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Connecting The Dots

Itty Bitty Details

Welcome To Baby KERF!

Pre Baby + Positive Tests

Cycle 1: Short, Sweet, Surprise

Cycle 2: Declaration Of Ovulation

Cycle 3: Knowledge or Luck?

Positively Pregnant

The Two Week Wait

Sharing The News

First Trimester

4 Weeks: Baby’s First International Trip

5 Weeks: Adjusting To Pregnancy

6 Weeks: Morning Sickness Begins – Day-By-Day

7 Weeks: A Scare With A Great Ending

8 Weeks: Getting Bigger

9 Weeks: Itching To Tell The World

10 Weeks: Double Digits!

11 Weeks: Birth, Babies and Bumps?

12 Weeks: Transitions To Two

12 Weeks: Meds + Beds

12 Weeks: Kerthump, Part II

12 Weeks: Husband Aversions

12 Weeks: Diaper Dance

12 Weeks: A Second Peek Inside

13 weeks: Time Is Speeding Up

13 weeks: Fatherhood–Part I

13 Weeks: Breastful Dreams

13 Weeks: Attention Convention

First Trimester Recap

Second Trimester

14 Weeks: The Middle Part

14 Weeks: Physical Changes

15 Weeks: The Mouse, The Fish + The Rhino

15 Weeks: Labor Of Love

15 Weeks: Shifting Body

16 Weeks: Too Short, Too Tight

16 Weeks: Stroller Stalker

16 Weeks: Nursery Underway

17 Weeks: I’ve Got The Blues

17 Weeks: Surprise Unveiled

17 Weeks: The Shelf

17 Weeks: Lollipop Shop

17 Weeks: Little Man

17 Weeks: Live and Jive

17 Weeks: To Do List

17 Weeks: In With The Old And Out With The New

18 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

18 Weeks: I Got Kicked!

18 Weeks: Paint By Numbers

18 Weeks: Yoga For Two

18 Weeks: Must Haves

18 Weeks: Ova Ova

19 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

19 Weeks: Positively Pregnant II

19 Weeks: Belli Skincare

19 Weeks: In Da Crib

19 Weeks: Elimination Communication

19 Weeks: Beautiful Nurseries

20 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

20 Weeks: Calm Before The Storm

20 Weeks: A Rose By Any Other Name

20 Weeks: Rearranged!

20 Weeks: Mentally Prepare

20 Weeks: Baby Bucket List

21 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

21 Weeks: On Eating Real Food

21 Weeks: Normalcy

21 Weeks: Where It’s App

21 Weeks: Baby Talk

21 Weeks: To Do List Updated

22 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

22 Weeks: Things I Love About Prenatal Yoga

22 Weeks: Pop!

22 Weeks: 10 Things

22 Weeks: Expecting More

22 Weeks: From Head To Toe

23 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

23 Weeks: Pumping (And I Don’t Mean My Breasts)

23 Weeks: Baby You’re A Firework

23 Weeks: Pregnant In America

23 Weeks: The Magic Inside

23 Weeks: Surprises

24 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

24 Weeks: Fannnntastic

24 Weeks: 6+3 Does Not Equal 9

24 Weeks: Fatherhood Part II

24 Weeks: Color Blind?

24 Weeks: What’s Up Doc?

25 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

25 Weeks: No Woman No Cry

25 Weeks: Laundering, Stuffing, Folding

25 Weeks: Stretch + Grow

25 Weeks: Thoughts On Childbirth Class

25 Weeks: Loosey Goosey

26 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

26 Weeks: Car Seat Safety

26 Weeks: Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!

26 Weeks: Bump At The Beach

26 Weeks: Birth Wish List

26 Weeks: A Little Optimism

Third Trimester

27 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

27 Weeks: Knocked Up Fitness

27 Weeks: To-Do List Update

27 Weeks: The Final Third

27 Weeks: Delicious Glucose

27 Weeks: Second Trimester Recap

28 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

28 Weeks: Hospital Tour Of Martha Jefferson

28 Weeks: Book Worms

28 Weeks: Two Kicks At The Same Time

28 Weeks: Cute Finds!

28 Weeks: Dress Me Up

29 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

29 Weeks: Divide + Conquer

29 Weeks: The Beauty Of Baby

29 Weeks: Dream On

29 Weeks: The Paperwork

29 Weeks: New Additions For The New Addition

30 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

30 Weeks: Swingin’ Through The Weeks

30 Weeks: Healthy Living While Pregnant

30 Weeks: BIG MAMA

30 Weeks: Yes, I Want To Eat My Placenta!

30 Weeks: 3D Photos

31 Weeks: Snapshots

31 Weeks: Stuff

31 Weeks: Live From The Womb

31 Weeks: ABsolutely Stretching

31 Weeks: Not The Patient

31 Weeks: Preparing For Childbirth

32 Weeks: Snapshots

32 Weeks: To Due List

32 Weeks: What To Reject When You’re Expecting

32 Weeks: Lumpy + Bumpy

32 Weeks: The Princess And The Pillows

32 Weeks: Mr. Personality

33 Weeks: Snapshots

33 Weeks: Always Coca-Cola

33 Weeks: Thank You, Thank You

