Giveaway & The Letter M

Whooooooooooo likes the letter M!?


Me me me me me!


KERF reader Dana and her best friend Amanda make these cute custom initial onesies in their Etsy shop, Jacks and Roxanne.

They do everything from holidays like Halloween to nautical designs to the United States!

image image


Mazen loves his M initial outfit. He says the fabric is soft and the colors suit him well.


Dana and Amanda are offering a lucky reader their choice of onesie –

Take a look at their shop and leave a comment with the onesie you’d like to win. Giveaway ends Wednesday at midnight and winner announced the next morning on this post.

Raise your hand if you’re excited!



Tracy October 16, 2012 at 10:35 am

I love the elephant dress and the state onesies!!! I’m having twins so I would buy one more!!

Congrats Tracy!

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  1. I love these onesies! I wish I knew about them when my son was a baby, but luckily, I’ve now got a baby girl who would look beautiful in a personalized “A” onesie.

  2. I’m torn between a custom state of Iowa onesie or a custom letter ‘C’ for Corinne! I guess if I win I’ll pull the trigger then! 😉

  3. I love the white anchor girls dress/onesie. So cute. It would be the perfect gift for my friends baby!

  4. Sooooo cute! I’d love to win the football onesie for our little man! He is due in January!

  5. I would love to win the “pick your state” onesie for my daughter… I can’t imagine anything cuter for my sun-lovin’ Florida girl! 🙂

    Mazen’s perfect little baby mouth just made my morning, so you know. I miss my kiddos being newbies!

  6. I would love to win a onesie with the initial V for my daughter!! The onesie that says “one” is super cute too and would be great for her first birthday. They have great things!

  7. I love the alphabet onesies, particularly D for Dino! Dad is a big dino fan and is passing it on to his son.

  8. These are adorable! We’re planning on naming our baby Julian, so I love the onesie with the jellyfish and letter J.

  9. eeeee! the onesies are so cute! my best friend’s sister just had a teeny baby boy and I would love to send him the cute green giraffe onesie!

  10. I would love the city/state onesie. I’m due on Sunday and we have yet to find a Las Vegas onesie that isn’t totally touristy. It would be great to have one that shows some state pride!

  11. I love the elephant dress and the state onesies!!! I’m having twins so I would buy one more!! 🙂

  12. While who can resist the personalized onesie for my little Gabriel, my fav is the football one since a) football season (go noles!) and b) the first couple days of his life he would only patch in football hold!!! Seems appropriate for a baby onesie! Love it!

  13. LOVE the football baby onsie. My older son is going to be a football player for Halloween, so this would be perfect for my younger sons’s costume!

  14. Love these onesies! I would love to win one with the letter “s” for my little girl!

  15. I would love a Maryland state onesie … though if they could make a crab one, that would make this Baltimore girl VERY happy 😉

  16. I like the applique giraffe onesie. I think I have that fabric in my craft room…. The initial ones are great too 🙂 Baby Ben would enjoy one of these.

  17. so hard to choose! either the city/state onesie or the number onesie to save for my son’s 1st birthday.

  18. I love any of the nautical themed onesies, or the bright green one with the spotted giraffe (too cute)! My little guy (due in January) would love them I’m sure. 😉

  19. I love the initial onesies. Would love to win one for my new baby cousin Lucas, due in December!

  20. Well, I’m due in March and we are waiting to find out the sex – so I’d go with something gender neutral like the custom state onesie – featuring Michigan. 🙂

  21. My daughter would look adorable in the purple chevron Turkey onesie! I love a good holiday outfit. Thank you!

  22. My sister and her wife are expecting a baby in mid-November. Even though a Thanksgiving onesie would be appropriate, I would love to give them an custom Oregon onesie as a birthday gift. They are true Mount Hood-climbing, beer-drinking, coffee-loving Oregonians–and I think their baby will be too! (When he/she is old enough, of course.)

  23. I would get the blue onsie with the letter J on it for my baby nephew Jonathan. He has downs syndrome and was born premature so he is a small baby. He still wears 0-3 month clothes and he is 4 months. I would love to get him this onsie!!

  24. I would love a custom ‘C’ onesie! It’d be perfect for my little guy who is set to make his arrival in the next four (or so) weeks!

  25. I’d go with the elephant onesie for my friend’s baby, due Nov. 4. His/her nursery is safari themed.

  26. I would love the personalized letter onesie – I would get a J for my son Jack who is aaalmost 5 weeks!

  27. I’m smitten with my new nephew HENRY, so I’d go for a darling little onsie with the letter “H” to adorn our little man!

  28. Adorable indeed — I love the onesie with the appliqued elephant. So cute. Beautiful colours.

  29. So cute! I love the little white dress with the anchor. And also would love a onsie with a “d” on it for my little Delaney. 🙂

  30. I love the thanksgiving long sleeved onesie….so cute!! I also love the letter onesie, it is super cute as well.

  31. It is a tie between the pick your own state (Oregon!!) or an initial onesie. They’re all so cute!

  32. Ooohhh I love them all, I would like one of each. If I had to pick one it would be the letter A for my 7 week on daughter Audrina.

