Mazen’s Then + Now

April 23, 2014

Sweet little Mazen 5 days old!! You probably recall the famous striped onesies that Mazen lived in during his newborn days. They were SO soft, and of course I love stripes. So imagine the tears I shed when my friend Gaby gave me some of her little boys clothes and I found out she had […]

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17 Months!!

February 19, 2014

I took zero notes this month, but I feel like I have so much new stuff to share. However now that I am sitting down to write, nothing new is coming to mind! Let me see… Words have started bubbling out of Mazen this month, and he’s started to copy us a little bit. If […]

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Tips For Hiring A Babysitter

January 8, 2014

The following is a guest post I wrote for my friend Renee, who has a blog on early childhood from a nanny’s perspective.  If you are anything like me you are completely torn between a luxurious date night with your husband and the peace in your heart that comes from having your baby close by. […]

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15 Months

January 1, 2014

15 months has passed us already and my little man is just growing up so fast. He understands so much these days “Let’s go ride your bike!” or “Time for a bath” and he knows exactly what to do. He is starting to talk more too, and we get so excited when he learns a […]

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Christmas Morning

December 25, 2013

Did you know that Santa makes special trips before and after Christmas Day to accommodate families that travel? When was young, we traveled for Christmas every year, so I had several years with presents dropped off at special times. Santa came to our house a few days early this year so that Matt could be […]

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The End Of A Breastfeeding Era

December 11, 2013

A little over three weeks ago Mazen and I had our final nursing session. It was simultaneously a huge deal and a piece of cake. About a month prior, I had dropped down from 4 feedings a day to 1 over the course of a few weeks. Our only nursing session was first thing in […]

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14 Months!

November 20, 2013

Mazen has been so much fun lately! He has gotten to be so affectionate and loves to run into my arms. I am loving how much he gives now! He sure is a mama’s boy. His language is also exploding – in all ways. New spoken words: Outside (said all the time as “side!” “side!” […]

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Mazen’s Hideout

November 13, 2013

In our basement family room, tucked under our stairs we have a little finished space for storage. In the years past it has held everything from old paint to horseshoe sets to beach chairs to extra baby toys. And now it’s a fun little hideout for Mazen! I cleaned up the walls, which were terribly […]

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Cloth Diaper Confessions

October 23, 2013

For a year, we used cloth diapers and loved them. Honestly. The Bum Genius Freetimes were our diaper of choice, and the OsoCozy liners made disposing of solids very easy. Are you picking up that I am using the past tense here? Have you noticed Mazen wearing disposables in my Instagram photos? Sadly, for the […]

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Mazen At 13 Months

October 16, 2013

One day he was ONE and now he’s far beyond. 13 months feels so far away from the big first birthday! I feel like we have truly gone from baby to toddler this month because Mazen is a real toddler now. He toddles around on two feet nearly 100% of the time. I haven’t seen […]

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