9 Month Tidbits

We are nearly to 9 months. Almost outside as long as inside. As much as this time has just flown by, I actually feel like the 9 months with Mazen have been forever compared to the 9 months of pregnancy. I feel like I was pregnant a few weeks and he’s been in my life for years. So funny how time warps!


One good thing to note: my hair has FINALLY slowed down in its shedding. Not stopped. Just slowed. I’m afraid to stick a drain zipper in our tub drain. Maybe I should just call a plumber…

And also on the motherhood front: weight loss has been easier these past few weeks. Maybe something hormonally shifted in me? That or the warm weather shifted my appetite!

Life with a 9 month old is SO MUCH EASIER than life with a 3 month old. I don’t want these bullet points to come off as bragging because it’s all just luck of the draw and might change in a second. But right now, in this moment, we are in a good groove. Everyone told me when he was a little baby “It gets easier!” and they were right.

You know those other people who say “You’ll never sleep again mwahahahah?” Well they weren’t entirely correct. I’m actually sleeping fabulously at the moment. 9 hours last night. And if you count pregnancy insomnia, it’s the most I’ve slept in a realllllly long time.

The sleeping isn’t the only thing that has gotten easier. Mazen has learned to feed himself much better, which is so great, and he has gotten really predictable with his schedule (it’s about time – ha!).

We eat real food whenever we’re at home – either purees or finger foods and pouches if we’re out and about. (and I don’t have a finger food to bring with us). While remembering to pack food for him or have it prepared is an added step in life, it’s just really nice to have the variety from breast milk alone. I know, I know “under one is just for fun” but we really believe that his solid foods make a difference in his hunger and happiness. Clearly the little guy has quite the appetite, after all!

Foodblog-180225-2 Maze-131220

We have 2 naps at 9 and 2 and miraculously half the time they are 1.5 hours long. I remember people told me naps and nightime sleep would lengthen with time and finally they have – just a bit. I have only had to go in Mazen’s room at night once in the 3 months since sleep training and that was when his bottom teeth poked through – one night, one time. I’m actually kind of in shock about how well he’s sleeping now. Knocking on wood! Every night when we put him to bed I can’t believe he’s just going to go to sleep.

Poop is much easier now too. Maybe it will get worse when he weans, but for now, I much prefer solids to the blow outs of infant poop. So much less mess.


We have entered the world of mobility which so far I prefer to non-mobility. While I have to keep a closer eye, I love that he is so much more in control of his body and entertainment. He can crawl over to the toy he wants instead of just crying of boredom when the ones around him get old. It’s also more fun just to see him explore. I’m sure walking is a whole new ball game, but for now we’re good.


Part of it all getting easier too is just that he’s so fun to be with! Little babies are so serious, but this one is a smile machine. My friends say he is such a sweet boy, and of course I agree : )


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  1. Aw, he’s such a cutie! Yes, the 6-9 month range is the easiest in a lot of ways. They no longer have the intense needs of newborns and have settled into a predictable routine, and have yet to get super mobile and into everything and all of the craziness that is involved with toddler-hood (where we are at the moment – 18 months is a lot of fun but a LOT of work!). Enjoy the lull that you’re in right now. 🙂 And man you’ve lucked out with such an easy sleeper! Even with sleep training very few people have babies that sleep as well as Mazen! That’s what bit my sister-in-law in the butt, too – her first was super easy like Mazen, but her second doesn’t sleep at all (even now at a year and a half – her second girl has defied all attempts at sleep training!), it’s been really tough for her! And I hate to say it, but it’s one reason I’m so, so glad I’ve decided to have only one kid.

  2. Great post Kath! My daughter is four and a half months and I always love reading your posts about Mazen to know what I have to look forward to (and watch out for!). Thankfully, she has always been a great sleeper, but I am really looking forward to the days when she is able to crawl to toys and get around herself. And of course I’m excited about food! But it’s so easy with just breastmilk right now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. He’s so sweet… through the computer 🙂 He looks like a happy, smiley baby who in my opinion has his calm, loving parents to thank!

