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Little boy clothes are the cutest!! We have had so much fun picking out Mazen’s clothes everyday, and we’re just now leaving the newborn onesie stage and moving into some 0-3 outfits that are soooo cute! When I was hunting for an outfit for Maze to wear to this past weekend’s wedding, I wanted something much dressier than a onesie but also something that had a farm feel. Of course I leaned towards denim. But putting a baby just in overalls for a wedding seemed to be missing something, so when long-time KERF reader and mom McKenna emailed me that she would love to send me one of her Uptown Boys bowties for Mazen, I knew this was our answer to snaz him up!


The Uptown bowties actually snap on to onesies fitted with a snap, so there’s no tying or loop around your baby’s neck and they stay perfectly tied and in place.



McKenna sent two onesies – white and navy – and three ties to choose from for the wedding. We went with the boldest colors for extra fun, but I love the other patterns as well! There are a whole host on the website.


Mazen loved the fun colors!


The ties are machine washable and made to be durable (seeing as that they are placed right in the spit up zone : ) )


We completed the outfit with overalls and cowboy booties!


Mazen was the talk of the wedding in his bowtie : )



Behind The Bowties

The inspiration behind Uptown Boys is my little boy Upton.  After I had Upton I quickly found that fashionable boys apparel was limited and was lacking the fun in dressing a new baby.  I loved the idea of Upton wearing a bowtie but discovered that the very small amount of bowties offered were too uncomfortable and impractical for a baby to wear; I wasn’t too keen on the idea of wrapping anything around Upton’s neck and the idea of having to button the top button on a collared shirt just seemed so uncomfortable for a new baby. I took my problem to my mother-in-law Holly, Co-founder of Uptown Boys, and after many attempts, we figured a way to attach bowties to onesies in a way that is simple, easy and strong enough for most babies.  I loved dressing Upton in the onesies and bowties and every time I was out in public people would stop me and ask where I got the bowties from; with this happening we realized that we had solved a problem that many people had and stumbled onto something people appreciated.  We went through many versions to make sure that our bowties were authentic, durable, machine washable and easy to put on and take off by parents, not babies. –McKenna, co-founder

More info on Uptown Boys and their Facebook page!

Giveaway Details

To enter: leave a comment with your favorite bowtie pattern!

Winner will receive two onesies (one colored onesie of your choice, lemon or navy, and one white onesie) and 2 bowties (1 bowtie of your choice from the website and 1 bowtie from the new collection that will be released in the fall/winter!)

Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 9 at midnight. Winner announced on this post on Wednesday.



The random integer generator has selected Elaine as the winner!

Elaine October 8, 2012 at 10:57 pm

I love the Dalton! My new baby due in December would look so cute!

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  1. Awww! My baby boy Isaac is 11 days old! We have pics with my in laws for the holiday card on nov 11. We’re to wear jeans and a white shirt! I would love the Clifford bowtie for Isaac!

  2. These are too cute! My little guy is 7 weeks old and these would be too cute for holiday pictures!! I liked the black/white plaid one although all of them are precious!!

  3. Our baby Bobby (Bob as the kids call him!) is almost 6 weeks old already and I think he would love great in the Clifford! 🙂

    What a cute and fun idea!

  4. My sister is pregnant with a baby boy, and I would love to win and give this to her! My favorite would probably be the Dalton.

  5. I love the tie you chose for the wedding. Maze looked adorable! I recently found out I am having a baby boy (due in February). He is my first and we struggled for a long time to get pregnant. I could not be more excited to welcome him to the world and I am happy to know about this option for dressing him for fancier occasions. Such a cute idea!

  6. I don’t know yet if I’m having a boy or a girl (though something is telling me it’s a boy!), but I’m digging the Hadley. My husband wears a matching gingham print button down and I would love for him to have a matching mini-me!

  7. Those babies on the Uptown Boys website are TOO cute! Picking a favorite style is a tough call but I’d have to go with something classic like the Oxford.

