Double Giveaway

Bison Booties

When I first blogged about Bison Booties it was to share my love for their cute chevron style I found on Etsy.


Shortly after, the owner of the Etsy shop, Erica, emailed me that she would love to send Mazen a pair. She makes them by hand from her home in North Dakota. They have a soft faux sherpa insole and soft bottom. But perhaps their best feature is that they STAY ON his feet! The design with the elastic in the back and flatter front is genius. The most stylin’ feeties in town!

WIN this cute elephant pair (in size of your choice) by leaving a comment below!

elephantmark (600x469)

Baby Blanket Music

I was recently sent this Baby Blanket Music CD to test out. The company makes lullabies out of popular music, from Michael Jackson to Elton John to Lady Gaga, which was the CD I chose. The founder and CEO, Josh Rutt is a New York-based teacher, composer and performer who put together these arrangements that will please baby and adult ears alike.


We have listened to the CD a few times. Maze, at 12 weeks old, seems to like it, although he’s not old enough to sing along. The music is a little more like steel drum Lady Gaga than lullaby Gaga, but it is indeed soothing. My favorite song is “You and I” : ) The whole CD kept me on my toes while listening because I was eager how each of these famous songs would come out as a lullaby. This would make a great baby shower gift.

Leave a comment to win! One person will win the CD and another the booties. If you only care to enter one or the other, say so in your comment; otherwise you’ll be entered to win both. Giveaways end in 48 hours. Check back here for winners! Unfortunately, only USA entries on this one.



Please email me at Katheats at Gmail dot com!!




352 thoughts on “Double Giveaway”

  1. I would LOVE to win the shoes for my daughter, Nora, who is two days younger than Mszen (we were due the same day, Kath!). We visited elephants in Thailand at the end of my first trimester because of my love for them so these little shoes would be awesome.

  2. I love the elephant booties! A friend from college just had a little one and our college mascot was an elephant, so these would be perfect!

  3. How fun! I’m sure Adeline (9 weeks) would LOVE either of these sweet prizes! Our ears could use a listen to something other than the music on her Pooh Bear bouncy seat too…

  4. My friend is having her baby as I type this 🙂 and her theme is elephants! Those booties would be a perfect gift!! I won’t be able to meet be able to meet the baby until she is about 6 months old so I was thinking maybe a size 2.

    Great giveaway!

  5. Those shoes are precious! I am obsessed with elephant clothes right now! Thank you for all of your amazing posts. Though I don’t comment often, I read daily. 🙂

  6. Those booties are so cute! We’re having a baby in March, and they would be just darling on tiny little feet – I can already see it! Music is great too, but oh the booties!

  7. Those booties are so adorable! Etsy has become my favorite place for finding baby things. I’m due in April with my first, a baby boy, and these would be so adorable for him!

  8. Love the elephant booties! We just found out we’re pregnant last week and I’ve been pouring over your early posts. So helpful, thanks Kath!

      1. Longtime reader who also is pregnant (5 months) and has been going back and re-reading the coinciding weeks as well. From North Dakota so I love to read that the booties hail from there! (Do I get bonus points for also letting you know I finally made salmon last night using your no-fail method and it was fabulous?)

  9. The booties are so cute! I have two really close friends who just had baby boys (well one is about to have the baby boy in a few hours) and this would be a perfect additional present 🙂

  10. I would love to win the socks! Im due on Feb. 8th with Baby Lucie. For some reason Ive been freaking out ab not having anything to keep her feet warm! I know, I need to chill out…

  11. Oh my, those booties are absolutley adorable! They would be THE perfect Christmas present for my 6 mo old nephew!!!

  12. OMG those booties are so adorable! I would love for my son to have a pair. The music cd would be a welcome addition to our rotation of music too! Have a great day!

  13. I love both of these! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and have started looking at baby stuff and have become obsessed with elephants 🙂 The lullaby CD sounds great too, my friend already made me a copy of one she had of U2 songs, so neat!

  14. LOVE those booties and we are huge fans of the “Rock a Bye Baby” CDs so we would love to test out “Baby Blanket Music”.

