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Cozy Wall Art asked if I’d like to try out one of their wall decals to dress up one of Mazen’s play spaces. My first thought was his reading nook! And what sealed the deal was this cute Dr. Seuss “The More You Read” quote – it was perfect!


Here’s what his nook looked like last week after I cleaned it out (it had been storing some of his bigger toys that I’d thrown in there for out-of-sight keeping)


I was very nervous to put the decal up because every DIY project I do has some kind of error, so I read the enclosed instructions three times before beginning. There are good ones on the Cozy Wall site too!


The first step is to tape up your decal and then peel the bottom layer away and cut it out from underneath the decal and transfer paper on top.


Easy does it…


Once the backing is gone you can press the decal onto the wall and then remove the backing from the other side.


After the decal is on the wall, you use the provided plastic card to press it in and remove all bubbles


And then you peel away the transfer paper to reveal the finished decal!


Surprisingly, my install was flawless!


Mazen is more interested in his train table than his reading nook at the moment, but I hope he’ll grow into it in the years to come and Dr. Seuss will inspire him to keep on reading!


10 thoughts on “Cozy Wall Art”

  1. This is just wonderful, and I love his reading nook. Is that a closet or space under stairs? Very sweet. You are quite the mom, Kath–lucky Mazen!

  2. This is adorable! My little boy was due 8/31/13 (born 2 weeks early!) so it’s really fun to see what he might be up to a year from now 🙂 Mazen is adorable and it’s clear how much you love being his mama

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