9 Weeks: Itching To Tell The World

I told a few more friends our news this weekend – one said she totally called it 3 weeks ago (based on “alcohol props!” and the other said she was totally surprised. I guess the clues must depend on how well you know me ; ) I think my foods seem totally weird, but I’ve also been able to play off cravings and things to an abundance of leftovers and wintertime blues. In many ways, this has been easier to hide than I thought. Although if I hadn’t been able to get help from medicine, you would have found out long ago. Do I look sneaky!?


How about this beer teaser. I thought I did a pretty good job pretending we got too tispy together for dinner : )


I really had a hibiscus soda to drink that night!


I’ve definitely felt a surge of energy this week. I felt alive enough to go to Chris’s Body Pump on Monday, although I kept my weights a little lighter than usual. I have no problem challenging my biceps and tris (I’ve kept my same weight for those) but I’ve lightened up squats significantly and totally skipped abs this time. Anything that uses my whole body/core strength I feel needs a little lightening.

I actually went for a run and it felt great! My pace has suffered – from winter, from lack of running and probably from pregnancy too. I averaged about a 9:15 mile. I hope I can continue to run for a few more weeks – it will be so much more appealing when spring is here!


I skipped my lunchtime dose of my B6 + Unisom cocktail yesterday and felt pretty yucky by dinnertime. I think the all-day sickness is still there in full swing. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE MEDICINE! It has been the ultimate lifesaver to rescue this first trimester and allowed me to live a pretty normal life – including getting those important nutrients to the baby.

I think it’s funny and weird that even though I have the nausea under control, I am still having tons of food aversions. For some reason all soups sound gross to me – especially thick ones like lentil or butternut squash. Still have no desire to eat salads!! However I’ve been getting in veggies like spinach, tomatoes, some Caesar salad, and fresh veggies on a Great Harvest sandwich last week. And I did my best to open a can of salmon for some good omega-3s. It tasted pretty good, but I mixed it with all these weird foods! But I want nothing to do with pumpkin, blue cheese, big raw salads, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots (yuccck!) and all of my old favorite foods. I really would love to ask my body what it’s thinking…

The rice cooker has been SUCH FUN! When I wake up all groggy and hungover on HCG, it has oatmeal all ready for me. It really helped me get back into oats after a long cereal/yogurt stage.

IMG_5258Blog IMG_5278Blog

One Becomes Two

Ever since my 7.5 week emergency ultrasound, I have been thinking of myself as two people. I even said to Matt “WE don’t like lettuce right now” as a joke when we were talking about meals this week. Makes me smile. I can’t wait until the day when I can feel the baby inside of me! I keep thinking about newborns and holding babies and dreaming about them. I think I have hit a turning point where I’m worrying a little less about miscarriage and thinking more and more about the fact that I’m not just pregnant, I’m [probably] going to have a BABY! A tiny squirming little one who needs me all the time. I played with dolls a lot when I was little and loved the feeling of holding a doll. I can’t imagine what it will be like to hold my own baby for the first time.

Making Room

My stomach is starting to feel like a memory foam mattress. I think I am in the full swing of 9 week bloating. I haven’t been eating that well either, so that might be contributing.


But this pooch is poking out most of the time! My abs are still relaxing.


What’s odd about the nausea (what I do have of it) is that I don’t really want to eat, but eating makes me feel better. It’s the ultimate catch 22 of pregnancy. So I find myself at times having a few crackers here or a cookie there just to make me feel better. They DO make me feel better. I swear cookies and sweets make me feel better and vegetables make me feel worse. I think overall I’m doing a pretty good job letting myself enjoy what I crave while having small portions and eating a pretty normal 3-meals-a-day diet. I’d guess I’m up a few pounds – mostly concentrated in my middle. I have no idea what is bloating and what is any real weight gain, but I think it’s a good sign that it’s mostly in my middle. All the doctors tell you not to gain too much, but how are you really supposed to know if you’re gaining the right amount until it’s too late? I know I shouldn’t be eating ice cream by the gallon (and I’m not) but when it comes to the smaller stuff that adds up – portions, bites, etc – it’s hard to know. I don’t weigh myself at home, so I’m just trying to follow my hunger cues and keep craving portions on the small side. Although if you brought me a slice of chocolate cake right now I would love you forever…

2012-01-30 16.57.41Blog

You know how we all have pants that are on the bigger side and pants that are on the tighter side? My tighter pants still fit, but they are very uncomfortable. So much so that after a miserable day in a pair of tight cords, I went to Target and bought a BeBand. SO much more room! I still have several pairs of bigger pants that button and fit no problem, but I’m wearing the BeBand around just for fun. It’s comfy and might even help me with better posture. And it just tucks everything in!

9 weeks (3)

Caitlin says you can’t suck in a bump, so I’ve been sucking in in my photos to see if I can. It appears my stomach can still go back inside –

9 weeks (4)

I also bought my first pair of maternity jeans on sale at Kohl’s! [Clearly those tight cords had me thinking I had outgrown all of my pants.] The maternity jeans actually look really cute. They’re cool flare on the bottom and elastic on the top – and only moderately high so I don’t feel like I’m wearing yards of fabric around my waist. I haven’t worn them yet, but I think it will be fun to do so. [Edited to add: end of the week and those maternity jeans are sounding better and better…!]

I’m doing tons of walking and loving it!! I know I can still run, but walking is just so much more enjoyable in both the cold weather and warm. We’ve been hiking too!

2012-01-29 15.02.58Blog

I’m getting SO excited to share my news!!!!!!!!

