Second Trimester

25 Weeks: Laundering, Stuffing, Folding

May 22, 2012

If you remember from this post, blog reader Stephanie passed on her collection of cloth diapers to me (she was finished using them) in a huge recycling effort. There were tons of them and I was totally overwhelmed! I ended up mailing part of the stash (the girliest part) with another blog reader who was […]

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25 Weeks: No Woman No Cry

May 21, 2012

Continuing on the documentary tour! The Business of Being Born Pregnant In America My friend Hillary brought over No Woman No Cry this week as a very ironic and extreme contrast to Pregnant In America. Unlike the latter, No Woman No Cry follows the stories of four high-risk pregnancies in four parts of the world […]

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25 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

May 19, 2012

My uterus is supposedly the size of a soccer ball now. That is HUGE! Do you believe it? Mother’s Day gift from my mom!! Love it!! As the librarian of the family, she is also filling his bookshelves. In honor of the late Maurice Sendak. Little books for little boys These two are new too! […]

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24 Weeks: What’s Up Doc?

May 18, 2012

[Baby KERF 20 weeks!] So far I’ve been really luckily that other than that 7 week scare, things in my pregnancy have gone smoothly thus far. My doctor visits occur once a month (for now) and are pretty basic: weight, blood pressure, urine sample, chat with doctor, heartbeat listen (!), and now, fundal height measuring. […]

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24 Weeks: Color Blind?

May 17, 2012

When I first started thinking about what kind of items I wanted for our baby, everything was totally neutral and beige. The Snugabunny Swing Snugabunny Sleeper Black/grey carseat A silver diaper bag But this is a good reason to create a registry early. When I looked at all of the items together, they just looked […]

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24 Weeks: Fatherhood Part II

May 16, 2012

Overall I feel like fatherhood is going to be a learning experience for me even more than my child!  But there are several things I’m particularly looking forward to doing with him: Cooking – When I was a kid I would try to help in the kitchen, but I didn’t really do too much, and […]

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24 Weeks: 6+3 Does Not Equal 9

May 15, 2012

6 months! 6 months!!!! 3 more months to go right!? Not really : ) Who was the person to declare generic pregnancy as 9 months? Whatever the case, 16 weeks, give or take, to go! I remember being 16 weeks along just a few days ago. Time is a’flyin’. Highlights My belly button is getting […]

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24 Weeks: Fannnntastic

May 14, 2012

TO-DO: Deal with fan Yay – another task removed from the to-do list!!! After! My thought process here involved lots of options: 1) Replace fan totally with a light fixture (something like this) 2) Then I decided to keep the fan because of the air flow benefits. 3) Paint the fan a funky color or […]

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24 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

May 12, 2012

I am now the proud owner of a rainbow of ribbed maternity tanks for Old Navy. I love these for layering, working out, and sleeping!! Soft, comfy and long. Inexpensive too! And see this little guy? He’s the happy big-brother-to-be. He is 9 inches from crown to paw. My baby is supposedly just about a […]

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23 Weeks: Surprises

May 11, 2012

Things that have surprised me about being pregnant: 1) That you spend over half of your pregnancy without a bump. I’ve mentioned this before, but it was really so unexpected. I never really given much thought to the process of pregnancy. I knew ~9+ months and 40 weeks, but if you had said “I’m 16 […]

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