Multitaskers + MVPs

There is so much gear to consider with a baby that it’s great when items can multitask or simply impress. The following items are my most used and MVP baby items over the past 9 months.

Multitasker: Motherlove Nipple Cream


Mother Love Nipple Cream worked wonders for its original purpose but has also been fabulous for chapped baby lips, little patches of dry skin and cheeks. Way better than lotion and works overnight!

Multitasker: Aden + Anais Blankets


Originally used for swaddling, we have gotten SO much use out of these aden & anais blankets. They are great as burp clothes, nose wipes, cold weather wraps, shade when the sun pops out, nursing covers, blankets to sit on, fabric to suck on, play ghosts, peek-a-boo fun and more. We have gotten so many compliments on our animal series too!

MVP: The Bob

The mac daddy of strollers. SO smooth to push. Great shocks. Huge sun shield. Much easier to run with than expected. Very comfortable for Mazen. Used A must have for exercising mamas.


Multitasker: Boppy Pillow


First it was used for sitting when I couldn’t sit on anything else. Then it was for breastfeeding. Then it served as Mazen’s lounger and finally a sitting training pillow. Multipurpose and so useful.


MVP: Video Monitor


One of the best investments we made was our video monitor. I know women did not have these 100 years ago and their kids were fine, but this has been so amazingly helpful to me that the cost was 100% worth it. There is so much the eye can see that the ear can’t hear.  [I just asked Matt what his vote for top MVP was and he said the monitor too!] We also use this

Multitasker: Baby Bathtub


I considered getting one of those moldable-to-the-sink bathtubs but when a friend gave us this one we decided to use it instead. It’s been a fantastic baby tub (starting in the sink and now used in the big tub) and also has served as a play station for containing Mazen as well. I hear it makes an excellent water play area too!

MVP: The BumGenius Freetime Diapers

Our Freetimes were another item that was an investment (I spent about $200 on our collection including getting a few used and in sets for a freebie) but I use them every day and love them. We’ve had no problems to date with stink, leaks or wear and tear. Love using the liners with them for #2s. To be honest diapers got a lot easier when we started solids! Less mess overall. I’d recommend the Freetimes to anyone looking to cloth diaper.

And the latest gear added to our collection – a big boy car seat – the Clek Foonf!! Excited to try it out. He seems to love it thus far!



As you might have seen in this post, I was on the hunt for an umbrella stroller to use for our recent trip to Arizona. I ended up buying the Uppababy G-Lite. I have no affiliation with Uppababy – just want to share my purchase with you guys!


We decided on the G-Lite because:

1) The price was moderate

2) I found a 2012 model on sale

3) My mom convinced me to spend a little more in hopes that it lasts through more children

4) I have a thing for Uppababy strollers and if we didn’t already love our BOB so much I would want an Uppababy Vista (it’s my stroller crush)!

5) It had all the features on my list (UV sunshade, bigger basket, super lightweight, one-handed operation)

6) The G-luxe looked great, but I didn’t think the recline was worth the extra cost since we have a car seat/snap-n-go that we’d use for any future infants. So the less expensive G-lite it was.

Having taken the stroller on a cross-country flight and used it for 5 days walking back and forth and back and forth around the resort and gone on a light hike with it, I have nothing but good things to say. Of course I don’t have experience with another stroller to compare it to, but based on a few weeks of use, I’m very happy with the purchase.


First the sun shade is awesome. Totally awesome. In the Arizona sun I was so happy to have Mazen be able to sit in the shade.


I love that it rotates down creating a pod for him and covering up his whole body (I often put a light blanket and sunscreen on his legs). I loved being able to see him from above.


The handlebars are also really high and while I’m sure that’s a huge plus for someone 6’+, as a 5’2” gal I found the height to be very comfortable too.


The basket was about as big as I would expect for this size stroller, but what I found to be fantastic about it was that our diaper bag fit VERTICALLY between the seat and the metal back. This was so, so convenient! And we still had room for toys underneath the bag.



M loved riding in the stroller, and the straps and seat were very comfortable for him. The wheels rolled just fine and even lock if you want them to for more comfortable long distance walking.


I bought another of these consoles to put on top. I have one on my BOB and loved the addition here too for my phone, water bottle and more. It’s the best console out there! You can’t beat the price on this thing – it’s under $10 and goes on sale for $6 at times!