  8. These are adorable! My favorite bow tie pattern is definitely The Hadley. Partly because I love that name, not going to lie! But, I also love pattern.

  9. Wow I love all the bowties, they are adorable. I am expecting twin boys in February. They would be perfect for Easter brunch 🙂

  10. The Hadley is adorable! Thanks so much for the giveaway <3 I can just imagine my 3 month old wearing these during the holidays or to church!

  11. It’s hard to pick between the oxford or alexander. My husband loves bowties and it would be cute for our little guy to match. Our little guy is almost four weeks old.

  12. I loved seeing these. What an awesome idea! Plus being a Doctor Who fan, the hubby and I definitely think “bow ties are cool!” I adore the “Clifford” pattern. Our lil’ man is actually due this Friday (NERVOUS + EXCITED!!) and how fun would these ties be for upcoming family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Chrismannukah?

  13. I love the Theodore. I’m having a boy in January, and love the idea of dressing him up like a little professor.

  14. Oh my goodness, they are all too cute! My best friend just found out she is having a baby boy, and I would love to win this for her! The colors of the Theodore are beautiful!!

  15. So adorable! Our little Ripken (Rip) is 10 weeks today. The Finn and the Dalton…love them both. We would love to win but if we don’t, we may have to place an order!!

  16. I absolutely LOVE the Alexander bowtie! So classic for my little boy! He is 14 months old and we have so much fun dressing him up like a little man 🙂

  17. My second little boy is due in 2 weeks! Both of his grandpas love to wear bow ties, so this would be adorable for the holiday season…he could match with his granddads at all the festive occasions. Everyone of the designs are precious, but I really love the Henry! Thanks!

  18. I love the one that you picked for Mazen to wear to the wedding! The bright colors are awesome! A good friend just had her baby boy, and he needs a little outfit for an upcoming wedding! These would be perfect!

  19. He is such a cutie! It’s so fun watching him grow and change!

    I’d love to be entered into the contest, for the stripey colorful bowtie, thanks!

  20. My soon to be born grandson would look so cute in one of these bowties. I like the Washington and the Lincoln cuz they’re red white & blue.

  21. I love The Washington! Perfect for the 4th of July … and since we live in Washington DC, he’ll fit right in. Especially on The Hill where everyone is wearing a bowtie! Our first baby, a boy, is due in January!

  22. This is so perfect! We are having a baby in Feb. and we both think its a boy and this made me so excited:) I loved the bright one you chose but also the Watson online is super cute. My husband and I were in Lexington too this weekend for the VMI reunion!

  23. I like the Watson and also the pin-striped and plaid / checked ones. It would be hard to choose! I am pregnant with a boy due in December, and these would be so cute on him!

  24. I just love the white/cream colored onsie with the Dixie pattern or the Clifford… both are just too cute for words! Gah!!! Mazen looks Soooooo adorable! 😀 😀

  25. I love “The Hadley”! So cute but classic, I’d love one for my little guy (due January 4th, can’t wait)!

  26. My husband is a bowtie fanatic and I’ve never seen him get so excited about baby clothing until I showed him these! Our favorite is the Alexander!

  27. These are ADORABLE!!!! I always feel that boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to clothing options…not anymore! My favorite is The Dalton.

  28. I love the pattern Mazen is wearing! So bright and adorable. My cousin is due with her first child in two weeks, I’d love to give him a little bowtie =)

  29. I love the Norman and it would go perfect with my son’s “little man” birthday bash thats coming up 🙂

  30. My nephew is going to be our ring bearer in my wedding in Mexico next year and the bright bold colors of the Finn would be perfect!!

  31. I l.o.v.e. the classic look of the Alexander! My husband thinks it is very cool too because it is our last name!

  32. Love them all but would have to go with the Dalton!!! But really, it would be hard to choose – these might be perfect for our baby’s first time meeting his great grandparents at his grandfather’s 90th birthday party!