  4. I totally agree on all your points. Nap time is soooo much better now. My 8 month old, Archie, was sleeping 10-12 hours since 3 months then at 6.5 months he started waking again at night. He is crawling and pulling up everywhere (still no teeth) so I think he is just burning the calories quickly and truly needs that one middle of the night feed. No biggie because he goes right back to sleep.

    And he has the ball with the ladybug on top too. Some days it’s his favorite, some days he could care less. So fun to watch them grow, learn and have an opinion on their own.

  5. Aw, kath! He’s adorable. Agree that mobile is better than non-mobile, but just wait till he’s climbing on top of window sills! I must admit its been a while since I’ve checked over here, but I can’t wait to catch up 🙂 and don’t you love sleep?!?!?! Ada had great sleep for what seemed like half a year until her molars and eye teeth came in. Enjoy!

  6. Such a cute kid, and great update. I’m glad you said the part about how having him for 9 months feels like a lifetime, even though everyone says “it goes so fast”. I often think about this and I just know that when I have my child – while yes, things will be crazy and new and different and chaotic in their own way. For the first time, I am going to be forced to just “be” with my child. To calm down with our crazy out-and-about life for a bit, sit back and simply enjoy each and every day with my child. I can’t wait for that time!

  7. I have to agree that around 9 months is when I rally started to see a difference and that losing weight became easier although I still have about 20lbs to lose before I am back to pre-baby weight.

    I also agree poop is so much better now that E is eating 3+ meals per day. She had a bug a few weeks ago and went on a solid strike and we took a trip back to infant poop and I don’t miss it!

    Mazen is just incredibly cute! We are going to be in Charlottesville at the end of July- would love to set up a playdate/meet up!

    1. How does that saying go? No one said it would be easy —- they said it would be worth it!

      Why spread negativity Carolin?

  8. You are so lucky that he’s such a great sleeper!
    He’s too cute for words and I look forward to all of these posts.
    Would love to see a follow up food post now that he’s not as into purees and also would love to see a post about his favorite toys.

  9. I love, love, love to hear mamas expound on how much they enjoy motherhood and how it’s so different from how the “Just-you-wait”-ers described. It’s so lovely to be happy in the moment with your baby just how he is. But one small bit of friendly advice – don’t tempt the baby gods (or the online moms) with ANY sleep bragging! I was quietly smug about my little guy’s sleep habits, and these days my wildest fantasies involve a fancy hotel room with blackout shades, room service, trash tv, and hours and hours of uninterrupted snoozing. 🙂

  10. Loving the 9 month update! I was wondering when you felt comfortable giving him finger foods? Was it when he started crawling or got a tooth or two?! I’m so nervous about choking with my 7.5 month old that we haven’t tried anything but purées yet! Would love to know what you started with! Thanks!

    1. I only give him foods that are super soft and small… Like little bits of banana, avocado or Cheerios that melt away quickly. I’m sure as more teeth appear he’ll get better at chewing, but I’m scared of choking too.

    2. It is normal to be scared of choking. I’m still worried about my 18 month old choking. I think the key is giving them very small bits of the food but not so small that they can’t pick them up. I think you should give it a try and see if he/she starts chewing. I think my sons first finger food (other than puffs/Cheerios) were very, very cooked carrots. Good luck!

  11. It will never cease to amaze me how rude people are to you in some comments they post. Unnecessary negativity and bitterness are so sad. Props to you for being so gracious about it all! You have such a beautiful baby boy who clearly takes after his mama 🙂 As for the “wait until…”, mine are in their mid twenties and I’m still waiting!

  12. Wait…you are STILL shedding lots of hair? It takes that long for it to slow down?? My started at about 3 months PP and my little one is about 5.5 months now. I’m ready for it to stop! It’s so yucky and it’s my own hair!! 🙂 Fortunately I have plenty to spare but I’m ready

  13. Maze is cuter each day! Love his smile!!! 😀
    It’s so great that he’s eating well.. have you noticed he cut down his milk intake? how many times is he nursing now and for how long?

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