Baby Registry: 10 Items You Might Overlook

March 18, 2014

This post is sponsored by Target When you have a new baby you never know what you’re going to need till you need it. There is so much to consider from clothing to nursery furniture to all-things-diapers that you might overlook some of the more “off the beaten path” items. Plus they grow up so […]

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13 Going On 14

November 6, 2013

In just a few more days Mazen will be 14 months old! Of course children are always learning, but lately Mazen has been showing us that he is taking in and processing information. He has learned the signs for “eat” and “water” and when I do “cheese” he imitates my hand movements (although he doesn’t […]

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Bébé Gourmet

July 1, 2013

Baby cookbooks are just so….sweet! I have found baby food to be both incredibly simple (puree some peas, yo!) to a bit intimidating (am I incorporating enough flavor?) I was sent this book, Bébé Gourmet, to review and fell in love with its beautiful photography, creative recipes and ability to grow with your child. The […]

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Daily Mom Giveaway: Lassig Diaper Bag!

April 23, 2013

Hey y’all, have you heard about Daily Mom? It’s a new online magazine that just launched last month and an amazing resource of posts and articles for the modern woman and mom. The site covers a huge variety of topics, and you can find just about anything you need to research – parenting, beauty, fashion, […]

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Mazen Duke Week One

March 14, 2013

It’s been six months and we had yet to edit any of the video footage from Mazen’s first week. I suppose I was waiting for some chunk of time to make a really nice video. Um, maybe that will happen when Mazen goes to college?! So instead, I sorted through the dozens of videos I […]

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Review: Oilo Play Blanket

December 21, 2012

Oilo sent me one of their blankets recently – this beautiful Freesia play blanket. The company makes all kinds of beautiful bedding, furniture and décor items. Their crib sets are just gorgeous!! So far we love the blanket for floor playing. It’s super soft sateen on one side and more durable duck surface on the […]

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Review: PV.Body Fit Box

December 17, 2012

I’m so sorry if any of you are having trouble with your orders. PV.Body is going through a transition right now towards an in-house brand called Ellie. I didn’t know this when I received my box and wrote this review. It’s probably best to give them some time to let the dust settle before trying […]

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Review: Amy Michelle Diaper Bag

December 14, 2012

In contrast to my sporty, dad-friendly diaper bag, Amy Michelle sent me this beautiful designer diaper bag to review. It’s called the Sweet Pea, and comes in a few pretty colors. I use both bags interchangeably, but this is definitely the one I take to more formal events. Basically if I’m dressing up, this bag […]

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Giveaway: Lazy Day Cottage Tags

December 12, 2012

Long-time KERF reader Kayla works for Lazy Day Cottage, an Etsy shop that specializes in gorgeous handmade, hand-stamped vintage tags in addition to cupcake toppers, wish tags, buffet labels, placecards, and more. Kayla sent me a selection of tags to use in my holiday gifting this year. I couldn’t be more impressed with the assortment! […]

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One Year Ago

December 9, 2012

His birthday is September 7, but our lives changed last December 9 – the date on which I am pretty sure he was conceived. Happy Day Mazen Duke. We love you!

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