  33. I love to elephant girl onesie, but I’d take an “L” onesie for my 6 month old baby girl Layla. =)

  34. I would love to have the little girls blue elephant onesie for my niece that will be making her appearance next month

  35. The holiday and football ones are too cute, but I’d probably go for an alphabet one with the letter A for Anna. She just turned a month old!

  36. The football onesie would be perfect! My husband and I are part of a fantasy football league aptly named the “Baby Bumpers” with our “bump” due in January. That onesie would be a great way to remember how our team got its name 🙂

  37. Id love to win the giraffe onesie!! Im due in May, this would be my first item for my little one!!

  38. Those are so cute! I’m due any day and I’d love a onesie with our baby’s first initial on it. Either that or one with the shape of Minnesota. Those are so much fun!

  39. I’d love a C onesie for my 3 wk old Charlie. The giraffe was cute too! Matches his nursery;)

  40. One of my very good friends is due in early December. I would love to give her the “pick your state handpainted onsie” for Oregon! Green and yellow would be great, GO Ducks!

  41. I would love one of the custom initial onesies for our baby boy due in December… and then I would purchase a second for our other baby boy due in December 🙂 Yep, twins!

  42. Torn between the football and baseball….love them both! Either would be adorable on my 5 month old little man!

  43. I’d love to win the gobble onesie! I would give it to my god daughter to wear for thanksgiving 🙂

  44. I LOVE the football onesie, but I think my first choice would be an “F” for my little Finn.

  45. I would love an “M” onesie for our little girl, Makena, due to make her arrival in November 🙂

  46. So cute!! I would love to give my good girlfriend, a “b” for her little boy, Brady, who she is expecting in December.

  47. I would like a letter “H” onesie for my 4 month old nephew Harrison! He would looks super cute!

  48. I just had triplets on 10-4, and I love cute finds like these! The initials are my fav. I also like the monthly sets 🙂

  49. I would love a personalized onesie. Our little guy has his first birthday coming up and I think a nice, bright “E” onesie would be great!

  50. I would love one of the initial onesies to gift to my best friend who is due in March. She just found out today that she is having a girl!

  51. I love the initial ones, but my dad (Grandpa) would love the football one because every time he puts the game on, my little girl stops crying and watched the tv.

  52. These are so cute! I would adore a onesie with a pink North Carolina on it…the state that brought my hubby & I together, and where our baby girl will be born in February!!

  53. I’d love to win the inital onesies with an ‘H’ to give to my cousin’s brand new baby girl – Hailey 🙂

  54. Peyton (and her mommy) would love a pink “ONE” onsie to celebrate her 1 yr. birthday next month!!

  55. I think my baby Bob would look awesome an orange ( his family color) with a yellow chevron little b!

  56. GAH!! so cute!
    we are having a
    thanksgiving baby.
    would love one of
    these for our little turkey to be…
    the turkey one or
    the giraffe.

  57. They are all so cute. So many choices. I love the Halloween ones and the initial ones as well.

  58. I would love the letter G! I think the “Liam” fabric would be super cute on a blue, red or green onesie 🙂

  59. Would love a onesie with the letter “L” or the appliqued giraffe onesie for my adorable nephew Logan!

  60. Love them all! The football onesie would be perfect! My dad is a football coach and I would love to put our little one in it when he arrives! Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. All of these onesies are so cute! I don’t have a little one myself, but my brother will be having his second baby boy next week! I’m loving the Thanksgiving onesie and the state onesies!

  62. I LOVE the turkey gobble one! Although my son is almost 2 so I would need the 2T t-shirt. Still adorable. May buy it even if I don’t win!

  63. So cute! I’d love the “pick your state” onesie — we are due with #2 Dec. 6, and don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl. I have a lot of Ohio pride, and my first baby wore a “Made in Ohio” onesie as his going-home outfit. I’d love to have #2 sport something Ohio-related, too!

  64. I’d love a letter e for my baby girl Eliana who is 3 months! Love the chevron in any color that is good for a girl!

  65. I’d love to have a “W” onesie because that is going to be the first initial of my little guy’s name. He’s due in three weeks!

  66. I am pregnant with twins and my husband and I just decided on names yesterday so the letter onesies would be adorable!

  67. OH MY GOODNESS. Love their cute designs! I am torn between the Gobble one for my favorite holiday or the state one with a big ol’ Minnesota state on it. Decisions. Decisions. 🙂

  68. Oh, how cute! I am loving the maternity shirt (that I could wear now), and in three months, the lettered onesie would be the one I need for our little girl!

  69. I would love the giraffe onesie, it is absolutely adorable! My sister is due in February to have a little boy, and that would be a perfect gift!

  70. Hi! I am due any day now (October 29th to be exact). I would LOVE a onesie that says boo (in gray) for my little one to celebrate their first Halloween. (i’m not sure if it is a boy or a girl, gray would be neutral).

    PS: I have found your blog very helpful!!

  71. I love the giraffe onesie and the initial onesie :). Both would look amazing on my little one that will be here in February!

  72. The letter G, please. My sister is five months pregnant and they don’t have a name yet but we call her Baby G for the last name 🙂

  73. Thanks! I love the Thanksgiving Chevron – Gobble onesie. I’m pg (after 4 years of TTC) so I’d love love love to win =) Congrats, he’s adorable

  74. We are having a boy in nov. Would love the turkey chevron onesie for his first thanksgiving outfit!

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