39 thoughts on “Do They Look Alike?”

  1. Lower righthand corner, the pic with your watermarking/logo, Mazen has your eyes, 100%! The shape, the color. Kath eyes, right there 🙂

    The lower LH pic, wow, their mouths are so similar it’s crazy! Lol

  2. Love the lower left pic – such coordination! Mama’s turn!

    Nursery question – I’m debating the UO rug for our nursery but can’t tell if it is a true grey. In some of your photos it looks greige. Our walls are a true light grey so I don’t want to clash. Also does the ivory part go well with your brighter white pieces? We have a white crib. Reviews also said it was scratchy/burlapy and had a terrible smell. I know you’re so busy but any first hand thoughts would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!

    1. It matches our grey in my opinion, but I will feel bad if you don’t think it matches yours!! I am big on beige and white clashing (hate it) but I think the rug goes well with the IKEA pieces, but again, they aren’t completely stark white. No smell at all, but I did get a pad on Amazon to go under it to keep it in place and cushion a bit. Overall, LOVE it for the price!

  3. This is seriously no offense, but Matt is looking really tired and too thin. Is he ok? You may not agree, but as the one working fulltime outside the home, it seems unfair thst he should have to get up during the night to feed Maze a bottle when you have chances to take a nap during thr day. :(. As a nursing mom, twice, I did all of the overnight work with my boys because I just work parttime and therefore have time to rest when my husband was at work. Just a thought. He really looks worn down and you look fresh and rested (and gorgeous, btw). Just worried about him.

    1. Thanks for the concern but I’m feeling great! Maybe my sporty shorty haircut is confusing you!

      And regarding sleep, I’m really happy with our feeding/sleeping schedule. I’m a big sleeper, and I believe in getting big chunks of sleep rather than a bunch of cumulative naps. Our feeding schedule allows us to both get a pretty good amount, and if one of us is tired because Mazen has a rough night then it’s easy to communicate and plan to take a nap. That’s the beauty of being a small business owner!

    2. Seriously, no offense but…
      I think Matt looks dashing as always! Great that you guys have found a system that balances everybody’s sleep needs.

      Our daughter is 16 months now and we still look exhausted some mornings. I guess we’re just lazy folks who like to sleep and we’ll never quite feel our best when she insists on a pre-5AM wake up time. But oh is it ever worth every sleepy minute 🙂

      1. Lol! Matt looks great, are you kidding? Maybe it’s the silly faces he is making that makes you think that? My husband and I have the same system for our 8 week old and it’s perfect. Just because one spouse works full time doesn’t mean the other doesn’t deserve a good chunk of sleep. Being a mom is hard work and you need sleep for your own sanity.

    3. I’m glad that worked for you, but it doesn’t work for everyone. I stayed home with our boy and my husband a) wanted to help, because he wanted to spend time with the kid and b)knew that being a full time mom was hard. Also, if your kid doesn’t nap (well or at all) then you don’t have an opportunity to nap. The snapshot we see in this website and KERF doesn’t paint the whole picture; what works for you might not work for them.

    4. No offense, but I think these are the type of comments (and I don’t want to speak for Kath) that would probably turn her off from sharing. They have a newborn and sleepless nights or tired eyes kind of come with the territory. It doesn’t stay that way forever but I have a newborn myself who I nurse at nights and I am sure I don’t look so glamorous everyday when I show up for work (I already have dark eyes so adding a newborn to the equation– you can imagine what I looked like in those very early weeks).

      All I am saying, is that I enjoy coming to BERF and reading Kath’s posts, and certain comments make me cringe or close my eyes as if I could already picture a cage match and a bell going off. Kath is clearly much more calm and collected than that. I just don’t want comments like this to ruin it for the rest of us.

      P.S. (as if this isn’t already long enough..) You both look AMAZING!

  4. Actually I think he looks just like you, Kath! He’s obviously the handsome version to your pretty version but he looks so much like you!

  5. Babies all look the same to me. I can see how on those switched at birth things the mom never notices someone brought her the wrong baby 🙂 Even my own I can’t tell apart in pictures as infants even though at 13, 10 and 5 they look nothing alike. He’s cute as a button whoever he looks like!

  6. I only see you. Is that weird? I definitely agree about his eyes being yours. I really think he is your little twin! Eyes and nose are all you!

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