Best Gifts For A Baby Shower

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We have enjoyed so many of the gifts we received at our baby showers. From the items on my registry to the handmade and heartfelt surprises, every gift has been put to such good use. Now that I’ve been a mother for a few months, these are some of the items we have found especially useful that I hope to give to other moms-to-be at future baby showers I attend.

-Homemade burp cloths (you can never have enough!)

We received a TON of homemade burp cloths and guess what – we use them all! A burp cloth isn’t something you really want to use over and over again if you can help it, and having a large stash has been super helpful. I put some in all corners of the house so we never have to look hard to locate one. The colors and designs are so pretty too! The chevron ones are from Etsy and the others were homemade by both friends and family.


-Wash cloths/bath set

A friend gave us a bath-themed gift of wash cloths, duckies and soap and we received a few baby towels. We use them all! For some reason I feel like bath accessories are overlooked on registries because most people assume you can just use adult gear. And while you totally can just use a regular towel, when Mazen was little it was nice to have a towel perfect for his size. And of course the triangle of head warmth!


-Handmade blankets

We love our smaller, thinner swaddle blankets, but you don’t think about needing thicker blankets and quilts for playtime on the floor and bundling during colder months. Several of our family friends made us blankets and they all have gotten good use in various places – from beds to car seats to strollers. This quilt was made by Matt’s cousin Elizabeth and lives on M’s bed now. It’s so special that each blanket is unique to our home and little guy.


-Clothing accessories

We loved receiving all kinds of clothes (as they are the most necessary, after all) but we also loved some of the accessories we received that I had not thought to buy – hats, mittens, socks and the like. You don’t often think about needing these smaller pieces until the day you need them, and they can be surprisingly hard to find (the mittens were at least). And in the summer: sunglasses, sun hats and bathing suits are all things a mom might not think to register for or buy in advance.


-Baby care products

One gift I now love to give is a bundle of some of our favorite baby care products. Not only useful but also tested and endorsed! These are some of our favorites – Lavnila baby wash, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (for overnight), Noodle & Boo lotion, Boogie Wipes, Motherlove cream, Avent pacis, Booginhead holders and a Nose Frida!



-Toys/books for the months to come

When you’re pregnant, all you can think about is “newborn, newborn, newborn.” But we have really enjoyed unwrapping some of the older baby toys and books as Mazen has grown. I loved that some of my mom friends gave me their own baby’s favorite toys – again, tested and endorsed! Mazen has loved so many of them too, particularly these rings. And as my mom says, you can never have too many books! My Cville friends gave us a collection of food-focused books, and we love reading them.

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25 thoughts on “Best Gifts For A Baby Shower”

  1. Love your selection of books. I would recommend adding the “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” Board book – every baby I know (including my own) loves it with a fiery inexplicable passion.

  2. Confession No. 2: I do not have a child and I own a tube of Boudreaux’s. Because it is AWESOME. Diaper rash? Boudreaux’s. Rash on your leg? Slap on some Boudreaux’s.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Most of these items will go on my Amazon gift registry for my July baby! (Shower won’t be for months, but I love researching baby gear!) I hope you choose to continue BabyKerf for the next few months as you have been doing (a few post a week).

  4. I don’t have children, but I have several friends & family members who do. My favorite gifts to give are clothes for when they’re larger (seems like a lot of people give newborn/0-3 months) and books! I’m a huge reader, so I always think books make the best gifts – favorites to give include Sandra Boynton’s Greatest Hits vol I and II, Eric Carle’s Very Little Library, Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You and Pat the Bunny. 🙂

  5. Just be careful using Boudreaux’s with Cloth Diapers – it can stain! Use a disposable liner to protect your dipes!

  6. Good suggestions – I received zero books or socks and those will now be my go to gifts! I also think its important to gift seasonally appropriate clothes. For some reason I got several packs of short sleeve onesies for my December baby and also a size 6 month sweat suit. I feel bad knowing these gifts will likely not get used and I obviously don’t have time to run around town exchanging.

    1. I agree on the seasonally appropriate sizing. That didn’t even occur to me until I was looking at christmas onsies for my due in May baby. I had to stop and think, “wait how many months will she be at christmas time.” I bet this doesn’t occur to people who don’t have kids because it sure didn’t occur to me!

  7. I have pledged to give the NoseFrida to any friend who becomes pregnant. It was such a lifesaver when the bulb cleaners all sucked. Love it!

  8. I totally agree when it comes to having a lot of burp cloths…I had a baby who loved to spit-up for the first month, so we went through a lot! I also learned to use the big Aden & Anais blankets as burp cloths, since they covered more of me AND I could fold them up and use at least a couple of times before having to throw them in the wash.

  9. Bordreaux’s is the BEST. We’ve used it nightly since my 20-month old was a newborn, and he’s never had a bad diaper rash.

  10. The best thing about Butt Paste is that it doesn’t sting when you put it on! Some of the other creams sting when you put them on an already diaper rashed butt. My son never flinches when we put Butt Paste on him. Love that stuff.

    Also, you don’t realize how many burp cloths you actually need. They are definitely needed in every room of the house, the car and the diaper bag. At 13 months we still find uses for them.

  11. Thanks for the list! I have a baby shower coming up, and this list is perfect. I usually do buy books, and for some reason, other guests look at my like I’m crazy. Don’t they realize babies need things other than cute little newborn clothes?

  12. I would add a Muslin hooded towel…they are amazing!! I found it very difficult to find a good towel for the bath…until I found his one! Btw, I LOVE Boudreau’s!!

  13. Does nose Frida really work?? My 8 week old has been really stuffed up and I’ve tried the bulb and it is pretty worthless! Do you use saline and then the nose Frida? Poor little one has been snorting like a little piggy. We may have to get ourselves a nose Frida 🙂

  14. A thermometer makes a great gift! You won’t want to go out to get one with a suddenly sick baby in tow.

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