  15. The booties are so cute! There is also a line of cds called “Rock-a-by-Baby” (I think) that take all kinds of artists and make the songs into lullabys. So far we have Bob Marley, The Beatles, Journey, and Weezer. If you are interested, we were able to get them through our library.

  16. Love both of these! My little man is just a week younger than yours and it is always fun to read about another mom/baby in the same stage!

  17. How fun! I have had my eye on those booties and am now super pumped for Baby Blanket Music! Great giveaway Kath 🙂

  18. I love the booties, too….doubly so if they stay on! Our little girl is a couple weeks older than Mazen (14 weeks) and would rock the elephant ones (or the pink ones!!).

  19. I’m the same amount of weeks pregnant as Mazen is old. 🙂
    I love the booties and the music sounds interesting too! 🙂

  20. I’m a new momma to an 8 week old little girl so I would love to win either! I’ve enjoyed reading along with and then clicking back through your blogs to see what you’ve written about Mazen each week as my little one hits those stages, so nice to hear what other new moms are experiencing since I don’t have many friends with babies!

  21. Ohhmygoodnes… Those little shoes are the cutest!!!! Pick me, Pick me! My little gal would look darling with those on!

  22. I am almost 31 weeks pregnant and would love to win an adorable pair of booties or an awesome CD for my little man!!!! 🙂

  23. Would love those booties for my nephew who is due in April! His dad,
    A die hard UVA fan, would love the orange and blue theme!

  24. Those booties are so cute!!! I have a 4 month old nephew and a niece that is due in February! I’d love to give these as a gift!!

  25. I’m not due for 4 more weeks and this little one already has 3 pairs!! They are sooo cute and I have heard nothing but great things about them!! Also proud to support a business from my home state.. Go ND!!

  26. The booties are so cute! We have a little one due in a month and they look perfect for keeping little feet warm during a Minnesota winter. Also, love the concept of the lullaby CD!

  27. Love those booties! And anything that stays on baby’s feet is miracle product.

    The CD looks neat too. I just started buying CDs again for my daughter during playtime. Playing music on my phone is good until she only wants to steal/hold/eat the phone. 🙂

  28. I would love to win these also. I have already purchased 2 pairs for my 2 grandchildren. I am using them for stocking stuffers. I am also from Mandan,ND and it’s so nice to see that a local young lady has a terrific business.

  29. Ohhhhhhmygoodness, those booties are ridiculously adorable! Love her fabric choices. We have a little boy on the way (due in Feb.) and I’ve been loving following along on your journey and getting a glimpse into my own future. 🙂

  30. OMG those booties are adorable! My new nephew (1 month old) would be SO cute in those (as if he isn’t already super cute) 🙂

  31. A friend of mine told me about your blog and sent me your link today. I am 31 weeks and seeing all of the the pictures and reading your suggestions and ideas is very helpful and is making me even more excited to have our little one join us soon! Thanks for sharing and I love those booties-I’d wear em’!

  32. I love those elephant booties! We just found out yesterday that our baby due in May is a BOY, so I can’t wait to start buying boy clothes and accessories!

  33. LOVE these booties – I had seen them on Etsy before and didn’t know they were from ND! My hubby is from ND, so entering to win the booties. 🙂

  34. I got my one month old daughter “Alli” her 1st pair of Bison Booties this last weekend. I would love to have a 2nd pair. She would love pretty cute in those elephant booties.

  35. I love Bison Booties! She has so many cute styles, but I especially love the elephant print. I would Love to win a pair. (I actually saw the Bison Bootie post that refered me to your blog!)

  36. those booties are beyond cute, we had the hardest time finding shoes for our first so these would be great for our second which we are currently expecting! and we love music in our house. our toddler loves to dance to all kinds of music!

  37. I have a Pandora station on my phone that plays lullaby music out of “real” songs and it’s fun to guess what they are. The booties are adorable and look like they would be easier for little ones to walk in (I don’t like putting big clunky shoes on my son).

  38. Those booties are the cutest things! We love the lullaby versions of songs – you should check out the Rockabye Baby channel on Pandora. Lots of contemporary lullaby songs.