Lastly, the stroller was super easy to fold up at the airport gates. I could do it with one hand, and loved the attached strap for lifting it back up and carrying it from the car. The G-lite is 8.8 pounds and I had no trouble lifting it with one arm. It also stands upright by itself, which was very helpful getting it in and out of the car.


I have ONE negative with the stroller. This flap is great to keep the sun from peeking in the back, but sometimes the sun was right overhead and I wanted to look down into the stroller to keep an eye on M but there was no way to tuck the flap up and it often just falls back down. However, it has velcro on the corners and I’m thinking if I attached some stick-on velcro on the sunshade I could stick it up when I wanted to.


We’re hoping to use this stroller as our car/travel stroller for a long time. It goes up to 55 pounds, so we hope to have many years of use left!

Under My Umbrella-ella-ella

We are traveling across the country (to Tucson!) in April, and I want to buy an umbrella stroller to take with us. (The BOB doesn’t really seem all that airplane friendly Smile )


But I’m so overwhelmed by the choices and prices! Since we’re using this for travel and car use only, I don’t want to spent too much, but I also don’t want to go pick out the cheapest stroller on the market since we need it to be functional and reliable when we are using it. This will eventually be our car stroller when he outgrows the snap-and-go too.

It needs to be lightweight and have good storage capacity, both of which are going to be really important for travel. Durability is also up there. Based on some preliminary research, this lot seems to be some of the top choices for under $150 (not sure I want to go any higher). The $40 First Year’s Jet seems to be a great steal, but then I wonder what the UPPABaby G-Lite has that costs $100 more!? I’d love your feedback and advice from traveling with a baby to the airport to your favorite umbrella stroller.

1) Contours Lite $58

Contours Lite 58

One-hand fold. Snack tray for older baby. BIG basket! 16 pounds. Looks a little bulky. Bigger canopy.

2) The First Year’s Jet $40


Number one on Amazon. Great price! 11 pounds. Good reviews. Console storage built in. Basket looks kind of small..

3) Chicco C6 $80


Good reviews. 11 pounds. Basket looks small. Comes with a carry bag!

4) Inglesina Swift $120

Inglesina Swift

Expensive. Touts a carry handle and big basket. Locks into a compact block for easy carrying. 13 pounds.

5) Chicco Capri $70


11 pounds. Carry bag included. Carry strap too.

6) Maclaren Volo $130


Carry strap. Rain cover. One hand breakdown. Big basket. Water resistant hood. Only 8 pounds!

7) UPPABaby G-Lite $140


SPF big canopy. Basket looks roomy. 8 pounds. Stands when folded.

8) The First Year’s Ignite $60


Parent console. 14 pounds. Larger wheels.

9) Baby Cargo $109


Interior side pockets. Rain cover. Roomy basket. 16 pounds. Shoulder strap.

Which would you buy?

Do you guys have one of these for checking at the gate? It’s $12.


I also stumbled upon this accessory – I always need more space for my phone, water, etc!


Baby Proofing Advice

Help!! I know this is next on our big list of things to do around the house. I have so many questions!

1) Zones 

Do we baby proof the ENTIRE house or just safe areas for play? For example, I intend to to make our entire basement 100% baby proof – every nook, cranny and outlet. All the furniture bolted to the walls. All the toys ready for play. On the other hand, our upstairs living room has a lot of glass and there is a lot of heavy furniture. I’d like to just leave that room as-is and just never let him in there. But is that realistic? Too risky?

Mazen’s bedroom is another place that definitely needs baby proofing since he’ll be spending time in there. Same with the master bath, bedroom and the porch, which I see as the upstairs warm-weather play area.

What about the kitchen? If we had a big open floor plan with a great room and kitchen in one, I can see that the kitchen would need to be proofed. But our kitchen (and the upstairs living room I mentioned above) are both kind of closed off. I’m not sure if it’s worth putting a lock on every single cabinet if we won’t be in there that much. Right now I cook and eat during naps or while he’s in his highchair, but as he gets more mobile, maybe I’ll need (want?) him to be able to crawl or walk around with me?

I of course want to be on the safe side, but the thought of having proof the whole house is more exhausting than a night with 1 hour wake-ups.

2) What should I buy?

I have this tub spout cover in my Amazon cart.


I have these outlet plug covers. I don’t see the need for anything too fancy because we won’t use our outlets that much to plug things in and out.


We definitely need baby gates at the top and bottom of our stairs. Because we go up and down, I’m looking for something that’s really easy to open and close while holding a baby. I’d love to not have to drill giant holes in the wall, but I hear that makes it extra safe? I would love some gate recommendations!

