Countdown To O.N.E.

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Our sweet baby is growing up so fast.


We have lots of new developments happening just in the past few weeks:

-M feels about the same weight to me, but I think he is longer. Perhaps he is thinning out a bit? Strangers comment on his yummy thighs all the time!


-We have a new trick at mealtime: spitting out food! He seems to have figured out that he doesn’t have to eat everything. It’s been cool to see him make decisions though. He cried when I gave him leftovers two meals in a row and I just figured he wasn’t hungry and took him down from his high chair. When he continued to cry I gave him a bite of my lunch and he gobbled it down. Poor baby was just trying to tell me he wanted something else!


-On the communication front we have made HUGE progress this month: sign language!!! M knows “all done” and “milk,” although he doesn’t always use them appropriately. We think he has “all done” down pat though. He started doing milk during nursing one day and I could barely contain my excitement that he had made the connection. He has also started clapping, and I think he might be doing that as “more” but I’m not sure. The sign language break through has been so exciting though, so now I’m using a lot more. I use the signs for diaper change, cheese, eat, cat, thank you, please, book, drink, and water (among a few others) as much as I can. He also has learned to point to things when he wants more of them, so that has been a helpful “sign” too.

-When he is hungry, M will say “mmmmmmmm! mmmmm!” and he does it when something is particularly delicious too. It’s so cute!! He has also said words that sound like “good” and “yes” but it’s just so hard to tell what is a real word and what isn’t.


-In real talking news, M has learned to say “Night Night!” I am declaring this is his first word because he says it correctly:

-It’s so cute to hear him repeat after us, however, the absolute best part about this is we can now communicate that it’s nap time and bed time. If we say “night night” and he says it back, he really seems to understand that means it’s time for sleep. Going down for sleep has gotten so much better in the past few weeks. We’re back to 2 solid naps a day, and he’s sleeping better and longer than ever (KNOCK ON WOOD). Not only are naps back, but he’s sleeping later in the mornings too (until about 6:45 instead of 6/6:15, which makes a huge difference for me). Makes me wonder if that blip I wrote about last time was just a Wonder Week or something. Naps are now at 10 and 3 with the later wake up time.


-He is a speed crawler now and into everything. Our house keeps getting emptier, which my minimalist self secretly kind of likes! He loves to push things around more than any other games:

Ottomans are his favorite toys, but he also loves little cars and trucks. Anything with wheels! He can practically run when pushing an ottoman but he hasn’t taken his first real steps yet. He’s getting much better at walking holding our hands, so I don’t think it will be too much longer.



-After nursing he crawls so fast he tries to shoot off the side of the bed. Gone are the days of snuggling in bed for a while in the mornings. Now he likes to wheelbarrow off the edge with me holding his feet while I lower him down to the floor. We do our diaper and outfit changes on the bed in his room. Yet another reason I am SO glad we kept the twin bed in there. I usually have to find a toy or You Tube video of cats and dogs to get him to settle before I can start on a diaper change. Once he is entertained the changes usually go better without fighting or thrashing around.


-He has learned to brush his hair with his hair brush and his teeth with his toothbrush. I love that he clearly sees us using things and wants to copy us. He’s showing a lot more interest in forks and spoons too.



-We have moved beyond the baby tub and he now takes baths in the big tub. I fill the water just enough so he can crawl through it with no risk of his head going under, and he has fun playing with toys and splashing through the water. If only I could figure out a way to get him not to suck on the washcloths! It’s a pain to try to clean him and play tug-of-war with them.


-I put a paci in his mouth this week out of curiosity and he didn’t know what to do anymore. He just chewed on it and then rattled it around. My baby is growing up!

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  1. I love these updates! My 10.5 month old hasn’t signed yet and I totally need to be more diligent now that he is able to learn it. My Archie loves the water. He has never been in a baby bath tub and for the past few months has been splashing and crawling around like he owns the place. I love seeing him in the tub. That’s where he’s the most happy.

    How long do you plan on continuing to nurse Mazen? I wanted to make it a year and definitely think we will but he’s such a squirm bug that I can’t see nursing forever!

    1. I’m happy to get to a year and hope to start weaning then, but I’m not going to do anything sudden or dramatic. I’ll just try dropping feedings during the day and see if he notices. If he still really seems to want to nurse I will continue but I would like to be done sooner rather than later.

