Almost 11 Months

What’s new with my lil’ man? Lots of things!

Primarily….walking-ish, not napping and lots of kisses.

Shoulder kiss action:


Mobility. M is up, down and all around these days. He can practically run when pushing the ottoman around the basement and loves to stand and cruise around. He isn’t standing or walking on his own yet, but it can’t be too far away. He gets more and more confident everyday.


With that confidence comes more accidents. Poor M gets hurt more these days as he’s learning to crawl fast and walk. We saw blood for the first time last week when he bonked his lip, and he got a goose egg bump on his forehead after laughing his way into a windowsill. It breaks my heart when he gets hurt, but these are all accidents that just come with the territory of learning to move.


Playing. It’s really fun that now that he is mobile he can really play with other babies. He and Henry played chase, and it’s fun to watch him interact with his friends. Most of his local playmates are older than he is and he has gotten bit, hit and slapped in the face recently! Most of the time this is over the sharing of toys. Poor M.

Talking. I don’t really want to proclaim that Mazen has said his first words yet, but he is working on them. I’m not really going to count mama and dada because those are givens (he says DADA very clearly for Matt these days!), but we are very close to getting a true “dog” and “cat” out of him. Right now they are “duh” and “aht” but there is a connection. He also said a very clear “EGG” the other day, but I’m not sure it was a real word with meaning.


Teeth. We have four prominent upper teeth and still just two on the bottom. The worst is when he grits them together! It makes an awful sound, but I have no idea how to discourage that. Teeth brushing has started…at least for practice. My ped said to just get him familiar with the toothbrush for now. He seems to like it and giggles every time.


Naptime. Since sleep training M has been a stellar napper. We’ve been on a really predictable and wonderful schedule of naps at 9 and 2 for 1.5 hours each (roughly) for MONTHS. It’s been awesome. Just this past week M has started to fight naps. He rarely cries for more than a minute when I put him down, but lately he has been really screaming. So much that I wondered if it was separation anxiety or a fear of something. After getting in the crib with him (that was fun!), I ruled those out. I think he’s just transitioning to dropping his morning nap. It’s just happening in a way I wouldn’t have expected. He has missed his morning nap once and his afternoon nap once and for the first time took a 1-3pm nap recently. I’m looking forward to one nap because it will give us so much more flexibility, and I hope we can get back on a schedule soon.


Nursing. I’ve been able to drop the post-nap feedings this month and am happy about that. {At least until our naps got all screwed up!} We’re down to about 4 feedings a day. I didn’t know how long I’d breastfeed when I first became a mom beyond my goal of a year. I’m really glad we’ve made it (almost) to a year, but I’m not sure how much longer I want to go on. On the one hand, I’m eager to get a little bit more independence for us both, but on the other hand it makes me really sad to think about nursing being over. M still seems to want to nurse, but he doesn’t seem to be obsessed with it or tugging at me all day, so I think I could probably wean him easily when the time comes with distractions and snacks. I don’t plan to force wean him over a weekend or anything, but I think I’ll start thinking about it after his first birthday.

I’m also testing out this new nursing cover – the Momcho Poncho! The fabric is super soft and of course I love the grey chevron. It’s compact and easy to carry around because it’s so lightweight. It’s also good for hot summertime because of the open sides (although sometimes I do wish the sides were more filled in for more privacy). I’m not sure I’d wear it as a real outfit (would you?), but I like it as a cover.


Two things I’m really tired of:

Wiping runny noses (do you cringe when you hear a sneeze like I do!?) and cleaning the kitchen floor. In fact cleaning all of the food-related things has gotten really old. As one would expect, food goes everywhere at mealtimes. At what age does that get better? 2? 5? 10? 18?


Other things:

Holding my heavy baby is getting easier, as he’s learning how to hold on to me. The first time he put his hand on my shoulder I nearly died of the cuteness.


He is also really good at giving kisses – big sloppy ones that he holds there and giggles through. Sometimes he shows so much affection all at once, and it’s heart melting.


We have tried peanut butter! I put some in a banana smoothie and gave M a taste. No signs of any changes – whew!


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  1. If you were to ask my mom what age a child stops flinging/dropping/leaving food debris everywhere, she would say never. I’m 23 and every time I go home for a weekend, she ALWAYS makes at least one comment about me leaving crumbs all over the kitchen counter or stove top 😉

  2. The transition from two to one nap was HARD and takes a while. I hear this is the case for most babies. For us it was a solid 3 months until Clara was on one solid nap a day (fully transitioned by 14 months and sleeps 12-3ish). It was HELL for a while but once we got to one nap. . . total HEAVEN! I promise you will get there. And I LOVE one nap. So much more freedom in going out in the morning and overall schedule. Plus, I love a nice long chunk of time for myself to be productive, work, get stuff done etc.

  3. M is almost one! Have you given any more thought to his bday party? I recently found and made an avocado buttercream frosting that seems right up your alley. Also, I found a nice jersey nursing poncho on etsy that I’d totally wear as normal clothing, but it’s a subtle green and navy stripe, not big and bold like those chevrons. Finally, I have to ask… Did you really get IN the crib? The max weight for those things is something like 50 lbs, so you might want to make sure he’s still safe in there. Have a great week!