Obviously if we decide to do the whole kitchen, we’ll need cabinet magnets [like these] or locks. When I have babysat in houses with those cabinet and drawer things, they drive me nuts!

What other gear do I need to buy?

3) On Hands And Knees

What are things that you don’t think about until they become an accident? I’m planning to do the baby crawl around my house and see what looks dangerous. We have the nursery furniture bolted in the wall, but we need to figure out what other furniture in the house needs this – but first we need to decide on those safe zones!

You expert mamas who have mobile kiddos, please share your wisdom to this overwhelmed first-time mom.

Thank you!!

Best Gifts For A Baby Shower

This post is sponsored by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®, the effective diaper rash cream that treats and prevents diaper rash with every change. Let’s kick some rash!

We have enjoyed so many of the gifts we received at our baby showers. From the items on my registry to the handmade and heartfelt surprises, every gift has been put to such good use. Now that I’ve been a mother for a few months, these are some of the items we have found especially useful that I hope to give to other moms-to-be at future baby showers I attend.

-Homemade burp cloths (you can never have enough!)

We received a TON of homemade burp cloths and guess what – we use them all! A burp cloth isn’t something you really want to use over and over again if you can help it, and having a large stash has been super helpful. I put some in all corners of the house so we never have to look hard to locate one. The colors and designs are so pretty too! The chevron ones are from Etsy and the others were homemade by both friends and family.


-Wash cloths/bath set

A friend gave us a bath-themed gift of wash cloths, duckies and soap and we received a few baby towels. We use them all! For some reason I feel like bath accessories are overlooked on registries because most people assume you can just use adult gear. And while you totally can just use a regular towel, when Mazen was little it was nice to have a towel perfect for his size. And of course the triangle of head warmth!


-Handmade blankets

We love our smaller, thinner swaddle blankets, but you don’t think about needing thicker blankets and quilts for playtime on the floor and bundling during colder months. Several of our family friends made us blankets and they all have gotten good use in various places – from beds to car seats to strollers. This quilt was made by Matt’s cousin Elizabeth and lives on M’s bed now. It’s so special that each blanket is unique to our home and little guy.


-Clothing accessories

We loved receiving all kinds of clothes (as they are the most necessary, after all) but we also loved some of the accessories we received that I had not thought to buy – hats, mittens, socks and the like. You don’t often think about needing these smaller pieces until the day you need them, and they can be surprisingly hard to find (the mittens were at least). And in the summer: sunglasses, sun hats and bathing suits are all things a mom might not think to register for or buy in advance.


-Baby care products

One gift I now love to give is a bundle of some of our favorite baby care products. Not only useful but also tested and endorsed! These are some of our favorites – Lavnila baby wash, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (for overnight), Noodle & Boo lotion, Boogie Wipes, Motherlove cream, Avent pacis, Booginhead holders and a Nose Frida!



-Toys/books for the months to come

When you’re pregnant, all you can think about is “newborn, newborn, newborn.” But we have really enjoyed unwrapping some of the older baby toys and books as Mazen has grown. I loved that some of my mom friends gave me their own baby’s favorite toys – again, tested and endorsed! Mazen has loved so many of them too, particularly these rings. And as my mom says, you can never have too many books! My Cville friends gave us a collection of food-focused books, and we love reading them.

Maze-2091 Maze-1999Babyblog-2247

Cloth Diapers


Please read this post as an “I’m learning” post and not a “do what I do” post. I have no clue what I’m doing! Which brings me to point #1: cloth diapering is hard!! Disposables are easy. You put the diaper on. You throw it away. The hardest thing is realizing you might need to jump up to the next size. Cloth diapers take so much more knowledge – from choosing brands to getting the fit right to the laundry. The learning curve is steep, but I’m hoping once we get to the top it’s all downhill from there.

We started cloth at about 2 months, although not full time. I wanted to ease into it and not put too much stress on myself. Also the diapers seemed HUGE on Mazen until about 2.5/3 months, so I wasn’t very confident they would actually work with his clothes and things. So we started using one every now and then and I decided that I had to jump in full time before I could really see what it was like.

People have asked me “Do you like it?” At first my response was that switching from disposables to cloth was kind of like going on vacation and eating whatever you want and then coming back home to healthy again. Disposables are like being able to eat cake all day long. I did not like the cloth at first compared to the disposables – who would, it’s more work. But like healthy eating, I knew it was the right thing to do for the earth and our wallets moving forward, so I kept at it. Now I can say that I DO like cloth. As much or more than the disposables. I just wish I could get all the kinks out of our process.

