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A friend of mine introduced me a friend of hers, Natalia, who is the owner of Culture Baby. Culture Baby is a global children’s boutique specializing in international clothes, toys and accessories for babies and children from birth to age 6. Natalia adds products all the time from all over the world, and her goal is to help parents shop consciously and ethically for their kids from small scale manufacturers, artisans and entrepreneurs internationally. The site is perfect if you’re looking for a unique gift for a new mom and baby.

Here are a few of the most popular items:



1. Helicopter Onesie

2. Kyrgyz Elephant Rattle

3. Kimono Playset

4. London Tea Party Dresses

5. Indian Quilted Cotton Blankets

And I can’t wait for Mazen to fit into the cute helicopter shirt Natalia sent me as a thank you. It was made in Barcelona by AltoVolta Kids, a design shop committed to fair-trade and eco-friendly materials and practices.


I am helping Natalia spread the word about Culture Baby with a $50 gift certificate giveaway to one of you. The giveaway will run until Friday.

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  1. Very cute things, but incredibly expensive! $40 for the onesie, $140 for the dress? It’s a shame that only those with a lot of extra money can afford to shop consciously and ethically.

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