33 Weeks: The Little Turtle

33 Weeks: To Do List Update–Home Stretch

33 Weeks: Worth The Weight

34 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

34 Weeks: Breastfeeding Class

34 Weeks: Dads Don’t Sit

34 Weeks: Drop Or Not?

34 Weeks: Seasons Change

34 Weeks: Baby Central

35 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

35 Weeks: Nesting Projects

35 Weeks: Wet Nipples

35 Weeks: No Sides Left

35 Weeks: Baby Care Basics Class

35 Weeks: Race For The Finish

36 Weeks: Snapshots

36 Weeks: New Additions

36 Weeks: Pack n Play Options

36 Weeks: Nesting–> Resting

36 Weeks: Car Seat Installed!

36 Weeks: The Final Items

37 Weeks: Snapshots

37 Weeks: Packing The Hospital Bag

37 Weeks: Belly Dancer

37 Weeks: Full Term, And Full Of Baby!

37 Weeks: Expecting The Unexpected–Pregnancy

37 Weeks: Pay It Forward

38 Weeks: Snapshots

38 Weeks: A Father’s Reflections On Pregnancy

38 Weeks: Props For Mom

38 Weeks: Out With The Old, In With The New

38 Weeks: Pre-Mom Bucket List

38 Weeks: To Do List

39 Weeks: Snapshots

39 Weeks: Grown Up Nesting

39 Weeks: Thought Dump

39 Weeks: Pre Mom Syndrome

39 Weeks: Nursery Tour

40 Weeks: Third Trimester Recap

40 Weeks: Cupcakes Live

40 Weeks: A Flat Tire Story For Labor Day

40 Weeks: Pekanz

40 Weeks: Over The Hill

40 Weeks, 6 days: Labor Day Round II


A Little Zen

Mazen Duke Younger-Monson

Waiting for The Day

Mazen’s Birth Story


On Having A Doula

Hospital Bag Reflections

The First Weeks

Like Father, Like Son

Breastfeeding: Angry Bird In A Swamp

Review: That’s A Wrap!

Four Weeks Old

Giveaway: Uptown Boys

Newborn Must Haves

Giveaway & The Letter M

Smiles, Sneezes & Yawns

6 Is The New 8

Do They Look Alike?

When Darkness Falls.

Placenta, Consumed.

Giveaway: Personality Crafts

Review: Kia Sorento

Motherhood Part 3

The First 6 Weeks

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Motherhood Part 4

Motherhood 5

Dance Party

Motherhood 6


Man In The Mirror II

Motherhood 7

Double Giveaway

The Bag Lady: Skip Hop

One Year Ago

Motherhood 8

Video: New Tricks

Giveaway: Lazy Day Cottage Tags

Review: Amy Michelle Diaper Bag

Review: PV.Body Fit Box

Motherhood: 3 months

Hours Of Milk

Review: Oilo Play Blanket

Cloth Diapers

Motherhood: 3.5 months


4 Month Sleep Regression

Motherhood: 4 Months

Best Gifts For A Baby Shower

Recipe For A Home Workout

Breastfeeding: Large & In Charge

Aunt + Uncle

Motherhood 4.5 Months


5 Months Old

Kicks + Giggles

The Best Baby Toy Ever

Five Months + Growing

Cloth Diapers: Follow Up

10 Days Till 6 Months!

Baby Proofing Advice

Under My Umbrella-ella-ella

Motherhood 6 Months Out

Mazen Duke Week One

Mazen Duke: First Three Months

Baby Medicine Cabinet

Hanging Toys

6 Months


Hippity Hoppity

Baby Sleep Training

For The Grandparents.

Hiya, Ellie

BERF: The Prep Part I

Teething Tips

Mazen: 4-6 Months

BERF: The Prep Part 2

Daily Mom Giveaway: Lassig Diaper Bag!


Waterless Bath

7 Months

BERF Part 3: The Fun + Convenient Foods

First Flight

Good, Better, Best

8 New Tricks For 8 Months

Multitaskers + MVPs

9 Month Tidbits

Better Together

The BOB Revolution

9.5 Months

Reading List Erased

Bébé Gourmet

10 Months + Getting Smart

BERF: Finger Foods

10 Month Ball Of Fire!

The Time I Made Homemade Mum Mums

Battle Of The Sippy Cups

Almost 11 Months

High In A Chair

Countdown To O.N.E.

Welcome To The Family


mazen duke, month by month

One Year Old!

One Is Fun

Organize With Cozi

Mazen’s Meals Lately

Nursery Tour One Year Later

The Road To Weaning

Mazen At 13 Months

Cloth Diaper Confessions

Mazen’s Favorite Toys At 12 Months

13 Going On 14

Mazen’s Hideout

14 Months!

Board Books From Buzz

Minted + A Giveaway

The End Of A Breastfeeding Era

Mazen’s Christmas List

Christmas Morning

15 Months

Tips For Hiring A Babysitter

Warm N Snuggly

16 Months!

Baby Signs


17 Months!!

Finding A Mom Community

Mazen’s Lately

18 Months Old

Baby Registry: 10 Items You Might Overlook

3 Questions + 3 Answers

Motherhood: Is It Easier Now?

19 Months Old

Feeding Baby: 14 Things That Make It A Whole Lot Easier

Mazen’s Then + Now

New Favorite Books!

20 Months

Thoughts On Baby #2

Nursery Update: Big Boy Room

Toys From Hasbro

21 Months

Cooking With A Toddler

Mazen Moments

The Lunchbox Surprise

Toy Wrangling

22 Months

Cozy Wall Art

Tips For Toddlers At The Beach

23 Months

Tips For An Awesome Baby Shower

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