For The Grandparents.

And great-grandparents!!

All of the Easter photos. Maze didn’t know what to think of the bread bunny. He tried to eat it and mommy had to swoop in and swap out a non-edible toy!


[Note the Toms!!!!]


22 thoughts on “For The Grandparents.”

  1. How is it possible that he looks more like a little boy than a baby already? He is so beautiful. Congrats again! The cheeks are awesome!

  2. He is absolutely adorable and has such a happy look about him! It’s evident that you guys are doing a wonderful job with him…I love the pics!!!!!

  3. Hey Kath – I have been a bit of a hiatus from reading blogs but just played some catch up with yours – Mazen is so unbelievably adorable. You are all so so blessed. I also wanted to thank you for sharing the sleep training information. I am not a mother but hope to be one day soon and I just can’t get enough about what mothers are doing and it is so nice of you to share so much with us.
    I asked you in the past about chia seeds and if you ate them with your pregnancy because I read somewhere that since a lot is not known that it’s best to avoid. Which seems silly to me and I was happy to hear you did still eat them. I do have a question on tea as well. Similar to chia seeds, they don’t know much about herbs so they say avoid, but I know you drank tea during pregnancy. I only drink decaf so caffeine isn’t the issue, it’s the herbs – were there any you avoided or were told to avoid? I know I can drink irish breakfast and rooibos is safe, but I didnt know about like sleepytime teas and such like that.
    Thanks again, Kath!
    Absolutely love reading your blog and about your beautiful family

    1. I know there are some herbs to avoid, but I’m not familiar with them. Since I don’t care for herbal teas, I never researched it. I’d just ask your doctor- he/she will know best

  4. Hi Kath! Curious what size Tom’s you got for Mazen. My son is just about two weeks older than him, and they look to be very similar in size. Thanks!

    1. I’m not sure… They were a gift and I’m not at home but I think they are toddler sized. They are still pretty loose

  5. Boy has his looks changed!! Still cute as ever, of course, but isn’t it crazy how much his looks can change?!

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