  39. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a pair of booties that actually stay on my daughter’s feet! That is hard to come by! She loves music so that CD would be wonderful for her, too. I would love to win either of these for her! 🙂

  40. Awfully cute! I’m in my second trimester and always enjoy reading along with your babykerf posts week by week. Thanks for sharing!

  41. HOW PRECIOUS! I would LOVE to win a pair for my best friend who is pregnant with her first. She’s been obsessed with elephants since she was a baby so I know she’d love to have these for her baby boy 🙂

  42. I’m due at the end of January, and have loved following along with your pregnancy and now motherhood. Both giveaways are great! Thanks for sharing your experiences and your giveaways! 😉

  43. I would love to win either, for my little one due next summer! I’m sure my 2yo daughter would enjoy the CD in the meantime!

  44. Hello, my daughter is about to turn six months and I would just *love* to give her a pair of those sweet booties! Thank you!

  45. I adore these booties and I would love to win a pair as I am expecting in July!! I know a bit early to get these but they can always fit as they grow!! 😉 BTW Mazen is just so cute!! I really enjoy reading BERF as I am going through my first trimester anxiously waiting to meet our little bundle of joy! I love all your advices!!! Keep them coming!

  46. Hi, I would love to try these for my daughter who was born only a week or so after Mazen…she was born on Sept. 12th. It has been interesting to read your posts about how he is doing and progressing as I watch her do the same, only about a week behind him. So cute! Thanks!

  47. I would absolutely love the CD! I just gave birth on Saturday and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog while going through my pregnancy! I, too, had a natural birth with the help of a doula and your birth story was so helpful in my own preparation!

  48. Goodness gracious, those booties are precious! And I am always amazed (and incredibly thankful for) booties that stay on little adorable feet!

  49. I absolutely love the bison booties. Been thinking about getting a pair of the blue and orange elephant ones just haven’t done it yet. It would be great to win! Expecting our second baby in Jan.

  50. I love the booties, I would love to find something that would stay on my 6 week old’s feet. It’s her mission in life to kick off all socks.

  51. I’d love to win either, but those booties are beyond cute! They’d look adorable on my newborn baby boy once he gets here in a couple weeks 🙂

  52. What great booties! My little baby is due January 19th, not sure if we’re having a boy or a girl yet but these booties are awesome! I’d love to win them.

  53. LOVE the booties! And that CD sounds awesome… we currently have The Little Mermaid on repeat in the car, so it would be nice to have something new 🙂

  54. Oh, those booties are so cute! I was just thinking about how I would like to buy a pair of slipper-like shoes for my 18 month old for around-the-house shoes. Do they come in sizes that large?

  55. I have ONE pair of booties that stays on Delaney’s feet. And at almost 3 months, she is starting to outgrow them. Would love some more!

    Would also love a cool cd. We listen to a lot to a Disney station I created on Pandora. Miss D loves when Mommy acts out all the songs.

  56. Those booties are awesome! My little man is always “running” out of everything I put him in- its a full time job keeping socks on his feet!

  57. Those booties are so cute, and the cd sounds fun too. If I won, I’d have fun seeing which arrived first — the giveaway or my girl, due Dec. 25! 🙂

  58. Oh my goodness, those booties are too cute!! And the CD would be awesome too because my husband and I were just talking about how we need to incorporate a CD into our bedtime routine with out 4 month old!

  59. Those booties look so cute and would be great for my son as it is getting colder here in the Mid-West. That CD looks awesome! We listen to lullaby music every night as part of our routine and man am I getting sick of the typical CD’s we have! Great give-a-way!

  60. Love the booties….wonder if they make ’em in my size 🙂 My 6 month old would look too cute in them. Both of the giveaways would be loved by my lil guy.

  61. I love the elephant booties! I worked in a daycare center for several years and we had lots of lullaby cds like that, so much fun and a nice change from traditional lullabies.

  62. My son just turned 8 months and is crawling and pulling up on things. The bison booties would give him some much needed extra grip!

  63. Our first baby is due Thursday (although it’s not looking like she wants to come out anytime soon!). Either of these would be a great welcome home gift!

  64. Oh! I want to win both of these! Or either one! I love the booties, I love the music. I have a 12-month old who is always walking and bopping to music.