  4. my son went through a nap regression as well about this age. (He is one and a half) I had read to try to hold on to two naps as long as you can because once they are walking on their own more they get really tired and could use two naps. But my son had other things in mind and it really doing great on one nap, although it seems he transitioned a little early. He also sleeps 12+ hours at night, so he really doesn’t NEED a ton of sleep during the day.

    I’m wondering if you’d seen this? Every baby is different but seeing the wake times etc for each age has been really helpful and interesting to me:

  5. I love these posts because my little guy is just a little over a month younger than Mazen so it’s fun to see what he’s doing in comparison at these stages. My guy just started feeding himself Joe’s O’s yesterday!! Agh. We’ve been encouraging him feeding himself for ages it seems like and I think he’s finally figuring out the benefits. Ha!

    And I love that little hand on my shoulder too. These boys sure love their momma’s and I could just eat it up.

    Oh, and one more thing about nursing. I’m so glad that I’ll probably make it to that one year mark but after that I can’t imagine wrangling him much longer. Maybe for night time feedings as part of a routine but I have a few friends who still nurse their babies around the clock and they are going on 2 years old. Wowzers. I think it’s great for them but hey, we’ve made it almost a year and we want to have another babe not too far down the line so maybe it’ll be weaning time after 12 months sometime.

  6. Edith is all about kisses lately. She gives them on request and sometimes when the feeling moves her. She also loves to kiss all her stuffed animals and photos of other babies.

  7. My 10 year old son drops more food than my toddler daughter! At least when they are 10 they can be called back to the kitchen to clean it up themselves.

  8. Mazen looks so grown up in his high chair! Is he drinking juice now? Since learning to use a straw my lil guy is obsessed with drinking things. He always grabs at my straw cup now!

    I share your feelings re: weaning. Will you be introducing cow’s milk? Part of my hang-up on weaning is the realization that my baby is growing up. Bittersweet!!

      1. Oh ok, I assumed that was why he had two cups on his tray because the sippy looked like it had OJ in it. Thanks for clarifying!

            1. Juice isn’t recommended for regular consumption. But of course there’s nothing wrong with juice – it’s just not supposed to be given by the cupfull because of it’s sugar density

            2. If I can just interject here, since I did comment on the juice on KERF. I gave some friendly mom advice (though I should know better that many moms do not like getting advice LOL) to not even introduce juice to babies or toddlers because they very quickly insist in it over plain water. And even watered down juice will waste caloric intake (not a weight issue, obvs, but if a toddler drinks his calories, he won’t eat as much, which is not good), plus sipping on juice all day, as toddlers often do, is not good for their teeth. Just resist the urge on this one, give only water or milk, and don’t open the door to juice, as it can be very difficult to close again. And some kids have battled constipation as well, when going on a liquid strike (no one ever wants to deal with that, trust me). There is no benefit to giving babies or toddler juice, so my advice was to not even start. There was no big stir (as far as I could see on any comments that followed mine).

              1. I gained close to 5 (not needed) pounds as a toddler because of juice consumption, and solely juice consumption. I’m not sure how much of a fight i put up because of it but it clearly was providing way more calories than I needed! i’m sure my parents wished they just hadn’t given me juice at all to begin with.

  9. My son just turned 11 months yesterday and we are having the same problem with naps. What we have done is push the morning nap back, instead of an 8:30am nap he does a 10:30am nap then another about 3:30pm then the usual 8pm bedtime. It seems to work for now!

  10. he is getting so big!! Time sure does go by fast, huh? B is almost 16months!!! Crazy!

    Congrats on making it to a year nursing (almost!), we are still nursing in the am and pm, I’m not sure when we will wean those. Now that it is just 2x/day there isn’t any ‘inconvenience’ factor, so I fure we will go as long as we both feel comfortable. And as long as there is something in there! Ha!

    Oh, and I have never been so happy to own a dog!! Clean-up is SUPER easy 😉

  11. How cool that the mom poncho is also meant to be a mom bib! I’ve come to work with drool/snot, etc. on the shoulder of my shirt more than once!

  12. Just speaking up to mention that if the weaning process proves more challenging than you’d expected, just know that it’s normal and not anything you’re doing wrong. I remember being surprised how rocky that period was with my daughter, after assuming it would be a smooth transition. She was clingier and more cranky than usual, and it upset her to smell milk on me but not be able to have it whenever she wanted. I’d been planning to take my time weaning, but ended up rushing the process just so I’d stop producing milk and making it harder on both of us! My sister just went through the same experience, too. Eventually it does help them gain independence from you, but those first couple of weeks feel like you’re achieving the opposite.

