First Trimester Recap

The highs and lows of the first tri!

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Most Exciting Moment…

I think the obvious answer here is getting a positive test, but I actually think my most exciting moment was hearing the heartbeat for the first time. More than the positive test, more than the first ultrasound, this is when pregnancy really became real to me. The second ultrasound was pretty sweet too though : )

13 weeks (4)

Most Challenging Moment…

This is also a hard one. I’d be inclined to say the morning I woke up with the severe cramping, but I actually think overall the 2 days of horrible nausea were worse. Worse because I really thought I was going to feel that badly for 2-3 more months. Thank goodness I was able to find a solution through medicine.

One Thing I’m Proud Of…

I’m really proud of the level of activity I’ve kept up! During the past 3 months, I only missed a few days of exercise. On my worst days I took short walks, and on good days I went to Body Pump (twice a week almost the whole time!), Cycle and lots and lots and lots of long walks. I only ran a few times, but that’s OK with me. I’d rather walk for an hour than run for 30 minutes these days. Walking rocks and I can do it anytime, anyplace, no workout gear or shower necessary.

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One Thing I Wish Were Different…

In hindsight it’s easy to want to change this, but I wish I had eaten a little bit healthier from weeks 6-12. But I’m not sure I could have even changed it if I did it all over again! Honoring cravings for things like cheese or red meat is one thing, but there were also times when I just couldn’t figure out what would make me feel better and ate too many sweets. But overall, I think I did a good job with nutrition given the circumstances of my stomach.

Favorite Food…

CHEESE! Hands down.

Least Favorite Food…

Broccoli. Or anything green.

My Physical State Included…

Nausea, huge boobs, strong sense of smell, solid sleep, insatiable thirst, medium level energy, many food aversions, about a 5 pound weight gain

Symptoms I [Thankfully] Didn’t Have…

Extreme fatigue, insatiable hunger, headaches, frequent urination, constipation, heartburn, roller-coaster emotions, acne

One Thing That Surprised Me…

How long it takes for the bump to appear! Even though I began to notice physical changes in my stomach around 8 weeks, at the end of the first trimester, my stomach is pretty much still flat if I stand up straight. I had no idea how long women spend pregnant without any kind of bump!

13 weeks (7)

Looking Forward To…

Feeling kicks and movements regularly, buying baby stuff, a big bump!, nursery decoration


The Middle Part

Physical Changes


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26 thoughts on “First Trimester Recap”

  1. I love both your blogs, and have been a KERF reader for years! I didn’t start showing with my first until I was in my 5th month. Looking back it seems that I had a real bump for a short time only. I loved pregnancy except for the first trimester because I had slight nausea but mainly because I stopped feeling like myself. I was more emotional, didn’t feel like going out and socializing all that much. From the 2nd trimester on wards I loved every minute. Hope you have a smooth ride all the way to the baby’s debut!

  2. One of my most challenging moments during my pregnancy this time around was the nausea–thankfully, I have not had it for a few days! The nausea literally had me couch or bed ridden most days, and I felt like I could not get anything accomplished. I am glad that I feeling better, though, now!

  3. It surprised me too how long it took for a bump to appear! I’m 24 weeks now and there is no denying it but it def. wasn’t until 19/20 weeks that strangers started commenting (which is a whole ‘nother can of worms! 😉 I still prefer to wear form fitting maternity clothes b/c that makes it obvious that I’m pregnant and not just helping myself to lots of doughnuts.

    1. I’ve been erring on the side of loose clothes so far – just because I haven’t been all that comfortable with my bloated, poking out stomach, but I can see how now they just make me look huuuuge and form fitting might be a good change now that my bump is looking more baby like

  4. it is incredible how much women crave a bump, i certainly did. and as much as i wished i had enjoyed being pregnant like some women say they do —- i definitely had a period about 4 weeks post partum where i so badly missed being pregnant and missed the belly. itll be so fun once the bump arrives! mine came very late like 7 months, i think its genetics and then overall metabolism and build.

  5. I love looking at all the pics, all at once. Very cool!

    And glad you made it through the 1st tri and now you’re onto all the fun stuff of the 2nd tri…like feeling little movements and tiny kicks 🙂

  6. Your mom’s post this morning made me think about the bears! How do they feel about getting siblings? Are they going to sleep in the nursery? Details! haha. 😉

    1. They are hanging out in the nursery, eagerly waiting in Matt’s old baby rocking chair. i don’t think they realize they have a long time to wait yet!

      1. Love that you’re using his old rocking chair. Nice to see the things from both of your families/childhoods in the room! Can’t wait to see the Home Neat Home post for the nursery.

  7. What’s weird is how the bump sort of comes and goes from week to week too (at least in my experience so far.) At 19 weeks, no one has yet to acknowledge my bump in public (maybe they’re just being polite/cautious?) Have a feeling things will start to change quite a bit in the coming weeks.

  8. I didn’t have a real bump until week 18 and then it wasn’t one that anyone outside of my family could notice. Then weeks 19-20 it was like it popped overnight 😀 I was envious almost of gals who show early, but my midwife said something about my flat pelvis holding it in. Well, at 22 weeks not anymore. 🙂

  9. I can’t wait until the posts are actually happening in real time. I find it kind of weird to read a past-tense diary type blog when so much is happening to you NOW that you’re not writing about. It’s just kind of distracting, if that makes sense?

  10. Wow, that ultrasound picture is SO amazing!! It’s amazing how such a little life is so alive!What a precious little baby you’ve got there 🙂

  11. I am loving reading your posts! It is totally bringing back to my first trimester at this time last year. I had pretty much all the same cravings and aversions you do! It took me awhile to start eating all that stuff again, but I definitely believe in honoring cravings while pregnant! I really didn’t have a noticeable bump until about 20 or 22 weeks. Maternity tops helped make it look like a bump but really I didn’t pop until after we knew we were having a girl.

  12. and finding out the gender. 🙂 I can’t wait to see that post. 🙂

    I can definitely see a tiny tummy poking out now compared to your six weeks picture. I think you will be one of those people that wear pregnancy well.

  13. Most people find that the bump appears a lot more quickly with later pregnancies, so make the most of it!!
    I have a question, when are you going to break the news to the bears…and how!?

    1. I think they will understand better when I have a bigger stomach 🙂 I think there are some bear books that help introduce a new member of the family 🙂

  14. Excellent recap! It’ll be fun to look back on it when you’re at 38-40 weeks. 🙂

    I recall cheddar and egg whites on toast being the most fabulous food for a while during my first trimester- lots of cheese and lots of carby breads and pastas which I used to eat in great moderation. I ate a lot of Kodiak cakes at the beginning. 🙂
    Same with you on the vegetables, I think I had to throw away some poor salad ingredients because I couldn’t stomach them and they had gone bad.
    Around 8 weeks we went to my husband’s company retreat in Napa Valley. We stayed at Meadowood which was AMAZING and had some great food, but I had to skip the wine tasting outing 🙁 and pass up some amazing and expensive wines at the awards dinner!!! That was tough. But I had ‘given up wine for Lent,’ since we hadn’t told anyone but our families yet. I don’t think we fooled many of them in the end..

  15. Thanks for posting this. Even though I’m 32, I know I’ll never have children, but your recaps and posts help me to understand what my friends who are on their first or second (or third!) kids are going through.

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