We have about 15 diapers that we cycle through. Some of the others in the stash that Stephanie gave me went to another blog reader and some were too small once we started cloth. These 15 are the perfect amount for a wash-every-3-days cycle, although I’m washing them closer to every 2 now.


At first, we were having tons of trouble with leaking. I have been washing them in Rockin’ Green detergent but as many of you said, I probably needed to strip them. Stripping a cloth diaper means washing it 5 times in hot water with no detergent to get out any residue that might be repelling liquid. (Here is a great guide on how to strip cloth diapers!) I didn’t think our diapers were repelling, but I did this anyway. There are many ways to strip, but I just washed them in hot water with oxiclean about 5 times in a row. The leaking improved.

Now 2 weeks later, we’re leaking again, on and off. It’s SO annoying to pick your child up and feel a wet bottom. Not only do you need to change the diaper but the whole outfit too. I can’t imagine I have to strip every 2 weeks, so I’m wondering if it’s just a fit issue. Not all of them leak, and the Baby Land diapers leak more than the rest, so maybe they are just not a great fit.

My favorite diapers are the Bum Genius velcro ones. I love these because the velcro is just so easy to adjust. Stick it on and you’re done. The snappy diapers are hard because I end up snapping and unsnapping several times to get the diaper snug. The only downfall to the velcro is that to wash it you really need to push the tabs down so they don’t stick to everything, and that’s one extra step when you have a dirty diaper to touch. I also hear that it wears out more quickly and that your baby can learn to take these off himself, which would not be good! These Bum Genius are least likely to leak as well.


I also like the Blueberry brand. They don’t leak that much and they fit pretty well. We have about 6 of these and I find myself reaching for them often. I hate all the snaps, but I like the rest of them.


With the pocket diapers you have to stuff them and remove the insert when it’s dirty before putting it in your wet bag. Both of these tasks are a little annoying, but I want to work with the diapers we have and am not going to buy a whole new set just to get all-in-ones or another type. Plus I wash my hands after anyways, so although it’s kind of gross, it doesn’t really add that much extra. I like that the pockets dry fast too (I hear that’s the number one drawback for AIOs).


We discovered the hard way that you better have that whole insert tucked in or you’ll have leaks out the back from moisture wick! Another plus for the Bum Genius and Blueberry ones – they have a flap to hold the insert in.


On the topic of inserts, the kind we have are adjustable with snaps. When Mazen was smaller, I was using them in the shorter position, but they were SO bulky inside. I started just unsnapping them and kind of shoving the rest of the insert in there, and they’re fitting a lot better now.

KAY-0872 KAY-0871

Here’s one of our Baby Land diapers. I love the single row of snaps (the less snaps the better!) but these guys just don’t fit as well.


I also bought some of these Babykicks hemp inserts hoping for magic absorption. I washed them 3 times before use as the directions say. They’re super thin so I was hoping for less bulk. The verdict is that they are just OK. They come as a duo pair sewn together and I tried separating them to singles and we had a big leak, so I think they really need to be two at a time in there, which means they’re about the same as the microfiber ones!


It didn’t take me long to transition to cloth wipes either. A few times of trying to separate dirty disposable wipes from the cloth diaper into two receptacles and I knew cloth wipes were the answer to all of our problems.


We have two packs of these OsoCozy ones and like them a lot. They are so soft!


I researched cloth wipe solution one day and came up with this solution as the most simple for our family: this squirt bottle with 2 drops of our lavender baby wash inside. I was also using tea tree essential oil, but I just couldn’t stand the smell. I sometimes spray this right on M’s bottom and other times spray the wipe depending on how….wet….the bottom is Smile  I do prefer this to pre-soaking the wipes or having to go wet one in the bathroom, which both seem like a step of extra work.


The wipes go straight from laundry to this cloth bin within reach of the changing table.


We’re very happy with our PlanetWise Wet Bag. I do wish I had one more to rotate with the laundry because on laundry day I find a pile of diapers from that day on the dresser with no place to go because the bag is in the washer! I’ve also thought about just getting a pail to lift the lid for, but this is just sleeker and takes up less space. Unzipping it is a bit of a pain, but so would taking a lid off, so it’s just a fact of life.