  13. Super cute! Not having a little one of my own, I can’t really say when the messy food stage ends, but being married to a messy eater (I find little pieces of granola bars all over our house on a daily basis), it might be a lifetime issue 😉

    1. except for the dog hair…. (I say that lovingly as a happy fur-momma of two dachshunds… that has to clean-up dog hair weekly 😉

  14. Love the video M brushing his teeth, so cute! I need to start doing that too.

    My baby (10 months) also suddenly changed her sleeping pattern, I think it might be separation anxiety because she’d calm down and sleep if I’m besides her, but when she wakes up, she cries for me to go in.

    I feel exactly the same about nursing. Part of me wants it to be over specially because I need to pump when I’m at work or when I travel, but it makes me really sad to end this lovely nursing relationship. Sometimes she seems so big to me but when she nurses, she becomes my little baby again. I’d love to hear your plan to wean without any engorgement problem.

    And lastly, I’m looking forward to read about M first birthday party! 🙂

  15. We recently transitioned back to two naps for my almost-three year old daughter because she was experiencing some behavioral changes and, through trial and error, we figured out that she just wasn’t getting enough sleep (for her). I actually dread the one nap transition should it occur with my second. To me the perceived freedom just isn’t worth not having those two “breaks” in the day where I can get some work done around the house or sit and drink hot tea (maybe even read a few pages of a book). I might have had more leeway in one part of my day but by placing a longer nap smack in the mid- to late afternoon I actually prevented the possibility of doing much outside the house for any great length of time. Of course, every baby has a different schedule and cranky period, so it will probably work out just fine for you guys (and gal). If something doesn’t work, you can always modify it again.
    He’s a cutie! Good luck! 🙂

  16. Here’s my secret to a clean floor after my toddler eats: a dog! Both baby and pup are entertained by it and all I have to do is some disinfecting!

  17. Couple questions for you, or anyone else with advice. 1) When did you drop from 3 to 2 naps? My babe is 7 months and yet to become a really good sleeper (still up at night and really short naps now that we are in the crib instead of his swing). Wondering if I try to get him to 2 naps if that would help his night time sleep. 2) So do you just give some water in the sippy to get him used to it? My baby rarely takes a bottle since we’re still nursing but as he gets older I’m wondering if I should just wait till he’s one and gradually switch to milk in a bottle or skip the bottle all together? 3) When did you start feeling comfortable leaving stuff in the crib with M? I put a little lovey in at nap time but haven’t been putting anything in at night time. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help (and I realize these are things I can google but good to get advice from real people too:).

    1. 1) We just tried skipping the 3rd nap around 6 months and it wasn’t missed at all (even though he would still take it if put down)

      2) Yes, the idea is to teach them to drink from sippys. And help quench their thirst. Some people say breast milk is enough, but I have never found that, and my doctor said to give him water too.

      3) When he could roll over and sit up really well I was no longer worried about him getting “trapped” with an animal. All of his friends are button-free and more of the lovey types.

  18. My daughter has a peanut allergy. We learned this right after her first birthday when we gave her a waffle with a little peanut butter on it and she had a reaction. When we took her to the allergist, he mentioned that when we fed her the peanut butter for what we thought was her first time, that she had to have been exposed to it prior to that time. I had no idea that the reaction (for my daughter it was hives and vomiting) would be from the 2nd exposure, not the first. Just a heads up that an allergic reaction to peanuts may not be evident the first time you introduce peanut butter. Hope that made sense!

      1. Yep–just seconding this. It’s actually not possible to be allergic to something the first time (as in an actual immune system response, which is not the same as an intolerance). Hence why babies don’t really have seasonal allergies their first year. I only say this to reinforce the “keep your mama eyes open” idea, as you seem to already do!

  19. My little guy is approaching one too and he is most definitely my last so I’m waffling big time on the nursing thing. Some days I just feel like I’m so done, want my body back and a little independence and other days and I think, once it’s over that’s it and I’ll never get that part of motherhood back (he’s #4 so I know for sure there will be no more babies.) I’m feeling much more emotional about it than I ever thought I would be. We are still nursing 5x a day and I have been thinking about dropping a feeding but I’m not sure which one – maybe the afternoon one? What did you do?

    1. I was doing before + after naps (one side at a time) and consolidated by doing both sides before and I give him a snack after. He did great with that.

  20. One good way to manage the teeth grinding (per an OT I work with) is a vibrating teething toy. It provides the same sensation in the baby’s mouth without that horrible sound. There are a few on the market, but my son (16.5 months) likes the star one more than the monkey/banana one. I think it vibrates with less force or something. He also likes to eat cat food, so take that recommendation with the appropriate number of grains of salt.

  21. About food on the floor: it takes time, but you CAN teach a little one not to drop or throw food on the floor. It took me awhile and required a lot of patience, but ever since my daughter started solids, I reiterated that food stays on the tray/plate. You can never start too early with table manners and I wanted her to understand that food must be respected, that someone (me!) took the time to make her something tasty to eat and while she didn’t have to eat it, she couldn’t toss it overboard. I showed her how adults don’t throw food and she shouldn’t, either. Of course we still have crumbs from crumbly things and accidental spills, but overall she is a tidy eater and it makes meals (and cleanup) much more pleasant.

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