  65. One of my good friends is having a boy and those booties are adorable! She/he would love them!

    The Lady Gaga CD sounds interesting as well – how DO her songs sound as lullabies?

  66. Oh my goodness – my daughter would for sure love either! And then I will buy myself an adult size of those shoes!

  67. My son was born the same day as yours! I did an elephant theme in his nursery, so the booties are perfect. I also have yet to find music that I like for him, so the CD would be great!

  68. I would LOVE to win both of these items! The booties will definitely come in handy for my almost 12 week old, especially come winter in Florida! 🙂

  69. I love those baby shoes! My toddler would pull them off in .3 seconds, but I’m already stocking up on cuteness for round two hopefully coming spring 2014. What can I say? I like to plan ahead!

  70. Both are great gifts and we’d love either, but those booties are adorable and it’s great that they stay on! I can hardly ever get socks to stay on his feet. Someone needs to invent sockspenders for babies!

  71. the booties are adorable (would look great on my almost 7 week old!!!), and the CD sounds fun too (my 2 year old would love that-actually, I would love a change-he likes HIS music playing in the car way too much!!!) 🙂

  72. Love those! My little guy would look so cute with those on his toes! Btw, love the motherhood posts, as a new mother it’s great to read about your experiences – as we’re just a month behind you.

  73. My son is nine weeks old and I would love a warm pair of booties that stay on his feet! They’re adorable!

  74. The booties are great and would be perfect for my baby girl. No shoes seem to fit her! My husband would love to sing along to the CD while dancing with our angel!

  75. I just love these type of booties. I had a pair similar that were not as warm for my daughter when she was too small for shoes! Hard to believe that was 4 years ago. Now we are expecting a new baby boy after the new year; I would love to try these for him! Hope you’re doing we’ll Kath!

  76. Love those booties! I’m currently six days overdue, so these would be a welcomed uplifting boost as we patiently wait. 🙂

  77. Hi! Such cute booties! I’m about 9 weeks along now and would love to win these to stow away for when the time comes!

  78. Oh my goodness! I would love those! I’ve been keeping my eye on those! I’d love to have them for my little guy (due in 4 weeks!?!?!). Hope you’re doing well!

  79. Well it looks like everybody wins with these two items! Not only are the shoes cute, but they stay on! Awesome! And no more listening to children’s music, parents can have fun too, especially in the car.

  80. What a great giveaway! My 6th mo old would look so adorable in the booties-they are so original! And I’m intrigued by the cd…although can’t quite imagine what it would sound like 🙂

  81. Those booties are the cutest! I’m always interested in “different” styles of kids music! Thanks for the great give away!

  82. Those botties look so cute. They would look so cute on my little boy who is about two weeks younger than Mazen.

  83. Oh the booties are so cute! The theme for the nursery is a jungle theme so these would be perfect for the little guy!!! Thanks!

  84. These booties are too cute! We live in Louisiana, but my husband is from Colorado. He is a Broncos fan of course and would love it if our little 5.5 month old boy Paul was wearing his team’s colors!

  85. Would love love love the CD – my kids love to have dance parties and my 16 month old as what gets what we call “happy feet” when he hears from fun tunes!

  86. I would love to win either one, but those booties are just to die for! Our little one arrives next month! 🙂

  87. I love Bison Booties and Erica has created such a wonderful product! My little girl was slipping and sliding all over the floor with socks on & Bison Booties were the ticket!

  88. The booties are so adorable, anything that will actually stay on little baby feet is great!
    I’ve listened to a few lullaby remixes but haven’t gotten any yet, it would be fun to listen to.

  89. I’d love to win either! But everyone will have to share (I have 2 month old triplets)!! Size 0-6 for the booties would be best. Thanks so much!

  90. Ohhh! I would love me some booties! Evelyn was born on 10/31 and she wants a pair just like Mazen. She has a big crush on him…sshhhh.. don’t tell her I told you!

  91. I am looking forward to having these booties for my son. It’s the perfect alternative to shoes for itty bitty feet. The cd would be perfect as well as anything to help calm baby down is awesome and worth the try!

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