      1. We seem to be pretty like minded in that regard. I’m hoping it’s a smooth transition for us as we drop feedings and I slowly wean from pumping the one 12 hour shift I work at the hospital. We don’t need any boob explosions happening from a dramatic stop to nursing.

      2. This is what we did too and I couldn’t believe how well it went. My daughter never seemed to notice a dropped nursing and we were done by 14 months. One thing shocked me though, I had no idea that stopping nursing could cause ppd style hormonal blues and I got them pretty badly after each new dropped nursing session even though I never had ppd after the birth of either of my kids.

      3. I’d really love to read about your thought processes around weaning sooner rather than later and your thoughts on “extended” breastfeeding. I know that nursing is such a personal and individual experience for each mother / baby dyad but I’d love more insight into your experience, particularly around the health benefits!

        As for me, my wee girl is ten months old and still nursing 6-7 times day, I can see that we’re both in it for the long haul!

        1. I’m interested in that as well! I’m still nursing my 20 month old (in the morning, when I get home from work, and before bed) and I love, love, love it. It’s seriously the best part of my day; it’s such a nice, calm wonderful chance for us to reconnect throughout the day. I know that each mom and baby are different, but for us, letting my daughter set the pace as to when she wants to wean is working really well for us. She’s a very affectionate, emotionally aware and emotionally mature toddler, and I wonder if extended breastfeeding plays a part in that.

          1. I really have no opinion on this….I think all that matters is what feels right for you. I don’t know how much longer we’ll nurse. I’m not in a hurry to stop, but I’m sharing feelings that I don’t really want to keep going much longer. I really enjoy it too, but I’m just kind of ready to move on. Mazen is showing signs too.

            1. I also think when to wean is really individual. I think you just know that it’s time for weaning. I was ready as well, and my body needed the break (just me, though, lots of women can keep going and going with it). When my daughter was fully weaned at 13 months, it was harder on me than her (she was obviously ready to move on by then). We also took a gradual approach and made sure she enjoyed drinking out of a sippy cup by the time she was weaned. Now she is 17 months, and while nursing was a special time with the two of us, cuddles and kisses are wonderful too. 🙂

  2. One is so fun! It just gets better and better and its shocking how quickly they start advancing and learning. I’m sure he will be walking soon. My husband helped out little guy take the first steps by sitting on the couch and having me hold our son’s hand, walk closer and then let go and let him take the last few steps on his own into dad’s arms. Seemed to build his confidence. 😀

    1. We took a class here in Cville taught by a woman who specializes in baby signs. I mostly just do them at mealtimes, as much as I can remember, but now I’m trying to do them a lot more since he’s “ready”

  3. it’s crazy to me when even at this young age babies gravitate toward ‘gender specific’ toys! loved hearing him say night night! baby voices are too cute 🙂

  4. Yay for baby sign language! It was invaluable to us because my son didn’t talk until 16 months. A lot of his signs were made up/adaptations of real ones but as long as we could communicate that’s what counted. Now at 21 months he’s dropped all but his I Love You sign, which I hope he never does!

  5. He is SO cute. The “night night” video is adorable! I hope I make it to a year breastfeeding. The road hasn’t been easy. I exclusively pumped for 5 months because my baby couldn’t handle my oversupply/letdown as a newborn. Now at almost 6 months I am nursing him at bedtime! I have no idea how the next 6 months will go so I’m happy to live in the moment. Oh, and here’s my tip about the washcloth–give him one to suck on while you bathe him with another one! 🙂 It works for me!

  6. YES! The rag sucking! Eleanor turned 1 on Aug. 1st, and she also enjoyed sucking on the rags during bathtime. I just wash what is necessary and chunk them to the side!

  7. I just came back to read this again, because my son just turned one. I can’t believe how similar he is to where Mazen was at one 🙂 He is also pushing everything around and practically running when pushing sturdier things like ottomans, small tables, rubbermaid bins, etc., and certainly does NOT want to snuggle – he is constantly moving and playing!! Thanks for chronicling all of your experiences – it has been so neat to be able to check in throughout both my pregnancy, labour prep (packing list!!) and my little man’s first year!

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