Do They Look Alike?

October 21, 2012

I think so

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Like Father, Like Son

September 28, 2012

Word on the street is that Mazen looks like his Uncle Andrew! Others think he looks like Karen. And lots think Matt! I’ve had many-a-comment that he has my nose and chin : ) What do you think? Here is Matt a few weeks old – I think Mazen definitely has his eyes. Mouth too? […]

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On Having A Doula

September 19, 2012

A post from Matt on having a doula: Here’s one of the other benefits to being on the other side of pregnancy: we finally have something to talk about! No longer do I get asked “Are you excited” as a means of starting a conversation – there’s the entire exciting birth to share with others. […]

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A Little Zen

September 14, 2012

Another post by the new father, Matt: I have to hand it to all the mothers out there – I can’t believe what you have to go through to deliver a baby. The worst pain I’ve ever felt was after I had back surgery in 2004. For those who don’t know, I had a spinal […]

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Waiting for The Day

September 10, 2012

We just had a big BERFday in our house!! I hope to write my birth story (I can’t wait to put it in writing!), how breastfeeding is going, what happened to my body and more – all coming in time. For now, here is the first of several posts that Matt has journaled about his […]

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38 Weeks: A Father’s Reflections On Pregnancy

August 20, 2012
loaf (8)

What aspects of your pregnancy have been the most exciting? I’ve enjoyed learning all about the biology of what’s going on in the womb – it’s so strange to me that women’s bodies can essentially enter this other phase where they work differently from all other times in their lives. And it’s all hormone and […]

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24 Weeks: Fatherhood Part II

May 16, 2012

Overall I feel like fatherhood is going to be a learning experience for me even more than my child!  But there are several things I’m particularly looking forward to doing with him: Cooking – When I was a kid I would try to help in the kitchen, but I didn’t really do too much, and […]

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13 weeks: Fatherhood–Part I

March 13, 2012
That damn armoir

A message from the dad-to-be during the first trimester… When did you feel like an “adult”? I consider the day I graduated college to be the day I became an adult. Sure, I had some responsibilities beforehand, and yes, I barely knew what I was doing afterwards, but that was the time where I truly […]

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