KAY-0867 KAY-0866

I did buy this diaper genie for disposables, which we do use on occasion – nighttime, when we’re out sometimes. I have no idea if we’ll be 100% cloth in the future, but for now I’d say we’re 90% cloth. I really like this Arm & Hammer model.


Hmm what else.

OH – laundry!!!

I actually don’t mind washing the diapers that much because I like doing laundry. And something about folding and stuffing clean diapers is soooo satisfying. But what is driving me nuts is that they still seem to stink a little bit after the load. I’ve been doing rinse – wash – rinse. I use the Rockin’ Green and oxiclean in the wash. I’ve tried drying them in the drier and air drying (which I would prefer not to do because of the timing). I haven’t yet tried putting them in the sun because we haven’t had many sunny days lately! I was trying to go every 3 days between washes, but I’ve switched to every 2 and that might be helping. Any tips on getting rid of stink?

**{Edited to add}**

Just washed them in my parents’ new Kenmore washer and dryer with the same Rockin’ Green and I swear some of the stains have lifted and most of the stink is gone. Maybe our older W/D (which came with our house) are to blame? I find that hard to believe, but perhaps there is just something off about the way the cycle works on ours?

This site, Padded Tush Stats, has been a good resource for learning more about cloth diapers. I think I’m actually going to switch to powdered Tide next because it seems to be so highly rated for cloth diapers.

Another problem we have: overnight. BOTH the disposables and the cloth have been completely soaking Mazen, his PJs, swaddle and the sheet by the morning {edited to add the next size up of disposables has helped…somewhat}. SO annoying when I’m picking him up to nurse and have to do a complete costume change before he can. I guess we have a heavy wetter? Other than changing his diaper halfway through the night, what else can I do to get the cloth work for 10-12 hours? I have tried doubling up inserts and that didn’t help. I’m also concerned about the wet fabric being against him all night long. Are there any cloth diapers you swear by for nighttime? Should we just use disposables for nights?

I’m thinking about buying 3-5 more Bum Genius diapers, but I’m also open to hearing any that you all love. I’ve heard good things about Glow Bug, Flip, and Thirsties. Which do you like?

Newborn Must Haves

These are my favorite posts to read by other bloggers. Whenever I read posts like this, I found myself going straight to Amazon to buy what they recommend : )


These are all items I would recommend having at home before you give birth. So much of the other stuff you can wait and see what you need. So without further ado, there are the things I couldn’t imagine the first month without:

Baby Connect app – I’ve mentioned this app before, but it’s been invaluable to track feedings, sleep and more. I’m letting Maze tell me when he’s hungry, but it’s great to still have a timer going from the last time he ate and which side it was on. Sure, you could use pen and paper, but then you wouldn’t have all the data available in the nice charts and things! I haven’t been 100% consistent with it (naps are hard to track if they’re very short) but it’s still a good estimate. And although it doesn’t really mean I get more sleep, I like waking up and seeing “You’ve been sleeping for 3 hours and 10 minutes” and knowing that was a good long stretch. I no longer track diapers (because it’s clear we are making lots of them over here!) but now I have added pumping, so I imagine we will evolve with the app as he gets older and we might want to track activities, solid foods, potty use and more. The app was totally worth the $4.99 I paid for it.

Baby Connect

Wrap/carrier – Whether it’s the Boba, Ergo, Moby or a homemade sling, I could not imagine these past few weeks without some kind of baby wearing device. We have gotten lots of use out of both the wrap and the carrier, but if I had to just get one, I’d get the carrier. The Boba has the ability to convert for newborn side, and I know the Ergo has newborn inserts (and I have friends that just propped their babies up with a swaddle blanket). This first month, baby wearing was one if the only things I could count on: he would almost always be calm when I wore him. Naps only happened against me, and having my hands free was invaluable.


Nursing cover – I would never have ventured into public with a newborn without some kind of breastfeeding privacy. Using the cover isn’t ideal, but it is liberating to think that when you’re out, if the baby cries you just have to feed them. Having a cover made me comfortable feeding him in restaurants, on park benches and when I had visitors in my home. You could just use a swaddle blanket, but getting Mazen latched under one was pretty hard without being able to see him. I received a cover from Bebe Au Lait to review and love it.


