Dance Party

When he gets excited, Mazen does this hilarious dance where he moves all of his limbs – like a little marionette doll!

Sunday morning we had him on his play mat and he danced the morning away!

32 thoughts on “Dance Party”

  1. Wow! He’s getting a workout! I loved that age where they flail all their limbs around uncontrollably!!

  2. He is SO adorable and seriously.. your little twin!

    We are planning to get our little one the same play mat! Love Skip Hop!

    BTW, where did you get that little spirally wire-like ball that Maze has next to him? I would like to get that for our four month old. She’s starting to hold onto things and something like that seems easy enough for her to hold on to and keep her attention.

  3. Awww…..I love it!!! That really brings me back.

    He sounds like he’s SUPER excited!!! 🙂 Must be those birds. 🙂

  4. So cute! Two thoughts: one, the new activity mat has definitely stimulated the little guy and two, he sees mom walk all day so he’s getting his in too! : )

  5. You should put this to music! I miss all the little squeaks and breathy noises a brand new one makes. So precious! Enjoy every minute!

  6. How cute and so entertaining. I like how he moves all of this little limbs like crazy while his onsie stays pretty stationary.

    I love his little grunts!

  7. He’s soooo cute! My baby does that too and I was worried that she has something wrong that makes her hyperactive. I’m probably just freaking out and this is totally normal. 🙂

  8. I love it! Problem solving and cause/effect at its finest. He is looking at the dangling toy trying to figure how to make it move. I love this stage of baby’s development–realizing that they have control on their direct environment. Beautiful!

  9. Super cute!!!! 🙂 When Jackson does that for 30 minutes in the bathtub he gets sooo poo’ed out! …..I just love the cuteness! I’m nursing Jackson and he stopped eating and smiled when he heard Mazen’s coo! 🙂
    On a totally different note- You said in one of your last posts that you were worried that Maze wasn’t getting enough stimulation so you bought the play gym (which is soo cute by the way!) What was it that made you worry that he wasn’t getting enough stimulation? I’m just curious- especially with a little one about the same age.

    1. Cute… They are friends!

      It wasn’t anything physical that worried me; it’s just that he’s growing and you never know if they are ready for the next level until you try and we didn’t have the mat to try!

  10. Made me smile 🙂 I crack up with the outfit because his feet don’t reach the feet of his outfit. They flop. (My sis had a pic taken of her son when he was little. The sleeves were too long and it didn’t look like he had hands in the shot) Mazen seemed exhausted by the end. A lot of work for a little guy! Sort of makes me miss those days. I’m busy these days visiting colleges with my youngest 🙁

  11. So precious!!!! Love love it 🙂 And where did you get his adorable penguin onesie??!! We’re obsessed with penguins and I’m 19 weeks pregnant and would love to that for our baby 🙂

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