothing, too, for when you’re not “available”.

        1. Probably both. He does well going longer periods when I’m not around, or I might be more concerned. He really doesn’t snack all day – we have set feeding times they are just more mini meal style than a milk buffet followed by a 4 hour break. I have tried the “whole meal” just before or after his nap and he is just not as happy.

        2. Breastfeeding never has been (and never will be) solely for nutritional purposes, after all boobs were around long before plastic pacifiers were invented! Non-nutritive nursing is also great for maintaining supply!

    2. Don’t worry too much about it! As the baby eats more food, he/she will most likely gradually reduce or stretch out feedings, which will probably eventually lower your supply to match, but that’s ok. It’s hard to mentally adjust after 6 months (or however long) of being someone’s sole source of nutrition, but the goal actually isn’t to keep producing the exact same amount of milk forever, it’s just to produce what baby needs.

  5. Hey Kath, Did you nap train and night train Mazen together, meaning on same days ?
    I am trying to sleep train my 5 month old.

  6. Awesome sleeping through the night for that long! You’re truly blessed! Love the pic of him in the sea! Also love the fact he loves avocado so much…sure who wouldn’t 🙂

  7. Adorable! Happy 40 weeks Mazen! 🙂 I am 40 weeks pregnant and anxiously waiting to meet our little girl! So exciting!

  8. Can I put in a plug for you to do a post on babyproofing. Our son is just starting to crawl. Would love to hear what you think worked well etc.

  9. I love reading your blog. My son is exactly a week younger than Mazen and it is fun to read about everything he is doing. I have to ask, and I am not intending to me rude, but do you guys ever just have a bad day? Parenting is hard work and I don’t think I have read anything about how difficult it is besides your posts about sleeping. I find it difficult to relate to you sometimes (not that that’s your job) because you make everything seem so wonderful all the time. I love my son more than anything but some days I just want to pull my hair out 🙂

    1. Sure we have bad days, but they are far outnumbered by the good ones. I’m not taking any credit for anything, but I do think having made lots of friends with babies has helped a lot. We get together frequently and can talk out our frustrations and get advice from one another. The support has meant a lot.

    2. Kiersten, I just wanted to chime in and tell you that you are sooooooo not alone in your feelings about parenting! Even if your good days outnumber the bad ones, sleep deprivation, worries that you’re “not doing it right” (and if your baby is safe, warm, fed, and loved, you’re doing it right!), and the emotional impact of having your life pretty much turned upside down can take a toll. I love my three kids more than anything, too, and honestly some bedtimes just can’t come soon enough. Hang in there! There are lots of us out there who feel just like you do 🙂

  10. What a cutie! I love that first picture – he definitely looks quite a bit like Karen & Matt there 🙂

  11. Omg the top teeth…. My son is 8.5 months and there are 4 of them, peeking through, going back up, then down… So much havoc!!!! So much worse than the bottom two!!

  12. Hi Kath,
    What diaper pail do you use for your cloth diapers? I’m due in August, and we plan on cloth diapering. Just curious! Thanks!

    1. I have two of these Planetwise hanging wetbags. I have them hung on the side of our dresser and have two because one gets washed on laundry day and I was having to just stack that day’s diapers in the open air until it was dry. Having 2 makes it much easier : ) You can see it hanging here. We also have this diaper genie for overnight diapers and our solid poop liners and wipes.

    2. I know you asked Kath, but I wanted to chime in. We also cloth diaper, and we got an Ubbi Diaper Pail. We really like it. We had a wet bag for the dirty diapers but were still dealing with stink issues (my exclusively breastfed baby has smelly poops, I guess), but the Ubbi has done wonders at masking the smell. It can take either regular trash bags or cloth bags; we use a Planet Wise cloth bag and the fit is pretty good. Congrats on the upcoming arrival!

  13. Hello! I have recently discovered your blog, and I love it! I am having baby #2 in September. I was checking out your nursery tour, and I love the rocker you got from Amazon! But, just wanted to see, was it comfy? and with the high sides, were you able to maneuver around when nursing/using the boppy? etc….Thank you!

    1. Yes, I love our rocker! I didn’t spend hours sitting it in because we had a bed in the nursery so I did a lot of sitting in bed or lying down, but I love the rocker for quick sits like putting on shoes or reading books and quick nursing sessions these days

    2. Kelly – I inherited a family heirloom rocking chair that looks great in my nursery especially with updated cushions. Long story short, now that baby is sleeping in his room and I’m conducting middle of the night feedings in said chair I REALLY wish I had bought a comfy upholstered glider/rocker/etc. The hard arms have been cumbersome and baby has bumped his head a couple times in the middle of the night. Just my two cents if you’ll be using a hard rocker for nursing…it sucks!

  14. ugh! trying to get my little guy to grow!! Gabriel, while he was 29 inches long, he only weighed 15 lb 8 oz! ARG! He was 8lb 11 oz at birth!! I nurse him on demand and more when he hasn’t nursed a while and he also eats solids…. I know its a range but do both my boys need to hover the bottom! Vent over!

    in other news, GREAT JOB MAZEN!

    1. Hi … just wanted to say that I had skinny babies, too … especially my boys. I am a small person (5’5″ and about 115 lbs.) who had BIG babies. Then they gained very SLOWLY through their first year and were always long and skinny. Now they are adolescents and are still long and skinny. 🙂 As long as your kids are energetic, meeting milestones and growing at THEIR pace, they are probably just settling into their natural body type. Hang in there!

  15. Such a handsome little man. You must be so proud!

    Can I ask a question – has Mazen ever bitten you while nursing and if so what did you do about it? My six month old seems to be treating me like a chew toy at the moment!

    1. he did once or twice. I tried to be very stern with him and stopped nursing immediately. I’m not sure if it really worked but I guess it did cause he hasn’t done it anymore. I’m terrified for upper teeth!

  16. Mazen is so cute! I have a daughter who just turned 6 months so I’ve loved this blog for ideas on what works and what to look forward to.

    I do have a question for you. How do you manage his sleepschedule on the go? We have weekends up at the cabin and weddings in the future and I have no clue how to handle her naps/bedtime away from home. Maybe a post on this in the future?

    1. Naps on the go are a challenge. Most of the time we have planned them for the car ride or in the hotel room when we arrive. It kind of sucks to be stuck in the hotel room when there is a new city to explore, but I’m not sure any way around that one!

  17. We have that v-tech ball too! I can hear that lady say “Roll Me” in my sleep! LOL

    Mazen is adorable! Growing up so fast!

    Love these updates – thanks!

  18. i’m cracking up right now because as i’m watching Mazen’s videos, my 7 mo old is talking back to him! We are on the cusp of crawling as well!

  19. Who would have thought you could have whole conversations about the design of baby spoons? But when you’re feeding a hungry, moving mouth multiple times a day, shape and size matter. All three of these are good, and we use them all, but I definitely have a favorite.

  20. we also started to give my 7 months old baby puffs to practice picking up food by herself. It’s still too small for her to pick it up so I got her mum mum cookies too and she manages to eat it by herself.

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