  33. The Walter is my favorite!! That would be so cute for Easter. Mazen is adorable and I’m so happy for you guys! I’ve been reading just haven’t commented yet. It looks like you guys are doing well and having fun! 🙂

  34. The blue plaid (Dalton!) is my favorite. Our little boy is due in just a few weeks (11/2!) and these are wonderful. You’re Mazen is just beautiful!

  35. awww what a fun giveaway!! i love the blue green and white! would like adorable on my baby boy due in 7 weeks 🙂

  36. Congrats on your handsome boy!!I love dressing our little guy up…completely agree with buttoning up shirts. We have my sisters wedding in April and the Dalton bowtie will match the colors perfectly. So cute!!

  37. OMG – I would love this! My hubby is an exclusive bow tie wearer, and these are perfect!!!

    I love THE FINN

  38. I love the bright, colorful bow tie (Finn?) that Mazen wore to the wedding. From the website, I love the Clifford! Perfect with a navy onesie for Christmas! 🙂 I’d love one for my soon-to-be nephew! 🙂

  39. I love the Norman! I have 2 little boys, 2.5yrs and 6 months and they’d look
    adorable bowties! Love the baby ones, what a great idea!

  40. Our youngest son will be turning 1 this December and a bowtie would look so adorable on him! Love the Dixie bowtie!

  41. Adorable! I’m expecting a boy in January (already have a 5 year old girl!) and its nice to see something fancy for the males

  42. Could these be any cuter? Eek I love them all but my favourite would have to be The Dalton! Thanks heaps for the chance to enter ladies! Mazen looks very smart! 🙂

  43. Those are so cute! (and Maze is so cute in his outfit!) I don’t have any babies, but I know someone having a boy in February – a perfect gift 😉

    I love the Dixie pattern!

  44. I love the Alexander and the Dixie. My brother is about to have triplets–two boys and a girl–and these would be perfect. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

  45. I love the Norman! My husband and I are expecting a boy around Christmas and always have a NYE party. Our little one would look adorable with an Uptown Boys bow tie for the party.

  46. I love the Dalton pattern! Our little boy is due at the end of December and has some diapers that would match the bowtie to a ‘T’! How adorable would that be??

  47. Mazen looks SO sharp, and I love the idea of a little snap right on the onesie – genius! I’d say my favorite bow tie pattern would be plaid or some vintage-style floral print. Baby boys are so stinkin’ fun!

  48. They are all so adorable!! I love the Dalton and the Oxford. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything so cute!!

  49. I think the Norman is absolutely adorable. It would look so cute on my new nephew (to be born in November!) for the holidays.

  50. So hard to pick just one… but I’d have to say the Dalton is my favorite! I’d love to dress up our little guy (due in January!!) in one of these bow ties!

  51. I like The Finn 🙂 Although, my son is now wearing 2T-3T clothes, I would pass it along to my little sister who is in LABOR now 🙂 I should have another nephew by the end of the day! Way clever idea, by the way.

  52. I think my favorite is the Norman. These are too cute! I’m sure my 11 month old would be (somehow) even MORE handsome in one.

  53. omg-soooo cute! I have 3 friends having baby boys in the next 3 weeks, so I would be the best “auntie” with this gift! love the Dalton!

  54. The bright one Mazen wore for the wedding, the Finn!!! My friend had a baby boy a few weeks before you and these would be an awesome gift!!!

  55. They are all so adorable! I think if I had to choose I would pick the Hadley. I’m pregnant now and though I don’t know what I’m having yet, I would still love to give this to one of my nephews!

  56. love it! am due in december and my sister’s wedding is in march so i def see these in my future–whether i win one free or not 🙂 think the dalton is my favorite

  57. I love the pattern Mazen wore to the wedding. So cute! My second son is about 10 days older than him and definitely needs his own.

  58. Shoot! I am in Norway and missed the deadline… Still want to comment and say that the green and white is the same plaid i wore as my Catholic elementary school uniform!! Too funny.

  59. booooo how did I miss this!! I love them all!! I need them for my 3 week old and 17 mo old!! i love the oxford. simply blue

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