My Brest Friend

It really is!! Sure, you could just use a few standard pillows for nursing, but the reason My Brest Friend is great is because it’s firm, straps around you and has little pillows to support the baby’s head. The Boppy is nice, but sometimes I end up having to get in a weird position to get it high enough. Since you should always bring the baby to your breast and not your breast to the baby, it’s important to have them parallel to your breast, and My Brest Friend does this better than the Boppy. I like having two nursing pillows, though, because I use one downstairs and one upstairs.


Baby Seats

We have a number of baby seats scattered around the house that are great for plopping the baby in when you need to run to the bathroom and wash your hands or take a shower. Some we bought; some were given to us. We have a swing, a Snugabunny bouncer, the iFeel Rocker and the Boppy Lounger. All have their perks and uses, but really, just having ANY seat is great. So get whichever you like! The important part is knowing you have a safe place for your baby to rest while you slip away for a moment.


Disposable Breast Pads and a Milkie

If I hadn’t had disposable breast pads on hand when I came home from the hospital, I literally would have put a menstrual pad in my bra because I needed something to catch the milk! The cotton ones were just not that absorbent (or rather, I had more let down than they could hold) and I learned this the hard way – with a soaked shirt! I have been SHOCKED at how well the disposable pads absorb – ounces upon ounces. They are quite annoying to have to wear, but they do their job well. I like the Lansinoh brand the best!

I didn’t learn about Milkies until about 4 weeks in, but this let-down catcher is QUITE amazing! It’s made of BPA-free plastic and fits in your bra while you nurse. It’s quite large, so I don’t think you could actually wear it around (and if you bent over you might spill it all out!) but I just slip it in before I start each feeing. I have discovered that I let down about 0.5-1 ounce of milk on the non-nursing breast at each feeding. That means I’m collecting 4-6 ounces a day effortlessly! The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is if this is mostly fore milk and shouldn’t exclusively be used for a bottle but rather mixed with pumped milk that might include hind milk. I’m going to ask some lactation experts about this! (Please weigh in if you are one).

Nursing Bras

On the topic of nursing, nursing bras are a must. I didn’t realize how much breastfeeding would rule the newborn stage! But you really have to be able to nurse comfortably and quickly all.the.time. I bought a couple of sleep bras (which are a must for the nursing pads) from Motherhood Maternity that I sleep in every night and this post includes the real bras that I like so far. A few nursing tanks are great too so you can layer and pulling up your shirt to nurse doesn’t reveal your whole stomach.


Sure, you can just use a blanket to swaddle your baby, but the problem lies at 3 in the morning when you’re exhausted and don’t have the energy to put into a tight swaddle. The velcro ones are so great for this. We have 3 kinds of swaddlers: the Miracle Blanket, Swaddleme’s, and the Halo Sleep Sack.

The Miracle Blanket works by far the best. Mazen has yet to break out of it. The downsides are that it is expensive ($31 for one) and also a bit difficult to do when sleepy, but not too hard. It’s worth it for the good wrap. The Swaddlemes are the quickest and easiest to put on and are lightweight for summer, but they are also the easiest for him to get out of! The Sleep Sacks are medium putting-on level and medium getting-out-of level. I would get one or two of each because they all sort of serve different purposes.

A Swaddleme


Water Bottle

I’m sure almost all of you have a water bottle already, but since you will be spending as much time with it as you do your baby, make sure it’s a good one. I think there must be something about latching on that makes the brain say “THIRSTY” because the thirst I feel right when he latches on is so intense! I bought this Camelbak Eddy because it’s 1L, sipable through a straw and doesn’t spill if you knock it over. Love it! I actually just bought a second one so I can have an upstairs and a downstairs water bottle.


Other Items That Are Not Total Must Haves But We Love

Video monitor (They are expensive and I had said it was silly of me to “need” to see him and hear him but I totally did! I bought this Motorola one the first week we were home which I love because the camera can pan and zoom)

Pacifier Soothies and a clip (we introduced them at 3 weeks – so helpful, especially for car rides!)

Motherlove Nipple Cream and Soothies – just in case you need them

The White Noise Lite app – for calming. Use on airplane mode!

Chicco Car Seat Caddy Stroller for your car

Oxo Wipes Dispenser (opens with one hand and looks great on our changing table!)

These vitamin D drops so when your doctor gives you the gross cough syrup kind you don’t have to make your baby taste it while you wait for a tasteless, natural kind to come in the mail!

aden & anais blankets (for the 1,000 other things you can do with them other than swaddle like keep the baby warm or block the sun in the stroller – we get so many compliments on our bee + owl ones!)

Happy Baby!!


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