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24 thoughts on “9 Weeks: Itching To Tell The World”

  1. I really disliked my bella band….by the end of the day I just wanted it off. But it really does help. I had to smile while reading about you looking forward to baby movement. My baby is currently “awake” and bouncing back and forth inside.

      1. I hear ya, I had the same experience with “underbelly” maternity jeans, and “mid-panel” maternity pants. Loved them both until they just didn’t fit the shape of my belly anymore. I really feel this is again part of having a short torso. Around 25 weeks I transitioned to all fully belly panel pants and haven’t looked back. Except for my workout pants. I have 1 pair of Old Navy Maternity Yoga Capris, and 1 pair of non maternity workout pants that I bought 2 sizes up. They are still too big in the legs, but fit perfectly in the waist.

  2. Reading these posts brings me back to my pregnancy days! Just like you, I was craving Kraft Mac and Cheese.. what the heck?! I haven’t eaten that stuff in 20 years but suddenly in week 10, I ate an entire box in one sitting!

    These posts are so much fun. It’s so neat to think that Baby Kerf will always have his/her mama’s journal to read.

    Thanks for sharing, Kath! (and ps. you look stunning in that first pic!)

  3. I didn’t like the Bellyband either. Rather just buy maternity pants. I ended up only needing one size for the whole pregnancy and was glad I didn’t have to buy new clothes in the third tri. Also, the worry never went away for me! I was more relaxed when I hit 37 weeks, but now I’m worried and scared for delivery!

  4. I love reading all your updates! I remember worrying that my food aversions were all mental and that I wanted bagels and not vegetables just because I was pregnant and I could. However, looking back now, they were most definitely real! So crazy that pregnancy can make your tastes change so much. I remember the thought of hummus making me gag. Your veggie loving self will be back soon enough, though. 🙂

    PS- I also said ‘we’ all the time. It makes it feel real!

  5. I never figured out that you were pregnant until you shared the news. I thought that maybe you and Matt were considering on having a baby sometime in the new future, though. You probably fooled most of the blog world, minus your close friends who know you really well 🙂


  6. You look really great. And I think you can keep running into about halfway through the pregnancy. Just don’t aim for better speed or anything. What are your plans for balancing motherhood, childcare, blogging (two blogs) and running a business? I see an interview with you in my future because I know you are going to do an amazing job.

    1. I’m just going to have a “cross that bridge when I get there” approach. All the planning in the world might have to be thrown out the window 🙂 I’m sure my posting frequency on KERF will decrease, esp. in the beginning, but I do plan to continue posting 3 meals a day.

  7. I would have never guessed you were pregnant until you told people because I remember you saying ages ago you weren’t going to start trying to maybe like this summer or so? So it was about 6 mos ahead of “schedule” and not even on my radar! Even now, there’s no way anyone would look at you and say, oh, she’s pregnant. You could hide it for a very long time if you wanted to I think!

  8. Don’t kill yourself over what’s the right amount of weight gain. There’s no right answer. Just eat healthy. I on the other hand, packed on 45 lbs. with my first child. Needless to say, Jake only weighed 6 lbs. 7 ozs. I think my butt took on the additional poundage. I lost the weight fairly quickly afterwards though. So don’t worry, you sound like you have everything under control 🙂 Good luck with the morning sickness. I didn’t have that with either child. I can’t even imagine how bad that is. The one craving I had during prenancy was something I never ever liked. Oatmeal. I couldn’t get enough of it. ha ha..

  9. I haaaated the BeBand. It worked for me for, like, a week, but after that it was just all bunchy and the pressure on my stomach made me even more nauseous!
    My maternity clothes strategy is dresses, dresses, dresses from here on out. Cool for the summer, dressy enough for work, no pressure on the belly!

  10. Hi Kath! I love reading your past weeks entries, I hope you are feeling good and getting super excited! Babies are the best – I have a three month old! Reading your posts brings me back to my pregnancy days. 🙂 just keep resting, eating well, and exercising…it helps a lot. Especially swimming!

  11. you look great! and the beband is maybe the 2nd or 3rd best invention ever (after Zofran of course and maybe those salt and vinegar chips…). =)

  12. Kath,
    Congratulations to you and Matt! I’ve enjoyed following kerf for some time now, and I really like how honest you’ve been about your pregnancy experience so far. I have noticed some critical comments about Matt’s role in the pregnancy, but clearly he is a supportive husband and father-to-be, and it is a life changing thing that takes time to wrap your head around. Luckily you have 9 months! I have to tell you that you are doing NOTHING to help my own baby fever right now! Hopefully I will be in your position a year or so from now. Best of luck to you.

  13. I spent all of first trimester and part of second wondering if what I was seeing was baby or bloat. Ha, that bloat made me feel so awkward, and then my belly grew and it felt so natural to have that bump. My son is almost four months old and I still find myself touching my belly. It is such a special bond and I do miss his nudges and hiccups. But it is much more fun to kiss and hold him. 😉

    The weight-gain is so tricky! I worried about it so much and it drove me nuts that the midwives couldn’t tell me what was too little or too much for me. They knew I was active and I think that is all they cared about. How healthy you are before you are pregnant has a lot to do with it as well. Since I was at a healthy weight prepregnancy and maintained a low heart rate they surprisingly didn’t say much over my 60 pound gain, but it drove me nuts.

  14. You’ve done such a great job documenting you entire pregnancy! It will be such a joy to go back and look over what you were thinking, feeling, and what your body was doing! I bet you’re to the point where you can’t suck the bump in now. Aw!

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